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Expedite your medical documentation.
Ever wanted your notes to write themselves after seeing your patients? Now you can! Just hit 'record' and let AI Scribe do the rest. It listens, transcribes, and turns your patient interactions into accurate clinical notes faster than a cheetah on caffeine! Let Chartnote's AI Scribe do the heavy lifting while you focus on what truly matters: providing the best care for your patients. Chartnote has everything you need to expedite your medical documentation. Speech-recognition, smart templates, and generative AI. Dictate your clinical note with next-generation AI voice-recognition that has a 99% out-of-the box accuracy rate and is accent-agnostic. A fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant cloud-based solution that is truly mobile. Once you create a free account, all the notes created on the app autosave and sync to the Chartnote web application. You can also use our Chartnote mobile app as a microphone to dictate your notes in our web app or directly to a web-based EHR through our Chartnote Chrome extension. Chartnote links your mobile device to your desktop using a special QR code generated by the web application..
To make pet care much easier than before
To make pet parenting much easier than beforeFor them, you are their whole life.Animalia is here as a super-platform to make it easier for you to find solutions for caring for your beloved pets. In achieving this vision, Animalia has collaborated with the Indonesian Veterinary Association (PDHI) to provide animal health services through Tele-Advice by:- Trusted Vet- Fast service- Best solution1. Vet Online ConsultationNow you can consult about your pet's health quickly and easily! Through chat features, video calls, voice calls, as well as sending pictures, videos and voice notes, you can communicate directly with veterinarians. Find a veterinarian and choose the schedule according to your wishes through the Animalia Tele-Advice feature. The Veterinarian that you choose is registered under PDHI and experienced. Quick response, accurate and trustworthy medical services. All forms of privacy are maintained2. Animalia ShopGet your pet's needs at the Animalia Shop, ranging from vitamins, supplements, therapeutic feed, to accessories for your beloved pet which will be delivered directly to your house. Easier and more practical!3. Directory Pet Shop & Pet ClinicFind the nearest pet shop and..
The Medical Calculator that can save your shift!
CalcMed is the perfect solution for professionals working in Urgent and Emergency Services and Intensive Medicine.7 Days FreeCalcMed is for those who believe that time is of the essence. Designed for:- Quick access to calculators and prescriptions.- Intuitive interface that allows you to get the correct dosage easily.- Security and accuracy guaranteed with the best bibliographic references.With CalcMed the user will have access to several tools and functionalities such as:- Main drugs used in Orotracheal Intubation;- Calculation of doses and how to prescribe vasoactive drugs, as well as their infusion rate;- Correction of hydroelectrolytic disorders (Potassium, Sodium, Bicarbonate, Magnesium);- Standardized solutions (Amiodarone, Polarizing solution, 3% saline solution, 0.45% saline solution);- Calculation of creatinine clearance;- Doses of medications used in thrombolysis;- Several converters of usual measures of daily medical practice;- Access to website blogAll these features will be available after choosing one of the following subscriptions:1) Monthly Plan:* All features will be available.* Duration: 1 month (monthly)automatically renewed.* Value: R$ 9.90 / month.* 7 days freeor2) Annual Plan:* All features will be available.* Duration: 1 year (annual)automatically renewed.* Value: R$..
Deep Platform: creates app for medical events: congresses, conferences, ECM, meetings
Deep: for apps platform for medical events: congresses, conferences, ECM training, meetings. It supports all phases of the event: from registration to issue Agenas tracked.The Deep platform creates Mobile App (tablets and smartphones), specific for your event makes for greater involvement and attractive for participants and sponsors. At the same time relieves the organizer of complex operational issues: managing enrollment, accreditation and more.
Track and explore kid's health
Your child transforms every day. The Sleuth Child Health Tracker is the first tool that manages all of the incredible, fast changes in your child’s health and behavior. You can record every event, and when you have concerns, search over 60,000 parents’ contributions for data and stories. See parents’ responses to a wide variety of different symptoms and behaviors.Sleuth is an app built by parents and experts to turn our collective parenting knowledge into actual wisdom. It is meant for every moment you might search Dr. Google with kids’ health questions that Google or, god forbid, ChatGPT really can’t answer. Sleuth is a complement to medical advice that provides the gist of thousands of caretakers’ personal, at-home, and local solutions.TRACK ANYTHING FOR YOUR CHILDThe first bad cold? The first smile? The first “I love you”?- Log any symptom, behavior, treatment, and program. No event is too small. You can search it all inside Sleuth.- Attach notes, photos, videos, and timing. - Record your child’s growth and milestones. Capture new words, growth, and progress.- You control your privacy. Your account is..
Direct connection to care team
By invitation only. For peace of mind.Care Memo™ is an invitation-only app. Designed with privacy in mind, you can only use Care Memo if a healthcare professional or someone you know invites you. You then get access to care team updates regarding your loved one and the ability to contact the team directly.Easy-Contacts, visit summaries, and important documents all in one place.-Quick access to the information you need.-Information is added and updated by your care team or facility.Connected-Access timely summaries of care after your loved one is visited by the team.-Keep track and be notified of any vital or medication changes.-Stay in sync with all members of the care team.Direct-Send and receive messages directly within the app.-Communicate directly with your loved one's care team.-Coordinate care and access information from wherever you are, whenever you need.Private-Personal data protection.-Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant.-Utilizes best practices in privacy and security.*Features vary by clinical program. Some of the features described on this page may not be available to you at the request of the care provider.Care Memo™ and the Care Memo..
My medicine Pro information kit
Premium Support. Having trouble to remember all you medication details. You can simply use this app to store all your medicine information. example medication photo, symptoms, dosage, in take instructions, tablet or tonic name, doctor referral. Not only medication details. this application also have module to store all your insurance details such policy number, premium amount, due date, insurance company, plan names. once you store. all the information will be handy and you can easily access.Options available.- Share medicine image and details in whatsApp, email etc..- Share Insurance details in whatsApp, email etc..- Take photo or upload existing image to the app.- Multiple themes and display views- Backup and restore options. Backup can be saved in multiple places. such as Google drive, phone and email etc..
Mediion is a telecommunications platform that connects you with doctors.
Mediion is a telecommunications platform through which you can connect with medical practitioners, make teleconsultations via a secure audio-video connection, or consult with medical practitioners using written consultations.Mediion gives you the ability to:• Find a doctor from the comfort of your home 24/7• Contact the desired doctor via teleconsultation or written consultation• Avoid unnecessary waiting and going to the doctor• Storage your medical documentation in a safe and organized matterRegistration is free!Top medical practitioners from different medical fields are using Mediion platform.Mediion is available on mobile devices and on computer web browser.TeleconsultationsSchedule an online consultation, talk to your doctor and receive medical documentation immediately afterwards. All communication is via secured channels by the latest industry standards. Written consultationsRequest for an expert opinion or advice from doctors via written consultation. Written consultations are a service that also provide exchange of medical documentation to ensure the highest standards for your health.Personal medical recordsReceive and store all medical documentation in cloud, protected by the latest security standards and practices. From now on, have all your medical records organised and right in your pocket..
COVID-19 Self-Test
Test in the comfort of your own home, and get the knowledge you need, fast. Use Celltrion SafeKey with the Celltrion DiaTrust™ COVID-19 Ag Home Test.Celltrion SafeKey will guide you through the test process and help you report your results as required by law. Your personal information is stored and used only for reporting.
Medical Space App - Digital resources for the medical profession
APP intended for Doctors only."Medical Space APP" is a digital virtual space that contains in a single APP numerous and diversified services for the professional updating of the Doctor, such as Abstract Collection, Scientific Review, ECM-FAD courses, Ebook gallery, Video gallery, APP gallery, Test laboratory and form for requesting an ISF visit.Furthermore, the Medical Space APP contains the “SSN Handbook”, with the possibility of searching by commercial name and active ingredient; in addition to general information, the database also contains the paragraphs Indications and Posologies taken from CPR
medflex makes medical communication faster, safer and easier.
medflex is the all-round solution for your medical communicationdeveloped for patients, practices and clinics, therapy facilities, healthcare professionals, pharmacies, laboratories and more.With the medflex smartphone app, you can optimally use all functions of the well-known web application while on the go.The big plus:- Push notifications for new messages or appointment invitations- Simplified login with PIN, fingerprint or Face IDSecure communication directly from your smartphone- Sending and receiving of text and voice messages, findings or photo documentation- Exchange via certified video chat- Efficient, time- and location-independent communication directly via the app- Relief in (practice) everyday life through fewer phone calls and e-mail inquiries- Certified encryption of data transmission according to the latest standardsAll medical contacts in one applicationAs a patient, you are always in touch with your trusted doctors, therapists or other practitioners via medflex and can discuss questions or simple complaints directly online.For practitioners, medflex offers the ideal contact point for all communication with colleagues, patients and service providers.Registration is free and medflex can be reached at any time via the smartphone app or the web application.No more phone queuesYou..
The ultimate solution for a healthy, happy you!
Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a vaginal infection that occurs when the usual balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in the vagina is disrupted. Bacterial Vaginosis is extremely common, especially among women of childbearing years – in fact, most women will experience it at some point in their lives. Although Bacterial Vaginosis is not usually serious, it can lead to harmful complications if left untreated.Learn how to recognise the symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis using this app, and keep reading for some helpful information on treatment and prevention methods.Medical Disclaimer:The content in this app is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always contact your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional before starting, changing, or stopping any kind of health treatment.
Welcome to the CAAMEPA application.
With the CAAMEPA APP you will be able to:· Obtain information on the location of our health centers.· Know our services.· Find out about our public vaccination center.· Access contact telephone numbers.· Apply to work with us.· View our social networks.· And have access to tools to care for your health.In addition to these functions of public use, our officials will be able to:· Check your receipts.· Request shift changes.· View your brands.· Obtain the internal regulationsAmong other features.CAAMEPA. We are close, we are always.
ICare Apps On Smartphones.
Is an application that supports you to search for doctors, book appointments online on your mobile phone.With this application, you can keep track of your appointment, schedule an appointment, place an appointment, and schedule an appointment remotely via video call on your mobile phone. After completing the examination, ICare will quickly return the results through the application's notification, along with the prescription and the doctor's advice. The medicine will be quickly delivered within 2 hours for Ho Chi Minh City area, and 48 hours for other provinces.
pediatricians, first aid, first aid, children
Pediatrics is the official app of the Italian Federation of Paediatricians and the course "At school we grow safe," sponsored by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and by the Authority for Childhood and Adolescence.And 'the ideal tool to know how to behave when you are in the most common emergency situations, domestic, school, road or air.The various types of injury are collected in categories and, in addition to the symptoms are explained by simple procedures to follow and things to do.Some illustrations help to clarify the details.An internal search engine helps you find a quick solution to the problem.The categories refer more frequently may be collected in a specific section.The procedures comply with current international guidelines.
Thoracic, Cardiac & Congenital
PLEASE NOTE: Application requires an account from The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS).STS Cardiothoracic Surgery is the most complete and authoritative digital resource of cardiothoracic surgical information in the world. It provides a rich, multimedia educational experience that includes regularly updated content in cardiac surgery (adult cardiac and congenital) and general thoracic surgery.This comprehensive resource includes more than 500 high-quality, hand-drawn medical illustrations, plus over 2000 photographs, tables and surgical videos. It is accessible anytime, anywhere on your mobile devices.STS Cardiothoracic Surgery includes the following sections:• Pearson’s General Thoracic Surgery◦ Esophageal◦ Thoracic• Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery◦ Adult Cardiac◦ Pediatric and Congenital (coming soon!)FEATURES: • The most current, continuously updated resource available in the specialty, authored and edited by the leading surgeons from around the world• Rich, multimedia content with high-quality medical illustrations and surgical videos• Online and mobile platforms offering home, office, or point-of-care reference 24/7/365• Comprehensive collection of 330+ interactive chapters in all main cardiothoracic surgery domains • Updated and expanded of the popular Pearson’s Thoracic textbook for general thoracic surgery• Newly written content for adult cardiac and..
Glasgow Coma Scale, Glasgow Coma Scale for Children, NIHSS, FOUR, GFR, Algover
This application is a set of various emergency calculators that are needed to assess the patient's consciousness.Includes the Glasgow Coma Scale for both adults and childrenNIHSSGFR calculatorAlgover indexIdeal body weight and more
Radiologist turns your smartphone into a secure mobile radiology reading room.
PowerScribe Mobile Radiologist enables medical imaging professionals to search radiology specific content to assist with a diagnosis and to securely sign, create, or edit reports and addenda in PowerScribe Reporting using speech while on the goREQUIREMENTS:* Android 10.0 or greater.* Internet access through wireless Local Area Network (LAN) connection or phone service provider is required.* PowerScribe 360 Reporting v4.0 (or greater), PowerScribe One and Mobile Bridge are required to use this application.FEATURES AND BENEFITS:*Create, edit, search and sign: Provides secure access to create, search, edit and sign reports and addenda from the convenience of your mobile device.*Notification alerts: Get alerts when a new report is ready for signing.*Report Signing Queue: Provides authorized users with secure access to the PowerScribe Reporting signature queue allowing secure review, edit and sign off on reportsAlso provides the ability to launch Assisted Diagnosis from any term or phrase in the report.*Reporting Worklists: Provides authorized users with secure access to their worklistsRadiologists can view orders and reports that are present in a worklist that they belong to, and then select a participate record to edit securely..
TravMeds: A fast & easy search for medicines, doctors & pharmacies on the go.
About TravMedsTravMeds App provides an easy way to search for medicines you need in any location, including visiting countries. Providing free, accurate information on prescribed and over-the-counter medicines.It will immediately start searching for the medicine while you type or you can search by scanning the barcode of the Medicine.Complete search listing on the medicine with medicine name, strength, and the country code.It is also capable of locating the nearest pharmacy and the doctor's location.Key FeaturesCountry-Specific InformationA quick search on country-specific search on the Medicine brand.Convenient And Easy Simple and intuitive UI to drive a better search experience on medicines brands with pharmacy and doctor locators. Provides a faster search facility, easy navigation through the entire app. Consumer Medication GuideDetailed information on medicine strength, dosage, food interaction, and precautions to be taken.Pharmaceutical InformationEasy-to-use resource on information on medicinesEasy-To-Use Pharmacy/Doctor LocatorThere is no invasive or continuous tracking of the user's location. With Google Map integration, the user can easily locate pharmacies or doctors near them.Secured SearchUsers can search their information securely as we do not store any sign-in information, no cookies, or..
Learn effective physical therapy with this step-by-step guide!
Do you want to learn how to apply physiotherapy as a method of physical rehabilitation?If you want to learn the tricks and tips necessary to carry out a good physiotherapy session, and even be able to relax muscles and tendons with gentle massage, then this tutorial is for you.The "Physiotherapy Course" app offers you a complete guide on what to do in different situations and conditions in which the human body can find itself, from general tension to muscle pain. Find a solution for a particular problem through exercises, explanations, massages and self-massages that are easy to understand and apply.You will find several topics to learn:- Basic notions of physiotherapy- What is your function- Necessary tools and techniques- Tecartherapy for rehabilitation- Shock waves- Lymphatic drainage- Kinetic control- Manual therapy- McKenzie Approach- Characteristics and syndromes- Pompage TherapyYou do not need to have previous experience, just an Internet connection and a great love for natural medicine and good healthy living. All this information and much more, totally free!Each section consists of a descriptive text detailing the main procedures of each of the..
Your space connected with My Oc Santé patient space.
Your space connected with My Oc Santé patient space. Find all the information and services related to your care
A Partner apps from LoveCare Apps
This apps is designed for partners to managed, control schedules, job seeking from request.
Your Conversion Companion
Opioid Conversion Calculator: Your Comprehensive Conversion CompanionStreamlined Opioid Management for Healthcare ProfessionalsThe Opioid Conversion Calculator is an indispensable tool designed for medical practitioners, pharmacists, and pain management specialists. Simplify complex opioid conversion tasks with confidence and precision, ensuring patient safety and optimal pain management.Key Features:Extensive Drug Coverage: Includes a wide range of opioids in various formulations:Oral: Codeine, Hydromorphone, Methadone, Morphine, Oxycodone, Tapentadol, TramadolParenteral: Codeine, Fentanyl, Hydromorphone, Morphine, Oxycodone, SufentanilRectal: OxycodoneSublingual: BuprenorphineTransdermal: Buprenorphine, FentanylVisual Safety Indicator: As the Oral Morphine Equivalent (OME) increases, the interface transitions from orange to red, serving as a visual alert for high dosages.Breakthrough Dosing: Easily calculate breakthrough doses for numerous opioids.Formulation Conversions: Seamlessly convert between different opioid formulations.Up-to-Date Pharmaceutical Formulary: Instant access to current formulations, ensuring you always have the latest information.Designed for Ease and Accuracy:Intuitive User Interface: Navigate with ease through a clean and simple UI, designed for quick and accurate conversions.Evidence-Based: Built on a foundation of expert opinions, journals, and medical texts to guarantee the most current and reliable information.All-in-One Tool: From dosage calculations to accessing formulation options and practice points, this app is..
For ALS, spinal injury, motor disabilities. Control your device with your head!
For users with ALS, spinal cord injury, or other motor disability. Control your entire device with just head movementand never touch the screen!What is Jabberwocky?Jabberwocky is a Touch-Free Accessibility app that enables users with limited mobility to use their device without physically touching it. Perform taps and real-time swipe gestures by just combining head movement with facial gestures.How Jabberwocky uses the cameraJabberwocky Accessibility requires no additional peripherals! It uses the front-facing camera on your Android device and our proprietary artificial intelligence technology to track head movement.Privacy and Accessibility Service PermissionsJabberwocky is an Accessibility Service. It requires permissions to observe your actions and perform gestures in order to work. Jabberwocky does not collect any private information that is not needed for the service to function and to be improved. For detailed information visit should use Jabberwocky?Jabberwocky Accessibility is designed for users with motor disabilities including:* ALS / MND* Spinal cord injury (SCI)* Stroke* Cerebral Palsy (CP)* Multiple Sclerosis (MS)* A motor disability affecting use of hands
App will help you to get medical care and assistance directly within minutes.
Get rid of the hassle of standing in the queue just for consultation, Dr. Jeevan Kankaria app is going to help you to get medical care and assistance directly within minutes from the Doctor.Dr. Jeevan Kankaria is highly proficient General Surgeon with years of experience in Abdominal Malignancies, Appendix treatment, Bariatric Surgery, Gall bladder Surgeries, laparoscopic biliary surgeries, laparoscopic hernia surgeries thyroid & breast surgeries, Pilonidal sinus ( endoscopic), anal surgeries, etc. He is constantly working towards improving the medical ecosystem with his skills, and for his achievements, he has been also felicitated multiple times. Offering exemplary care and medical help to patients of every age, Dr. Jeevan Kankaria has earned a wide recognition over the years. This acclaimed medical specialist has turned out to be the first choice for General Surgeries not only in Jaipur but in the entire nation.Dr. Jeevan Kankaria believes better health begins with a better consultation, so we have created a dedicated app for you, from which you can book your appointments with a lot of ease with a click of button 24/7; receive appointment..
Book health tests at home. Blood sample collection in 60 min. Online lab reports
Orange Health Diagnostic & Pathology LabThe fastest lab & blood test app. Fresher Blood → Blood collection in 60 minsFaster Results → Get your lab & blood report within 6 hours!Accurate Results → Ensuring top-notch accuracy and quality in lab tests.Health Checkups, Lab & Blood Testing at Home:🩺 Full Body Checkup🩺 Diabetes Checkup🩺 Senior citizen checkup🩺 Smart health checkupRevolutionize your health journey with Orange Health Labs, the definitive diagnostic lab test app in India. Effortlessly schedule diagnostic blood tests & health checkups. Experience the pristine sample collection at home. Say goodbye to delays and embrace a fresher blood testing experience. No more anxious waiting!Why Orange Health Lab Test App?Orange Health Labs is trusted by 1000+ Doctors and 1 Million+ Consumers already love us, making us the highest rated diagnostic lab on Google.-Easy search from 2000+ tests & preventive health checkups-Free Sample Collection (Zero Collection charges)-15% off on first test*-Easy access to your lab report, anywhere, anytime-Booking slots is easyOrange Health Labs pathology lab where you can do lab tests at home is available in following cities:-Bangalore-New Delhi-Mumbai-Gurgaon-Noida-Ghaziabad-HyderabadOrange Health Labs Benefits:1...
Real-time, easy access to your CoxHealth patient portal, Virtual Visits & more
CoxHealthNow helps you take a more active role in your health with real-time, easy access to your CoxHealth patient portal. Here, you'll see your latest health information, plus be able to:• Schedule an appointment• Find a doctor• Securely message with your provider• Have a Virtual Visit• And moreStart living your healthiest life today with CoxHealth and the CoxHealthNow app.
Meet a dietitian via Eatit. Completely free of charge via Sweden's Regions.
Lose weight with EatitMeet your dietitian onlineAt Eatit, you can meet a dietitian via video and chat. The calls take place directly in the app and are completely free of chargesubsidized by Swedish healthcare. Get started today!With Eatit, you get access to your personal dietitian specialized in weight loss. No matter where you are, meet our experienced dietitians through video consultations and receive personal support tailored to your needs. You have the same dietitian through Eatit's program.Our unique treatment plan combines CBT with nutritional science to help you reach your weight loss goals in just 12 weeks. And the journey doesn't end there! Continue to stay in touch with your dietitian quarterly online to discuss your progress.You can also sync and share your daily steps with your dietitian through Google Fitness.
Ultimate Home Health Solution.
The PerfectSYNC mobile app is a powerful tool that allows users to focus on delivering excellent care and puts patient-care right at your fingertips. Perfect™ mobile app allows disciplines to collect vital signs, document wounds, and access all notes and orders, — from anywhere at any time.Ensure compliance with the built-in Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system that allows you to verify visits by capturing the patient's signature while recording accurate time, date, and location using GPS technology.Our HIPAA-compliant and secure instant messaging, allows you to coordinate and communicate with your team at any time of the day. No more switching apps or missed messages. All these compiled into a mobile-app built with the latest in encryption and passcode verification security to ensure that all your patient data is safe and protected.Combined with the Perfect™ web-app software, you and your agency can update patient information and coordinate care accurately in real-time.
Veterinary care reimagined
Small Door is reimagining the veterinary experience, with a membership model that delivers exceptional care, transparency, and tech-enabled convenience.Small Door’s mobile app makes it easy to manage your pet’s care with features including:- 24/7 access to veterinary telemedicine- Booking and managing appointments through the app- Requesting prescriptions- Accessing vaccination records and invoicesNow open in multiple locations in NYC and expanding to Boston and Washington D.C., we are committed to building a better veterinary care experience for pets, pet parents, and the veterinary staff who care for them.To learn more or to join Small Door, find us at
Your Friend in a pocket
FriendnPal is an AI-powered mobile application designed to provide accessible and effective mental health support to users worldwide. This innovative platform is built on the foundation of empathy, anonymity, and personalized assistance, with the ultimate goal of enhancing users' emotional well-being and promoting mental health.Key Features and Capabilities:1. AI-Powered Chat-bot: At the heart of FriendnPal is an advanced AI chat-bot with natural language processing capabilities. This chat-bot is available 24/7 to engage with users in real-time conversations. It provides a safe and confidential space for users to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns without fear of judgment.2. Anonymous Support: FriendnPal prioritizes anonymity, allowing users to interact with the AI chat-bot without disclosing their identities. This anonymity encourages open and honest discussions about mental health issues, reducing the stigma associated with seeking help.3. Personalized Mental Health Assistance: The AI chatbot utilizes machine learning algorithms to understand users' unique emotional states and needs. It tailors responses and suggestions to provide personalized mental health support, including coping strategies, relaxation techniques, and self-help resources.4. Therapist Access: FriendnPal offers users the option to connect with..
Track your exams quickly and easily.
Access results quickly and easilyLearn how to prepare for examsAccess the map with all unitsShare the results or download in PDFAdd reminders to appointmentsManage more than one person in the app
Safely share data with your doctor or researcher.
Improve helps you to communicate safely and confidently with your doctor about your treatment, preparation for your outpatient visit or study. We believe that when patients take control of their own health, this improves the quality of their treatementtreatment.Functions:+ Easily participate in questionnaires from your doctor.+ Get information from your doctor about the care process.+ Your data can only be read by you and your doctor.+ Receive a notification at the start of your questionnaire and or information+ Send photos safely to your doctor.Benefits:+ Good preparation for your outpatient visit based on questionnaires and information+ Fill in on your own device, where and when you want.+ Your doctor has your information in advance and therefore has more time for you.+ Communicate safely and easily digitally with your doctor.+ You won't forget anything, thanks to the automatic messages you will receive from your doctor.Improve uses the Open HealthHub platform. Your data is shared with your doctor based on end-to-end encryption. This means that before the data is sent from your device, the data is encrypted and only your doctor can decrypt..
The Client Portal app empowers you to manage care from one secure place
If you’re receiving services for behavioral health, counseling, speech pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or any other wellness service by a practitioner who uses SimplePractice, this app is for you! The SimplePractice Client Portal Android app empowers you to manage care for you or your loved ones from one secure place. Stay connected with your practitioner between appointments from the convenience of your phone. Your personal information is kept private, yet easily accessible for your convenience.Simplify how you access care with features like:• Passwordless login – Securely log into your Client Portal without the hassle of a username or password by setting up a passcode or turn on biometrics (if enabled on your Android device)• Personalized notifications – Get push notifications sent right to your phone regarding any new messages, invoices, or documents that have been sent to you by your practitioner.• Secure messaging – Message your practitioner directly from your phone knowing that all communication is secure and private.• Upcoming appointments and requests – View all your upcoming appointments, and request a new appointment with your practitioner directly from..
Medical Books and Mcqs & Dental books and Mcqs
This app contains:Anatomy BooksPhysiology BooksPathology BooksBiochemistry BooksPharmacology BooksBehavioral Sciences BooksForensic Medicine BooksOphthalmology BooksOtorhinolaryngology BooksCommunity Medicine BooksSurgery BooksMedicine BooksGynecology & Obstetrics BooksPediatrics BooksClinical Ward Booksand contains too:Surgery mcqsDerematology mcqsBiochemistry mcqsAnatomy mcqEmbryology mcqNeuro mcqMicrobiology mcqInternal Medicine mcqHistology mcqPathology mcqParasitology mcqOrthopaedic mcqOpthalmology mcqPharmacology mcqPediatric mcqObstetrics mcqPsychiatry mcqand For Dentistry :EndodonticsOral Medicine and PathologyProthodonticsDental MaterialEsthetic dentistryOral surgeryPublic healthDental technicianPeriodonticsRestorative dentistryDental traumatologyPractice managementTmj & Occlusionand dental mcqs
BIRRD is one of the fastest growing Health Care product development company
BIRRD Hospital Mobile’s online appointment scheduling app allows doctors, physicians, clinics and credentialed medical staff offer hassle-free appointment booking solutions to their patients in the palm of their hands regardless of location. An integrated set of solutions designed to unite physicians, nurses and other care team members across inpatient and outpatient.PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING:To use this app, your organization must be a BIRRD Hospital EMR client. If you are unsure of your organization’s status, please contact your IT department.LOGIN INSTRUCTIONS:Upon initial login, please use your provided EMR username and password
A musculoskeletal anatomy resource free to AMTA members in an interactive app.
AMTA has partnered with Books of Discovery to provide this musculoskeletal anatomy resource free to AMTA members in an interactive app. AMTA Massage Anatomy Guide offers a wide array of features to help you ace your next exam or educate your clients: • Digital flash cards containing 144 muscles , 61 bones and bony landmarks, 50 joints and ligaments and 64 common movements, including the synergists and antagonists• Pins that identify muscles, bones and bony landmarks• Navigation directly from muscle groups to individual muscles• Multiple options to test your musculoskeletal anatomy knowledge by: 1) answering multiple-choice questions (muscle cards only) 2) locating specific structures, and 3) identifying AOIN points.• Bookmark specific cards so you can review them later• Table of Contents with an easy-to-search capability. You can search on all cards or only cards that you have bookmarked• Zoom into illustrations for more detail using pinch touch• Flip the cards to view illustrations on one side, details on the other (movement and muscle cards only)• Navigate directly from muscle groups to individual muscles• Help button to guide you through options..
Medins Doc - an application for emergency doctors and call doctor services.
Medins Doc is a mobile application for ambulance doctors and home doctor call services.Medins is a navigation application and serves as a means of communication of the doctor with his dispatcher.It is part of the MEDINS information system.
Application is used for Outpatient Online Registration
Application is used for Online Registration of Healthy Charity Hospital Outpatients. Registration can be done from 04.00-10.00.Application features:- Online Registration- Daily schedule- Doctor's Schedule- Facilities and Services
Application for users who work in MIS ArchiMed +
Opportunities:- View recorded patients- Appointment of new patients- Reporting on activities
Instant, accurate & low-cost results
TestCard is a simple to use, at-home urine UTI test kitOur simple to use postcard holds a set of test stripsWhen coupled with our smartphone app, it provides accurate, medical grade test results from the comfort of your own home. Results are delivered immediately and can be shared with your healthcare professional.We’ve transformed traditional urine testing to help you take a simple, accurate urine test at a time and place that works for you.Download TestCard to gain access to your UTI test results in minutes.
Digital women's care in the mobile phone - book a care appointment with experts in women's care
Ester Care AB is a digital healthcare company that helps women improve their health and gain a better understanding of their bodies.In the EsterCare app, you can seek digital care directly from our registered gynecologists, general practitioners, midwives and other experts in women's care with secure login via BankID.These are examples of problems we can help you with:- Menopause-related complaints- PMS & PMDS- Urine leakage- Contraceptive advice- Dysmenorrhoea, profuse menstruation, irregular menstruation, absence of menstruation- Chlamydia infections & other sexually transmitted diseases- Fungal infection & bacterial vaginosis- Urinary tract infection- Breastfeeding difficulties- Counseling before, during and after pregnancy- Prescription renewalsMORE ABOUT ESTERCAREEsterCare is a registered healthcare provider covered by the Health and Medical Care Act, the Personal Data Act, the Patient Data Act and the Patient Safety Act. All data is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act and the Patient Data Act. EsterCare is also an approved medical technology product. We offer digital care easily through your mobile with qualified healthcare staff in women's care, such as gynecologists and midwives.OBJECTIVES & VISIONOur goal is to help women take..
Branded MyChart App
You can use the Driscoll Health System App to access your MyChart account your mobile device. Review test results, medications, immunization history and more!Access your child's health informationManage appointments and receive reminders View and pay your billUpload health and fitness data, including data from the Apple Health app when enrolled in self-tracking programs
24/7 online connection to board-certified providers and urgent care.
24/7 Online Care in MinutesHigh-quality, affordable medical care is available on-demand with Carilion Now.From home or on-the-go, the Carilion Now app allows you to talk to a board-certified health care provider in minutes about a diagnosis and care plan. Simply use your smartphone or tablet to connect. If needed, prescriptions can be sent directly to your pharmacy.Your Carilion Now connection is secure and HIPAA compliant. You must be over the age of 18 to use Carilion Now for yourself or a minor 2 years or older.Feel better faster. To get started, simply download the free app, select the visit type and choose your provider. Common ConditionsAllergies, cold/flu, respiratory issues, urinary tract infections, sprains/strains, eye irritation, vomiting, diarrhea AffordableHealth care services are offered at a flat payment rate, no insurance is required to participate. Carilion Now also provides an option for patients using Medicare Part B. InsuranceOriginal Medicare (Part B) covers many telehealth services. You pay a portion of the Medicare-approved amount for your care, and the Part B deductible applies. For most telehealth services, you'll pay the same amount that..
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With the 'MY NS', you can access the health records of your family. It can also be used to book appointments, view lab results, view discharge summaries, and get medicine prescription copies. You will never miss any prescriptions because of the timely reminders based on your medicine schedule.
Alfred Patient gives patients quick and easy access to their images.
I-MED Radiology is the largest provider of diagnostic radiology services in Australia.I-MED Radiology (formally Alfred Medical Imaging) strive to be the provider of choice, consistently delivering high quality healthcare to every patient, every time. This app gives patients quick and easy access to their images.
The game-based adult ADHD treatment designed to improve ADHD symptoms and focus.
Start your subscription today to begin treatment with EndeavorOTC, the game-based ADHD treatment clinically designed to improve symptoms, attention and focus, designed with the same technology as the world’s first FDA-authorized game-based treatment. The treatment includes Focus Score, a first-of-its-kind personalized metric where you can track attention progress. Current subscription plans start at $24.99 a month or $129.99 annually.EndeavorOTC is for adults 18 years and older with ADHD experiencing inattention-related challenges that affect their quality of life such as diminished focus, inability to complete projects or tasks, keep track of important items, and more. Built with the same technology as EndeavorRx, the world's first FDA-authorized video game treatment, EndeavorOTC is available now by subscription. No prescription needed. EndeavorOTC was studied in more than 220 participants over a 6-week period. In the clinical trial, 83% of participants saw clinical improvement in their ability to focus and 73% of participants reported quality of life improvements, including an increased ability to balance projects, get things done on time and keep track of important items like phone, wallet, and keys. There were no lasting..
Our app has exclusive features for ITAMED beneficiaries!
It was with your well-being in mind that the ITAMED Health Plan gathered all the information about your health plan in one place.From now on, the Itamed beneficiary will be able to count on a co-participation report, payment slip, and their digital card and that of their dependents, it will be possible, with just a few clicks, you will be able to explore our referenced network of clinics, laboratories and doctors.These functionalities make the service easier and more agile, and the customer experience much more practical and everything in the palm of the hand.
Access images and reports of examinations performed at X-Ray & Imaging
X-Ray & Imaging Patient Access App is used by patients to access their images and reports of examinations performed at X-Ray & Imaging.When your images are ready to view, you will receive an SMS link to activate your account. Click on the secure link and follow the prompts to activate your account.Once activated, you will be able to use this account to access all future studies performed at X-Ray & Imaging.We will provide your referring health professional with the report of your examination shortly after your appointment. The report will be available to you on the Patient App 14 days following your scan and the report button will become active at this time.
Where Nurses Thrive
Jointhe largest online community built by nurses, for nurses. Download the app to connect with your peers, organize your professional life, and restore your passion for Community features include:-Share and discover special moments with stories-Chat and make connections with our nurse exclusive community-Sort your connections by location and interests-Browse, meet and match with new people and groups nearby-Create your own meetup groups and connect with local nurses and professional opportunities in our Community is a free and exclusive app for nurses, nursing students, and retired nurses.Want to make the most of Community?Turn on GPS and location in order to recommend nearby matches, groups, and events.Terms and Conditions: