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Make your feed look awesome with 3D drop shadow effect on image using Umbra app
Umbra has lots of different styling tools that add 3D like drop shadow to your image. It makes your social media feeds look different than others.Features :* Drop shadow- Change direction of shadow- Smart color picker that choose dominant color from image- Change Opacity of shadow- Add Blur radius to shadow- Make shadow corner rounded* Crop - Crop your photo with predefine size like Freestyle, Square, portrait, story, cover, post, header- Freestyle, Square, 4:5, 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 1:2, 2:3, 3:2, 3:4* Background- Smart color picker- Add photo from gallery as background- Beautiful patterns- Make transparent background* Border- Add border to image- Change border width- Change border color with smart color picker* Photo filters- Beautiful image filters to enhance your image effects* Different ratio sizes - Many ratio sizes to fit all social media- Square, 4:5, 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 1:2, 2:3, 3:2, 3:4* Others - Scale and zoom image according to your need- Get high quality output image to share in any social media platformDrop shadow for Instagram is an app to make your Instagram feeds unique. It's black shadow for..
Share your Newyear wishes with 2024 photo frames and wallpapers
Welcome to the ultimate "New Year 2024 Photo Frames" app – the perfect way to capture and share the magic of the upcoming year! 🎉✨🌟 Step into the Future: Embrace the spirit of 2024 with our stunning collection of futuristic and trendy photo frames. From sleek metallic designs to holographic effects, each frame is crafted to transport your photos into the next era.📸 Capture the Moment: Whether you're ringing in the New Year with friends, family, or a solo adventure, our photo frames are designed to complement every celebration. Snap a pic, choose your favorite frame, and watch your memories come to life!✨ Unique Designs, Unique You: Express your individuality with our diverse range of themed frames and wallpapers. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a wallpaper lover, or a classic celebrator, we have the perfect frame to match your style. Personalize your moments and make them uniquely yours.🎨 Artistry at Your Fingertips: Our app isn't just about frames – it's a canvas for your creativity. Dive into a world of filters, stickers, and text options to add that extra flair..
GPS map camera to take photo and video with date and time stamp, location tag
Have you ever forgotten a place and location in a photo?Now, this GPS Camera & Photo Timestamp app is a solution for you. With its remarkable features, this time stamp photos app is perfect for photography enthusiasts, travelers, and anyone who cherishes memories.Whether it’s your travel memories or your visit to a particular place, with application, add DateTime, map, latitude and longitude,ok and compass to your gallery photos.How to get a photo with location?- Open the timestamp camera app- Select templates, arrange formats of stamps, change settings according to your requirement of map stamp- Add GPS location stamps automatically to your photoThe main feature in date and time stamp app- GPS Photo: capture your photos' precise location coordinatesWhenever you take a picture with the camera with date stamp app, it automatically records the latitude and longitude of the photo's location.- GPS map Video Feature:You can add GPS stamps on Video!!- Date and Time Stamp: this app lets you add date and time stamps to your photos. Customize your stamp as you want- Map Type: The timestamp camera with location app..
Unleash your creativity with book photo frames, book cover frames & collages.
Introducing Book Photo Frame, the ultimate app to transform your precious memories into captivating pieces of art. With an array of stunning features, this app allows you to add a touch of literary charm to your photos. These PhotoAlbum frames beautifully showcase your photos within the pages of two open books, creating a unique and nostalgic effect.For those who appreciate the allure of book covers, our book cover frames are a must-have. Display your photos as if they were the covers of classic novels, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch to your memories.If you prefer the vibrant and dynamic world of magazines, our magazine frames are perfect for you. These new visual frames allow you to showcase your photos as magazine covers, giving them a trendy and modern twist for free. Also known as storybook frames. These classic photography frames let you add inspiring quotes or snippets of stories to your photos, turning them into miniature works of literature. Create your own pictorial memories and share them with the world.But that's not all! Our app also offers a collage feature,..
Transform your photos into cartoon and caricature masterpieces with power of AI
Welcome to ToonMe AI, the innovative photo editor where your photos get a delightful and artistic transformation! Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, ToonMe AI offers an array of features to bring a unique and creative touch to your images. Perfect for sharing on social media, creating personal avatars, or just having fun with your pictures, ToonMe AI is your go-to app for artistic photo editing.Key Features:AI Photo Enhancer: Breathe new life into your photos! Our advanced AI technology sharpens and unblurs your images, giving clarity and vibrance to every shot.Cartoon Creator: See yourself in a new light! Transform your pictures into eye-catching cartoons with our AI-driven Cartoon Creator. It’s your life, animated!Caricature Creator: Ready for a playful twist? Turn your photos into amusing caricatures. Ideal for profile pictures, gifts, or just a good laugh.AI Wishes: Personalize your greetings with ToonMe AI! Send unique and customized wishes to friends and family, adding a special touch to every occasion.Background Changer: Dive into new scenes! Easily swap backgrounds in your photos for exciting new contexts and creative storytelling.Whether you’re a social media enthusiast, an..
BMW Cars Lover, Bueatfu HD Wallpapers without internet
BMW cars are characterized by advanced technology and high-quality materials in their manufacture, which makes them a popular choice among people looking for luxury and performance in their cars.BMW cars are characterized by high performance and elegant design. Its lineup includes a wide variety of cars, from small classes to luxury, sports and SUV classes. In addition, it has the M series for performance enthusiasts and the i series for electric and plug-in hybrid cars.This application for BMW car lovers allows you to browse many wonderful pictures and backgrounds to make your phone more beautiful by setting the background that you like as a background for the lock screen of your phone or the main screen of the phone with ease, browse with ease and smoothness and enter the wonderful and beautiful world of BMW and do not forget to share Pictures with your friends and BMW fans for more fun and excitement.The most famous types of distinctive BMW:BMW 3 SeriesBMW 5 SeriesBMW 7 SeriesBMW X Series- You can view and download images without the Internet- You can easily set..
Photo Santa Picture App - Add Santa Claus To Your Pictures
NEW UPDATEDOWNLOAD ONE SANTA IMAGE FOR FREE! THE IMAGE WILL BE SAVED IN YOUR PHOTO GALLERY! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ALLOW ACCESS TO YOUR MEDIA! He sees you when you’re sleepingHe knows when you’re awakeBut this year you can catch Old St. Nick in your home with a little help from Photo Santa appadd Santa to your photo .The magic of Christmas morning is always alight in a child’s eyes, when they see the neatly wrapped presents under the crisp pine tree and the stockings stuffed and hung with careNow, imagine their delight when you show them Santa photos, justifying their belief that Santa Claus himself was prancing around in their home!With Santa picture app digital photo editor, you can capture Santa in your house using an assortment of jolly posesYour kids will be amazed when you show them Santa eating up all the milk and cookies, or gently spreading the presents in their place.You can even show your kids what Santa does on the other 364 days of the yearWith our Santa photo app editor, you can place Santa..
Get unlimited hd background images for photo editing.
In this app you will get the background to edit all kinds of pictures, you can easily download the background, and you can edit your pictures in a very beautiful way.
Beauty Sweet Camera- Selfie Beauty Camera, Filters.
Beauty Sweet Camera- Selfie Beauty Camera, Filters gives you the ability to create beautiful selfies using amazing filters and face stickers. Its offers beautiful, beautiful color filters to make your selfies beautiful. Beauty Sweet Camera- Selfie Beauty Camera, Filters also allows you to easily take selfies anywhere and anytimeBeauty SweetSelfie Beauty Camera, Filters : makeup photo editor and selfie beauty camera, contains diverse selfie photo filters and effects, beauty photo editor, makeup camera, artistic snap filters, face filters, makeup photo editor, selfie camera editor and face camera app.Features :
💕Makeup Camera in beauty camera, Auto Face Makeup Camera, Make your eye color shine and fashion with professional selfie camera tools, Lipstick and Blush, Makeup Camera for Hairstyles and Color, Dye your own haircolor hair with makeup camera any way you want to take beauty selfies!💕Sweet Camera is the beauty camera and selfie camera app. Live filters, beauty makeup photo filters, selfie camara face filters are in beauty camera💕Face Filters – Animated face camera editor, Add funny stickers to your pics! Photo filters and effects supports tons of live stickers, such as..
DonationAlert Studio. Stream to all platforms
We created DonationAlerts Studio to make streaming easy and convenient. It is not necessary to understand complex settings and have special equipment for broadcasts.Create video broadcasts on Twitch, Youtube, Trovo, VK Live, Ok from your mobile phone and earn on donations 🔥The best solution from market leader DonationAlerts! 😎 Easy broadcast settings and live donations 💰.Works for the most popular streaming platforms:Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, VK, Ok.Live streaming from Android is as easy as shelling pears:🎥 Broadcasts for Twitch, YouTube, VK, Trovo and Ok in a couple of steps.👍 Completely free and without ads.💵 Guaranteed protection of your funds.👾 Any widgets and live alerts: Chat, Fundraising, Latest Events, Follower Alert, Stream BOSS, Kappagen.👯♀️ Video stream from two cameras at the same time.🎮 Broadcast your favorite games and apps🛠 Customizable quality.🤖 Connecting third-party widgets and alerts, as in any OBS.👀 Simply share your broadcast on social networks.🤸♂️ Continues streaming when moving the app to the background.💋 Public and private broadcasts.🦄 Support in Russian 24/7.
Transform faded, scratched, or blurry photos into stunning works of art.
Unleash the power of artificial intelligence to rejuvenate your photo collection with AI Photo Enhancer. Whether you're a photography enthusiast or simply want to restore old family pictures, this app is your ultimate solution.📸 Enhance Photo Quality:Give your photos a new lease on life! AI Photo Enhancer uses advanced algorithms to enhance image quality, enrich colors, and optimize lighting, resulting in breathtakingly clear and vibrant pictures.🔍 Repair Old Photos:Don't let time rob you of your cherished memories. Our app specializes in repairing and restoring old, faded, or damaged photos. Say goodbye to cracks, creases, and faded spots as AI technology works its magic to bring back the past.🧼 Clean Scratched Photos:Bid farewell to unsightly scratches and marks that mar your images. AI Photo Enhancer is your digital photo first-aid kit, effectively removing scratches and imperfections, so your pictures look flawless again.📷 Clear Vintage Photo:Preserve the nostalgic charm of vintage photos while clearing up the fuzziness. Transform blurry vintage pictures into clear, detailed images without losing their classic appeal.✨ Sharpen and Unblur:Turn soft and blurry photos into sharp, crisp masterpieces. Our..
SNPIT Game - LifeStyle-Fi
SNPIT is a blockchain game that uses Camera NFTs.You can earn tokens by battling with photos you've taken.Additionally, by capturing the beauty of the world through SNPIT, our goal is to help users reappreciate its wonders and raise awareness for environmental protection and the preservation of cultural heritage.◆ Shoot with Camera NFTsOnly photos taken with SNPIT's Camera NFTs can participate in battles.The performance of your camera affects the quality and rewards of your photos, so nurture and strengthen your camera.◆ Battle with Your PhotosParticipate in battles and earn points. The outcomes are decided by voting among users!The points you earn can be used to nurture your Camera NFTs or exchanged for rewards like Amazon gift cards.You can also earn points by participating in the voting.
Photo Gallery & Album helps you easily manage and lock your photos & videos.
GalleryPhoto Gallery& Album is a full-featured, lightweight & secure photo manager app with album locker, photo editor, collage maker, video player. It allows you view and organize photos, videos, GIFs & albums on your Android device. Using the smart photo gallery, you can quickly edit photos, create albums, use password to lock/hide photos, recover deleted photos and make stylish photo collages. 🔥🎈GalleryPhoto Gallery, Album can meets all your needs for pictures. It supports all files formats, including PNG , JPEG, GIF, SVG, Panoramic, MKV, MP4, RAW, etc.Besides, your photos and videos are automatically organized by when and where you take them. GalleryPhoto Gallery, Album will your perfect life companion. 🎉🎊📣Organize PhotosEasy to Browse & Find* Automatically arrange photos & videos based on date, time, folders, location, etc.* Quickly search photos, GIFs, videos & albums by specific places or date* Retrieve accidentally deleted files through the recycle bin* Support for multiple SD card, perfectly copy/move files to and from SD Cards* Relive your memories, bring together featured photos as movies set to music🔐Lock PhotosProtect Privacy & Secret* Lock your private photos,..
Make edit your photo with unique gorgeous newyear photo frame.
Happy New_Year Photo Frame 2024 Happy new_year photo frame photo editor app 2024Decorate your photos with colourful happy new_year photo frames. You can capture your own photo in any frame of this application. This happy new_year photo frames application has a great collection of frames. Hope you will like this application very much.Happy new_year photo frames 2024 is nice & superb app that lets you customize your photos. Would you like your pictures to be appearing in the beautiful frame? Make your photo beautiful photos with happy new_year photo frame 2024. There are lots of happy new_year frame are available to make your beautiful photo. Enjoy it Disclaimer: The content in this app is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company.all copyright and trademarks are owned by their respective owners. The images in this application are collected from around the web, If you are the owner of the images and you believe that their use on this app is in violation of any copyright law, then please contact us, and I will get back to you..
Professional-level blockbuster, AI can easily handle it!
No longer need a professional photographer or spend a lot of money, Picme brings you: trendy, retro, diverse, and interesting style templates. Variety of style pictures create unlimited possibilities and highlight your unique charm.Feature Highlights:[AI magic generation] Get new pictures with one click, AI pictures generate pictures;[Multiple styles to choose from] AI yearbook, Korean avatar, Barbie princess, ID photo, travel photo, the transformation is completed instantly and lifelike;[Extremely fast generation] Process images in seconds, say goodbye to waiting;【Easy Sharing】Share on social media and deliver beauty instantly.Unleash your creativity and become a social media trendsetter. From now on, use Picme to start a new photography journey!
Unlimited Storage, Share photo using face recognition, Secure and private Albums
Welcome to Pixol, your go-to destination for all things photo sharing! With Pixol, you can capture, organize, and share your precious moments effortlessly. Say goodbye to storage limitations, tedious photo categorization, and security concerns. We've got you covered with a host of incredible features that make Pixol the perfect choice for all your photo sharing needs.Key Features:📷 Unlimited Storage:Never worry about running out of storage space again. Pixol offers unlimited storage for all your photos, so you can snap away without hesitation. (T&C apply)👥 Auto Share with Facial Recognition:Pixol takes sharing to the next level with advanced facial recognition technology. It automatically identifies who's in your photos and suggests sharing them with the right people. Save time and ensure your loved ones get their memories right away.📂 Create, Organize, and Share Albums:Easily create personalized photo albums to organize and treasure your memories. Pixol simplifies the process of categorizing your photos, ensuring you can quickly find that perfect shot when you need it. What's more, you can specify who's in each album, and Pixol's Auto Share feature will intelligently distribute the..
Gallery vault help easily manage your Photo gallery, videos & photo album.
Your picture galleries, your privacy, your way. With the help of our user-friendly Photo Gallery and Vault Application, you can arrange, protect, and enjoy your memories. Protect your private moments while taking in amazing views.Unlock a world of visual storytelling and photo management with gallerythe all-in-one Photo gallery and vault Application. Dive into a seamless, elegant experience where your cherished memories and private moments are protected, organized, and beautifully showcased.🖼️ Organize Your Memories With Picture Gallery:Gallery offers you an intuitive and user-friendly platform to organize your photos and videos. Sort, label, and arrange your media effortlessly. Create custom albums for vacations, family events, or any occasion that captures the essence of your life.🔐 Secure Photo Vault for Your Private Moments:Protect your personal photos and videos with our secure vault feature. Keep your most intimate memories away from prying with PIN security options. Rest easy knowing your privacy is in good hands.📸 Immersive Photo Albums Viewing:Experience your photos in all their glory with a stunning full-screen gallery view. Zoom, swipe, and enjoy your pictures in vivid detail. Gallery lets you see..
Happy New Year Photo Frame 2024 create new year card & New Year photo frames
Wish you Happy New Year 2024Happy New Year Photo Frames 2024 🎁🎉The Happy New Year 2024 is photo editing fan based Happy New Year Photo Frameapplication. New Year 2024 celebrations is special new year photos greetings day for everyone. Happy New Year pictures and New Year frames app! Happy New Year photo collage maker!The Happy New Year photo frame app is designed for those who want to celebrate special day of New Year 2024. New Year photo editing app contains large collections of free new year photo frame 2024 regarding Happy New Year wishes. All frames into this Happy New Year software is designed with high resolution, creative and not similar with another apps in store. Hope you love this Happy New Year Photo Frames 2024 software. With free HD quality happy new year 2023 photo frames and backgrounds you has awesome photo edit application which you can easy way to edit your photos and share!New year's photo frames collage maker is your go-to photo collage maker and pic stitch app in new year 2024 countdown pics art trip. Just..
Dots Memories. Private, space-saving cloud calendar of memories
Dots. Connecting Memories.Your most unique photos and videos, arranged by creation date in your calendar with Dots. Create private groups with whoever you want and share your memories with them.Keep your memories saved and organised without taking up space on your mobile. Share them in private Dots groups with the people you love the most:· Couple· Friends· Family· Son/daughter· Pet· Claoom· Hobbies· Team· Work· Yourself- Share your memories in Dots. and remember them whenever you want!- Save your Memories in a chronological calendar by creation date.- Upload photos and videos on Dots. to private groups, such as friends, family, pets and more.- Create Special Memories when everyone in a group "Likes" the same Memory.- Experience the emotion of keeping the streaks going by posting daily content.- Relive moments and share unforgettable memories with your loved ones.Dots. Connecting Memories.
TunArt Cartoon is one of the most extensive libraries of elegant photo effects
TunArt Cartoon is one of the most extensive libraries of elegant and amusing photo effects: over 36K+ effects to date! You may experience fantastic facial picture montages, photo frames, animation effects, and photo filters.Set your image as a contact icon, wallpaper, send a signed virtual postcard to a friend, or share it on any social network in seconds without hiring a professional editor.App’s foremost features include:Neural Art Styles:a new smart (and quick) way to turn any photo into an artworkchoose from over 500+ pre-set styles.Photo frames:choose one of our beautiful frames if you need a final touch to your favourite picture.Realistic photo effects:place your image in an unlikely setting. Airbrush it on an exclusive car or leave it as a sand imprint on the beach. You are welcome to get a new wonderful experience!Face photo montages:swap face easily and turn yourself or your friend into pirate, an astronaut or a horrible monster. The most complicated montages are handled automatically by a face detection algorithm to create the most unusual selfies.Photo filters:you don't need a pro photo editor to add some..
Edit the picture with AI
PhoAI is an app that edits popular photos with AI.PhoAI is an advanced, fun, and globally special image editing app. On top of that, there's a lot of new fun AI features added every day. With this app, you can edit your own fun AI photos.Here are the things you can do with fun PhoAI- Replace your face with a new photo that's added every day- Old pictures. With the latest pictures- Remove Wallpaper- Create an image with textIf you have any questions or questionspekopeko11@gmail.comPlease contact us at .
Beautiful Girls Lehenga Choli Dresses Available For Here.
Nowadays a huge assortment of dresses is made available for kids of all age groups. Today, there are dresses for girls in different styles and fabrics. Girls Lehenga Choli with using dress. Cotton clothes were worn during summer seasons and woolen clothes were worn during winter seasons. Silk dresses were expensive and worn during special occasions. and pink colored ones were worn by the girls.Variety of Girls Dresses AvailableWith wedding Lehenga Choliyou can immediately see your girl all dress up in fabulous fad dress up looking like a princess with elegant, trendy and chic tiara and hairdos this holiday season or New Year parties with family and friends. It is as easy as placing your girl’s face hole in this.Share your fashionable girl photos taken from this Lehenga Choli for kids photos with your friends and family. You can even use as a shopping guide to see which styles suits your girl. Photo edit is also available. FEATURES:-Many Photo Frames available.Enter text, with different font color and style-Easy to use.-Select a photo from gallery or capture it with your camera..
Get gorgeous, clear HD portraits with best AI face enhancement.
✅AI EnhancerRetouch and fix the blurry face.Enhance the hair, eye, lips and skin. Get perfect portraits with best AI face enhancement technique.Make photos clear and save quality photos.✅Old Photo Repair & DenoiseDenoise old photos to bring them back to life effortlessly.Fix old compressed, yellowed photos.✅Remove ScratchesAiphoto fixes this problem by providing a simple way to remove various defects from old photos with only one tap.Remove scracthes, tear marks, stains over time, restore your old photos.✅Photo to CartoonConvert your photos to cartoon ones with Aiphoto's cartoon converter. There are different cartoon face filters, which will spoil you.Powered by AI technology, just one touch will you create a cartoon version of yourself effortlessly to get amazing effects.Unblur image with advanced and fast AI technology. Sharpen blurring photos while keeping quality
Wehdat wallpapers a variety of designs without the Internet
The Jordanian Wehdat wallpapers application includes many wallpapers 1000+ and new and with beautiful designs, as the existing Wehdat wallpapers have very high quality The wallpapers inside the Wehdat wallpapers app: black wallpapers, colorful wallpapers, wallpapers with famous words written by Wehdat such as "son of camps", wallpapers for Wehdat players, etc.Among the features of the application:- I don't need the internet- You can save the wallpaper- Easy to set wallpaper for your phone screen- High quality wallpapers- Easy to use app
A theme featuring the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle
Personalize Your Wallpaper and Icons With +HOME,the FREE Customization App!To use this theme you first must install +HOME.■What is +HOME?Personalizing your wallpaper, icons and widgets has never been easier with +HOME, the FREE customization launcher app!With more than 1,000 different themes to chose from, you're sure to find a design to suit your every whim!■Inquiries and images used are simply representations and may differ from the final product.
Set full size profile pictures without crop or removing any part of picture.
You like to change your profile photo simultaneously in a week or a few days, and you have to crop and resize photo for WA DP. While cropping, you need to crop the best part of the picture. This Make Full Size DP for WA app allows you to set full size DP without crop for WA.No crop photo editor is a fantastic editing app and can easily set full size DP without crop for WA. Quick square DP maker app also helps create your social media profile pic attractive.In no crop DP maker, you can easily select any photo from your phone gallery or take a photo from the phone camera option.Select the size for your profile photo, or you can use free size and drag to select the photo without losing any part from your picture. Using this app, you can rotate your profile photo and crop accordingly without losing any part of your photo.No crop DP maker for WA profile gives you blur option to blur your image background, add gradient, color, resize photo and rotate the..
In just 30 seconds, you can easily create a beautiful ID photo, resident registration card, passport, driver's license, resume, name card, various exams, and visa photos for each country.
Using this 'AI ID Photo App' app, you can easily take pictures of your resident registration card, passport, driver's license, resume, name card, various tests, and visas for each country anytime, anywhere. Create standard ID photos as quickly as 30 seconds without advertising or registration. This is a professional ID photo app that you can use even at home! ■■■■ Reason for choosing ‘AI ID photo app’ ■■■■ [You can easily create an ID photo in just 30 seconds] Are you worried about complicated operations? We will introduce how to use the ‘AI ID Photo App’. Select the desired size → Take or upload a photo → Save the satisfactory ID photo. You can create an ID photo in just 3 steps!! No professional photography skills are required, and there is no limit to the number of times you take photos until you get the photos you like! Data can be stored for 7 days and albums can be downloaded at any time. Anyone can use it without any burden![Photo failed screening, full refund possible]The passport photo and visa photo..
Make your Instagram pop out!
3 simple steps:• Pick• Adjust• ShareBorders lets you add minimal and colorful frames to your photos, making them unique and beautifulFeatures:• Optimized for Instagram posts and stories, YouTube and much more• A simple and beautiful interface• Rotate original images for better fitting• Auto color picker• Choose a photo or shot a new one instantly
Happy Birthday Photo Frame App provided happy birthday wishing photo frames.
This Birthday Photo Frames app has a simple and unique user interface that makes every Photo something to remember by. Birthday Photo Editor app has unique and latest collection of Happy Birthday Photo Frames with various options to make your photos look more interesting.With Birthday photo Frames, you can manage your saved birthday images with many functions as share, delete, view detail, etc. And you can also share your Birthday images with your friends on social networks.Disclaimer: All logos/images/names or content are copyright of their perspective owners. Any request to remove one of the images/logos/names or content will be honored. If you are the owner of the images and you believe that their use on this app is in violation of any copyright law, then please contact us, and I will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.
Enjoy everyday selfie with beautiful Romantic Love photo frames
Beautiful Romantic Love Photo Frames is another way to make your beautiful photos.Just choose your photo from album and select any favorite frames thenyou get a new style of your photos.Romantic Love Photo Frames is one of many Photo Frames style that we provided to youwe provided beautiful Romantic Love frames that almost people love and most selected.Romantic Love Photo Frames editor let you make your wonderful photo from many beautiful Romantic Love frames.Just simple step 1. Choose your photo from album2. Select your favorite Romantic Love photo frame3. Adjust your photo match in Romantic Love photo frame and It's done! Feature1. You can save your final photo frames to your device2. You can set as your wallpaper screen3. you can share to your family & friends in any social networkInstall today Enjoy "Beautiful Romantic Love Photo Frames" now!
Gallery: Effortless photo/video management, Elegant UI, Powerful editing tools!
Gallery: The Photo & Video Organizer is an ingenious and professional-grade app designed to manage your media effortlessly! It's a comprehensive media organizer, crafted with stunning aesthetics and equipped with powerful tools for effortless management. 💯🎊🎉🏝 Key Features:📌 Stunning User Interface: Enjoy a visually appealing theme that makes browsing a treat.📌 Quick Search: Seamlessly find pictures, videos, GIFs, RAW files, and SVGs within seconds.📌 Manage Your Media: Gallery offers you the ability to rename, share, delete, and edit your pictures and videos with a few taps.📌 Organize By Preference: Sort your files by date, size, or name in ascending or descending order according to your preference.📌 Easy Zoom: Zoom in and out of photos or videos using simple gestures for a better view.📌 Powerful Photo Editor: Enhance your pictures with our integrated, easy-to-use, and robust photo editor.Experience the Gallery: The Photo & Video Organizer! It's not just about viewing photos and videos; it's about managing and making the most out of your memories. Download today and enjoy the experience! 😍🥰🥳
Easy way to add, manage and sync tags to your photo library across devices
Enjoy the power of metadata in your Gallery on all devices! Add tags to the metadata of any images on your device, and they will be preserved even when transferred to another device. Try image management on a professional level!Want to find photos from a year ago? No more endless scrolling through the galleryCT Tags ensures that the right photos are always at your fingertips! Add tags directly to the metadata of the images in your library. This means the tags stay with the image even after transferring it to your PC or other device. Search, transfer images from one device to another, create your own catalog of images that's easy and convenient to manage!- Add tags to any image in your gallery with a couple of taps;- Search by tags and use the convenient catalog system;- All tags will be placed in the image metadata and will be preserved even after transferring to another device or even a PCHow to use CT Tags?Take pictures and save the images in your device's gallery. Then select images and add tags to..
TouchCut - Photo editor: artistic photo editing
TouchCutPhoto Editor: Unlock Your Creativity and Transform Your Images!Artistic Photo Editing: Turn your ordinary photos into stunning masterpieces with TouchCut advanced editing tools. Explore a wide range of creative effects and filters to add a unique touch to your images.Magic Sky: Take your photos to new heights with TouchCut magical sky effects. Transform a dull background into a captivating and dreamy scene that will mesmerize your viewers.Art Frames: Add a touch of elegance and style to your photos using TouchCut's collection of artistic frames. Choose from a variety of designs to showcase your images in a visually appealing way.Travel Background: Embark on virtual journeys with TouchCut travel background feature. Replace boring backgrounds with breathtaking landscapes from around the world, instantly transporting yourself to different locations.Collage Art: Unleash your creativity and tell a visual story with TouchCut's collage art feature. Seamlessly combine multiple photos into beautiful collages, allowing you to capture and share your memories in a unique and engaging way.Experience the power of TouchCutPhoto Editor and elevate your photography to new heights. Unleash your inner artist and amaze your friends..
With Smart Zoom Camera, your photos will always look professional
Enhance your mobile photography experience with Smart Zoom Camera, an intuitive app that delivers professional image quality right on your smartphone. Our unique superzoom algorithm allows you to instantly get closer to the most distant subjects while maintaining high sharpness and detail. Manual and auto focus modes, image stabilization and an advanced set of editing tools give you complete control over every shot. Capture stunning landscapes, portraits and macro details of any complexity.
Good morning and good night images 2023 to download for free
New Good Morning and Good Night imagesFree app with great selection of images to greet and customize with the phrases and messages you want and send via Whatsapp, Messenger, Viber, etc. couple, family, friends, acquaintances. Also as Wallpapers.
Explore a world of endless creativity with CONCEPT AI Studio.
[How to Use CONCEPT]1) Explore and choose your favourite concept of your imagination2) Upload your selfies3) AI will bring your imagination into high-quality realistic photos4) Make a video with the photos or create your own album 5) Share it with your friends![Diverse selection of concepts]- Find yourself in diverse selection of concepts such as Y2K, Hanbok, Lookbook, Uniform, Dress, snapshots and more.- Explore and discover newly added concepts and make an AI profile yourself[Always New Concept]- CONCEPT Team will continuously release new concepts of your imagination! So feel free to tell us what you want to see!- New concepts will have new background, new outfit, new effects, or anything related to the concept. [Access Rights by CONCEPT)- (optional) Photos- CONCEPT Team has minimized the usage of access rights while seeking to support and enhance your experience with our services- Some of the services will not function properly if access is not grantedCONCEPT is a service created by UNBOXERS Corp.'s CONCEPT Team
Timestamp camera with location to take photo with date and time, video with GPS
Save location & memory in every photo!Welcome to the GPS Camera: Location on Photo app. Track current location and weather forecast along with your captured photos by the time stamp photos app. It’s useful to add a location stamp on photos. With powerful features, this photo date stamp app offers a range of functionalities to enhance your geotagging and timestamping capabilities. Why should you choose the date and time stamp app?🌅 Geotagging on Photos:- Capture your moments with geographical context using the photo time location stamp app. Instantly tag your photos and videos with accurate location data, providing a real-time snapshot of where each image or recording was taken. Whether you're exploring new places, documenting travel adventures, this gps photo viewer app helps you to take photos with location.- Geotag camera🌅 Detailed Location Information:- The timestamp with location camera app provides comprehensive data about the captured location, including the name of the place, street address, and additional geographic details. Easy to check location🌅 Take photos with current date and time:- Each photo or video is automatically stamped with the precise..
Virgin Mary and Jesus Images of Virgin Mary and Jesus for free download
For all those who love the Virgin Mary and Jesus, we leave you this compilation of unpublished images to be able to thank, ask, pray and simply admire this great and beautiful mother and her son. You can download for free the one you want and you like.
High quality zoom and effects - Photo & Video
*Please Note, Binoculars X-C15 is a high-quality image processing zoom app, but it is not a night vision infrared camera or binoculars. The app functions within the potential and capacity of your phone and phone's camera.Binoculars X-C15 – Photo & Video is a zooming and light amplification tool. Its easy-to-use and functional interface will be making using it a pleasure. Use built-in zooming and light amplification features to capture your shot or use recording to record a video and save in the in-app gallery. Moreover, choose on of the many effects to enhance your photo or video and share with friends.Take photos & videos wherever you want, and don’t let the distance or the light be an obstacle for you anymore!
HDR Video and Photo Editing App
DSLR Camera Provideo and photo edit is now in your pocket!DSLR Camera ProMagic Editor is a powerful and easy-to-use photo and video editing tool that enables you to edit and apply filters to your photos and video with just a few taps. It includes all the basic and advanced photo and video editing tools, including color correction, crop, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, sharpen and blur, add text or image overlaysNever miss the chance to capture memories in the perfect moment with wide variety of photo and video filters in DSLR Camera Pro. Share your edited photos and video on social media platforms or save them to your device so you can easily share them with friends.Download DSLR Camera ProMagic Editor and transform your video and photos into masterpieces!
The world’s first AI image protection app ‘Pixaid’ - Create your own nickname and AI background - Protect your images from AI
Pixaid – Smart camera app in the AI era◆ The world’s first AI image immunity app ‘Pixaid’-Create your own nickname and AI background.-Protect your facial image from AI theft and phishing.[Anti-phishing AID]From photo theft, image phishing, and deepfakes, which are recent issues,You can protect your face photo. External AI or someone elseAI image immunity that damages photos the moment a user's photos are stolenIt's a feature.[AI Face MADE]A person's face taken through the user's gallery or the photo function within the app12 faces at a time are transformed into faces that match the selected gender and age group.Only faces in various situations and poses taken by users without templatesYou can create highly realistic AI faces by transforming them.[Background information FADE]The people in the photos taken through the user's gallery or the photo function within the app areChanges the surrounding background into various styles without deformation. In the existing background10 styles while maintaining the composition and type of furniture.It is transformed.[VIP]When you pay for a Pixaid subscription, the amount will be charged to your App Store account.Auto-renewal can be turned off..
Slideshow : The best way to create, edit and share amazing photo music videos.
* Video Slideshow Editor is the easiest way to create, edit and share amazing photo music videos and stories* Video Slideshow Editor is the best video editor, photo slideshow maker & movie editing app* With your photos, videos and tons of free licensed music, you can easily make fun, inspiring, or creative photo music videosYou can make fun music videos just following 4-steps:1. Select photos & video clips from your photos gallery or any Photos app2. Add your favorite music, set timing, cool filters, and text3. Share to your friends!4. Save videos privately so only you can see themFEATURES+ Add photos and video clips+ Free music clips+ Awesome filters+ Set the speed of the video as fast/slow as you like+ Edit videos with creative effects and filters, such as slow motion, time lapse, and hyper speed.+ Share video to your favorite apps with you friends and families instantly+ Clear interface and easy gestures
Natural Photo Effect It makes a photo video maker with a natural effect.
Nature Photo Effect is a Video Maker app that makes animated videos from photos and nature themes.There are lots of Natural Themes available for video.Photo Effects application to make your photos more lively and less boring with a lot of interesting motion effects: rain effect for image, nature effect for picture, snow effect for image, light effect for photo, starry night effect, galaxy effect, fireworks effect, lightning strike effect.
Love photo frames, family photo frames, dual photo frame, collage maker
Photo frame app, photo collage – Cherish Your Special Moments 💖📸.Experience the magic of love with our Love Photo Frames App, the ultimate tool to turn your cherished moments into timeless expressions of affection.💞 Love-Infused Frames Collection:Discover a curated collection of love-themed frames that will add a touch of romance to your photos.💑 Couple Collages:Create captivating collages with frames designed for couples. Share your journey together through beautifully framed photos and create a timeline of your love story.🌟 Family Frame Collages:Create captivating family collages with our specially designed frames. Showcase your family's journey through beautifully framed photos and tell your story as one unit.🎈Collage Maker:Create captivating photo collages effortlessly. Combine multiple images with beautifully designed frames and tell a story through your pictures.🎨 Create Stunning Collages:Design beautiful collages effortlessly with our user-friendly interface. Select photos from your gallery, choose a layout, and watch as your pictures come together to form a work of art.📷 Photo Editor: In this picture editor app you will explore a wide range of powerful editing features designed to take your photos to the next level...
Create promotional posters, advertisement, offer announcements with our app.
Poster Maker is the most friendly user app, you have to select the background as per desired ratio and then add text in your selected poster design with desired font. Also add wonderful stickers (specially picked for poster making), add your pictures from the gallery, and create a perfect poster.Create your poster for business promotion, brand marketing, and events. The Poster Maker has very creative graphic designs with new collections of music party posters, and business posters. Edit the template design in a few minutes with very professional results.You can also create an advertising poster with photos and text for your business publicity and billboard marketing.Flyer Maker features:1. Get instant poster templates and layouts.2. Edit flyer templates in a very easy way.3. Huge collections of fonts, images, and SVG vector illustrations.4. Clear background from photos manually with undo and redo option also.5. Cut sticker with your choice 6. Upload your Image or search for stickers.7. You can create a brand logo by using the brand tool kit for your business.8. Layer management with undo and redo.How to Create a Poster..
Recording an encrypted video.
Once can scramble your video frames, ensuring that only users with your sharing code can view the correct video ONCE.
Photos reimagined! Craft and share instantly!
🌟 Pic Genius: Photo Editor & Designer 🌟Step into a realm where your vision transforms ordinary snapshots into mesmerizing photos! Unlock creativity with Pic Genius, your ultimate, user-friendly photo editor.📸 Key Features 📸🌟 Adjustment Tools: From subtle hues to sharp contrasts, perfect every pixel.✂️ Transform Tool: Crop, rotate, and flip to frame perfection.🌈 Filters: Dive into 60+ filters; let your photos narrate moods.🖌️ Brush Magic: Touch-optimized strokes; craft with width, hardness, and vibrant colors.🎯 Focus Mastery: Blur to depth, from radial to gaussian; mimic the finest effects.🖼️ Frames: Wrap your moments in style, tailored for every emotion.🌌 Overlays: Add layers of creativity, from textured patterns to dreamy flares.🎭 Stickers: Amplify moments with a diverse sticker palette, from emojis to abstract.🔤 Text Tools: Inject words with flair; adjustable font, color, and spacing.🎨 Text Design: Blend text with typography; shuffle and randomize for artful designs.🎭 Creative Freedom 🎭From photography enthusiasts to professional designers, Pic Genius offers a playground of swift, premium photo editing. Explore creations, find inspiration, and craft your masterpiece with our vast templates.📞 Post Call Inspiration 📞A call ends, your..
Edit Photo with Picture Editor Art enhancer & Crop - Blur - Filters dslr effects
Edit your photo in seconds with different photo filters, funny photo effects using a professional Picture editor and save & send your favorite photo to your friends and family on any social media platforms easily.DSLR Camera Focus Photo Editor Features include:👉 Crop & Rotate your photo👉 Different Free Photo Filters👉 Adjust Image Brightness and Contrast👉 Fit Your Picture with different aspect ratios and change background of photo with colors or select any background texture.👉 Tint: Color enhancer like DSLR Camera Effects👉 Blur: You can change your photo to blur and reduce its valueMake Your Photos Perfect with Picture Editor Art & DSLR Camera Focus Photo Editor.
Young to old age filter, facial hair editor, no beard filter, gender swap cool!
Introducing FaceEditor Aging, Hair, Gender – your photo editor for old age face edit, reshape beauty! Try hairstyle, beard app, old age changer, photo makeup editor for cool face editing and hairstyle try on! Dive into the world of facial hair with our cool beard app and facial hair filters! Have fun with our face age app that adds a touch of humor to your photos. The gender swap feature adds fun and excitement to your face editing experience! Experiment with various haircuts, long hair, short hair, and even hair colors to find your ideal look! FaceEditor Aging, Hair, Gender includes a comprehensive hair color changer! 👵 FaceEditor is a face app free editor that effortlessly edit your selfies with innovative features. Enjoy a younger face app free gender swap filter and explore the magic of age changer! FaceEditor is the ultimate face filter app, offering a seamless experience for face editing with teenage filter apps! Upgrade your selfies and discover your older face with FaceEditor, the go-to free face app! Edit your selfies with FaceEditor, the ultimate face apps!..
Art Generator, Avatar, Image, linkedin
ReImageApp, the best AI app studio-quality portrait app, will blow your mind with the best shots for your resume or your dating app profile.Easily turn your words and images into stunning works of art created by the best AI! All you have to do is enter a hint, choose an art style, and watch ReImageApp AI bring your idea to life in seconds!With ReImageApp you can take a selfie and immediately easily turn your selfie into an incredible and stunning photo, while changing your hairstyle, location and your style. In an instant, be transported to any country, wearing any clothes. These incredible selfie photos will surprise everyone! ReImageApp is the best AI photo app. We use the latest AI technology, it can create the best unique works of art, photographs and images based on your descriptions.You can turn any everyday or imperfect photo into a professional studio photo with simple touchesand enjoy your best photo! Our app has many styles to choose from. Easily and quickly change the location, lighting, background and hairstyles so that they look beautiful and sophisticated...