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Mirage Home is the best companion in your day to day
Mirage Home is the best companion in your day to day, you will control the temperature of your room, selecting the different function modes of your equipment. All through your smartphone.Create automations, scenes and program your team at the desired moment or situation.• Access your device from the palm of your hand and control its functions from anywhere.• Program your equipment to work in certain specific situations, create scenes and automations, for example, turning on the equipment at dusk and turning it off at dawn or when the ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the equipment will turn on.• View the current status of your equipment at all times.• Set the operating mode, whether it is cooling, fan, dehumidifier or heating (this will depend on the type of functions your equipment has).• Schedule the equipment on/off, setting the desired mode, temperature and power specifications, allowing you to create the ideal environment at the desired time.Make the most of your equipment from any location through your mobile device with internet access, maximizing energy efficiency thanks to total control of your equipment wherever..
Design gaming room with modern room design idea creator app
Unleash your creativity with the Home Design AppDesign Gaming Room, an innovative platform that lets you design your own house and transform it into a gamer's paradise. This app offers you a comprehensive collection of gaming room design ideas, ranging from sleek modern designs to traditional setups, all in immersive 3D.Whether you're sketching out a house map or recreating a favorite gaming room from a dream, the app is your ideal companion. The room planner 3D house designs feature enables you to bring your designs to life, providing an unrivaled experience in digital interior design.The Home Design AppDesign Gaming Room isn't just about the aesthetics, it's also about practicality and functionality. Utilizing our "decorate your dream gaming room" feature, users can experiment with different themes and styles, leveraging decoration with floor plans for optimum space utilization. Planning to redecorate? The gamer room designs house plans tool lets you refresh and reimagine your space with ease. This app's user-friendly interface seamlessly combines modern design and decor principles with intuitive navigation. Not just a room planner, this is a full-fledged platform for..
Connect your cleaning robot and enjoy your time
With Mellerware you can connect your cleaning robots through your home Wi-Fi to and control it from your Smartphone.It includes customizable cleaning modes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs at all times. With Mellerware City move you can schedule your vacuum cleaner on a daily or weekly basis and find your house always clean when you arrive. You can also modify the power parameters on those occasions when you need a power boost.Mellerware City Move is here so you can enjoy your free time.
an ideal app for beginners where you can train your voice to sing in tune quickl
Your voice is an instrument that needs training and practice so it improves. Fortunately, there are lots of exercises that teach you to breathe or vocalize properly. Whether you're working with a vocal coach or on your own, you can warm-up with your favorite techniques. Use these skills when you speak professionally and learn how to improve the quality of your singing voice.This app will help you do a simple vocal warm up quickly anytime, anywhere without music instruments. Just follow the instructions and sing along with the audio guide, very practical.How to improve your singing voice, you need to put your arms a bit away from the body in a relaxed manner when singing or hands may be clasped in front. This way the ribcage is free to expand and the lungs may fill up to its capacity. The more air means stronger and clearer voice.Your feet should also be as far apart as the shoulders. One foot can be placed slightly forward. You need to be sure you are in total balance as you stand. Knees must also..
Stud finder & stud detector used as scanner to detect studs, screws, and metals.
Looking for the best stud finder and stud detector app? Introduce the best Stud detector & stud finder app.We introduce this stud finder & stud detector app for detecting purposes. This app helps to detect any type of stud, nut, wire and etc around you. Stud finder for android phone app working on sensor-based which is already in your smartphone. This stud detector and nut finder app required less memory for installation size and doesn't require any internet connection. You can use it offline.Stud finder 2022 and stud detector 2022 are specially designed for those users who looking for a screw detector or metal stud finder scanner. This all in one stud finder detector app has a special user-friendly interface, anyone can use it easily and detect any type of studs, screw, metals, electric wires, nuts, etc. so dont waste any more time Download our free stud detector wood stud finder for walls x-ray which is freely available on play store.Stud finder & stud detector or stud scanner app is the most professional stud finder scanner application which let you..
Search for a Flats, room, bedspace and partition for rent in UAE .
Our app is a fantastic application aimed at facilitating the room rental process in a convenient and efficient manner. Natour app offers a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to search for available rooms and rent them quickly and effortlessly.With the app, users can explore a wide range of rooms, apartments, partitions, and shared rooms available for rent in all areas across the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah , Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah)Detailed information is provided for each room, including location, size, available amenities, rental price, and other important details. Users can also view high-quality photos of the rooms, helping them make well-informed decisions before renting.Once users have chosen their preferred room, they can directly communicate with the property owner or rental agent through the app. The app provides integrated communication tools such as instant messaging or phone calls, simplifying the negotiation process and arranging final details for the rental agreement.Furthermore, the app stands out with its advanced search feature, allowing users to specify particular criteria such as price, required amenities, and more,..
Track and optimize the progress of your Bonsai trees!
Track and optimize the progress of your Bonsai! With the Bonsai Care App you'll be able to keep track of all your trees, it will remind you to take seasonal photos, and you'll receive smart notifications that are based on the tree species, time of year and local climate. Lastly, you'll have free access to our library of Bonsai care articles and videos!Your Bonsai all in one placeFinally there is an app to track the progress of your Bonsai over time.Quick overviewSee your trees neatly listed in the app, with care info and photos.Track progressThe app tracks your trees over time, and you can add notes.Take seasonal photosThe app will remind you to take seasonal photos, so you’ll see the progression!Identify treesUse the Bonsai Care App to easily add and identify your trees.Set timely remindersNever forget to water, fertilize or repot your trees again.Your to-do’s in one placeSee the to-do's of all your trees in one glance.Receive smart tipsLet the app optimize the care for your trees, based on species and local climate.Set-up notificationsEnable notifications to never forget important maintenance.Seasonal..
Displays the performance of iQ stoves with automatic air control
The iQ technology revolutionises the way to create a fire in wood-burning stoves. A stove fire that is more beautiful and cleaner than ever before. The iQ software programme is integrated in a microcontroller that is installed in the stove body and supplied with power via the plug-in power supply.iQ series stoves are equipped with a WiFi module so you can connect to your home network.HASE iQ uses a sensor to analyse the temperature in the firebox down to the very second. A microcontroller evaluates the data and uses fully automated ventilation flaps to continuously control the various air flows in the stove, creating the ideal conditions for a clean and low-emission combustion process. The iQ app provides up-to-the-second information on the burning quality of the stove.To start the app, select your stove model. A short animation shows you how to light the stove correctly.During the combustion process, iQ adjusts three different air flows to the fire every second. The perfect burning conditions in the stove are ensured at all times. The performance feature in the app displays the current..
Reward and organize household chores
Community Star allows you to record chores that you've done, and earn stars! Decide how many stars each chore is worth, and compare how many stars everyone earns each week. Show your gratitude by liking tasks and awarding bonus stars!Community Star changes the conversation around chores. Rather than focusing on the work that isn't being done, you can celebrate the work that is happening in the house! Rest easy knowing that your contributions aren't being overlooked.By building consensus around the value of each task, you can discover important trends about who might be overworked and who can take on more.By motivating folks to record their labor with rewards, you can preserve valuable information about how frequently tasks are getting done. Never again wonder how long it's been since the floors were swept!
Fornecedora Digital de Energia
Somos a LUZ, sua fornecedora digital de energia, criada por pessoas inconformadas com o mundo atual e apaixonadas por energia e tecnologia que usam esse conhecimento para transformar o que era difícil em algo fácil.Nascemos para renovar a relação das pessoas com a energia, desburocratizando e reinventando o setor elétrico.Acreditamos em dar a todos o controle sobre o seu consumo e gastos de energia; de maneira simples, digital e inteligente. Usamos nossa tecnologia proprietária para entender o seu consumo e te entregar inteligência e autonomia dos seus gastos de uma maneira exclusiva.Nosso medidor inteligente, instalado em todos os nossos clientes, se comunica diretamente com este aplicativo, para te trazer essa experiência única.Você se sente cliente da sua distribuidora de energia?Neste aplicativo, você tem a segurança de ter toda informação e apoio:- Condições claras e simples, sem surpresas.- Saiba com antecedência o valor e a data da sua próxima conta.- Entenda sua fatura de um jeito fácil.- Acesse sua fatura em 1 clique.Tenha a previsão do seu consumo de energia em tempo real.- Com o aplicativo, você pode ver o seu..
Turn your garden plants into a personal garden calendar with this app
Yarinde is THE app to maintain your garden. You will also never forget which plants are in your garden with our app. With this app you can easily keep track of your garden plants and stay informed when they need to be sown, pruned or fertilized.Add your garden plants onceUse the built-in search function under 'Plant Guide' to quickly find the plants you have planted in your garden and easily add them to your borders (called garden zones). Yarinde offers extensive information about more than 10,000 plants, trees, shrubs and flowers that are common in the Netherlands.Create a personal garden calendarWith our handy calendar function you can plan your garden maintenance and keep track of important moments, such as pruning and fertilizing, per month. Use the TO DO to remind you what to do per garden plant. Check off tasks you've completed.Especially for people without a green thumbWhether you are new to gardening or have been an experienced gardener for years, Yarinde is the perfect app for maintaining your garden plants. Download the app now for free and start maintaining..
Monitor temperature and humidity wherever its most important to you.
The Moat connect app is the best and easiest way to monitor temperature and humidity where it's most important to youNow with the all new Moat Wifi Smart hub you can stay updated from anywhere.Whether you want to keep your child's room the perfect temperature, prevent mold and mildew growth in your basement/crawlspace, or just protect your guitar from damage, Moat is the perfect solutionEasily setup alerts so you know as soon as the temperature or humidity are outside of your desired range.Sync history even when you aren't home so you can keep track of trends that will help you create the perfect environment for you, your family, and your most prized possessions.
Allows you to easily connect and control all traditional home appliances
Welcome to AIFA Smart Home!Allows you to quickly and easily connect and control all traditional home appliances, and enjoy the new life of cloud intelligence.Now with the help of AIFA Smart App or through voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can remotely control TV, set-top box, DVD&Blu-ray players, stereos, amplifiers, air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners, lights and fans.For more information, please visit Pro Smart Home remote control , brand new A.I. upgradei-Ctrl Pro with temperature and humidity sensors, enables you to get your real-time home temperature and humidity data and manage anytime, anywhere. You can use AIFA Smart Home app to control the air conditioner and other infrared appliances remotely via your smartphone or voice control.You can also use the A.I. function to improve your comfortness, help you to detect and adjust to your favorite comfortable temperature and humidity automatically, creating a personalized schedule with i-Ctrl Pro intelligent adjustment function to upgrade your room .i-Ctrl Pro Smart Home functions:1. Supports TVs, set-top boxes, DVD and Blu-ray players, stereos, amplifiers, air conditioners, ceiling lights, Dyson fans, iRobot sweepers,..
Web client for mobile devices for i6 and i5-YC series devices
Software for i6-MVS mobile devices. Web client for mobile devices for i6 and i5-Y series devices. It allows you to connect directly to the recorder or IP camera in P2P mode (without port forwarding) and traditionally via the IP address and port forwarded.
Galletti Fan Coil wireless control App
This app allows wireless control of Galletti Fan Coil. Control can be remote (if both the smartphone and the Fan Coil have Internet connection) or local using Bluetooth.
Ultimate in irrigation control
Elevate Your Irrigation Experience with Hydrawise!Discover the ultimate in irrigation control with the Hydrawise App. Harness the power of Predictive Watering™, fueled by local weather data, to optimise water usage and enhance your landscape's vitality. Key Features:Predictive Watering: Let advanced algorithms adjust schedules based on local weather forecasts, saving water and promoting a thriving landscape. Improved Local Weather Insights: Dive into weather data with enhanced icons and descriptors that make it easier to understand the forecast's impact on your irrigation schedule. Maximise Water Savings: Hydrawise intelligently adapts watering schedules, conserving water without compromising landscape health. Lush Landscapes: Create an environment of beauty and sustainability by tailoring irrigation to your landscape's unique needs. Stay Connected: Never lose touch with your irrigation system — manage it remotely and with ease. Experience the Future of Irrigation:Hydrawise empowers you to take command of your irrigation system like never before. Embrace the power of Predictive Watering, seamlessly integrating local weather data to optimise water usage. Cultivate a landscape that flourishes while saving water and effort. Stay in touch with your irrigation, from anywhere, anytime. Download..
Debug BLE devices
This is an engineering app for testing the communication with the Shelly BLE Devices, a.k.a. BTHome implementations.
ImOn Whole Home Wi-Fi allows you to monitor and control your home Wi-Fi network.
ImOn Whole Home Wi-Fi is a simple-to-use mobile application that allows subscribers to manage their home Wi-Fi network. Take control with app features such as network security, parental controls, managing network usage, and setting up guest Wi-Fi networks.
The Evolution of Residential Management
EVO LIFE helps residents of apartment buildings in a variety of matters:- Be aware of events at home- Participate in polls- Control automation from the application- Monitor security- Submit applications to the management companyas well as other actions that make living in the house comfortable and modern
The MEO Home application allows you to control your home from a distance.
The MEO Home application allows you to control the comfort of your home and watch live video. Experience the tranquility of being in contact with your home:- HD video real-time preview- HD video recording- Control of outlets and lighting- Consultation of energy consumption in sockets- Scenarios for automation of your home- Access to the history of video recordings, events from your devices and scenariosUse it carefree:- Unlimited usage and no cost worries- Simple and intuitive self-installation, without wires or holes- Grows according to your needs
Elevate your home's elegance with Wood Door Design for Home app
Wood Door Design for Home: The Perfect Way to Add Elegance and Beauty to Your HomeWooden doors have been an essential part of home decor for centuries, and for good reason. They not only provide security and privacy, but they can also add elegance and beauty to any home. If you're looking to spruce up your home's interior or exterior, then you should definitely consider installing wood doors. And if you want to take things up a notch, the Wood Door Design for Home app is the perfect tool for you.The Wood Door Design for Home app is a comprehensive platform that provides a wide range of wood door designs for homes. It is the ultimate solution for homeowners who want to add a touch of elegance to their homes. The app offers an extensive collection of wood door designs, ranging from classic to modern, which can fit any home style.With the Wood Door Design for Home app, you can explore a variety of wood door designs and styles, including panel doors, French doors, sliding doors, and much more. You..
Multi-brand shopkeeper app for sales of karsten products.
Shopkeeper's app for digital relationship with Karsten. Through the application, the shopkeeper will be able to consult orders, financial securities, make sales, access exclusive content and news, among others.
Reduce your energy bill by up to 70% without loss of comfort with Comwatt!
Discover the Comwatt Mon Energie application allowing access to the smart energy management solution No. 1 in France for individuals, which effortlessly combines ecology and energy savings.Our new Comwatt Monitor Gen 4, Easy Gen 4 and Power Gen 4 packs help you understand and automatically reduce your energy consumption without reducing your comfort.Our packs, delivered in a self-consumption kit offered and installed by our partner installers, analyze and optimize your consumption in real time to save energy and reduce your electricity bill by up to 70%.Connected to a photovoltaic installation, the Comwatt Power Gen 4 pack ensures in real time that your most energy-intensive equipment is triggered as a priority when you produce electricity. This saves you having to buy energy from the grid and makes your solar installation more profitable. This is optimized solar self-consumption!Our 2 objectives:- minimize your energy bill without making you lose comfort- maximize the consumption of your locally produced energy in the event of a photovoltaic installationTrack and eliminate energy waste in your home in real time!- Monitoring of the detailed electricity consumption of your..
Browse 3000+ prepared assistance experts close to you for every one of your Need
Dorkar is a one-stop shop for all of the aforementioned categories.We make life easier for you. From the convenience of your own home, you can book a variety of services using our app. Service bookings are handled by verified professionals at your convenience.Murshidabad, Bardhaman all provide Dorkar home services.What's the deal with Dorkar?-Services are easier to arrange.-The highest level of quality is maintained-A no-hassle experience-Project and service completion on schedule-Experts who have been certified and have had their backgrounds checked-Affordable and transparent pricing-A one-stop shop for all of your home's requirementsDesign of the InteriorWith our services, you may improve your interior design experience. Our team of specialists will handle the entire process from design to transformation, whether you have a 1BHK or a villa! .At-home salonOur certified beauty experts use top-of-the-line products and give a variety of cosmetic services in the convenience of your own home, including waxing, threading, massage, pedicure/manicure, haircutting, and colouring. We also provide a variety of skin care, hair care, and other beauty services as part of our beauty packages.Deep Cleaning Services for Your HomeA variety..
Más cerca. A toda hora. Estés donde estés. Tu MSR es posible.
Mi MSR es una aplicación gratuita que MSR Constructora SA pone a disposición de sus clientes. Una nueva herramienta que les permitirá acceder a todas las novedades y lanzamientos; y realizar todas las gestiones con nuestra empresa de una manera ágil y rápida.Más cerca. A toda hora. Estés donde estés. Tu MSR es posible.
The latest collection of children's beds.
The child's sleeping bed must be in accordance with the child's needs. Not too high so that children can reach it without needing help. And also it must be comfortable so that children feel at home in their own room. The safety of a child's bed cannot be underestimated. It must be the main condition for your child to be safe and you also feel calm leaving your child to sleep alone in his room.We have a collection of the latest child bed designs. Hopefully it can be an inspiration for you in choosing the right bed for your beloved child.
Manage your Chappée heating installation
Compatible with EMO LIFE version 2.5.3 or higher.With the wired and wireless EMO LIFE and the MY CHAPPÉE app, you can control the temperature of your home instantly. Fast, instinctive and precise, the MY CHAPPÉE application allows you to manage your comfort in real time, wherever you are.Heating and cooling on your smartphone or tablet:The CHAPPÉE EMO LIFE smart thermostat can be associated with the smart and free MY CHAPPÉE app. Thanks to this application, you can quickly and easily control the temperature of your home from your smartphone and your tablet. Whether you are at home, on the road or at work, the application allows you to stop or lower your heating in case you forget. The MY CHAPPÉE application also gives you the possibility of anticipating your return home, and guaranteeing the best comfort with a house always at the right temperature.The MY CHAPPÉE app:- Remote control- Creation, modification of time programs to optimize comfort and energy saving- Define holiday periods so as not to heat your accommodation in the event of prolonged absence- Manage multiple facilities- Display..
Novy is the secret ingredient for your kitchen.
Novy is the secret ingredient for your kitchen. The silent power of our experience is incorporated in everything we make. Our cooker hoods and hobs excel in silence and design minimalism, created to bring peace to the heart of the kitchen. Powerful too, built with an eye for precision and perfection. And designed so that you can comfortably cook, thanks to smart technology that allows your kitchen appliances to communicate.The Novy app is an example of this connectivity. The app allows changing the extraction speed to every level you want. Light color and brightness can be adjusted and savedThe extraction tower can be set at every height and a preset can be defined. You are notified when grease filters need to be cleaned or recirculation filters need to be replacedYou have easy access to user manual, installation manual and frequently asked questions. And if a new software is available, you can easily update your device via the app. In summary, the Novy app brings your cooking experience to a new level.
Insight into your energy consumption, independent of your energy supplier.
The most commonly used, independent home energy manager in the Netherlands. All over the country, households have saved more than €100. Download the app for free and compare your consumption with that of similar households. Would you like to see your real-time gas and electricity consumption and solar feed-in? Then connect the EnergyFlip gateway. Do you have a smart meter? You can also connect it with this app. You can purchase the gateway or the smart meter activation code on our website. EnergyFlip: all your energy matters in one overview.Our energy app is perfect for you, if you:- have a smart meter or an analogue meterEnergyFlip works on both!- have rented or a bought your houseYou can simply move the app plus gateway with you.- have solar panelsOur app shows your total feed-in (and therefore your earnings in €€)- always forget to switch contracts and if you are looking for a buddy to tell you when your contract expiresEnergyFlip consists of an app and a box, the 'gateway'. You can order these at When you order EnergyFlip, the gateway..
Your Trusted Gardener #1 Dubai
Greenly is your go-to mobile app for all your gardening and plant service needs in Dubai. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for a reliable gardener because Greenly has you covered.Our user-friendly app is designed to simplify the process of booking skilled and reliable gardeners who can transform your outdoor and indoor spaces into a lush paradise. Whether you need routine maintenance, landscaping, or specialized plant care, we got you covered.How it works:1. Get the App2. Choose Your Service 3. Choose The Day And Time4. Securely Pay5. Sit Back & RelaxWhy Choose Greenly:• Hassle-Free Booking: Say goodbye to endless phone calls and inquiries. With a few taps, you can schedule a gardening service that suits your needs and schedule.• Expert Gardeners: We've handpicked the best gardeners in Dubai, ensuring they have the skills and expertise to meet your specific requirements.• Comprehensive Services: From lawn mowing and tree trimming to planting and garden design, Greenly offers a wide range of services to cater to your garden's every need.• Dubai-Specific Solutions: Our gardeners are well-versed in dealing with Dubai's unique climate..
New Version gives you the option to hide last seen
For anyone, anywhereWith its instant translation feature, Talking Translator app will help you communicate in any multilingual environment such as travel, business trips, buyFor anyone, anywhereWith its instant translation feature, Talking Translator app will help you communicate in any multilingual environment such as travel, business trips, buyer's meetings, or just plain conversations.True communication begins with respectTry Talking Translator app that suits both you and your partner with the innovative real-time "Shared View" feature. The other person is sure to appreciate your consideration while speaking with's meetings, or just plain conversations.True communication begins with respectTry Talking Translator app that suits both you and your partner with the innovative real-time "Shared View" feature. The other person is sure to appreciate your consideration while speaking with them.
Easily browse and manage your camera events of Frigate NVR. Not official app.
Do you own Frigate NVR server to store your camera events? This unofficial app will help you to browse events with viewing clips and manage them.Features:* Live preview of Frigate NVR cameras* List of events with filtering with cameras, labels and zones* Preview of snapshots and clips with zoom* Removing and retaining events* Preview of last event from the cameras* Storage and system info* Logs of the server
CCTV security camera, home surveillance, radio nanny, pet monitor, motion detect
Turn your old smartphone into a surveillance camera system just in a minute. With the Oko Home CCTV Security Camera app you can make your old smartphone work as a home security camera with motion detection with CCTV recorder, or as radio nanny, or as pet monitor.Download the app and start watching you home in a couple of minutes. Talk with your pets or use the phone as a radio nanny. Perhaps, you’d like to record some momentsit’s possible too with a CCTV recorder. Install Oko Home CCTV Security Camera app on your second, third or even tenth phone and you’ll get surveillance system with so many cameras as you want. Moreover, it’s free :)Use motion detection to be notified if something moved in surveillance camera sight. Record detected motions by a CCTV recorder. A timestamp over the recorded video helps to recognize when it was recorded. Many users find it useful :)What Home CCTV Security Camera can do:- live stream video and audio- talk to the other side- record video on tap- record video on motion detection- put a..
Control, Convenience and Care
"KelvinatorConnect to Comfort Smart App lets you control your Wi-Fi enabled Smart AC from anywhere, anytime. Enjoy the comfort of switching your AC On even before you reach home!This app can be used to:Switch your AC On and OffChange the temperatureSet or change ModesManage customized scenes and timersKelvinator is a registered trademark of Electrolux Home Products, Inc. and is used by Reliance Retail Limited under license from Electrolux Home Products, Inc."AccessibilityService API use : This app uses accessibility capabilities only for automatically resume "Magic On" (Geofence) functionality after reboot device. The app does not collect any kind of information and does not send any kind of information, using anything that you allow it to do.
Provides viewing and searching of the RAL Colors
Provides viewing and searching of the RAL Colors, including Classic K5/K7, Design, Effect and Plastic P1/P2.1. Support searching color by code, name, RGB, HEX, HSL, CMYK2. Support search by picking color on image3. Support search by picking color from RGB, HSL, CMYK silders4. Support viewing, filtering and collecting of all colors5. Support multiple color schemes, including: Complements, Analogous, Triads, Tetrads, Quintads, Monochromatics, Tones6. Support sharing and savingThis APP is the perfect way to helps you with color management. Download it today and start your design!
We will help you take care of your pet
Find your lost pet easily thanks to Mister Odis.Using artificial intelligence, you only need to upload 3 photos and the last place you saw your pet to start the search. And best of all, it's completely free!Today, Mr Odis allows you to do all these things:- 🕵️ Find a lost pet- 🕵️ Report a pet as found- 💉 Learn about your pet's vaccinations- 💉 Keep track of your pet's vaccinations- 🦴 Learn about the correct feeding of your puppy, or puppy and adult kitten- 🦴 Hire pet food delivery services- 🐩 List of Hairdressing Services- 🧑⚕️ List of Veterinary Services- 🏥 List of 24-hour Emergency Services- 🧑⚕️ Castration Services List- 🛍 List of Pet Shops to buy pet accessories- 🗂 Digital Medical History for pets- 🦴 Discounts on pet food- 🏥 Veterinary discountsSoon many new things will arrive:- 💉 Control of vaccinations for dogs and cats- 🐶 Adoption of pets from the web- 🏥 Book appointments at veterinarians- 🚐 Deworming and vaccination at home- And much more
House plan drawing app with modern house design plan, house makeover & rebuild
Be an architect to rebuild your own smart house design and floor plan with the house makeover and house design plan 2023. By using our new home makeover master app named Draw House Design | Floor Plan you can create a house design 3d floor plan and modern house map. Draw House Design | Floor Plan is a free floor plan creator and house makeover master app to sketch modern house design. It has multiple keyplans to draw house. Decor your house interior with a new room planner and house design makeover app 2023. Modern house design app has unique features to draw small house plans and 3d floor plans. House design 3d floor plan creator app also contains modern house design ideas with house drawing tool. Draw House Design | Floor Plan is the best room planner and home decor app for designing your own house, home renovation anddecoration. Plan renovation or remodel for small house and draw house map and decor your house like an interior designer with home makeover master. Stylish collection of house design layouts for..
Designed to help Interior Designers calculate their Fees
The Fee Calculation app is an application intended for ABD associates whose purpose is to assist in the pricing of interior architecture projects. Note that this is not a tool for preparing proposals since this type of document should be prepared by software specifically designed for this purpose.You can use two ways to calculate the final price of a project: Recommended or Express.In the recommended model, you will be invited to reflect and report the main costs of your business (such as fixed and occasional), select the percentage of profitability you wish to obtain, and evaluate the number of hours for each service that will make up the proposal Last. Note that this is the methodology that ABD considers most appropriate so that you can get the best results. On first use the app will ask you to review a fixed and occasional cost model and that information is stored for you to use in a variety of fee calculations.The express model represents a simpler and more immediate way of calculating the value of a project since you only have..
Turn your Phones into Security Cameras.
AT LEAST TWO DEVICES ARE REQUIRED FOR PAIRING.Pair your phones into a Security Camera & Monitor to protect home and family!Simple to use Nora™ delivers advanced security camera system to your phones for FREE.Features include:▪️ Real-time monitoring▪️ End-to-end encryption▪️ Notifications & critical alerts▪️ Motion and sound detection▪️ Front & rear camera support▪️ Night vision▪️ Two-way talking▪️ Flash light▪️ and much more
Now you can just 5 steps to pick up windows for your attic.
FAKRO is a leading manufacturer of roof windows and attic stairs.Our company is a new application. Now you can just 5 steps to pick up windows for your attic. Online calculator will tell you the recommended opening for the installation of windows, as well as the illumination of the attic.Now you can save a lot of time by making a selection and calculation on the spot. Application functionality allows you to choose the optional additional accessories to the window and send the resulting calculation to your email address. Now you just need to visit the nearest dealership to place your order.Within the app you can also find additional information about the roof windows. If the information received is not enough, you can call the toll-free line specified in the annex and a specialist can advise you on all issues.The app is for informational purposes and is not a public offer.Please note that the cost of the windows designed in our application, may differ from the value at purchase. This is due to the fact that the application for your convenience,..
remote control for mxq pro 4k android tv box, for all TVBox Models, fast, stable
Remote Control for MXQ Pro Android TV Box, is a new free Remote control for all TV Devices, with Universal TV remote control features all in one appMxq4k app, is using a technique that allows you to control your TV Box equipments. Using this MXQ pro 4k TV box remote, you can easily access all of your TV Shows without limit.Fast and easy! Mxq TV Box, is not only an ir blaster TV remote, it is also the most powerful app for controlling tv using wifiThis unique android Mxq remote, converts your android device into a MXQ TV remote. It is among the best TV remote control apps available on the play store.As the popular MXQ pro 4k, my biggest advantage is that I m a free TV remote and easy to use. I am proud of that I am a MXQ pro 4k TV box remote control, since I can control MXQ pro 4k, with infrared.With our professional MXQ pro 4k TV box remote app, you can control your TV Box in the Android phone. Now you don't need..
Welcome to Mitt Vattenfall — the app for electricity smarts.
With the app Mitt Vattenfall from Vattenfall Försäljning, you can overview and monitor your home's electricity, follow your hourly consumption. See your current price and the price on the electricity exchange. Receive notifications about changes and events. Keep track of the details and payment status of your invoices.
Al-Sadat Marketing, Where We Build Your Deams.
Welcome to the rapidly emerging Real Estate Company Al-Sadat Marketing Islamabad working from last 18 years. Our professional team is serving many housing societies for marketing purposes and has completed many renowned projects achieving high excellency. Use of most modern techniques of marketing like e-media and web-based medium for mass communication is one of our strengths to reach-out maximum number of clients and customers.
Disco Light Flashlight is a customizable light show with multiple features
The "Disco Light Flashlight" app is a versatile and multifunctional tool that provides users with a range of features beyond just a virtual disco light. In addition to its main features such as the disco club light, musical screen light, and edge light wallpaper, the app also includes blacklights, UV lights, party lights, a musical screen, shake screen, SOS light, flashlight torch, police horn, color screen, and candle light.The blacklights and UV lights add an extra dimension to the light show, allowing users to experiment with different light effects and create a unique and exciting party atmosphere. The party lights feature provides a selection of flashing lights and patterns, perfect for creating a lively and energetic atmosphere.The musical screen feature displays a flashing light show that syncs with your music, adding a visually stunning experience to your audio. The shake screen feature adds an interactive element, allowing users to control the lights by shaking their phone. The SOS light flashes a distinctive pattern, making it easy to signal for help in an emergency.The flashlight torch feature turns your phone into..
Coway AR assists you in finding your Coway products
Coway AR is an augmented reality application (AR app) that could assist users in product selection by visualizing Coway product arrangement in your homes or offices via your mobile devices. This smart app also allows users to better understand the product designs and features from the inside out with the 3D model function.Coway AR is user-friendly; users can select their preferred Coway products from a comprehensive catalog and incorporate them into their home designs. Customize your home with your style and needs with the thoughtful 3D AR function for a better view of how your living space will look and all at your fingertips.Coway AR is the ideal AR app to engage with users and bring your ideas to life. This improves user experience through interactive experiences as well as accuracy.Coway AR allows you to showcase your products in 3D AR with just three (3) easy steps:1. Install and open the Coway AR app.2. Select the desired product from the catalogue.3. Select the AR button at the bottom left corner to view the product in AR mode.4. Scan the desired..
Works with PitBoss+ WiFi devices (Smart Outlet and WiFi Backup System)
Works with PitBoss+ WiFi devices (Smart Outlet and WiFi Backup System)PitBoss+ turns any ordinary sump pump into a remotely monitored smart sump pump system. Never worry again if your home is protected from flooding!This app enables you to interact with PitBoss+ WiFi devices (Smart Outlet and WiFi Backup System) installed in your home. The PitBoss+ app alerts you in the event of your sump pump malfunctioning, high water alert, power loss and other important events. You can act to prevent water damage before flooding can occur. View real-time current conditions, pump activity and alert status.
Application for controlling reQnet recuperators
Application for controlling reQnet recuperators
Universal Tv Remote Control for All TV to control smart TVs by smart tv remote
Use your phone as a Universal TV Remote Control And Smart TV Remote Control to control your TVs that supported worldwide Tv brandsFreedom is something that everyone loves the most. The Universal TV remote control for All tv brings ease to your life. Now, there is no need to get exhausted or frustrated over the broken buttons of the Remote Control for All TV. We are providing you with a great facility by turning your Android smartphone into a Smart TV Remote control. Who would have thought that controlling all the electronic devices with your smartphone could become so much easier? Relish the freedom of having universal TV remote control at your disposal. Now, there is no need to look back and forth for the TV remote as it is available on your mobile. Powerful Features of Universal TV remote control App • TV remote control for all TV• Easy-To-Use Interface • Compatible with All Devices • Power Control • Volume Control • Fast and Easy Keyboard • Launch Channels Instantly • And More Control Your Smart TVs with an..
Stud detector & stud scanner gave you some amazing new feature
Looking for the best stud finder application? Introduce the best Stud detector & stud scanner appWe introduce this stud detector & stud scanner app for detecting purpose. This app help to detect any type of stud, nut, wire and etc around you. Stud detector app working on sensor based which is already in your smart phone. This app required less memory for installation size and don't require any internet connection. You can use it offline.Stud detector app have a user friendly interface and every one use it very easily without any hurdles. You can download it's and open and click on detect option you can find any metal, stud or wire with in minute.Stud scanner is the most advance cable detector app which help you to detect easily any type of cables, nuts, gold iron and stud with a single click. This app use your smart phone emf sensor and magnetic sensor to quickly find metal and stud. You can also detect deep studs for ac wire detection.Key features of stud detector:►Easy to use it and low installing size►Best user..
Now you get full control over your electricity consumption with the Notodden Energi app.
Download the Notodden Energi app and get control and an overview of your electricity consumption. With the app, you can charge the electric car when electricity is cheapest, connect smart products and see what effects the season, weather, weekends and holidays have on your electricity consumption. You can do this in the app: • Get a full overview of your electricity consumption • Control and monitor the charging of electric cars • Connect to smart products • See all the benefits in the benefits program • Get a full overview of your invoices • See today's electricity price We are constantly working to develop the Notodden Energi app so that you get access to smart services that give you an overview of your electricity consumption.