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calculate due date and track embryo with Pregnancy App: Fetus Growth
Are you expecting a bundle of joy? Stay informed and connected with your little one throughout your pregnancy journey with our comprehensive Pregnancy App: Fetus Growth. This all-in-one mobile application offers a wealth of features to help you monitor your pregnancy, understand your baby's development, and receive invaluable guidance week by week.Key Features:Pregnancy Tracker: Keep a detailed record of your pregnancy with our easy-to-use pregnancy tracker. Log your symptoms, doctor's appointments, and personal notes, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your journey.Due Date Calculator: Determine your due date with precision using our due date calculator. Planning for your baby's arrival has never been easier with this essential tool.Baby Growth Tracker: Keep a close watch on your baby's growth and development as your little one progresses from an embryo to a newborn. Our app provides a user-friendly interface to track baby growth week by week, ensuring you never miss a single milestone.Weight Tracker: Monitor your weight throughout your pregnancy journey with ease. Our weight tracker lets you keep a close eye on your health and wellness, ensuring a safe and comfortable pregnancy.Kick..
Track online statuses, analyze patterns, and stay informed!
Detailed Tracking: Examine their most frequent online times with graphsPrivacy-Centric: Our app is completely anonymous and prioritizes your data security.User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use and effectiveness.Instant Notifications: Be immediately informed when someone you are monitoring comes online.User-Friendly Interface: Offers an easy-to-understand and effective user experience.Instant Notifications: Get instant notifications when the people you are interested in are online.
Night light helps everyone sleep well
Does your baby cry a lot? Is it still difficult for him to fall asleep on his own? Our free app, night light lullabies for babies, will help you calm your baby before bed, relax and fall asleep.A large number of beautiful nightlights are available in the application. Cute animals will delight your baby, help to fall asleep faster and have good dreams. Several beautiful, animated backgrounds are available.Adjust the brightness and color night light of the application so that the baby is comfortable.There are 4 sections available: music box, baby lullabies, white noise for sleeping, instrumental music.Lullaby is suitable for all ages: toddlers, children and even adults. You can listen to them at night or before bedtime, a lullaby will help you fall asleep faster.- Large selection of night lights for babies- Suitable for everyone- Large collection of ringtones- Lullabies for babies- Ringtones for babies- Change the color of the night light- Music volume control- App brightness setting- Animated background- Absolutely relaxingList of noise sounds for falling asleep:- Fan- Air conditioning- Airplane- Hair dryer- Space- Aquarium- Bonfire- Boiling water-..
Ultimate guide for new moms! Real-time support in 3 languages. Download now!
Are you a new mother seeking guidance and support in taking care of your precious little one? Look no further! AskMama AI is the ultimate app designed to provide assistance and valuable insights for new mothers in their journey of nurturing their infants. With its remarkable chatbot feature, AskMama AI offers comprehensive support and information in three languages: Urdu, Hindi, and English. Let us guide you through the remarkable features and benefits of this innovative app.Key Features:1. Intelligent Chatbot: AskMama AI boasts an advanced chatbot that understands the unique needs of new mothers. It provides real-time responses to queries regarding various aspects of infant care, ensuring that you have the right information at your fingertips.2. Multilingual Support: Language barriers are no longer a concern with AskMama AI. Whether you prefer Urdu, Hindi, or English, the app accommodates your language preference, making it accessible to a diverse range of users.3. Online Pediatrician Locator: Finding the right pediatrician for your little one is crucial. AskMama AI simplifies the process by helping you locate and connect with qualified pediatricians in your area. Ensure..
Find your family location with phone tracker. GPS locator for family safety
Family locator is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved ones, even when they are far away. With family tracker, you can create a private circle exclusive to your family members and easily track each other's real-time locations on a map.To get started, simply install the family GPS locator on your phone and invite your family members to join. Once they accept the invitation, you can request location tracker permission from each family member. This ensures that you can only view their real-time location after they grant you permission, respecting everyone's privacy.What awaits you in the app?- Share your real-time location in a private circle that only your family can see- Link with family using the GPS tracker on your phone- Add your favorite spots on the map 📍- Be notified when your loved ones come and go to these spots- See the location history of family members- Know your family is on their way safely with location sharing- Location sharing settings: You can turn on/off location sharing whenever you want.🆘 Emergency SOS function You can send..
Fake Police Call for Naughty Kids.
If you have a naughty kid around you just make a fake call to the police service 911 and they will take care of the rest.
Reduce screen time by building good habits in yourself and your children
Trumsy is your go-to solution for reducing screen time by building good habits and promoting balanced lifestyles in children offering a wealth of resources to support families in their journey towards mindful parenting.Our app is designed to provide parenting tips, time management skills, and educational resources that help families navigate the challenges of childhood development. We recognize the importance of parent-child bonding and offer a variety of playtime activities, family activities, and outdoor activities for kids to facilitate this bond.We know that technology addiction is a growing concern for families and Trumsy offers a digital detox by creating technology-free zones and screen-free activities. We also promote learning through play, self-regulation, and social-emotional learning.Trumsy is more than just an app, it is a tool to help families establish daily routines, manage child behavior, and encourage positive parenting. We provide resources for sleep hygiene, mental health, physical activity, and healthy eating habits for kids. Our app is also a source of productivity tips for kids and time management tools for families.We believe in a play-based learning approach and offer creative activities for..
Pick up your baby FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT
The Neonki Pickups mobile application is an innovative tool that makes it easier for parents and guardians to pick up children from educational institutions. Thanks to this application, it is possible to organize a safe and efficient collection of children, thus eliminating stressful and time-consuming procedures.
Your pocket partner in parenthood
Foleja is your pocket partner in parenthood, from the moment your child baby is born to the first day of school. Discover the most complete parenting app giving you all the tools and expert advice you need in just one App to support your child’s growth development and development growth from birth to age 6! Personalize this app to access daily toddler games, parent advice and tips on taking care of your child’s and your own well-being. Navigate easily between multiple child profiles and receive advice tailored to each child’s development needs age and development needs age. With Foleja you get:- Brief instructional videos and evidence-based support for each stage of your child’s development- Personalized 'learning through play' activities and games that support different critical areas of development, including cognition, language, motor skills, social emotional- Expert advice and parenting articles covering early learning, health, nutrition, caregiving, and safety, tailored to your questions and your child’s age - The ability to search Foleja’s collection of hundreds of activities and articles by topic, age, or area of development- The ability to save..
An app that protects children using AI
【Featured by The Times, Gizmodo, and so on…】Adora for Kids addresses your concerns about smartphone use by minors under the age of 18.*This app is intended for use on your child's smartphones (please install "Adora" on their devices).◆ This app offers the following features:- Screen time management: You can manage your child's smartphone usage time app-by-app.- Unsafe Selfie Detection: When a potentially obscene image is taken on your child's phone, Adora’s AI detects it and sends the notification to the parent's phone (and the child will be notified to delete the image).- GPS Tracking: You can check your child's location information.- Smombie Prevention: Detects dangerous usage of smartphones while distracted and prevents the use of apps while walking.More features will be added in the near future!Note: Accessibility API is used in this app to enable screen time management features.
Introduce solids, baby led weaning with ultimate baby food tracker
Get involved in introducing solids with Safely App, the ultimate food and poop tracker. Safely app tracks your food and poop entries and gives you actionable insights. 💡Explore a curated list of over 150+ predefined baby foods and recipes. You can add foods & recipes to your favourites and filter your favourites later. You can also log everything your baby eats, so you can see which foods & recipes your baby likes, which ones they don't like, and which ones they're allergic to. It can be used with both BLW (baby led weaning) and spoon-feeding. 📝 🍋 🍎 🍐With Safely app, you can also track and noted the form of the poops which always helps parents to get insights about the introduced solids. Color and types of poop can be noted as well. 📆 Safely app is there for you to help through your baby led weaning and first solid food introduction journey. You can track over with 150+ foods for what baby likes or shows an allergic reaction or not. You can see the nutritional values of lots of..
So that your child can be happy and safe! Everything about parenting was covered, from shopping, parenting information, and child care.
💜 Link Mom connects everything about shopping/information/care and parenting!- It takes a village to raise a child, which is difficult. Link Mom will be with you to create a world where mothers are comfortable!- So that your child can be happy and safe! Everything about parenting was covered, from shopping, parenting information, and child care.💜 Smarter and more economical Link Mom shopping- This is a national item, and that is also a must-have itemLinkMom has carefully selected only the best products for moms and dads who are confused about what to buy!- The cheapest Link Mom shopping with surprise hot deals, the smartest and most economical shopping!💜 A parenting community where you can communicate with neighboring moms from pregnancy to childbirth and childcare.- Don’t look any further for information about childcare, whether this is right or that is right! LinkMom will share the information you need!- Questions about parenting! What do other moms and dads think? Share parenting information while communicating with neighboring moms in your neighborhood who are more connected than Mom Café!💜 Parenting with trustworthy neighbors, child care..
Nursery Groom take caring newborn baby in perfect babysitting games for toddlers
Take care of the baby in our game Chic Babysitter Nursery Care.Have fun with the adorable baby while taking care of the baby. You will fulfil all the primary needs of the baby in infant nursery and make the baby happy. Feed the baby after buying some fruits and veggies to keep the baby healthy. After feeding, wipe the face of the baby when he's done eating. Take the baby to the bathroom spa and give him a bathe to keep him fresh and healthy. Wash him with soap and shampoo and play with the soap bubbles while giving him a bathe. After bathing, choose an attractive outfit for the baby and dress up toddlers according to your own choice and become a stylist of babies. You can choose an adorable costume for a baby too to make him ready for an occasion. Give him a little makeover by doing makeup and do newborn hair styling in daycare. Taking care of the baby is fun in nanny games.Baby loves to play with toys so make him happy by playing with..
Children's stories to induce sleep. Put your children to sleep in 10 minutes.
"Calma Kids" is the first mobile application for children's audio stories to induce sleep, combining 4 auditory relaxation and sleep induction techniques, which have demonstrated between 78% and 100% effectiveness in various clinical studies from renowned institutions. such as the University of Southern California, the University of Nebraska, Sheffield University and the Sleep Foundation.Calma Kids revolutionizes children's sleep routine with its innovative audio-story app.Designed for parents looking for natural solutions, this mobile application introduces little ones to a world of short stories for boys and girls, fusing baby music and bedtime audio stories.As a pioneer of its kind, Calma Kids stands as the first to offer a collection of children's stories to induce sleep, including the classic stories "The Ugly Duckling", "Cinderella", "Puss in Boots", "Little Red Riding Hood" and “The Three Little Pigs” among others, providing accessible access to the tranquility of the night.
Soothe Your Baby: White Noise, Sleep Sounds & Nursery Calm
"Welcome to 'Baby Sleeping Sounds'your ultimate white noise generator to ensure your infant sleeps through the night. Tailored for both newborns and toddlers, our app provides a meticulously curated selection of soothing sleep sounds and nursery rhymes designed to create the perfect sleep environment for your baby. From gentle lullabies to the calming hum of white noise, 'Baby Sleeping Sounds' is your go-to for baby sleep aid, promoting better sleep for your little ones.Download now for serene nights and happy mornings.Features:- A diverse audio library featuring baby sleep sounds, white noise, and soft melodies perfect for any nursery. -Superior quality white noise tracks to aid deep sleep cycles in newborns and toddlers.- Intuitive design for stress-free navigation in your baby sleep routine.- Personalize your nursery experience with our Voice Record option.- Works in offline mode so your baby can enjoy comforting sounds without interruption.- The white noise continues to play alongside other applications, offering flexibility for multitasking parents.- Sleep timer function to gently fade the nursery sounds as your baby drifts off to sleep.Ideal for:- Parents seeking effective newborn sleep..
Help your child find their voice. Speech course, activities and word tracker
Is your child struggling with their speech?Pippin is here to provide parenting tools to help your speech delayed child gain necessary language skills. Having access to speech & language therapy help and speech delay activities will improve your child’s ability when learning to speak. Speech games and tools are spread over numerous stages and released every week to develop language learning skills.Our platform and tools are approved by speech therapists to give every opportunity to your child to improve their speech ⭐.Speech Therapist Guided Speech ExercisesAs a parent of a speech delayed child, language learning can be one of the toughest challenges in your kid’s healthy development.Pippin provides a chance to help your child develop their language skills with a variety of content such as speech games and activities that are approved by speech therapists 🎉.Our parenting app is unique, allowing you to explore different methods of learning influenced by proven techniques to help speech and language delayed children. Together, unlock more language activities with your child. Observe, note the results and check professional tips.Speech Learning for Speech Delayed ChildrenPippin..
Alloo Locator Family GPS Tracker for loved ones' safety & parents' peace of mind
Introducing "Alloo LocatorStay Close, Stay Connected":Life can be unpredictable, but with Alloo Locator, you'll never have to worry about losing touch with those who matter most. Our comprehensive GPS location tracking solution combines the features of a family locator, phone location tracker, and real-time location sharing, all in one convenient app. Stay informed about your loved ones' whereabouts and surroundings with our innovative and free family location tracker. Enhance your connections and ensure their safety with Alloo Locator's unique advantages.Key Features:Private Circles: Your privacy is our priority. Only members within your private circle can access each other's locations, ensuring a secure and trustworthy experience.Real-Time Location Updates: Instantly know where your loved ones are with real-time location updates on a user-friendly map.Location History: Access a comprehensive 7-Day Location History, reliving your loved ones' journeys and activities for enhanced peace of mind.Safe Zones & Places: Create safe zones and receive instant notifications when your loved ones enter or leave designated areas.Smart Alerts & Notifications: Stay informed about arrivals, departures, low battery, and incoming calls.Surrounding Sounds Monitoring: Listen to your loved ones' surroundings..
Complete guide for your Postnatal Period: Expert advice, Sessions, and Community
Free Postnatal Care Program. Pregnant Women can join preferably in their third trimester.After childbirth you are happy, you are in pain, there are so many things you were not aware of, so many myths, advices that contradict.And when you are not sure about what to do and how to do, you feel uncertain, anxious and sad. But, you don't have to be in that situation, you can change it now!We help you learn how to prepare for your Postpartum Period so you can be even more happy in those initial days after Childbirth.
Pet Health and Care. Veterinary Services at Home and Telehealth for Pets
Petopy continues to make life easier for our furry friends and their people. With Petopy, you can receive vaccination and care services from clinics in your neighbourhood in the comfort of your home. You can meet with experts with live video consultancy services whenever you need expert information or a second opinion.Petopy Shop has hundreds of different products for the shopping needs of our furry friends. From food to toys, from cat litter to collars, hundreds of original products are at your door with Petopy assurance.Discover Pawticular nutrition plan now to realise the health goals of our feline friends and improve their nutritional balance. With the Pawticular nutrition plan, nutritionists consisting of veterinarians determine the needs of our furry friends and create the ideal food mixture with protein sources, vitamins and minerals suitable for their health goals and take special care of their nutritional balance.The airtight packaging is designed with the cat’s name and photo and sent to your address every month in protected boxes.
Track your pregnancy, kick & contraction counter, baby & mom's heartrate monitor
In advance, let's track your pregnancy period to understand and track your time efficiently with Pregnancy Tracker, Maternity App.Pregnancy Tracker app will help you to track your process regularly. In weeks you can learn knowledge about your baby and yourself. Even you will be acquired knowledge about valuable tips and info about pregnancy.We have developed this best and free app not just for women but also for men. Because, besides women, men also need to know information about pregnancy and baby. Pregnancy Tracker will guide you through your period. Easily track your progress with great design and magnificent features.Besides Pregnancy Tracking, there is a to-do list that every mother should do. You can check the list and after everything is done, you can click it and make it completed easily. Moreover, it is free.Count your baby's kick with the phone's remarkable speed and record it without delay. Kick counter is an easy tool to understand and carry out. From now on, you won't forget which time your baby had kicked you.Weight Tracker is the main necessity of the pregnancy cycle...
Nicolasophone: personalized video call. Santa Claus is waiting for you.
Welcome to the North Pole Command Center! The elves have long been working on a technologically advanced application that allows you to talk to Santa Claus at any time of the day or night! This is how Mikołajofon was createdthe best personalized Polish Christmas app of 2020.Mikołajofon is an application rich in functional applications that allows you to meet face to face during a video conversation with Santa Claus, straight from his famous Toy Factory (over 2 hours of recordings in total). Santa Claus knows perfectly well what the child's name is, what is his favorite color, sport, hobby ora dream gift. On Christmas Eve, when a child calls Santa, he will find him in a sleigh, flying to children from all over the world with a sack of presents. The Mikołajofon application is divided into two versions: LITE and PRO. In the PRO version, over 2 hours of personalized video calls are waiting for your child, in which Santa Claus will tell him about the preparations for Christmas at the North Pole. He perfectly knows the child's name, age,..
It's the only baby tracker app you'll ever need!
Sprout Baby Tracker is an essential all-in-one parenting tool for new parents and is the only baby tracker app you’ll ever need! No account is required – just download and start tracking your new baby!Feeding Tracker• Breast feeding tool times, records and charts each nursing session for baby• Bottle feeding tool tracks and charts the your breast milk or formula feeding sessions• Solid food tool tracks solid food and how baby responds to itSleep Tracker• Sleep tracker tool times and records each sleep session for baby• See changes to your baby’s sleep habits at a glanceDiaper Tracker• Simple recording of each diaper change for baby – pee, poo or both • Bowel movement color and texture trackingPumping Tracker• Pumping tool helps you track and chart your breast milk production for babyGrowth Tracker• Growth tracker records and charts height, weight and head sizes as your baby grows and compares them with WHO or CDC percentilesDevelopmental Milestones• Developmental milestones tracker to monitor age appropriate milestones using CDC guidelinesHealth and Doctor Visit Tracker• Health tracker to log symptoms, temperature, medications, illnesses and health..
Being a parent is hard enough! Finding Formula shouldn't be.
As a new father, this problem is very personal for me. My son needed food, and I found myself struggling to find it. Being a programmer, I discovered that I could automatically monitor several of my local markets, and receive messages when new stock arrived. Because of this, I'm now able to maintain a formula supply for my child.After seeing my friends' struggling to find formula on Facebook and elsewhere, I decided I wanted to help others use my solution. So I spent the weekend building I hope that by providing this service, that many in the USA will get through this shortage with a well fed, happy baby!
Answers to the important questions of family life
Anyone who has children often has many questions about attachment, relationships and development. In the Safe Growing App you will find answers to the important questions of family life.From pregnancy through birth to infancy, you can find out everything about baby and toddler sleep, breastfeeding and nutrition, child development in general, role distribution in parenthood, the autonomy phase, sibling relationships, emotional development and support and much more.All the information has been prepared by Susanne Mierau, a graduate teacher, family companion and SPIEGEL bestseller author, to accompany you on the path to relaxed, need-oriented and secure parenthood. Numerous articles are supplemented by videos, access to the Geborgen-Wauchen-Forum and book tipsso you have all the information and opportunities for exchange in one place.The Safe Growing App accompanies you through many years of parenthood and supports you in going down the right path with a good feeling.
Manage easily with detailed reports and push notifications.
How much time do social apps spend? If you're curious about this, give WatPro a try. We will send you all the information as a notification. Manage easily with our detailed reports.Feel safe with the WatPro app, designed for parents who want to ensure the safety and well-being of their children in today's digital worldWith its user-friendly interface, it simplifies complexity and offers an intuitive experience.Do you want to know how much time you spend on social media? WatPro does it for you!
Companion app for the Canopy app. AI filter, screen time & more!
Please note: Before downloading this app, search for and download “CanopyParental Control App” to begin your free trial. Then, download Canopy Shield on any Android phone or Chromebook that you want to protect. It can also be downloaded onto the same device as the main Canopy app, if you would like to protect that device as well.Over 100,000 families already trust our technology to keep pornography out of their digital experience.Canopy protects families from online pornography by stopping exposure before it happens. Whenever your child surfs the web or uses their favorite apps, Canopy’s advanced artificial intelligence system works seamlessly in the background to inspect the images, videos, and websites they encounter. When it detects pornography, Canopy intercepts and removes it before your child ever sees it. And that’s only the beginning.Here’s how Canopy can help you protect your family:✓ Real-time Smart FilterHarness the power of artificial intelligence to seamlessly remove pornographic content from websites and apps in milliseconds, giving your child a healthy, positive digital experience. Even better, our AI doesn’t block safe content – get the good without..
Two spaces created by baby food professionals
- A BABY space dedicated to food diversification (from 4-6 months): consultations witha baby feeding professional, theoretical and practical advice, methods ofdiversification (purees, introduction of pieces, DME), menus and recipes adapted tochewing abilities and specific nutritional needs of babies, messagingassistance.- A BAMBIN space dedicated to feeding children from 1 to 6 years old:consultations with a child feeding professional, theoretical advice andpractices, methodology for building simple and balanced menus, batch cooking andrecipes suitable for the whole family, videos from different experts (dietitian,speech therapist, psychologist, sleep consultant) on frequent difficultiesencountered around children's meals (eating disorders, oral disorders,irritating behaviors, rhythm or sleep problems, etc.).To register for one of our programs, go to our site: us on Instagram for daily info: / remarks:
Use Parental Control App For Alerts Monitoring, GPS Tracking & Limit Screen Time
👉Unleash digital parenting methods to track your kids with parental monitoring app! 👨👩👧👧FamilyAura Carer is an innovative parental control app that helps to get visibility into your kids’ online activities. Child phone monitoring allows you to check installed games or apps, websites, conversations, and location of your kid’s phone. To limit screen time for your kids, you will get timely notifications with an alerts monitoring feature. 🤞Thanks to screen time tracker and notifications monitor that reveal activities of your teens. Phone controller and GPS tracker keep your kids under control. You can also get alerts about the device status, battery, storage capacity, and memory of your kid’s phone. Earn peace of mind by synchronizing kid’s device with your phone. 📲A family is everything for a person and ensuring their safety is essential. This is the best parental control app to create geo-fenced zones to get insights about location of your kids. Screen time control is the finest way to discover whether your kids are on the right track or not.✨ Want to monitor screen time of your kids?✨ Want to..
Simple Shared Family Calendar & To-Do Lists
Designed for parents who are responsible for getting their ENTIRE FAMILY cleaned up, dressed, fed, and packed up every. single. morning. Scoot is a shared family calendar that helps your family get out the door in the morning.Scoot sends notifications in the morning and evening that tell you your events AND what you need to bring or remember for that day too. Events are simplethey can have just a start time and no end time, or just a date and no time. Set colors by family member, custom color, and extra markings such as circling the date. Using the app is a breeze, with a visual, full screen calendar, quick add events, and event auto save. Changes you make synchronize in real-time to your family member’s calendars. Customize your UIChoose from many different colorful themes, and set your preference for event styling and sizes on the calendar.Help them help you. Make sure your family members are getting notified. You can set up your family member notification times. You can even set events to send text message reminders to those who..
Amazing experience to make step by step a tasty breakfast in this cooking game.
If you ever wondered how is like to cook a delicious meal using normal ingredients, this is your chance to stand out and make a difference. Come in this cooking game to show your talent or to learn something new about this culinary art. Interesting fact about this game is that you have the possibility to choose what type of food you are making for breakfast and how this is going to look. Step by step you'll be guided and if you follow the instructions there is no way this couldn't make it trough. If you cook something veg, the content will be only with vegetables and without any meat, you prepare them and wrap them into a delicious crust. Something cool is that you are making it from the ground and that is how you learn how to make it. In a big bowl add flour and water, mix it until you form the dough. Lay it into a round shape and then fry it. Chop the vegetables, cook them and if there is any meal fry it too...
Do u have a baby? Here we have delicious baby food recipes
Discover the World of Healthy Recipes for BabiesWelcome to our app, where delicious and nutritious recipes meet the needs of growing children. We understand the importance of providing wholesome meals for little ones, and our app is here to make your journey to healthy eating enjoyable and stress-free.Delightful Recipes for Every Stagefor your babyFrom the first taste of solid foods to the adventurous palates of toddlers, our app offers a wide array of recipes that cater to every stage of your child's development. Our collection includes an extensive range of nutritious options, ensuring that your baby receives the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Introduce your little one to the world of flavors with our purees and first food recipes. Explore exciting finger foods that promote self-feeding and fine motor skills. Discover creative and healthy meal ideas that will entice even the pickiest eaters. Get inspired by our nutritious snacks and treats for guilt-free indulgence.Each recipe in our app is carefully crafted by our team of pediatric nutritionists and chefs, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of nutrition while..
Songs, Du’aas, Surahs & White Noise for Kids before Bedtime
Zain Bhikha’s Sleepytime will send your kids on a soothing journey to slumber, as they join Zain Bhikha in soothing praises of Allah & recite their sleep time surahs and du’aas.Simply tap and play exclusively produced songs that are accompanied by sleep inducing, unique and calming animations. The relaxing sounds, warm environment, & soothing narrator’s voice create an enchanting experience that will help your child settle down and fall asleep in the remembrance of Allah.Sleepy Sounds:- 2 brand new Zain Bhikha songs, available exclusively on the app- 8 classic Zain Bhikha songs remixed specifically to encourage sleep - Bedtime du’aas & surahs by Sh. Ismail Londt- White noise with dhikr- Non-stimulating animated videos- Narrations by author, Na’ima B RobertsFeatures:- 100% free content- Safe ad-free space for kids- Download videos for offline playability- Favorites list- Background audio support- Private parents area- Bedtime reminderAbout Zain Bhikha:For over twenty-five years, Zain Bhikha has remained amongst the most iconic Islamic singers, inspiring fans the world over with his messages of upliftment and God-consciousness.Today, Zain Bhikha Studios is a registered Public Benefit Organisation and all..
Fairy tales, training, songs, communication.
Our multifunctional assistant and baby monitor, Friend Raccoon, will tell a fairy tale, sing a song, teach you the correct behavior in different situations. And all this with the help of your smartphone, microphone and speaker, as well as the ability to read any text. Any sound or text file that you find on the Internet can be played by the Raccoon. There is an opportunity for your communication with friends in the voice of the RACCO by means of voice acting of the text written by you in the messenger. You can write a text that the Raccoon will voice and reproduce for you and your friends. Our Raccoon knows several languages and can voice the text in English, Georgian, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tatar or Ukrainian.The Raccoon has a built-in microphone that you can turn on or off at any time and with which you can hear what is happening next to the Raccoon, you can communicate with those who are near him. You can also record your voice, your speech and send it for playback by the Raccoon. The.. is the world's best solution for finding Au Pairs and Host Families.
This application requires you to register on the website.On you organise your own search for the best possible au pair or host family. After registering, you'll be able to find suitable matches in your dashboard and exchange messages with them. If you're happy with each other, you sign the au pair contract. We provide you with everything you need and are always available to answer any questions you may have.To make the process safe and easy, it is important that you follow our recommendations. They are based on over 25 years of experience as an Au Pair Agency.Be patient and invest the time needed to create a proper profilethis will save you a lot of time and avoid potential problems in the is FREE for Au Pairs. Host families can use the one-time paid Premium Membership. Basic membership is FREE for everyone.
Turn your kids chores into a game
Is your kid not motivated to do their chores?Are you always arguing and nagging with your kid?We understand the challenges of motivating kids, and that's precisely why Habit Owl is here to help you turn things around.Optimize Your Family's Chores with Habit Owl: The Ultimate Chores Tracker for Busy ParentsAre you a parent juggling the hectic world of chores and allowances? Look no further than Habit Owl, your indispensable partner in maintaining a well-organized household while nurturing positive habits in your children.Effortless Chore ChartHabit Owl streamlines the chaotic chore management process. Say farewell to chore charts and sticky notes. With our app, you can effortlessly assign, track, and manage chores for your kid. It's the ultimate chores tracker designed with busy parents in mind.Empower Your Kids with ResponsibilityHabit Owl isn't just a chores tracker; it creates a sense of responsibility in your children. As they complete chores, they earn allowance, teaching them the value of hard work and money management. It's an excellent way to nurture financial literacy from a young age.Tailored for ADHD KidsWe understand that parenting ADHD kids..
Have stories in the palm of your hand to listen to and read with your children
Discover an enchanting world of stories for children with our audio and text children's stories app! Let your children explore the classics told from generation to generation and engage with educational narratives that spark the imagination and promote learning. With our app, children can enjoy these magical stories before bedtime or at any time they wish.We know how valuable the moments before bedtime are for parents and their children. It's a time when family bonds are strengthened and children find peace and quiet. With our children's stories app, you can provide a safe and enriching pastime for your children, while at the same time fostering their imagination and development.Our app brings together an extensive collection of the best-loved fairy tales, fables and classic stories of various genres and themes. Each story is carefully narrated and accompanied by visual aids, making the experience even more engaging and captivating. In addition, all the stories are selected for their educational quality, teaching important lessons about values, ethics and empathy.* Encourage little ones to world literature!* Narrations with exciting and attractive voices;* Selected content,..
Tool that offers longitudinal tracking for premature infants.
The “Premature Universe” project involves a digital tool to provide the best longitudinal care for premature infants (gestational age less than 37 weeks) in the post-discharge period.The early years of life is recognized as the target period for achieving better motor, cognitive and psychosocial skills. Properly directed stimuli from the environment, social and family environment for children after birth favor integral development, which optimizes the potential for adulthood.This “Premature Universe” app will track the development and growth of prematurely born children, in a supervised, interdisciplinary and systematic manner, with reach at home. The digital application is a channel that generates proximity between professionals and the caregiver of the child, and will provide information regarding stimuli directed to the development of children. With the digital concept the sending of doubts, time recording of development and at the same time video and photo records will be allowed.In the digital app each child chronological step is recorded allowing you to keep up with the milestones achievements. Surveillance of child development by the application will enable the early identification of warning signs, being an..
Bedtime stories for kids. Listen to unlimited children stories. Good night kids
The Dream Box is a bedtime stories app with audiobooks and books for kids. Children can read with their parents some bedtime stories. They also can create their own story before saying goodnight!You can read existing stories for kids or create your own. Create thousands of bedtime stories in few minutes. Dive into a world of enchanted tales where young creative minds can explore a library full of captivating adventures, endearing heroes, and mysterious places that will ignite the children's dreams at bedtime.Your kids deserve to have fun while reading and developing their imagination. Who said playtime can't go hand in hand with education and imagination?📚 With The Dream Box, explore a vast universe of specially crafted books for kids. Our app offers a plethora of captivating audiobooks that will stimulate the imagination of young readers. The bedtime stories are narrated by a professional voice, ensuring a magical experience for both kids and parents. The stories can also be created and customized with the magician. Then you can listen to it.🌛 Bedtime: The Dream Box allows stories to be read..
Step-by-step tutorials & guides for making origami paper crafts for kids & teens
Origami for kids and teens is a very useful, fun, and educational application with step-by-step origami diagrams for kids and teens. Denis will learn how to make paper crafts of different difficulty levels. Origami is a wonderful hobby that helps children and adolescents of all ages to develop their logic, spatial thinking, attention, fine motor skills of hands, and memory. It is especially useful when children come up with new schemes themselves. This is so cool! This is a really smart hobby because children learn not only to make new characters or animals but also come up with their own scenarios and stories. Children and adolescents learn to understand form.Origami is a very ancient and beautiful art. People all over the world love to fold paper crafts into different shapes. In this application, we have collected various origami schemes that can be used for educational purposes, as family fun, or for interior decoration. Origami paper figures can be used to decorate a crib or a room, origami crafts can be played or simply collected on the shelf. You can make..
Baby names - Meaning, Zodiac sign,Numerology
Are you choosing the name for your child?Every name has a meaning and we explore it by name.* Filter by Alphabet* Filter by Gender* One-click sharing on all social media.* New modern baby names are added regularly* It's 100% free Indian Baby Names App
Kids Shakers toy: A Fun and Educational App for Toddlers
The Kids Shakers app is a fun and educational app for toddlers that helps them learn about different colors, shapes, and sounds. The app features a variety of colorful shakers that the toddler can tap and shake to create different sounds and animations.The app is designed to be both fun and educational for toddlers. The bright colors and cute animations will keep toddlers entertained, while the different sounds and animations will help them learn about different colors, shapes, and sounds.The app is also very easy to use. Toddlers can simply tap and shake the shakers to create different sounds and animations. There are no complex instructions or controls, so toddlers can start playing right away.Features of the Kids Shakers app:Bright and colorful graphicsCute and engaging animationsA variety of different sounds and animationsEasy to use for toddlersBenefits of the Kids Shakers app:Helps toddlers learn about different colors, shapes, and soundsDevelops fine motor skillsPromotes creativity and imaginationProvides hours of fun and entertainmentHow to use the Kids Shakers app:To use the Kids Shakers app, simply tap and shake the shakers to create different..
Har qanday hajmdagi o’quv markazi va repetitorlik biznesini avtomatlashtiradi.
Dastur imkoniyatlari:• Uzbek, Rus, Ingliz tillarida ishlaydi• Qabul bo’limi ishini yengillashtiradi• Avtomatik ro’yxatdan o’ta olish tizimi• Kun, oy, yil, ma’lum bir muddat oralig’i bo’yicha moliyaviy hisobotlarni kuzatib boradi• Hisob kitob bo’limi faoliyati mutlaqo avtomatlashadi• Har bir to’lov operatsiyasidan keyin moliyaviy ko’rsatgichlarning avtomatik o’zgarishi• Kategoriyalar bo’yicha moliyaviy statistika• Kassirlar bo’yicha moliyaviy statistika va kunlik hisobotlar• Turli xil to’lov tizimlarini qo’llab quvvatlashi (QR code, NFC, Cash, Visa, Humo, Uzcard)• O’quvchilar darsga qatnashganligi yoki qatnashmaganligi hamda uning sabablarini aniqlashda yordamlashadi• Xodimlarni boshqarishda va vazifalar belgilashda yordam beradi• Ma’lumotlar va natijalar haqida ma’lumotlarni MS Excel, MS Word, PDF larga export qilish• Ma’lumotlar va natijalar haqida ma’lumotlarni MS Excel, MS Word, PDF lardan import qilish• Har bir foydalanuvchi uchun shaxsiy kabinet• Har bir o’quvchi bo’yicha moliyaviy hisobot va uning tarixi• “Voronka Prodaj” Mijozlar oqimini kuzatib borish• Har bir bosqichni filtr qila olish imkoniyati• Qaysi mijozlarimiz bizni tark etayotganligi ko’rsatgichlari• O’qituvchilar va o’quvchilar o’rtasida aloqa o’rnatish• Mukammal Chat tizimi• Dars jadavallari• “Reminder” eslatmalar va yangiliklarni kuzatib borish imkoniyati• Onlayn dars tashkil etish• Oflayn rejimda ham ishlash va ma’lumotlarni sinxronlash
Rhymes, Cartoons, Baby Music and Laughter - Perfect for Kids' Entertainment!
Welcome to BabyDomi, where the magic of classic nursery rhymes comes to life. Our app is your gateway to a world of timeless childhood melodies, offering a treasure trove of beloved nursery rhymes that have delighted generations.Discover the Charm of BabyDomi:🎶 Timeless Treasures: Dive into a vast collection of classic nursery rhymes that have stood the test of time. From "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to "Wheels On the Bus," we bring you the melodies that have filled nurseries with joy for decades.🧠 Educational Fun: Nursery rhymes aren't just delightful tunes; they're powerful educational tools. BabyDomi combines the joy of singing along with valuable early learning experiences, helping your child develop essential language and cognitive skills.👆 Interactive Delight: Our app transforms passive viewing into an interactive adventure. Sing along, tap, and play with our animated characters to make every rhyme a memorable experience.👨👩👧👦 Quality Family Time: Share these cherished rhymes with your little ones and create beautiful bonding moments. BabyDomi is not just an app; it's a platform for building lasting family memories.Why Choose BabyDomiAt BabyDomi, we understand the enduring appeal..
Online Consultation Application for parents with children with special needs.
Hey, Great Parents!Xabiru is here as a solution for great parents to get easy consultation services about the problems of children with special needs through the Xabiru application. With the live chat feature, parents can consult with a large selection of experienced and competent experts in their respective fields.The Xabiru application can be used anytime and anywhere, with internet access. There are various educational videos and articles verified by experts.From now on, the convenience of consulting services for parents is great.Don't delay any longer, download the Xabiru application and consult now!Happy Parenting!
Parental control app, Screen time control, App blocker and Location tracker app
Parental Control app to limit screen time, track location, block apps and games and take complete control of your kids phone activity.SmartDaddy Parental Control is meticulously crafted with your child's safety as our top priority. Our high-standard safety features ensure that you're always in touch with your child, even when they're out of sight or unable to respond promptly.Unparalleled Protection for Your Child in the Digital Realm • Real-time Location Tracking: Keep tabs on your child's precise whereabouts with our advanced GPS tracking and location alerts. • Screen Time Management: Establish personalized screen time limits and schedules to foster a healthy balance between digital and real-world activities. • Content Filtering and App Blocking: Shield your child from inappropriate content and block access to harmful apps and games that may expose them to cyberbullying, violence, or other detrimental influences. • Anti-cyberbullying and Real-time Social Media Monitoring: Protect your child from cyberbullying, predatory attacks, and hate speech by proactively monitoring their social media interactions, detecting keywords and phrases indicative of cyberbullying, and providing resources for cyberbullying prevention. • Activity Reporting and Insights:..
kids police - fake call app to make a fake video call with police kids
kids police fake video call prank is a fake call app with kids police , a joke .You can through kids police fake video call prank app make a video call with kids police This fake call will look like real .Now you can prank your kids Especially rioters And You tell them that you will receive a video call from kids police shortly .How does the kids police fake video call prank app work :After you download the application, choose an image from the four images on the main page of the kids police fake video call prank application ,And then select the time when you want to receive the fake call, for example, directly or after several minutes and press the start button, you will automatically exit from the application and the call comes after the time you chose, which makes the video call with kids police look real.Features of the kids police fake video call prank application :Completely free app It works without the net , You do not need any internet to run the applicationElegant design..
Join our journey, Pregnancy tracking, community support, and mood monitoring.
Fun Pregnancy App is the most widely used pregnancy and childbirth calculator program, gestation tracker. It is your companion during the journey of pregnancy, with daily pregnancy tips and weekly information about your baby's development and your body as a pregnant woman.Our application is user-friendly and does not require login or any personal information except for the first day of your last menstrual cycle or the expected due date of your baby if you know it and want to use it for tracking your pregnancy.Your baby's heart is beating inside you, growing and getting bigger day by day. Through our application, you will receive exciting weekly motivational messages from your baby via WhatsApp.Community Feature: A new feature that allows you to post questions, answer questions, and interact with pregnant women who share the same interests.We will calculate your pregnancy and the number of days remaining in your pregnancy; it's a pregnancy calculator in your hands.We will inform you of your expected delivery date.The way to calculate pregnancy is like a doctor and a sonar device, and it is the most..
India's Premium Parenting App
Parenting App for Childcare Tips, Baby Shopping, Paediatricians and Journaling baby Milestones .Kuddle is India’s premier parenting app and a one stop shop for all things childcare, parenting and postpartum.Whether you are about to deliever, a new parent or a parent to a toddler, Kuddle is your go-to app for all your parenting and childcare needs.- On Kuddle, you will find a supporting community of millennial mamas and papas on the same journey. We provide you with expert vetted articles answering every possible question you can have about your pregnancy journey, childbirth, postpartum health, parenting and much more. From tutorials, tips, hacks, or busting common myths, you can count on the Kuddle to provide you with all the information and tools necessary to be a supermama and superpapa.- To ease your parenting journey so that you can focus on your baby and your needs, we have curated a selection of the best, age appropriate and safe products for your baby and you. Kuddle has 5000products from top International and Indian brands. For all your prenatal, diapering, bathcare, nutrition, skincare products..
A userfriendly calendar for co-parents to manage child visitation schedules.
Introducing Our Days Calendar, the solution designed for co-parents (separated or divorced) to effectively manage their child visitation schedule.No more tedious weekend counting, constant decree checking, and unnecessary calls to your lawyer. Our Days co-parenting Calendar automatically generates child visitation schedule based on your specific inputs. With just a few minutes of your time, you'll have access to a user-friendly, color-coded calendar that simplifies your co-parenting experience. Key Features:Color-coded for easy viewGeneral schedules implemented for selection (such as 2-2-3, 3-3-4-4, alternating week, and more)- Customizable schedules to make changes or swap days- Free Calendar sharing with others- Full implementation of Standard Possession Order (SPO and E-SPO)- Auto-generated calendar to plan ahead for birthdays, holidays, vacations, and school breaksOur Days Calendar was started by a coparent who spent countless hours counting out weekends and reaching out to attorneys. You don't have to do all that!Spend more time on what's importantyour children. That’s our mission!FREE TRIAL Try our 30-day free trialno credit card information required!This software is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.
Fake call game Chucky to discipline kids
The most preferred application by fathers and mothersThe Scary Call Chucky application is the most preferred application for parents, mothers, grandparents and older brothers to develop children's performance and reward them for their correct behavior and attempt to correct their wrong behavior.How many of us try to correct the performance and behaviors of our children and direct them to the right path, but with the passage of time and as the child grows, their behaviors improve, but inevitably after a high and great effort and perseverance from the parents to improve and modify these behaviors, here we are in the children's police offer you the latest application to reward your child When he performs the correct and correct behavior.Let your child enjoy a special treat from the game Chucky the spooky dollThe same is true of your child's wrong behavior, where Chucky will aim to inform your child of the mistake he made, what punishment will be received if he does not improve his behavior and in addition to the reward he will receive if he behaves wellWe hope that..