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Assigeco Coverholder Lloyd's is the 'app officer Assigeco Srl.
You will learn about the online services offered by the peculiar roofs, identified directly on the primary insurance market.Assigeco itself as "the architect" able to customize the best insurance solutions.
It allows the user to open Heic files and convert them into JPG, PNG and PDF
Heic image viewer app / view picture permits the user to view/open the Heic files. Heic to jpg converter app further authorizes the user to convert it into multiple formats such as jpg, png, and pdf. The interface of heic image viewer decoder / image reader / view hdr has four main features, including, heic viewer, heic converter, recent files and converted files. The heic viewer feature of heic image viewer for android app / view pic allows the user to view all the heic images stored in the device. The heic converter feature of heic image converter to jpg app permits the user to convert these files into jpg, png, and pdf.Heic image image converter / view heic / jpj is a user-friendly app and is quite convenient to use. The UI of heic image opener is easy to navigate and requires no professional support. The homescreen of the heic converter / heif shows the internal storage of the device. The total space and free space are mentioned in the menu.Features of HEIC Image Viewer: HEIC to JPG 1...
JioPages VR is now JioSphere XR
Formerly known as JioPages VR, our virtual reality web browser has evolved into JioSphere XR, offering an enhanced and immersive web browsing experience for JioDive VR headset. Dive into the next dimension of internet exploration with JioSphere XR and discover the limitless possibilities of web browsing in virtual reality.What’s new: Key Features:1. Multiple Tabs: Explore different websites simultaneously within a single window. Effortlessly switch between multiple tabs without leaving the immersive VR environment.2. Video and Audio Support: Immerse yourself in streaming from popular OTTs in a private and cinematic viewing experience.3. Gaze & Click: Navigate seamlessly using your gaze without the need for physical input devices.Interact with webpages, videos, and links effortlessly through intuitive gaze-based controls. Don't limit yourself to a small smartphone screen; experience web browsing on a virtual 100-inch screen.Surf the internet, stream movies and web series, scroll through social media, and explore new VR experiences—all in the immersive world of JioSphere XR.Download JioSphere XR Now!
Your Ultimate Virtual Assistant for Everyday Life
Your Ultimate Virtual Assistant for Everyday LifeLia 27 – your virtual assistant that effortlessly takes on everyday tasks. From offering emotional support and creative insights, to making homework a breeze, Lia is crafted to simplify your daily life, elevate your organization, and propel you towards your ambitions. The app is designed to be your go-to companion in all walks of life.Key Features· Heartfelt Companion: For moments you need to share or seek solace.· Creative Muse: Fuel your creativity and ignite your imagination.· The Homework Machine: Let Lia's Homework Machine demystify homework assignments.· Goal Navigator: Set, track, and conquer your aspirations with precision.
Internet access provider - Guaíra / PR
With this application, our customers can issue their charges and consult payments, request support, receive notifications, request Wi-Fi points, change or contract new plans, manage multiple accounts, among other features. Your ISP in Guaíra / PR.
Talking Camera for the Blind
Seeing AI is a free app that narrates the world around you. Designed with and for the blind and low vision community, this ongoing research project harnesses the power of AI to open up the visual world by describing nearby people, text and objects. Seeing AI provides tools to assist with a variety of daily tasks:• Short TextSpeaks text as soon as it appears in front of the camera.• DocumentsProvides audio guidance to capture a printed page, and recognizes the text, along with its original formatting. Ask questions about the contents to easily find the information you need.• ProductsScans barcodes, or Accessible QR codes, using audio beeps to guide you; hear the name, and package information when available.• ScenesHear an overall description of the scene captured. Tap "More Info" to hear an even richer description. Or, explore the photo by moving your finger over the screen to hear the location of different objects.• PeopleSaves people’s faces so you can recognize them, and get an estimate of their age, gender, and expression.• CurrencyRecognizes currency notes.• ColorsIdentifies colors.• HandwritingReads handwritten text like..
PDF Reader App to View & Manage Documents & PDF Files. PDF Viewer App.
Free PDF Reader app allows you to read PDF files and manage office documents in one place. Many people have to use browser in order to open PDF files and PDF Books, but with this PDF Reader free and PDF Expert app, you can view PDF files without the internet.This PDF app for Android is the best PDF viewer to view PDFs. This PDF File Reader offers users the functions of reading PDF files directly from their mobiles. Simple PDF Reader app provides the feature to read PDF in dark mode. With a Powerful PDF reader, you can view files easily. Read PDF books and PDFs notes anytime, anywhere with this fast PDF Book reader. This is a free PDF app & PDF viewer for all PDF documents. Install this PDF Reader AppPDF Viewer for Android and interact with all documents easily and conveniently. Open, View, and Read PDFs with the fast PDF Reader for Android. A lightweight PDF viewer is free and reliable to read PDF documents and PDF eBooks. THE PDF viewer app makes it very easy to..
Divas Driver: female mobility. Become a driver and make a difference!
Introducing Divas Driver, Divas' exclusive driver app, aimed at women who want to become drivers in the women's urban mobility revolution! With Divas Driver, you contribute to a safe, empowering and comfortable transportation environment for all users.Check out the amazing advantages of our app:Training and support: Receive training and support to become a skilled and confident driver, ensuring the best experience for our users.Schedule flexibility: Choose when and where to drive, adapting to your routine and needs.Extra income and opportunity for growth: Take advantage of the opportunity to increase your earnings and grow professionally within the Divas community.Safety and well-being: Be part of a network of female drivers, providing a safe and supportive environment for both you and our users.Fast and reliable payments: Receive your earnings quickly and safely through several payment methods.Engaged community: Join other drivers and share experiences, tips and mutual support in our exclusive community.Download Divas Driver now and start being part of the urban mobility revolution focused on female empowerment. Drive confidently, safely and in style, contributing to more inclusive and welcoming transportation for all women!
Fixxer app provides repair manual & guide for various devices from iFixit & More
Fixxer app gives self-help guide to people around the world. Fixing guide includes various gadgets such as mac, tablet, phone, car & truck, pc, console, laptop, camera, appliance and so on. iFixit is a website and online community that offers free repair manuals and DIY repair tips for a variety of devices. The site offers step-by-step repair instructions for a wide range of devices, including smartphones, electronics, medical device, apparel, and more. In addition, iFixit offers a community forum where users can ask questions and share repair tips. It is free to use and there are no membership fees. To use iFixit, simply navigate to the website and select the device you want to repair. It covers everything from toys to cars, and offers step-by-step repair guides for a variety of devices. This app provide links to various diy, fixing, repair manual sites available online including DIY Forums, DIY Chatroom, MacRumors, DoItYourself, SOSav, Fixya, Etc.Fixxer gives you useful gadget fixing guides & community forum by iFixit & similar sites to help out each other. Developer doesn't collect or store any..
Nature Connect - Fast Proxy, An AI-optimised VPN network acceleration tool!!!
Nature ConnectFast Proxy is a professional ѴРИ application that helps you hide your network IP address to protect your privacy and security. Unlike other ѴРИ applications, Nature ConnectFast Proxy not only hides your IP address, but also speeds up your internet connection for a smoother internet experience.With numerous servers covering multiple regions of the world, Nature ConnectFast Proxy allows you to switch between servers at any time for the best possible speed and stability of your internet connection. No matter where you are in the world, Nature ConnectFast Proxy provides you with a fast and secure internet connection.Nature ConnectFast Proxy also features an easy-to-use interface that lets you connect to ѴРИ servers with ease. All you need to do is select a server and click the Connect button. Nature ConnectFast Proxy will automatically establish a secure ѴРИ connection for you, protecting your privacy and security.In short, if you need a reliable ѴРИ application to protect your privacy and security and speed up your internet connection, then Nature ConnectFast Proxy is the right choice for you. It has powerful features and..
Test all software & hardware of your phone using this Test my Android Phone app.
If you are thinking of buying an used phone, than it is very important to test phone hardware and get full software information. Download "Test my android phone" app on the device and test all hardware working condition and software information. App Main Feature and What all can be test using this app :Full Software InformationAndroid Version of the device.CPU and processor info.Battery Information : Battery capacity, battery temperature battery health, etc,.Test all Sensor and its Information : Barometer Sensor.Light Sensor.Phone Shake Sensor.Compass & orientation sensor.Step counter sensor.Acceleration Sensor.Proximity Sensor.Hardware Testing and information :Front & back Camera testing & info.Phone Vibrator test.Phone speaker & mic test.Screen color display test.Headphone jack testing.GPS Signal test.Torch test.Finger lock test.Hardware button testing.Brightness test.Network & WiFi test.
A new way of managing personal information with improved navigation and security
Introducing the latest version of our app, packed with exciting new features and improvements to enhance your user experience!Here's what's new:Improved navigation: We've redesigned the app's navigation system to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. You'll find it easier to find the features you need, with fewer taps required to get there.Personalized recommendations: We've added a new recommendation engine that uses machine learning algorithms to suggest content and features based on your usage patterns and preferences.Faster performance: We've optimized the app's performance to make it run faster and smoother, with quicker load times and fewer crashes or glitches.Improved security: We've enhanced the app's security features to protect your data and keep your information safe from potential threats.We hope you enjoy using our app and look forward to hearing your feedback. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or concerns.
To-do List App with Reminder and App Blocker. Stay Focused and Productive.
DistraX is more than just a to-do planner—it's a powerful app designed to help you take control of your time and minimise distractions with an effective app blocker, DistraX empowers you to enhance your productivity and achieve your goals, manage tasks, block distractions, and avoid phone addiction.Take control of your time with DistraX today.What is Distrax and How Can It Help You?1: Distrax is a todo list with reminder and alarm 2: Distrax is also a Alarm app for reminding you your tasks.3: Can also be used as app blocker for studying and avoid distractionsDistraXBlock Apps and Organise Tasks helps:☝️ increase productivity & self-control📵 control phone addiction 💪 focus on goals & time management📴 reduce screen time control (block site manager)🌴 digital wellbeing & phone detox👪 organize and manage Tasks (goal tracker)🔞 porn blockerKey Features:App Blocker : Helps to block selected Distracting and Addictive Apps & Help you to Stay Focused and Productive and get you your task done by Focus.To-do Planner : DistraX todo planner help you to stay organized and productive. You can set a Start time and..
Enjoy local traditional food and drinks here at anytime of the day!
Order food & beverages conveniently from where you are seated. Get notified in-app when your orders are ready for collection. You may enjoy this service at the following Food Canopy outlets:1. Bukit Canberra Hawker Centre2. Ngee Ann Polytechnic Food Club
Online Legal Consultation
Get to know lapor Hukum, an online legal consultation application with professional advocates. We are here to provide solutions to your legal problems, at a low cost and anti-complicated.Live Chat with an AdvocateWithout having to leave the house and expensive fees, you can consult your legal problems, anytime, and anywhere through the legal report application.Without Confused Choose an AdvocateLegal consultation is made easier, you can choose an advocate according to the legal problem you are experiencing.Come on, immediately download the legal report application and consult your legal problems.Further questions, contact us:Website : https://www.lapor Hukum.comInstagram : @lapor HukumFacebook : @lapor HukumEmail : halo@lapor
Next AI, huge number of prompt word templates, provide the solution you desire
Next AI is an artificial intelligence assistant based on ChatGPT technology [unlimited times of use]. It is supported by ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4. It can help you deal with various situations encountered in life, work, business, etc. kind of problem. For example: writing articles, translating, recommending movies, music and books, providing legal advice, psychological consultation, making recipes, making resumes, exploring zodiac signs, etc. In short, he will provide you with comprehensive solutions to all aspects of life, work, business, entertainment, etc.Our NextAI application has the following exciting product features:● Unlimited questions and answers● Open AI’s latest ChatGPT technology (GPT-4)● A large number of professional prompt word templates make asking questions more convenient.● Stable server environment● Second-level response● Complete chat history●Multi-language supportNextAI uses advanced artificial intelligence technology (ChatGPT) to understand your questions and generate human-like responses, making you feel like you're chatting with a knowledgeable friend. 【Your AI writing assistant】With the help of Next AI chatbot, you can efficiently complete your writing, whether it is a social media post, an essay, or a poem, or even creating an original song, or..
Voice to text with translation. Transcribe your thoughts into clear text
Speech to Text and voice transcription is easy with Android Audio Writer. It's more than just a standard voice-to-text appit's a unique solution for transforming spoken words into clear, structured text, changing text voice tone, and paraphrasing. It's an all-in-one solution for writers and people who want to receive clear text from voice transcription.Features:Speech to Text: The heart of the Audio Writer is a powerful speech-to-text function. Whether you're dictating ideas or trying to structure your messy thoughts, Audio Writer will transcribe your speech into clear and meaningful text. It's like having a professional transcriber at your fingertips, ready to convert your spoken words to written ones.Text paraphrasing: Audio Writer bundled with an easy and fast text paraphrasing feature. With it, you can easily rewrite your text to make it something new. This feature is a boon for those aiming to enrich their content and keep readers engaged.Voice Tone Change: Have a text but with the wrong tone? Not a problem! Just use a voice tone change inside Audio Writer. This enables you to modify the tone of your spoken..
UConnected Admin is an APP developed to assist Umniah Field
UConnected is an APP developed to help you manage and control your Smart Wi-Fi solution units at your home. Through its simple interface, you can configure, manage and customize your Wi-Fi’s network for an optimal and personalized experience. UConnected Admin is an APP developed to assist Umniah Field Engineer in deploying home broadband and remote fault diagnosis.
Xerox® Easy Assist enables mobile users a simple method for printer setup
The Xerox® Easy Assist app is a convenient and easy to use app that simplifies installation and management of your Printer or Multifunction Printer right from your mobile phone, allowing you direct access to self-support services and real-time monitoring of your printer performance – all without IT support.KEY STANDARD FEATURESEASY SET UP: Get up and running quickly with guided installation of your Xerox deviceSTAY PRODUCTIVE: Quickly browse and print documents from within the app, monitor supply levels and easily reorder Genuine Xerox Supplies SUPPORT ON THE SPOT: In the unlikely event you run into issues, resolve them quickly with real-time access to self-support services SECURE YOUR DEVICE: Prevent unauthorized user access by easily managing device admin passwords
Latvian calendar with holidays 2023 - 2025
Latvian calendar with holidays 20232025• Create an event or note with an icon and color.• Create an annual event.• Personalized calendar with your picture.• Set a reminder notification for your event.• Set the first day of the week to Sunday or Monday.• Go today.• Jump to a specific date.• Soccer schedules.• Show public holidays in Latvia.
The Fastest, Simple QR code & barcode scanner. Scanner app for all formats
The Simple To Use QR code scanner app for Android devices. Supports all QR & barcode formats.QR Code Reader Free can read all kinds of QR code and barcode: contacts, products, URL, Wi-Fi, text, books, E-mail, location, calendar, and more. You can also use it to scan promotion and coupon codes in shops to get discounts.Why Choose QR & Barcode ScannerQR Code, Barcode Reader- Easily scan, create QR & barcodes.- Support all QR, barcode formats.- Superfast QR code, barcode decoding speed.- Scan QR and barcodes from the gallery.- Price scanner.- Auto-zoom supported.- Flashlight.- Privacy safe, camera permission required.- Scan history saved, easily search.- No internet connection required.HOW TO USE:- Scan a QR code, barcode: open the QR scanner and barcode scanner app, point the camera in front of the QR code or barcode, and the app will automatically read the code and show you its content.- Scan images from device's gallery: open app and choose image to scan- QR & Barcode Generator: scanner allow users to create QR codes and barcodes. The option to generate QR codes serves a variety..
BeeFood App Waiter - Launching orders directly on the Waiter's cell phone
Bees live together in a system of extraordinary organization and with a common objective: the success of your company. Yes, BEETECH created this definition for itself: organization like bees, productivity like bees, plurality like bees and efficiency like bees. We are a management system for your business to achieve the goals you have set. Bees, in their more than 25,000 species, are found on all continents and to be truly equal to a bee, that's all we need: to reach the world with the efficiency that BEETECH allows companies to do. BEETECHEfficient as Bees
Mirror, Cast and Stream Photos, Videos and Websites to your TCL TV
TCL screen mirroring app connects your TCL TV from your android phone & tablet. With this screen mirroring app for TCL, you can easily stream your phone or tablet's screen onto your TCL smart TV, allowing you to share photos, videos, and more on the android TV screen. Connect your android device to the same WiFi network as your TV, and start screen sharing. Screen mirroring for TCL has a user-friendly interface and a quick and easy setup. Enjoy all of your favorite content on the big screen with AirBeamTV's TCL screen mirroring app for free.Screen mirroring from remote, just like Miracast, allows you to share the content from your phone on a larger screen, such as a TCL smart TV, either based on the Roku TV OS, DLNA or on the Android TV operating system. This can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as sharing photos or videos with friends and family, or using your phone's apps to cast online on a bigger screen.Benefits of screen mirroring your phone from remote to your TCL smart TV using..
Authenticator app for strong 2FA and MFA authenticator account security
Remembering all our passwords is one of the major digital life problems we face today. Worse case? Every day, we are at the risk of our passwords being hacked. Cybercriminals have many methods to steal accounts, sensitive personal information, etc. We highly recommend using an authenticator for your sake.Using a two factor authentication (2FA) app, you can add an extra layer to your digital security measures. It helps you defend your privacy from malicious people like hackers or fraudsters. Knowing the victim’s password alone is not enough to pass the authentication check. That is how the apps increase your security.Stop looking for the most effective security app. Just download our Two Factor Authentication, designed for your needs. It is much simpler to handle your security with our simple interface and easy-to-use authenticator.When you use our app, you won't need to remember your passwords at all. It is simple and convenient to use, making the internet a safer place for both common or professional users.## Why to choose our appSurfing on the internet these days can feel like a minefield with..
El identificador de mascotas más novedoso.
El identificador de mascotas más novedoso. Actualiza la información mas importante de tu mascota en cualquier minuto. Puedes crear el perfil de todas tus mascotas en esta aplicación de fácil uso.Características importantes:Actualiza en cualquier minutoActualiza de manera fácil la dirección de tu casa, número de teléfono para que te contacten, email, vacunación de tu mascota y mucho más!GPS pasivoEn caso que se pierda tu mascota con su chapa petfind, esta podrá ser escaneada y automáticamente aparecerá en esta app la ubicación y dirección exacta del lugar donde fue escaneada tú mascota, Esta app es parte de PetFind. Se necesita tener un Petfind para tener acceso a todos nuestros servicios. Te invitamos a visitar www.petfind.clpara realizar la compra de la chapa.
👍 WHAT IT HAS TO OFFER?BASIC (basic design drawing)COLORFULL (basic design drawing)GOLD (“golden” style icons)GLITTER ROSE GOLD (“rose gold glitter” cover photos)WATERCOLOR (“watercolor” style icons)CHALK (chalk style icons)MARBLE (marble Instagram highlight icons)👍 Many different colors and designs of “stickers for icons” to make your own “story highlight background”. You can create:🐱 PETS💍 FASHION🍓 FOOD🌎 TRAVEL👜 SHOPPING🍸 PARTY🎧 MUSIC💪 FITNESS💄 MAKEUPIS IT EASY TO USE?🌎 Download our “highlight cover maker” ;🌎 Choose “highlight pictures” design you like the best;🌎 Or create your own “highlights design” by combining cute frames, stickers, and icons from our bountiful collection;🌎 Save “highlight image” in your gallery;🌎 Upload the “highlight wallpaper” you want from your album;🌎 Use your new design as “highlight photos”;🌎 Share your “story” with your friends and family on all social networks;A STORY WITHOUT A STORY HIGHLIGHT ICONS IS INCOMPLETE!Modern icons for Instagram highlights and titles are important for getting followers.An original profile is not only made with cool posts and highlights.You have to add beautiful “covers for Instagram highlights” and make it more attractive.Our cool new 🍸 Create Highlights Cover Story will..
Promoters training app
Tomato Track ApplicationKraftHeinz to Provide a Gameficated Training Experience to Promoters
Digital paperless Smart Policing
Comprehensive app for police departments for paperless administrative work.
User Guide and Information For Redmi Watch 3 Active
The Redmi Watch 3 Active is the little brother of the Redmi Watch 3. This slimmed-down version has an ultra-large 1.83-inch screen with rich colors and a bright display that lets you see everything at a glance, from the time and your heart rate to workout data or the weather. The curved and high-strength glass provides an elegant look and great wear resistance, and the NCVM processed case with a metal finish for a powerful appearance. 100+ sports modesOn the Redmi Watch 3 Active, you will find more than 100 sports modes that work on built-in sensors and professional sports algorithms. This allows you to see your performance as well as your body's health status at a glance. The 100 sports modes include 10 professional sports modes: outdoor running, walking, jogging or running on the treadmill, outdoor cycling, hiking, trail run, walking, rowing (on the rowing trainer), jump rope and elliptigo (step machine).Detects oxygen saturationOn this ultra smart smartwatch, you'll find a professional optical oximetry sensor that detects your blood oxygen saturation and alerts you when blood oxygen levels are..
Adzaan Schedule, Information, Slideshow, Video
Install this application to display shalaat schedule, important Islamic calendars, information, Image slideshow, and video on android TV, you can synchronize with Wear OS for the Adzaan Schedule
Math Quiz App Play Quiz and earn money and withdraw in Paytm
Math quiz a very interesting app with the help of this you can learn math with enjoyment ,make your calculation speed faster and with it you can earn money too.there are many features are available in this math quiz game appThere are four type of feature that you can use to Earn Money very easilyAdditionSubstractionMultiplicationDivisionFor every correct answer ,you get money that will be transferred in your account Paytm account
The definitive HEMAV app to monitor your fields from your mobile
This app allows you to view the agronomic reports and recommendations generated by HEMAV LAYERS through the combination of Artificial Intelligence and the use of drone and satellite technology.With this app you can:- View fields.- Search fields with a multitude of filters.- Visualize the layers (reports and recommendations) and the pdf's generated in each flight/satellite made in the field both online and offline.- Take field photos and geolocate them, also adding comments to them to have exhaustive control of your fields.- Perform surveys in the field and insert them into the system to be processed.This app requires a subscription service to HEMAV products.INFORMATION ABOUT THE HEMAV PRECISION AGRICULTURE SERVICE:Through the artificial intelligence software, LAYERS, HEMAV offers the agricultural sector agronomic recommendations to make treatments more efficient and generate crop production estimates at the production and quality levels.
Alternative Contacts app with a focus on privacy and data protection
Improve the privacy of your contacts by defining which of them should be shared with other apps and which should remain private (secret).While you may be willing to share most of your phone's contacts with apps like WhatsApp or Instagram, you probably don't want to let them know about some others like your doctor, therapist, etc. First, you don't communicate with them over WhatsApp anyway. And second, this is a real privacy-issue because the mere fact that you have that number stored means that you are a patient there which is confidential data.Unfortunately, Android only allows an all-or-nothing approach: either you give an app full access to your phone's contact-list or you don't give it anything.Use the app "Private Contacts" to store those contacts which you do not want to share. It is mimics the standard functionality of your normal contact app but stores all its contacts separately, not sharing them with any other app.The app offers a caller-ID functionality to show a notification if one of your private contacts is calling you. This notification will tell you which contact..
idict is a real time translator to translate voice, text, and photos.
Elevate your language communication with the idict: Translator App! Designed to provide unparalleled translation assistance, idict is your go-to tool for effective and accurate communication across languages. Seamlessly breaking down barriers, idict empowers users to effortlessly interact in over 137 languages, making global communication a breeze.Introducing idictYour Ultimate Translation CompanionAttention Android users! We're excited to introduce you to a groundbreaking language solution that revolutionizes cross-lingual interactions. The idict Translator App is a game-changer, making text, image, and speech translation across 137 languages a reality. Whether you're a traveler, student, professional, or medical personnel, idict ensures you're never lost in translation.Key Features of idict- Real-Time Translation: Immerse yourself in real-time translation across 137 languages, connecting with the world instantaneously.- Voice Clone Translation: idict's algorithm analyzes and learns the nuances of the voice, such as pitch, tone, emotional pronunciation, and generates new audio that sounds like your voice.- Image-to-Text Translation: Capture and translate text from images within seconds, enabling quick comprehension.- Live Conversation: Engage in live conversations without language hindrances, fostering dynamic interactions.- Personalized Touch: Our cutting-edge algorithm mimics the speaker's voice..
Instant recharge of airtime and data bundle...
Resell/Buy Cheapest Data and Airtime. Pay Electricity Bills, Subscribe Cable TVs and Print Recharge Cards.Hence, Sky Data Plug is your all in one cheap data selling, buying, and vending (VTU) app where you get:Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile, Smile, and MTN cheap data.
Quickly check past notifications.
You can quickly check past notifications.・Notifications can be stored indefinitely. (It is also possible to set a time limit.)・Contents can be copied with one click.・Passcode and biometric authentication available.・Browsable by application.
The DIGIpay Android application makes it easy for you to top up your credit.
The DIGIpay android application is a mobile application for loyal DIGIpay members wherever they are. This application makes it easier for you to carry out various transactions such as topping up credit, purchasing electricity tokens, PPOB, etc.With this application, you can easily check the latest credit prices, view transaction history recaps, your balance change history, downline activity, chat with customer service, and so on.Features available in the application:- Purchase prepaid credit and electricity tokens in various nominal amounts- Payment of postpaid bills (Electricity, PDAM, TELKOM, etc.)- Purchase internet vouchers- Chat messenger feature that is connected directly to our credit server engine- Chat feature with customer service- Check balance & account information- Check realtime prices- Addition of balance with the ticket system- Check the transaction history recap- Check the history recap of balance changes (balance transfers, balance additions, transactions, etc.)- View downline agents along with downline agent transaction activity- Feature of registering downline agents- Transfer balance to downline agents- App Lock feature to secure applications from other people's hands- Receipt printing feature for various types of transactions via Bluetooth, supports various..
Complete and legalize your documents with eMeterai By Tax Friends! (Read description)
Sobat Meterai makes it easy to purchase and affix electronic seals (e-Meterai) whose authenticity is guaranteed directly from PERURI. With Sobat Meterai, get various FREE and editable document templates, all in one application..If there are problems, please contact our CS on Telegram 0811-1911-9393or via the following link
User-friendly flight plan app with CTOT and TOBT!
Live flight plan information app for flight crew, ATC, ground crew.ONLY FOR AVIATION PROFESSIONALSGet push notifications of CTOT !Get FPL status:CTOTExpected Standard Initial Departure (SID)CDM informationFlightplan routeTOBTTSATCTOTRegulation cause: view the location on a map and decode itDelay codeTaxi timeAdd a flight to your watchlistCTOT app works for all flights flying within the Eurocontrol region.Read our Terms and Conditions at
Tae Pocket Recargas y pago de servicios
TaePocket es tu solucion para vender recargas, tarjetas de regalo y pago de servicios, todo desde tu celular!
PDF Scanner with AI Technology
True Scanner is an all-in-one scanner app with the latest vision AI technology. True Scanner app turns your mobile device into a powerful portable scanner. Not only TrueScan helps you instantly scan any document to save in PDF, JPG, or TXT formats, but also recognizes text automatically (OCR) in images that having text in it. Thus this app will surely improve your productivity to save your time. So, say goodbye to huge, heavy, electricity-consumed machines and get this ultra-fast scanner app for free now. Seamlessly digitize a variety of documentsfrom book pages, official letters, receipts, cards to whiteboards, and notes. Save and export with ease in both PDF and JPEG formats. Scanning any of your documents, passport, ID,just in 1 tap away.Features:- High resolution scans that preserve most of the original paper document details at super high speed, all done in an intuitive and precise way with the help of AI technology.- Built with latest OCR vision technology that helps extract text from images in many different languages- Multiple page PDF support- Modify, move or delete pages in a PDF..
Simply enter two values and press the "Find Ratio" button
A ratio is a quantitative relationship between two numbers that describes how many times one value can contain another. Applications of ratios are fairly ubiquitous, and the concept of ratios is quite intuitive. This app helps you to find out ratio within seconds. Simply enter two values and press the "Find Ratio" button➡️ App Features ❶ 100% Free app. There is no 'in-app purchase' or Pro offers. Free means absolutely free for life time. ❷ Offline app! You have full freedom to use the app without Wi-Fi. ❸ Beautiful eye-catching design. ❹ App uses little phone space and works fine with low memory. ❺ You can share easily with your friends and family using Share button. ❻ Low battery consumption! The app is optimized to use the battery wisely. Happy? 😎If you feel satisfied, make the App Author happy too. You are requested to leave a 5 star positive review 👍Thank you
AIScanner - Scan Documents to PDF, OCR
AIScanner is an intelligent scanner application that transforms your device into a portable PDF scanner .A mobile scanner that can accurately recognize text in images, can be carried with you.Scaning everything as images or PDFs and export them as multiple scan PDF files..Place any document inf front of youre device's camera.You can scan documents,photos,receipts,reports,or just about anything.Our AIScanner automatically recognizes the doucument against the backgound,crops it,and cleans up the result.Scans are saved to your device as images or PDFs.==Popular features==Intelligent Scanner*Taking documents with mobile phones, automatically removing cluttered backgrounds, unique image processing technology makes documents clearer, generating high-definition PDF and JPG files;*Multiple image processing modes, allowing paper documents to be quickly converted into clear electronic documents using a mobile phone;Extract TextScan and recognize various files, images, books, business cards, etc. Extract the desired text. The recognized content can be edited and copied.Intelligent cropping, removing cluttered backgrounds, freely capturing text content or individual areas, and automatically segmenting recognition results.OCR text recognition*OCR text recognition technology automatically recognizes and extracts image text, intelligently parsing identification information;*Provide users with the most convenient and efficient..
An exclusive APP
i-Pocket is an exclusive APP for users' personnel, attendance, electronic check and verification.1. Personnel managementPersonnel information change, modification and so on!2. Attendance managementTimely grasp attendance information!4. Mobile officeLive somewhere else, work in your hands, pocket office you carry with you, take time off, work hours are under control!5. Parking managementParking application, transfer, cancellation, spot inspection and other management6. Shoe cabinet managementShoe cabinet application, transfer, cancel and other management
Unlimited talk, text & 5G high speed data starting at just $10/month
Introducing Red Pocket Mobile, where Unlimited options meet your lifestyle, starting from just $10 a month. When switching to Red Pocket Mobile, you can keep your existing network coverage or select the network that suits you and your phone best!With our app, you can enjoy seamless in-app payment processing, swift activation of your plan or phone, and effortless installation of your eSIM (available on compatible devices). You can purchase a new iPhone or other devices from our in-app shop and refill your account in just a few taps.Discover more about our products and services by visiting us at You can explore our wide range of offerings there, browse our plans, and find the perfect solution that meets your mobile needs. Thank you for considering Red Pocket Mobile as your mobile provider!California Privacy Notice: Privacy Choices: our Privacy Policy to access these links.
Rethink pension provision with the DWS pension app
Rethink your pension plans with the retirement planning app from DWSGermany's leading investment companyCheck your retirement provision or basic pension contract while on the go or track the performance of your investments. Check your government funding and much moreeverything safely and quickly.- Quick overview of your pension contracts – DWS RiesterRente Premium, DWS Vermögenssparplan Premium, DWS TopRente, DWS BasisRente Premium, DWS BasisRente Komfort- Transparency about your state funding- Simple and safeNote: The DWS retirement app is optimized for iPhone 6 and higher.Do you already know the version for PC and tablet? At you will find all the functions of the DWS retirement app optimized for larger screens.*DWS is the largest German provider of mutual securities funds in terms of fund assets under management. Source: BVI. As of: May 2023
Boost Goals w/Accountability & Social Support
Elephants Makes Personal Goals Social: Set and Reach Your Personal Goals with Accountability & Social Support. Whether it's for health, learning, or habit building, Elephants makes goal setting a fun, social and productive experience.We are home to your entire personal goals listand you get to share them with friends. Here’s how: - Record everything: career goals, fitness goals, adventure goals, relationship goals, financial goals and even hobby goals. Think of Elephants as your home for personal goals. - Build a support network: Elephants is about celebrating friendships and support. Invite your friends to join you on your goal quest and benefit from the added support and accountability. - Join and create challenges: browse our thousands of goal templates or create your own goal from scratch (coming soon!). Support your friends to achieve their goals, and join them in a shared goal for maximum fun. - Embrace the unfiltered: Elephants is organized into goal based group chats where you can chat and share your real efforts with real friends. Because only people you invite will be able to see your progress,..
Recognition Satisfaction No. 1 Transcription app even on your smartphone!
AI MINUTES, the only ZOOM-linked automatic meeting minutes tool with No. 1 recognition satisfaction in Japan, is now available on Google Play! Make meetings and notes easier with real-time speech recognition and translation! It costs $9.99 USD/month and of course works with the web version. For example, in the following situations.- Office meeting transcription- Transcription and notes of lecture content- Online meetings using smartphones【Functions】- Real-time transcription with voice recognition- Translate from Japanese to multiple languages- Share notes- Cooperation with web version【Plans】Only the following plans can be purchased for the mobile version. If you are using a browser, you can use other plans with the same account.- Free- Personal
Gate Sentry is a completely mobile visitor management system
The next generation in visitor management! Gate Sentry is a completely mobile visitor management system that revolutionizes security for exclusive guarded properties by linking hosts directly to security staff via mobile applications, eliminating outdated paper logs and expensive hardware. Now, hosts manage their own guest lists in real-time from anywhere in the world and the security staff has the most up-to-date and accurate visitor information available.