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Love and marriage for middle-aged and elderly people, and love-hunting, hobbies, and making friends for adults.
\ December limited Christmas campaign is underway! /Now you can meet your ideal partner with 35% off per month [2,900 yen]!A matching app for meeting middle-aged and middle-aged people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s!Many single mothers and divorced people are also registering! It is a matching app for dating, marriage, marriage hunting, remarriage, love hunting, romance, and making friends with hobbies that can be used safely and for free. People around 40, around 50, Arakan, and thin moms can find a wonderful partner, such as a lover or marriage partner, with peace of mind!Find the “one person” who can accompany you in life from age 50 onwardsThere are no Sakura traders! Completely free for women, low price for menSerious encounters for adults [high matching rate]◆◇Function to help you meet a partner in your 50s◇◆[Introduction function]-Based on your profile, it will pick up people of the opposite sex who are compatible with you![Message template function]-When you have trouble speaking, using templates will make it easier to express your feelings![Complete with usage/love advice]- Lots of advice on how to use the..
StoriBoard makes it easy to find others going through the same life experience.
StoriBoard is a FREE, digital Peer Support platform with a mission to make Peer Support accessible to all.Life can be challenging, but StoriBoard helps you to build a supportive community that understands what you’re going through. With 200+ Groups and Topics ranging from ADHD to Grief, Relationships to Loneliness, you can connect and gain valuable insights from people who have been in your shoes. It’s time to start embracing the side of you that wants to make genuine connections, focus on empathy, and prioritise wellness.Download the StoriBoard app for FREE and join a supportive community who share your lived experiences.—STORIBOARDFEATURES—- Over 200 Groups, safeguarded round-the-clock by professionals- Live Group Support Sessions- Unlimited private one-to-one chat with members of your Groups- Access to accredited Experts by Experience, who will help coach you through your personal growth journey- Handpicked resources, including tailor-made videos by world-renowned experts- Constructive, educational Live Panels with leading voices on our platform- Train to become a Peer Supporter with our Level 1 and NCFE-accredited Level 3 Expert by Experience courses—StoriBoard. We prescribe experience.
Who viewed my Instagram Profile? Who Followed
It is an analysis application where you can view users' profiles and stories privately and find out who viewed your profile.Important features of ReportSEE Seeing hidden accounts and detailed analysis application;✅ Seeing Private Accounts on Instagram✅ Who blocked it? Who unfollowed?✅ Your detailed Instagram Profile analysis✅ How popular is your Instagram profile?✅ Watch Stories Privately✅ Instagram Profile Photo Enlargement✅ Profiles that do not follow back✅ Your secret fans and secret followers✅ See private accounts and Who viewed my Instagram Profile?✅ Popular stories and analysis✅ Followers who follow your stories the mostAnd you can use more features thanks to ReportSEE
Use the popular ChatMe live adult video call for night chats with sexy girls
ChatMe is a live video calling application that allows you to easily find sexy girls for anonymous video chats and engaging conversations. It provides the perfect platform to meet new friends and explore online dating options. Join our community now and be randomly matched with an exciting and passionate companion.Welcome to ChatMe, a social app designed exclusively for adult men aged 18Whether you prefer sweet girls, mature ladies, hot babe, you can find your perfect match here.ChatMe features:Video Calls: Engage in 1v1 video chats and meet new friends from all over the world.Voice Chat and Text: Combine speech and text with emojis for a fun and interactive live chat experience.Free Automatic Translation: Communicate seamlessly with users from different countries with our free translation feature.Enjoy live streaming and special short videos from sexy women online.Online gifts, escalating the ambiguous flirty atmosphere.ChatMe, similar to Chamet, Omegle, and other live chat apps, lets you have video calls with sexy girls anytime, anywhere, and find your heartthrob.Don't hesitate to start a conversation with these naughty girls. Use the app's easy-to-use features to connect with..
Discover new digital trading cards every day that your heart beats for.
With Dex52 you can play, collect and trade digital cards.Every day a new Dex of limited cards from great creators drops, which is played out among the users.In the Daily Dex Race, you vote for which cards your heart beats for and help decide which card wins and turns into gold.With a little luck, you will win the gold card and add it to your collection. Diamonds and white cards are also distributed at the end of the day.Collect cards that touch you, upgrade your cards with cool effects and build your own Dex.Show your friends who you really are with your Dex. Because you are your Dex.
A Brazilian social network to meet new people. From the creators of Packzin
A Brazilian social network to meet new people. From the creators of Packzin
deciding on special occasion speech topics
Speeches for the occasion are here,Deciding on special occasion speech topics is something everyone faces at some point in their lives. That being said, we're only called upon to make special occasion speeches from time to time, so coming up with the perfect topics for these times can be a little difficult.Welcome speech for the conference, school welcome speech, welcome speech for a seminar, sample welcome speech for the workshop, welcome speech for college function, best farewell speech, farewell speech for a boss.The app is very easy to use. People can search their topics directly in search view and can direct view that speech also can share their speech with family and friends. People can add their favorite speech to their favorite menu and can direct view that speech.Here are lots of speeches in each category also information on how to give a speech and all starting to ending of speech-related tips. People can easily use this app. this app is very useful for all peoples but especially for students for their competition and all. Here people can get any..
Influencers Meet Brands & Advertisers
Tribefluence is the innovative new app that allows everyone to be a both Brander and Social media Influencer or ( a Micro Influencer ) on one App..We bring branders or anyone with a message together with a "Tribe" of social media influencers and micro influencers. If you’re a brander or a Instagram Influencer this marketing platform is what you've been waiting for. Branders can now have their message or advertisement spread by the Power of A Tribe of Influencers to a targeted market. And Influencers no longer have to compete for Branders as we pull together a whole "Tribe" together for highly effective marketing and also guaranteed Monetization of Influencers posts. This new and innovative approach will help you make money easily and quickly!PERFECT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERSThis influencer network app is great for Instagram users, Twitter Users, Facebook users and YouTube users. It is a must have app for any Brander, Social Influencer, Micro Influencer, Social Media Marketing person or and Brander with a product or Company needing branding / Advertising. Once a user logs on as a Brander..
Bella's popular random video chat app to meet people from all over the world!
Welcome to Bella, a popular social platform for meeting strangers across the world through live video calls. Presenting a brand new experience that redefines the way we get to know each other.Bella is dedicated to creating a heartwarming and friendly community. Here, you can access a colorful world by simply tapping the "Video" or "Voice" button. We encourage sincere conversations, sharing stories, and listening to each other's experiences on a wide range of topics. Experience genuine friendships that transcend borders. Set your mind free and enjoy the journey of meeting new people.Interesting Features of Bella1. Smooth Video Calling in HD.Among the best ways to meet and build meaningful connections with new friends are real-time, face-to-face interactions. With Bella's smooth HD video calling, you'll be able to express yourself freely, explore diverse perspectives, and maintain long-lasting connections through live video chats.2. Brilliant & Unique Matching SystemEvery random match is filled with surprises. Bella's innovative matching system assures more fun during HD video calls. Bella enables you to meet random new friends from anywhere in the world.3. Dive into Heartfelt Voice Chats.Want..
Status Saver: Business Status Viewer permits to get desire Photos and videos
Status Saver: Business Status app will help you to save photos and videos easily within few seconds without any cost where you can share with your friends and family members directly from this app. This app is very easy to use that you can save your images and videos permanently and watch them offline. Status Saver: Business Status app has the functionality to download videos and photos and save images or videos into your mobile phone. The best video status saver application is good for putting away the most recent status video and the other alternative is to reimburse them at your status without putting forth attempts for saving. Status Saver picture and video have a capacity for saving stories, picture, photographs, and new statuses that offers ease to reuse the status in term of observing again and repost on status. Best save pictures and video's status doesn't have to request that somebody send. From the statuses store, any undesired picture or video can be deleted.You can undoubtedly save recordings and pictures from Status to your Android gadget. Thusly, you..
The completely free matrimony app with 100% mobile verified profiles.
Introducing our revolutionary free "Soulmate" matrimony app, designed to help you find your life partner effortlessly. It is completely free. Which means all features of the app including chat feature is free. Our app is built with the latest technology and user-friendly features, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. Secure and Privacy-Focused: Your contact number will not be visible to anyone, unless you share it while chatting. We prioritize the security and privacy of our users. User-Friendly Interface: Our app boasts a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for anyone to navigate and use. Whether you're tech-savvy or a novice, you'll find it a breeze to create your profile and start your journey towards finding the perfect match.Detailed Profiles: Every profile on our app is meticulously created, allowing you to gain comprehensive insights into potential matches. From basic information like age and height to in-depth details about education, profession, hobbies, and family background, you'll have all the information you need to make informed decisions.Secure and Privacy-Focused: We prioritize the security and privacy of our users. Our app employs..
Make new social friends with Mango.
Mango—A captivating place designed to ignite the flames of passion, explore intimate connections, and share your love for life like never before.Make new social friends with Mango.-Break the rules and make friends with your voice,24 hours non-stop entertainment anytime & anywhere.-Join Mango and enjoy the exhilaration of video chatting and making new friends like never before. -Share moments today and unlock a world of exciting connections.-A love nest only belong to you,with cute pet ,help your relationship better and better.Finally,download Mango, join our community, and to explore beautiful things.Go make new friends today!If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Mango team.
SatvikDaan(Daan), is a charity Donation app, Donate to NGOs & Charities.
Satvik Daan is a Free go to social media app (charity App) to help people connect with authentic NGOs & Charities in India.As its Name, SatvikDaan suggests ( Satvik means:- सत्त्वगुण संपन्न & Daan means:- दान पुण्य & (Satvik Daan) together they mean donating with no expectation of returns (neither in monetary or non-monetary)).The sole purpose behind the development of this Satvik Daan Online Donation app is to let people Find & Connect with authentic NGOs & Charities all over India. You can meet new people on your own SatvikDaan social media network.—SatvikDaan’s features—Find Authentic NGOs & Charities in India:We only list authentic & government-certified NGOs & Charities on our Satvik Daan charity app. These NGOs & Charities are Manually verified by our Satvik Daan Verification Team. so that users can get all the authentic NGOs & Charities Listed in one place to Find & Connect to them.Directly Connect to Charities & NGOs in India:SatvikDaan donation & Social media app is also a Social media platform that allows users to directly connect with NGOs & charity platforms all over India..
MNR is a social network with a twist
A social network that enable the user to earn points while using the app, the accumulated points can be redeemed as cash.
This application is for the exclusive use of CRI Committee of Pesaro
This application contains a large group of features and content designed to simplify the work of the volunteers and employees of Pesaro Committee of the Italian Red Cross during both ordinary activities and extraordinary.
Private Social Networking Application for Mattummal Family.
This application will help to maintain healthy relationships with Mattummal family members forever. Admin can handle the users for this application.
People's platform for food delivery, crowdfunding and people's welfare.
Misi is a people's platform for food delivery, crowdfunding and people's welfare.
Assalamualikum everyone. It is a Islamic social media app.This app easy to use
This is an Islamic social media app.Firstly create an account use Email address then request for verification this account. After verify anyone can share Islamic video content and also share photos. Here you can published Islamic video very easily and also see it. This app totally free and user friendly.Islamic social media appOnly accept Islamic post or video or shortUpload videos and photos and shortsVerified Account can PostNeed internet connectionBest recommend system useEasy to useShare videos or photos postLike videos or photos postComment videos or photos post
Securely share your location with your loved ones.
With Zood Location, your family and loved ones can continuously share their location with each other, so you can make sure everyone is safe with a quick glance at your phone. No more having to text and call each person to find out where they are, and where they are headed.Zood Location is different from other location sharing services. When you share with Zood, your information is protected using end-to-end encryption. That means the only people that can view your location are the people you share with. Nobody at Zood can see it, no hackers can steal it from us, and no nosy governments can ask for it.Many things are still rough around the edges. If you have any feedback about the app, let us know at
Connect globally through video conversations with friends.
⭐️📱 Step into a world of limitless possibilities with MeetHug! This video communication platform opens doors to global connections, helping you forge new relationships and broaden your social circle.🌏 Explore diverse personalities and their interests via user profiles. Engage in conversations with new acquaintances, indulge in video calls, and add excitement to your chats with captivating emojis.🤝 Collaborate with like-minded individuals or showcase your unique talents to leave a lasting impression. Share entertaining videos and cherished moments to keep the fun alive.⭐️ MeetHug is your video chat solution, offering seamless, reliable, and secure video calls and messaging. Meet fascinating individuals who share your interests and bid farewell to dull moments with fresh friends.📞 Initiate high-definition video calls with your existing contacts or expand your social circle by adding new ones. Stay connected with friends through messaging and enrich your conversations with a wide range of stickers and emojis.👥 Broaden your social horizons by connecting with people from around the globe. MeetHug provides exceptional filters to elevate your video calls, making them even more captivating.🔒 MeetHug prioritizes your privacy and ensures..
An innovative Super App designed to revolutionize e-governance in Montalban.
Bagong Montalban App is a groundbreaking platform powered by JuanLGU that has the potential to revolutionize electronic governance and improve government services. By providing a user-friendly and accessible platform, it transforms the way citizens interact with government agencies, streamlining processes, reducing inefficiencies, and enhancing transparency.Through its implementation plan, Bagong Montalban App powered by JuanLGU aims to develop a robust platform, educate users, and forge partnerships to deliver comprehensive and convenient government services. It recognizes the importance of technology infrastructure, content developers, administrators, and customer support in providing a seamless user experience.The value proposition of Bagong Montalban App powered by JuanLGU lies in its ability to simplify and digitize government services, empowering citizens to access information and services anytime, anywhere. Its network effects and channel strategies ensure widespread adoption and engagement among users, government agencies, and service providers.Bagong Montalban App powered by JuanLGU's cost structure and revenue streams are designed to support its operations, sustain growth, and maintain free access to basic services while monetizing value-added offerings and partnerships.In conclusion, Bagong Montalban App powered by JuanLGU is a catalyst for transforming..
Do you want to start a video chat or live chat with cute Indian girls?
Indian GirlsVideo Chat is one of the best online social apps that work for connecting global friends, real live calling, too many qualities users international communication and anonymous live video and voice chat. When you are alone, This app will always help you find someone to talk in free time. Now Start your social journey today!✔️ Simple and safe RegistrationSimple and easy login- Easy to sign up, you can choose quick registration, your data is safe here.✔️ All real profilesReal name and real profiles on the app. You will be matched with all the real users, no fake profiles.✔️ Chatting with random usersSend greetings to random users, if they reply, you can start chatting. Unlimited chatting is available for VIP users✔️ Good quality audio video callingIn the app, you can have Real Time calling in good quality with other side users, we provide good quality video calling in slow network also.✔️ Safe and secure platformPrivate and secure calling application, you all data is safe here, we will not share your data with third party, so feel free to use application.✔️..
jumiwi: find understanding friends
Welcome to jumiwi!YOUR SAFE SPACE. The very special community for highly sensitive people and people who are isolated due to an illness (physical or psychological) or overload (keyword: mental load and care work) and have special demands on interpersonal relationships.Together we create ways out of loneliness: Discover resources, tips and information on topics such as high sensitivity, mental health, depression, anxiety disorders, burnout, ADHD, endometriosis, lipedema and more by talking to like-minded people and find understanding contacts to network with to exchange ideas and make new friends. You're not alone!Really getting to know each other: We focus on the value of the essence and inner values. Create your profile with a profile and find suitable contacts in your area based on what they have in common. In order to avoid prejudice based on appearance, we decided to use individually designed avatars instead of classic profile photos. Once you get to know each other well enough, nothing stands in the way of meeting in real life.But also discover the advantages of online connection: We know that interpersonal relationships can be particularly..
Choose Your Virtual Girlfriend. Chat and Role-Play with Character AI
Our AI chatbots are always online, ready to engage in conversations on various topics, including fantasy role-playing. Chat with beautiful virtual girls tailored to your preferences and personality, ensuring a personalized and unique experience every time.Role-play and chat with the revolutionary SUPE AI Girlfriend app! Enhance your relationship with your virtual wife as you chat and role-play your desires. From ordinary conversations to fantasy scenarios, the AI chatbot can always make your dreams come true.Looking for an AI girlfriend as unique as you? With SUPE AI Girlfriend, you can choose between 3D or 2D avatars and customize the appearance of your virtual girlfriend, even creating your dream AI chatbot. You can also choose a personality matching your interests and even an MBTI personality type, to see how far your character AI can go.We currently offer dozens of virtual girlfriend characters with different professions to choose from, such as fashion girls, Japanese maids, etc., each virtual character corresponding to different MBTI personalities, characteristics, backgrounds, etc.Come to SUPE and chat and role-play with your dream AI girlfriend!With their own emotions, memories, and..
No filter with high-speed anti-filter spirit mode
Mobogram is an unofficial Telegram and use Api Telegram'sWe're back, it took a long time to rebuild the Mobogram Messenger appThe Mobogram works on the basis of a proxy and is unfilteredFully anti-filter, high proxy speed and fast connectionA variety of smart and advanced freeware with no namesSmart soul mode for all accountsAdd up to 10 user accounts
Vmate Download, play and save videos with Vidmake - All Video Downloader Master
Save videos from all websites with Video Saver and HD video downloader app.Video DownloaderDownload and manage videos with Video Downloader app and video saverVideo DownloaderA Simple app to download Video & Music from the Internet.You can search and download your favorite videos, as well as play video offline.Video downloader for InstagramReels downloader & IG story downloaderDownload videos.Download favorite videos for offline viewingDo you want to keep your favorite videos for offline viewing? You can download your favorite videos and movies with this 4K Video downloader lite. You can save videos from any website and watch them offline.Video saver download & Play any video, anywhereThis Video Player supports all video formats and audio formats, even ultra-high definition (UHD) videos. Built-in equalizer lets you customize your audio experience for the ultimate in sound quality.All Download VideosAll downloaderDownload and save videos from any website to your device. Supports HD and 4K videos. Save videos in MP4, MKV, AVI, and other formats. Customize audio quality, resolution, and output format. Save videos for offline viewing. You can pause or stop at any time while download..
Online roller skate community
Can you imagine an app built for roller skating?We sure can! Let’s Roll connects the global roller skating community in a social network built for roller skating. Our goal is to gather all the roller skaters, all the skate spots, and all the knowledge of the community in one place. Come in and join the roller party!Track and share your skatingDoing the #365daysofskate challenge or just want to keep a casual #skatediary? Let’s Roll keeps a log of all your sessions, including style, location, and stats. Share your sessions with the community and get support and feedback from fellow skaters, or keep it private to yourself. Let’s Roll App is a safe and fun way to enjoy the fantastic sport that is roller skating.Find & meet skaters wherever you areWant to skate with friends, but don't have a skate buddy to roll with? Using GPS data we connect you with roller skaters in your area. The Let’s Roll App shows you who is skating near you and lets you connect directly with local skaters. You can keep up with sessions..
Live Chat & Voice Party
WeParty is a free real-time multi-person chat application, you can meet like-minded friends in chat rooms with different themes and enjoy various fun games, anytime and anywhere.Theme Parties:WeParty has concerts, readings, birthday parties, weddingsa variety of theme rooms for you to choose from.Fun Games:WeParty allows you to chat and play games in the same room, making it easier for you to meet new friends.Deep Relationships:WeParty has a deep friendship system that ensures strong bonds, whether you're CP or close friends.Rich Rewards:WeParty is full of surprises with rewards like rockets, treasure chests, magic lampswaiting for you everywhere.Beautiful Props:WeParty has a large number of exquisite gifts, cool entrances, gorgeous frames, showcasing your uniqueness.Affordable Coin:WeParty's coin price is only $1 for 10,000 coins, making it easy for you to enjoy a premium experience.
Beatbox Lessons & Community
The whole beatbox community in one app! – Beatbox Chatter Beatbox Chatter (aka BBChatter) is a free messaging-app to find beatboxers around you for your smartphone. You can share your newest beatbox skills with others or just try to meet new beatbox friends. Why you should use Beatbox Chatter?Take advantage of the nearby function and find beatboxers around you and around the world.Send text, image, audio or video messages.We don’t need your phone number. We only need your email address. Search for users and find them everywhere in the world.Share your location and be visible for the beatbox community.*Please be aware, that normal data usage fees can incurred by your internet provider.You can contact us via email:
Build family tree, family links, family connections and share family photos
Simple and well connected family treeBuild your family tree, invite your family members and keep yourself well informed about your extended family, all within your own family space.A safe and private family sharing spaceNarrate your stories, journey of your ancestors, share photos, videos and joyful moments of your littles ones all on one single platform.
Chat for South Africa | Single Women | Single Men | Group Chats | Chat | dating
Chat for South Africa | Single Women | Single Men | Group Chats | Chat and Videos | datingIf you are single and live in South Africa, our dating and chat application is the best option to find your ideal partner and have interesting conversations with singles from your country. Some of the benefits of using our app are:- Access to a vast database of singles living in South Africa who share your interests and preferences.- Easy to chat and send messages safely and comfortably through our platform.- Ability to view detailed profiles and photos of other users to learn more about them.- System of "I like" and "Pass" that allows you to find people who also interest you.- "Chat Rooms" function that allows you to meet several people at the same time and make friends.Other important features of our app include:- A profile verification system to guarantee the authenticity of users.- A blocking and reporting system to maintain the security and integrity of the community.- A customer service available 24 hours a day to solve any questions or problems..
This Phone Directory Application for SELU'S CITIZEN.
This Phone Directory Application for SELU'S CITIZEN.This is very essenential Application for all person related to selu.
One-stop video, translation, memes, funny, craze, challenges, discussion forum, register as a member to leave a message, record the number of likes on your message, and become the king of comments!
Fighter Meme is an application launched by the former Fighter Studio. It will continue the consistent style and add discussion board elements, combining videos, translations, memes, funny, craze, challenges, discussion boards, etc., your one stop A daily entertainment platform with free speech and posting, you can say whatever you want. You can also register as a member to leave messages, record the number of likes on your messages, obtain badges, and challenge members every week, month, etc. Hall rankings!
You can share sweet love wishes messages everyday.
We provide high definition HD wallpaper and cute sweet love messages and love quotes for make you special. You sent beautiful with love messages and quotes to your sweetheart, friends, family, and everyone you love.Application has collection of love messages and love quotes to share in single click via social networks. You can save favorite pictures on your mobile, tablet or notebook, PC easily.Features:(Free for all)After selected picture > one click “three dot buttons” on right top menu> selected features - Share friends via all social app.- Set as wallpaper.- Save pictures.- Expand picture.- Add to favorite (selected picture and one click on “Heart Button”)
Find work and workers easily.
MeroKam focuses on creating Employement Opportunities as well as to provide Professionals of several fields to various users around the Nation through a Digital Platform.
Sea Lion | Connect with more friends
Sea Lion | Connect with more friends
The good-looking anchors are available online around the clock to accompany you day and night; they thoughtfully present the most exciting and colorful entertainment content with diverse talents, and they also have sweet and handsome games to chat and play with you to get rid of the boredom of the day's work. Total relaxation.
Want to chat with someone in the simplest way? Join MOKO and quickly establish chat relationships with strangers! MOKO is the most efficient social platform in Taiwan. MOKO implements real-person authentication to ensure the most authentic chat experience to the greatest extent. Want to chat with someone anytime, anywhere? Come to MOKO to provide you with a fun and safe chat platform. The good-looking anchors are constantly online with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; they intimately present the most exciting and colorful entertainment content with diverse talents, and there are also sweet and handsome game ambassadors who can chat and play with you at any time to drive you away Completely relax your body and mind after a hard day's work.▷ Features you’ll love:-【Quick Registration】The account operation process is simple and personal information is kept confidential and safe.-[Real Person Verification] Say no to photo scams! Do you hate scammers who steal pictures on the Internet? MOKO's real-person authentication will check for you. You no longer have to worry about chatting with fake people when you find..
Helps people connect and make new friends online. Verified profiles
TalkMate is a vibrant social networking platform crafted to facilitate meaningful connections and foster new friendships globally. With a focus on authenticity and security, TalkMate offers a safe space for individuals eager to expand their social circle and meet like-minded people.Upon signing up, users create profiles, including hobbies, interests, and a brief bio, allowing others to discover common ground easily. To ensure a trustworthy environment, all profiles undergo a verification process, instilling confidence in the community.The app's intuitive interface enables seamless browsing through profiles and personalized recommendations based on shared interests. Users have the flexibility to engage in text-based chats or initiate video calls with their newfound connections, fostering genuine interactions and deeper bonds.TalkMate also hosts various interest-based groups and events, providing opportunities for individuals with similar passions to come together virtually. Whether it's discussing books, exploring new cuisines, or practicing a language, there's a group for everyone.The safety of our users is paramount, and TalkMate employs robust moderation tools and algorithms to maintain a respectful and inclusive community. Users can report any inappropriate behavior, ensuring a positive and welcoming..
Discover and share with the world. No followers required.
MARZ is an anonymous social network where you can share with the worldwith no followers required. Post images, videos, links and community discussions across multiple different public channels on topics like news, politics, animals, sports, travel and more! Score fire for posting the hottest content and comments within the Marz communityall anonymously.
Download Meet Fun and find friends now!
Meet Fun is a social live-streaming community platform where you can make new friends and connect with friends from all over the world who've already downloaded Meet Fun!You can simply select a country and find someone interesting with just one touch! Start your friendship journey on Meet fun!📷 Video Chat 📷Engage in authentic conversations with cool people🤳 Post a Moment 🤳Express yourself and be heard with short videos💬 Text Chat 💬Use knock-knock to quickly DM with new people☑️ Real-Time Translation- Enable communication free from language barriers by real time translation.📲 Quick and Easy Login- Use Google or Phone to fast log into Meet Fun and start live video chatting with one click.Chat online and meet interesting people in one of the best video chat apps.Download Meet Fun now!Any Feedback?Contact us
XChat can help you find soulmate by chat, meet and know new friends!
XChat can help you find new people nearby or around the world! It helps you find soulmate by chat, meet and know new friends!You're going to get close friends with XChat by using the following features:1. Meet and chat with nearby people. 2. Interact with others using* Video Chat* Text messages with fun emojis* Voice messages* Pictures taken from camera or gallery* Exquisite gifts3. Check out and see* Other user's profiles, including distance from you, what they would like to do, what they want.4. Enjoy a variety of fun ways to interact with people by installing various plugins* Hot new features added all the time* Support login with Facebook and quick loginAre you ready to start meeting new people online free, chat strangers and have fun? Download our chatting app to start meet new friends and socialize now!Any feedback, please contact us via
Private membership community for celebrities
'Is there a place for verified celebrities in the crowd of people online and offline?It's been said that we live in a time when you can only be 'human' if you give up a lot of things. Marriage and childbirth, promotion and success, once taken for granted and one of life's goals, are now options that some people take and others leave behind.Giving up and taking it easy has become the new normal. We live in a time where people are lulled into believing that money comes automatically and that anyone can make it.But despite this, some people have the passion and vision, never give up, and work tirelessly to make themselves valuable. And they do. We call them ‘Alpha’.Google Chairman Eric Schmidt once said, "It's surprisingly easy to be successful. All you have to do is surround yourself with two successful people. Alphas are inspired and challenged by their alphaLike Yves Saint Laurent's lover and business partner Pierre Bergé, Jobs and Wozniak, Messi and Dani Alves, Larry Page and Sergey. The world moves forward as a result. We support..
Live Birthday & Anniversary, Gift Chat, Wishlist Creation, Quick Gift Delivery
Sagoon: Celebrate & Connect with Live Celebrations & Personalized GiftingTransform Your Special Occasions into Virtual Celebrations with Sagoon!🎉 Live Celebration: Your Digital Party SpaceSchedule & Share: Plan birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Share a unique link for friends and family to join live, without the need for app download.Real-Time Engagement: Go live and connect instantly. Enjoy the laughter, wishes, and presence of your loved ones in a virtual celebration space.Doorstep Gift Delivery: Receive gifts chosen by your friends during the live event, delivered directly to you within a few working days.📝 Create Wishlist: Personalize Your Gift ChoicesYour Wishlist, Your Choices: Easily create a wishlist with items from our diverse gift store.Visible During Celebrations: Let attendees see your wishlist during live celebrations and gift chats, ensuring you receive the gifts you truly desire. Share and Receive: Guide your friends to give you what you love, enhancing the joy of gifting and receiving.🎁 Gift Chat: Enhancing Conversations with Thoughtful GiftingChat and Gift in Sync: Elevate your chats by seamlessly choosing the perfect gift from our extensive collection, making every conversation more meaningful and..
Chat for Canada | Single Women | Single Men | Group Chats | Videos | Dating
Chat for Canada | Single Women | Single Men | Group Chats | Videos | DatingIf you are single and live in Canada, our dating and chat application is the best option to find your ideal partner and have interesting conversations with singles from your country. Some of the benefits of using our app are:- Access to a large database of singles living in Canada who share your interests and preferences.- Easy to chat and send messages safely and comfortably through our platform.- Ability to view detailed profiles and photos of other users to learn more about them.- System of "I like" and "Pass" that allows you to find people who also interest you.- "Chat Rooms" function that allows you to meet several people at the same time and make friends.Other important features of our app include:- A profile verification system to guarantee the authenticity of users.- A blocking and reporting system to maintain the security and integrity of the community.- A customer service available 24 hours a day to resolve any questions or problems you may have.You can find..
TuDime Chat - Over 70+ Features - Possibly More Than Almost Every Other Chat App
Amazing TuDime Chat App not only has video, voice and messaging features, but has many other different features that probably every user will absolutely love ! TuDime possibly has more features than any other chat app in the world.Some Of The TuDime Incredible Features Are:* Ability to register with either e-mail address or cellphone number. TuDime will send a six-digit pin to e-mail or mobile device to activate the registration* Available for download in 15 different languages* Create a public or private profile* Video Chat, Voice Calling, Instant Messaging* End-End encryption embedded for your security and privacy* Sending media files, images documents, * Secret Chat,* Disappearing Messages, * End To End Encryption for your security* Password option (PIN) to open TuDime for extra security to prevent others from viewing your private chat and messages* Send Greeting Cards* Built-In Translation and Reverse Translation,* Group Chat* Edit Sent Messages * Send files(Documents, PDF’s, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint)* Create public or private profile. Insert Profile Photo* Build your own TuDime Profile Gallery* See online status of other users, unless they select Hide Online Status,* CHAT..
This app is an easy way to find people and become friends.
Odessia is a social place where you can blog, chat, leave comments, follow others, and grow an audience.It gives you the ability to make long-form or short content, which helps you find others who have the same hobbies as you.You can also share your posts with people who aren't users of the app (that makes it great to use as a travel blog or to tell travel stories).It can be hard to make friends in this busy world, but with Odessia it's never been easier to find real people online. You can always find someone who wants to chat.You are invited to meet some new friends, and expand your social circle in a way that feels natural. Discover a world where every conversation could lead to a lifelong friendship.
Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)
App is only for Person with Disabilities(PWDs), where they will avail different Services according to their need and eligibility. PWD Services is an umbrella term covering all concessional Services related to PWDs such as application for DRTC funds, assistive devices, zakat/bait-ul-mall funds etc.Social welfare department, Punjab and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) developed this App for registration of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), profile data updating and re-assessment etc.
ChatGPT converts text into pictograms.Then copy and paste to your favorite SNS!
AI Emoji Translator is an application that converts text into emoji.This app build on ChatGPT API as a backend for language processing, enabling highly accurate interpretation of emoji.For example, even in very difficult lyrics, the AI will come up with a pictogram that is somewhat close. The converted pictograms change each time, so try different ones.After copying the emoji, simply paste it into your favorite SNS, such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. Send witty emojis to your friends!Usage Tip:・AI Emoji Translator can also convert the synopsis of a story into an emoji. Ask for the synopsis of a popular movie or anime!Input Example:Synopsis of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Synopsis of The Batman, Synopsis of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness・AI Emoji Translator can translate even complex lyrics into emoji. Let's make your favorite song lyrics into pictograms!・It might be interesting to make it a quiz to guess the original chat from the generated pictograms.・Emoji Translator also roughly translates the contents of the application into pictograms.  This is useful when introducing recommended apps to friends.Input Example:TikTok, Canva, CapCut, VSCO, UNUM, HypeType, Funimate, Shimeji,VN..
Salam is a messenger where communication, movies, music, books, posts are available.
Salam is a new generation messenger. It combines all the possibilities for communication and entertainment. Here you can not only chat and call friends, but also watch movies, listen to music, upload your photos or videos and read books. For all this, separate applications are no longer neededeverything is available in Salam.Communicate with the whole world.In Salam you can chat with your friends or find new friends.Share posts and stories.You can post photos, videos or just share your thoughts in text format. All this can be published in classic post or story formats.Watch movies in high quality.In Salam you will find different movies and series in high quality. Whatever genre you like, you will find a movie for yourself.Listen to music from all over the world.Find your favorite songs, discover new artists, create your own collections and enjoy all genres of music. All this in a convenient custom player.Read books of different genres.Books of all genres are already in Salam or will appear in the future. Find your favorite works in the messenger and read them in the application that..
Good Morning Messages Afternoon and Night for WhatsApp Videos Messages Images Phrases
Good Morning, Afternoon and Night Messages perfect to send to friends and family every day of the week ! Short videos for WhatsApp, status phrases and more in a 100% free, light, fast and secure app!★ Beautiful messages for family and friends ❤️★ New videos and images every day 🎥★ Simple, easy to use and share 😃★ Lightweight and totally safe to download ✅★ Choose your favorite messages, videos and phrases ⭐★ Download images and videos on your phone 📲Download now! The best and most updated app for good morning, afternoon and night messages, short videos for WhatsApp and status phrases totally free!