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User Drive is an urban mobility app.
User Drive is an urban mobility application that sends you a private car, with a fair price and better value for money, allows multiple stops, favoring your favorite drivers.
DRIVEN for FUELMAN™ helps fleets find fuel and manage expenses anytime, anywhere
"Designed for on-the-go Drivers and Fleet Managers, the DRIVEN for FUELMAN™ mobile app helps fleets find the least expensive fuel, manage their accounts, and more from the convenience of their mobile devices. With DRIVEN for FUELMAN™, Drivers can:• Find Fuelman Accepting Locations Near You• Find Fuelman Accepting Locations Near Your Destination• View Fuel Prices and Discounts• View Services and Amenities Provided by Merchants• Get Step-by-Step Directions to Fueling LocationsFleet Managers can:• View Account Balances and Credit Limits• Pay Invoices• View Transactions• Order/Replace Cards• Enable/Disable Cards• Update Card Limits• Add/Update User Profiles• Manage Account Settings• Manage Notification Settings• Live Chat With an Agent"
Easy, fast and safe for the driver. Registered customers only.
FOR DRIVERS ONLYOur app allows the driver to receive new races and increase the professional's daily revenue.Here the driver can check the distance to the passenger before accepting the request.In the event of any emergency, you can call the passenger directly through the app with your carrier's rates.Our drivers and passengers are pre-registered, providing greater security for everyone.This is the ultimate way to receive races anytime and anywhere.
Interactive map of Yekaterinburg metro stations
The application allows you to choose the best route in the metro city of Yekaterinburg.Features of the application:- Search for metro stations by name- Real metro map display- Visual display of the optimal route
Map and GPS navigation
In Double GIS, you'll find a map and GPS navigation. You can use the app on a plane, in the subway, or when roaming without an Internet connection.Addresses, companies, and services2GIS knows which providers are available in your area, such as the district hospital or post office. Review and photo information will help you choose a cafe or service center. Opening hours and telephone numbers are also available.Navigation with GPS when offlineThe voice instructions provided by Double GIS will assist you while driving and warn you about maneuvers to avoid. Taking traffic jams into account. If you deviate from the route, we'll update it. The parking lot locator will assist you in finding a parking space.Entrances to buildingsDouble GIS will help you find the business center entrance that you need without having to look for it. The app contains information about 2.5 million companies' entrances. Double GIS will show you the way to the exact door, whether you are using public transport or a car.Shopping mall plansNavigating inside the mall is made easier with 2GIS. From shops to cafés, groceries..
Navigation for bait boats.
The device is characterized by remarkably high precision in the implementation of tasks with an efficiency of up to 100% accuracy in reaching the target. The product is characterized by a highly intuitive application giving full control of the coordinate system (GPSnaviPOINT).Key Features:1. naviPOINTOur proprietary marker system on fishing grounds allows for efficient and intuitive delineation of fishing and baiting locations, enabling many expanded naviPOINT marked areas.2. Intermediate Points:Extended system of marking route elements including the possibility of avoiding obstacles and reacting to the prevailing weather conditions.This solution is, among others, an excellent solution for the so-called "Breaking sets" so that the return of the boat in a curve would prevent a collision with the hauled set.3. Detailed route planning:Ability to precisely define the boat's activities during the task:- managing the sequence of opening the bait flaps- determining the way to reach the target and the return - options Last route plan replay function. 4. Communication:Each key operation is finalized in a series of clear messages, informing the stage of the task.5. Project assumptions:All the activities carried out by the..
The Best EV Charging App
Download the most dynamic and customer centric EV charging app in the industryGo-Station understands that your charging experience is more than just “plugging-in”. Where you are and what you do while you charge is just as important the charging event. The Go-Station app takes a unique and dynamic approach to connect you with local amenities to create enriching experiences while you charge. Our app allows you to locate EV charging stations, local amenities, and charge at a vast network of L2 and L3 public charging stations. The Go-Station mobile app advances the customer experience by rewarding customers with discounts that can be used towards their charging events and creating unique experiences with local amenities.The Go-Station experience is backed by a 24/7 customer support team that will ensure you get the support you need whenever and wherever you need it. • Locate a charging station • Navigate to a charging station • Check station status (in-use, out of service, available) • Start a charge and end a charge • See charging history • See real-time charge status (power consumed, dollars spent..
Plan your trips in Neuquén with all the information about stops and routes.
With KOKO you will be able to plan your trips in the Upper Valley and Middle Valley of Río Negro / Neuquén with all the information about stops and routes. When writing your destination, this app shows all the lines that take you and possible connections with others, the frequency and time of each one.Thanks to the satellite technology that we have, you will be able to monitor the routes of the buses in real time. In addition, it allows you to save in favorites the routes and stops that you want to keep in the future.This app also serves as a channel for claims about stops and services. Help us improve mobility in the city!
Meet FUI, the app for the best experiences and reviews of places.
With FUI you can save all the places you like or visit to remember in the future and share with your friends, relatives and acquaintances.- Locate your favorite places on the map;- Search for establishments or places close to you;- Favorite the desired establishments and locations- Receive personalized recommendations according to your taste;- Rate the places you visited so that other people can receive the recommendation;- Send photos and comments of good experiences you had;- It costs places you have already visited or are interested in visiting;The FUI is constantly being improved, if you have any recommendations, send them to, we hope you enjoy them.UseFui
The navigation for Amazfit GTS, GTR and T-Rex
This app will send the navigation direction by notification to your SmartWatch
Easy, fast and safe for the driver. Only registered customers.
FOR DRIVERS ONLYOur application allows the driver to receive new races and increase the professional's daily income.Here the driver can check the distance to the passenger before accepting the request.In the event of an emergency, you can call the passenger directly from the app with your carrier's rates.Our drivers and passengers are pre-registered, providing greater security for everyone.This is the most modern way to receive races anytime and anywhere.
Easy, fast and safe.
This application was designed for those looking for a driver service present in their own neighborhood and that guarantees that you and your family will be taken care of by a known driver safely.Here you have a direct line to solve your problems, just call us!Our app allows you to call one of our cars and track the car's movement on the map, being notified when it is at your door. You can even see all the cars near your location with the information of busy or free, giving our customer a complete view of our service network.The charge works like calling a normal taxi, that is, it only starts counting when you get in the car.Here you are no longer a customer in many, here you are the customer of our neighborhood.
NV Track GPS Security System is a combination of Device and Mobile App.
NV Track GPS Security System is a combination of Device and Mobile App with following features.1. Live Tracking : Real time location and Address2. History Video: Watch a full day history video to see where your vehicle went in just 20 seconds. You can select any date. See the address and time of existence of the vehicle at every place it visited.3. Safe-Zone or Geo-fence: Mark office, home or any place as safe-zone to get push notification on vehicle entry and exit from safe-zone. This feature keeps you updated for all entries and exits with timestamp.4. Daily Stats: Get Total Distance, Run Time, Idle Time, Stoppage Time, Maximum Speed and Average Speed for everyday travel of your vehicle.5. Analytics of Daily stats: Compare daily performance on graphs with previous data points and average score.6. Compatibility: Compatible with Car, Bus, Truck and Bikes.7. Access or Login: Multiple vehicles can be tracked on a single mobile dashboard. NV Track GPS Security system can be installed at any hidden portion of the vehicle. One can track all his/her vehicles on a single mobile..
Easy, fast and secure.
First application to request TAXI FOR CHAIRMAN.Application developed for EXCLUSIVE service in the city of São Paulo and nearby cities (upon request).All our vehicles are adapted to transport the wheelchair user without the need to remove it from the wheelchair.* Have a forecast of value before confirming the order;* Schedule the day and time to have the Taxi at your door;* Follow the Taxi on the map until you arrive at your location;* Standard fare collection, no surcharges, or scheduling fees;* Travel scheduleOur drivers are trained and qualified to provide personalized service to people with reduced mobility (in wheelchairs, the disabled, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the BEST age group).TAXI FACIL, your differentiated transport solution!
Locate nearby electro-stations and check their availability.
Anyone who owns an electric car knows and enjoys the efficiency and novelty of this mobility revolution. Why not expand on this innovation? WeCharge is innovating the management application market with its platform created for drivers.Optimize your time: find an electro-station, know its status of use, unlock the electro-station and have control over the progress of its recharge, all in real time and through the app!Look for electrostations with our systems on the map. What are the benefits?- Know the status of use of the gas station, whether it is free or busy, in real time!- Know the location of the electro-station before leaving the house, know the hours of operation, which plugs exist in the place and if the energy is charged.- The first application in Brazil to allow charging of energy when charging electric vehicles.- Your lighter wallet, forget about cards to unlock the gas station, do everything through the app quickly and easily.- Have full control of your recharge in real time, remotely and simply.Simplify your routine and make the most of what the new mobility technology..
Live Street View and Earth Map app gives the real world experience with 3d maps
The Street View live – 360 Panoramic has significant street view attributes which help you enhancing the overall experience of using Maps and GPS Navigation & Viewing of streets. The extremely breathtaking part of the street view live – 360 panoramic gives you the chance to travel the world around through the webcams that have HD videos embedded in live Street cams. Some of the main features of this app has the satellite Maps, Live earth and Navigation feature that helps the user with HD resolution and makes it joyful tour while sitting on your couch.Street view Live – 360 Panoramic app provides great support to traveler around the world with some of the salient features of providing directions using GPS navigator showing multiples GPS routes towards the destination, helping in planning the trip with giving live views of streets to plan better and being a companion throughout the trip starting and coming back to home.GPS Navigation & Live Earth Map being the main feature of the application provides you to find your locations and help you to share your..
Tallinn transport: Tram Bus Trolley Elron in just one app
Tallinn transport has never been easier than Tallinn TBT (Tram Bus Trolley).Buses, trams, trolley or trains, our app gives you real-time information with accurate timetables to get you to your destination quickly and comfortably.Designed for better use of Tallinn transport, it's your perfect guide to getting around the city, with information on all public transport, be it buses, trams, trolleys or trains.Download the app and find out how to enjoy smooth and efficient public transport in Tallinn.Before you vote, write to us at and explain your problem; our team will get back to you.This app uses open data from Tallinn Transport and has been developed independently by the public administration.
New platform for online travel.
iGovy is an application for the transport of people and parcels, it is a new option to travel and move wherever you want and with whomever you choose, with benefits for everyone, fast and easy to use.
From 30/09 to 13/10/2023 : participate to the Mobil'acteurs challenge !
Mobil’acteurs is a challenge organized by Rennes Métropole for its inhabitants and workers to encourage them to use alternate means of transportation instead of their individual cars. From the 30th of September to the 13nd of October 2023, participate to the challenge : alone or by team (colleagues, friends, neighbours..), for a few trips, during 1 day or more ! Download the MobilActeurs application, fill out your trips, earn some points ans bonus by using alternate means of transportation instead of your car, and win one of the many prizes available !!!Going to work by public transport, shopping by bike, going to a cultural event by carpooling, are all opportunities to test other ways of moving.The Mobil'acteurs app allows you to declare the trips you undertake with alternate means of transportation, to compute the carbon emissions you avoided by not using your car, and thus to help meet our common goal. You will appear in the general ranking according to the total amount of points you will earn.Continuous usage of the GPS in background can drain your battery faster.
Rapid EV public charging
You’re never far from your next charge with bp charge.Access bp’s newest EV charging network with the bp EV app, with a variety of destinations being rolled out in New Zealand.With the help of our bp EV app you’ll be able to find your nearest bp charge location, check availability, charge your EV and pay securely.With our app you’ll also be able to:• Search and access our public charge points across New Zealand• Use our live availability map to filter by connector type, charger speed and whether a charger is free for you to use.• Choose from a range of digital payment methods (VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Apple Pay) • Start and stop charges from your phone, and view the charging progress• See notifications (SMS or push), for when your charge is completed• See your charging session history• Save your favorites when you’re on the go• Access our 24/7 customer care lineOur mission is to make life easier for electric vehicle owners by delivering a seamless EV charging experience.
Applications for tracking the delivery of goods
Is an application for Track the cargo of the driver. According to the delivery noteIn order to be able to check and know the delivery status according to the time and place of delivery already or not
TrackeAche platform tracking app
If you are a TRACK ACHE customer who has the Tracking service hired, with the app you can track your vehicle, and much more🚩 Larger coverage area;🚩 Tracking;🚩Monitoring;ErcaVirtual fence;VelocidadeWarning speed / movement;🚩 Vehicle lock;🚩Unlocking the vehicle.* Live monitoring;* Custom Information Windows;* Reproduction;* Report;* Notification;Track control and monitor your vehicle 24 hours a day through RASTRE ACHE Beneficios Vehicle Tracking.Features:- Quickly and conveniently view the position of your vehicle in real time on the map.View your Vehicle Location history.- Lock and Unlock your Vehicle (Application and Computer).Note:- RASTRE ACHE Beneficios, is an application intended for customers, who have registered in the tracking platform RASTRE ACHE.PROTECTION HAS NAME, TRACK FINDS BENEFITS!
Easy, fast and safe for the driver. Only registered customers.
ONLY FOR TAXI DRIVERSOur app allows the taxi driver to receive new rides and increase the professional's daily revenue.Here the taxi driver can check the distance to the passenger before accepting the request.In the event of any emergency, you can call the passenger directly through the app with your carrier's rates.Our taxi drivers and passengers are pre-registered, providing greater security for everyone.This is the ultimate way to receive races anytime and anywhere.
Real-time video monitors throughout Taiwan, such as national highways, expressways, urban roads, and popular tourist attractions, provide free travel planning references for people.
This program collects real-time video monitors from all over Taiwan, such as national highways, expressways, urban roads and popular tourist attractions, and provides free travel planning reference for the public. All the information in the program comes from the government's open data platform, county and city governments, and the Ministry of Communications. In order to facilitate the public to browse the information provided by various agencies, it is integrated into this program in a humanized way, making it easier for the public to obtain relevant information.Important statement:This program does not represent the government, political entities, agencies, organizations or their departments, and only uses their public open data.Do not operate while driving.Relevant interface data are set up and maintained by various government units, and there may be failures and inaccessibility of network resources. This program does not make any guarantees or assume any responsibility.source:Highway Bureau of the Ministry of CommunicationsGeneral Administration of Highways, Ministry of CommunicationsCounty and city government open data platformCentral Meteorological Administration Open Data PlatformReal-time images of national scenic spotsReal-time traffic conditions of police stationWater Conservancy Administration, Ministry of..
Why drive when you can be driven, for less. Search, book, and share the ride!
Meet Iris in partnership with Ride KC, your new local ride. Iris provides convenient and affordable shared rides throughout Kansas City, MIssouri. The City is broken into service zones to better provide you access to your community, but you are not limited to your zone. You can explore the entire City with Iris. With any trip taken, you will never have to walk more than 1/4-mile to or from your pick-up or drop-off.Iris is available 24 hours a day. Rider fares are $3 for trips taken within your zone, $4 to travel to another and $10 to travel to and from the airport. Trips that connect you to RideKC bus services at preset transit centers are free. Iris by RideKC is available to all. Iris by RideKC vehicles can seat up to 5 passengers. Should you need a trip that is wheelchair accessible or has space for a bicycle, you only need to select the corresponding feature when booking your trip. Paying for trips on Iris is easy. You can pay in-app or in-vehicle with a credit card or buy..