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Pick a winners for instagram giveaway based on comments, likes, subscriptions
Hosting Instagram and YouTube giveaways is easy!You to Gift is a blogger's main assistant in summarizing the giveaway results. The whole process takes 2 minutes, including collecting the participant database and announcing the winner. We're all for simplicity and fairness, and this is why:- We don't ask for you to authorize your social media profiles on our website, which means you don't have to worry about security.- You can always check the contestant database to make sure we haven't missed anyone.- The price is low for small-scale giveaways and there are always discounts for large-scale ones.- There’s a bonus for downloading our apprun the first few giveaways for FREE!- Stylish images with winners’ usernames and profile pictures to publish on social media: announcing the winner is even easier now! - Automatically generated screencapsdownload and share them on social media to confirm the fairness of the final result!INSTAGRAMRun Instagram giveaways based on likes and comments (all of them or only unique ones). Additionally, you can check subscriptions to your profile. There are also features for picking winners among your subscribers.YOUTUBEOn YouTube,..
Check the Authenticity of SKK (SKA/SKT) and SBU LPJK PUPR
Welcome to SKK Construction Scanner, a smart application for checking the validity of SKK Construction Certificates, SKA Skills Certificates, SKT Skills Certificates, and SBU Business Entity Certificates from the LPJK (Construction Services Development Institute) of the Ministry of PUPR RI. Now, you can easily verify the authenticity of these certificates in seconds!🌟 Why Should You Download SKK Scanner? 🌟Quick and Easy: Going to the office or contacting the authorities to check the certificate is not the best option anymore. With SKK Scanner, you only need to scan the QR Code on the certificate, and the results will be immediately available on your cellphone screen.All Types of Certificates: This application supports various types of certificates, including SKK Construction, SKA Skills Certificate, SKT Skills Certificate, and SBU Business Entity Certificate. No need to worry, all your certificates can be easily verified.Guaranteed Security: The privacy and security of your information is our top priority. This app is designed with the highest security standards to protect your data.Trusted Alternative App: SKK Scanner is a trusted and efficient alternative app to verify your certificates. We..
Arptur is applied to connect and customize the hearing aid by smart phone.
Arptur is applied to connect the hearing aid to the smart phone, and customize the hearing aid via phone.Sound control,Frequency band adjustment, Noise whistle reduction, and also the hearing test .
Fastest VPN for unblock sites, Wi-Fi Security & privacy, Unlimited bandwidth
Cookie ѴРИ, fast & secure ѴРИ proxy.- 1,000,000+ global services, unlimited traffic & speed.- Unblock your favorite sites, bypass network firewall- Reduce network latency and play games smoothly- Hide your IP & location, browse anonymously & securely- Easy to use, swipe once to unlock any content.* Hide your IP & location and protect your privacy, keep you safe from 3rd party tracking* Unblock geographically restricted websites* No registration required, no settings required* Unlimited traffic and speed* Swipe once to unlock any content* No root access needed* Encrypts your internet traffic* 1,000,000+ global services, top server speed & reliability* Using most secure ѴРИ solutionReady to download the Cookie ѴРИ app and enjoy fast and secure internet in an instant?
安全鸭隐私浏览器是一款快速、安全的网络浏览器应用程序,内置第三方广告的广告拦截器。安全鸭浏览器快速、安全且私密,可以防止你被广告跟踪或被恶意软件和弹出窗口感染,快来体验吧。快速安全无需外部插件或设置!安全浏览器为提供安全、快速的网络浏览器。享受无弹出窗口(弹窗拦截器)、恶意软件和其他烦恼的浏览。电池和数据保护安全鸭浏览器减少页面加载时间,提高性能,可提高速度2倍到4倍,节省数据和电池。保护隐私 安全鸭浏览器应用程序还可以提供领先的隐私和安全功能,例如HTTPS Everywhere(加密数据流量)、脚本阻止、第三方cookie阻止和私人选项卡。应用功能• 内置广告拦截浏览器• 弹出窗口阻止程序• 节省数据和电池• 阻止侵犯隐私的广告• 安全地同步书签• 跟踪保护浏览器• HTTPS Everywhere(为了安全)• 脚本拦截器• 第三方cookie阻止程序• 历史• 私人标签• 最近标签• 快速搜索引擎我们的使命是,通过创建安全、快速和私密的浏览器来拯救网络,快来体验吧!
World clock : world time clock app to check whole world time zones
World Clock : World time clock, Global World Clock is the way to connect with world time zones. World clock app brings many features for you to enjoy multiple features in this world clock time of all countries. World clock all country time can show you time of all countries without any cost. It is absolutely free world clock; you don’t need to pay even a single cent to use all features of the easy world clock: world clock USA time. It is a world clock offline, if you don’t have internet or mobile data, don’t worry because you can still use this world clock globe: world clock USA app because it is offline clock app. Watch out real time of world with this real time world clock app: world clock USA. We added a compass in our world clock globetime of all countries app to navigate directions. You can add time zones of your favorite countries in the app home screen to quick access to time zones of your favorite countries. World clock app free is very easy to..
This is a simple and useful notepad app. To Do, Ideas, Schedule and so on.
It is a simple and easy-to-use notepad app. No registration or login is required, so you can start using it right away.Please use notepad app to check your to-dos and schedule.Notepad app are also useful for making lists of ideas and purchases.Notepad App use case・To-Do・Schedule・Idea・Shopping listNotepad app permissionsNo special permissions are required to use this app. Please feel free to use the notepad app.Notepad App SecurityThis app is released after confirming that there are no safety issues with all six types of security software from different vendors for each update. Please feel free to use the notepad app.Please use the free notepad app in various scenes!
Bin File Opener: Bin Viewer creates bin file.
Bin File Opener: Bin Viewer app allows you to read bin files and open binary files in your android device. Now it’s very easy to read binary files with this file viewer for android- bin viewer app. If you have a lot of bin files in your phone and need it to open that, simply try this bin format opener: bin photo file opener app. Bin file viewer for android is very helpful app that allows the user to open and view binary files stored in the device. Bin File Opener: Bin Viewer app is very easy to use because it has easy interface to open and view binary files. Want to convert your photo into binary code or format? Try with this view bin file: bin opener for android. The main purpose to develop this bin opener: Bin Viewer app to convert your any photo and all documents into binary file. You can also open those files inside the app. Convert any picture into binary code and save in the form of PDF. Which features makes this Bin File..
Program Point dari BNI Life
Tingkatkan produksi, raih hadiah point, tukarkan point dengan beragam hadiah menarik!
Air Swipes Android Application!
There are a lot of rules for managing devices every day! Download application and set up swipes on ph
CF File Manager is a simple app, you can use it to protect your files
1.This app can classify and browse files and provide hidden protection for your files.2.You can easily see the new files generated in your phone every day.3.Powerful and easy to use, the installation package is very small.
New myPelletronic App for online access to your ÖkoFEN heating system.
Discover the latest version of the ÖkoFEN myPelletronic app with new functions, optimised performance and a fresh design.First steps -> online access to your heating system:The app gives you full access to you ÖkoFEN heating system with just one click. You can view all settings at any time and from anywhere and make changes if necessary.Top functions:• Multi-system: Up to three systems can be managed per end-user account• Immediate overview of whether everything is in order with the system• Push notifications for important information about the heating system• User interface is identical to the heating control panel• Dashboard shows the same individually configurable start screen as the heating control panel (from system software V4.0)• Help texts directly in the app matching the displayed screen• App is compatible with all older system software versions (from Touch V2.0)• For remote maintenance, the service partner can be given temporary access to the app• News functionWe are grateful for any feedback. If you have any suggestions or problems, please send an e-mail to Your ÖkoFEN team
iCruise S is a mobile application of GPS tracking system
iCruise S is a mobile application of GPS tracking system based on cloud server for the purpose of vehicle fleet managment, vehicle security, and vehicle dispatching etc. including the features such as: real-time tracking, useful daily reports, various kind of alerts, history playback and Geo-fence etc..Are you still worried about the theft of cars?Are you still worried about the big jobs of fleet management?Dont worry, with this excellent application, drink your coffee at table feeling at ease.
#GO HEAT is the AMG App that allows you control stoves and boiler via Wi-fi kit.
#GO HEAT is the AMG App that allows you to easily manage and control all AMG stoves and boilers, purchased with the Wi-Fi kit, everywhere you are through your smartphone. Once the stove/boiler is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you will be able to check it at any time even if you are away from home. Thanks to #GO HEAT, you will have the chance to:- turn on or turn off your stove/boiler safetely- choose your own heating program by setting the power, the temperature and the ventilation desired
TalkMasterAI use latest ChatGPT to assist you in any area to handle anything.
Welcome to use the omniscient and omnipotent TalkMasterAI-AI Chat Bot. This app uses the latest ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4. You can use the TalkMasterAI to assist you in any area to handle anything.No matter what profession you are in or what problem you encounter, you can consult the TalkMasterAI and get multiple solutions. Or, if you just want to chat with someone, you can also talk to the TalkMasterAI. There is nothing that the TalkMasterAI cannot do, only things you have yet to think of.TalkMasterAI is a super powerful AI processing robot. With OpenAI and ChatGPT as its core chat technology, TalkMasterAI can understand the problems you describe and meet your needs like a friend. We have divided various expert roles to provide you with professional services 24 hours a day.Below are the TalkMasterAI's best features, and each of them is worth experiencing personally:·Conversation like familyPowered by ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4, TalkMasterAI can continuously learn from your conversations and explore your interests to provide personalized suggestions. Over time, you will find that it is as warm and familiar as a..
Notifies you of the alarm time set by the notification or widget.
Next alarmwidget, notificationIt notifies the set alarm time.Notifies you of the alarm time set by the notification or widget.* functionAlarm time display via notificationAlarm time display via widgetThis app displays the set alarm of the alarm clock.It shows upcoming wake-up calls and alarm clocks.This app does not have an alarm clock function.* How to useApp installed automatically shows alarm time set in notificationPress and hold on the desktop to create a widget to display the alarm time* Setting menuScreen orientation settingEnable notificationsWidget color setting* cautionInformation is for reference only.* This app uses open source and public images.
Find the interpretation of your dreams - Dreaming and Being
The Sonhar & Ser app is a search tool that quickly finds the meaning of dreams. It is a complete and unique dream book in the segment.
Easiest way to clean your photo&video gallery by only swiping to keep or remove
Swipe Clean | Photo & Video Gallery Cleaner is a useful tool for Android devices that helps to clean up unnecessary photos and free up storage space. The app has been used by thousands of people worldwide. It provides a variety of features, such as removing duplicated photos and videos or the media that you don't need anymoreWith Swipe Clean | Photo & Video Gallery Cleaner, you can easily get rid of junk media files (photos and videos) and find bad quality or duplicate items.The Swipe Clean | Photo & Video Gallery Cleaner app has advanced features for gallery management, such as identifying the items that consume your storage, battery, drain mobile data, or take up too much storage space, allowing you to easily remove them. You can also use it to optimize your photo gallery and find bad quality or duplicate photos. It also has a single-swipe feature that performs instant ease of getting rid of unnecessary images.You can access Image Analysis results, optimize pictures to save space, sort media by source folders, and view all large video files..
3D Realistic Textures visually improve textures by making them 3d in the game
3D Texture is a texture pack that centers on keeping up the initial appearance of the different surfaces that are portion of the game, including 3D modeling enumerating to each substance, squares and objects within the amusement, progressing the illustrations and encounters of each enterprise.DISCLAIMERThis application is made as a non-official addon mod. All files provided for download in this application are provided under a free distribution license. In accordance with All rights reserved.
Battery Voltage Test,Cranking System Voltage Test,Charging System Voltage Test
Battery Tracker BLE is an application for vehicle battery,which can let them know the real-time voltageof car battery.It helps users to know the battery fully by testing cranking and charging system voltage. All of the datas can be showed on mobile through bluetooth.
Music download all mp3 songs: download unlimited music, play offline & online
Download music and share with your friendsMusic Downloader for free makes you to Search, listen and download Mp3 Music song freely.Free music downloader all songs mp3 to search, download, play offlineMusic player mp3 song download application for you phoneFree mp3 music downloadermp3 music is the fastest download app.Need to play free music or download music whenever, anywhere? Download the App Now!All tracks are verified, and available for personal usageYou will find music for any tastes and of any kind with our app.- Great data set, more than a million high quality mp3 tracks. One of the biggest free mp3 music storage.- All trending tube mp3 songs and singers for simple search.- Search music by title, artist, genre or album.- Powerful music player for you play music.- Download free music- save to your device for play offline.- Share music with your friends.- Mp3 download app & song audio downloader- You download tube music easily.- Mp3 Songs downloader for you share downloaded music.- Snap shot your playlist- Fastest download as free mp3 music song finder.- Download & listen music tube without Wi-Fi.Download..
The Graupner HoTT Viewer - Display and audible announcement of telemetry data
Graupner HoTT Viewer enables you to have the telemetry data displayed on your smartphone as well as have them spoken out. This includes sensors attached to your receiver. The voice output can be configured to repeat in custom intervals. You can also set custom thresholds to trigger a message. By creating various “configurations” you can create views specific to any of your models.As a matter of course you can follow your models GPS-coordinates on Google Maps™. In case of a lost signal the last transmitted coordinates are saved and the software will guide you to your model by direction and distance (which usually works better than a mapview).To be able to receive data from your transmitter there has to be a bluetooth module connected to it. You can find those on the productpage for your transmitter under Accessories.Unauthorized copying, editing or reengineering of this software is strongly prohibited.Copyright 2012 by Graupner
Clean junk files and junk apk completely
Super Cleaner is an Android phone cleaning app that it packs powerful tools yet is very easy to use. Just download and enjoy the Junk CleanerWe have several features to help you clean your device.
✔ Junk CleanClean junk files and junk apk completely free
Scan, generate QR, Bar code, track inventory, attendance and much more...
🚩 What you can do with Scan To Google Sheets:✅1. Scan and update your inventory, attendancedirectly to google sheet.✅2. Scan and store your data on your device or google sheets.✅3. After scan QR code, Bar code immediately searching for matching product with Google search.✅4. Store scanning data directly to your google sheets and add additional data to google sheets.✅4. Generate, storing and sharing QR code on your devices.✅4. Track everything you need: inventory, stock, attendance, note🚩 How this works?✅ Create a Google Spreadsheet and share it with your google account (with edit permission) so that your google account can edit it.✅ Enter the sheet details in the app.✅ Start scanning and add additional data.The Stopwatch to google sheets will be automatically uploaded to the Google Spreadsheet!