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#13 Connect SUS is the official mobile platform of the Ministry of Health.
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#19 Official exposure notification app in Italy
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#35 "National Health Insurance Action Express | Health Passbook" is an application developed by the Central Health Insurance Agency of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Through this program, the public can grasp various information of the Health Insurance Agency and provide personal vaccination status after verifying their identity. !
#36 ALHOSN UAE allows you to keep your COVID-19 results on your mobile device
#37 Information on the internal organs of the human body in a 3D model.
#38 From finding open hospitals and pharmacies near you to real-time non-face-to-face treatment, please do good now.
#39 StaySafe is the official contact tracing mobile app of DILG and IATF with GAEN.
#40 Surokkha facilitates the vaccination process for the people of Bangladesh.
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