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Jhumarlal Gandhi - Exporters and Suppliers
Major Prophets - BBE Bible offline version and enjoy the Bible
7 minute brain training using Mnemonic & World Geography for memorization
This app enables you to send positive emotions (sounds and emoji) to Tony.
Is God a Dictator or the Designer? C&R Ministries helps you learn to discern.
Receive guidance and inspiration through a daily quote by Sri Saibaba Sri Babuji
Battleground Survival Squad is newly released Open World Shooter Game
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NDTOONZ-10 : Science video of CALTOONS Class 10
VEX Skyrise official game rules and scoring calculator
An app dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Dev
Everything That Rocks!
Connect with BRINDAVAN GIRI CLASSES in an efficient and transparent manner
greenGENE aims at sensitization & capacity building towards organized plantation
Unravel Today Official Mobile App
International Philippine School in Alkhobar
Oushod Sheba is a medicine and health care eCommerce
Ashara 1442 Ohbat for Dubai Jamaat
Choose your own adventure style RPG book with soundtrack
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This application is used for booking ambulance by citizen of Bihar.
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Goals (or Habits) Tracker with a Financial Planner
A mobile app for the Rotary Districts
Keep track of expiries and renewals on a holistic dashboard. Also on web.
A Community Platform between Teachers & Students
Media volume fader
Radio Play Music offers music from the 90s and today through 2 streams
Web Store for online purchases from Grand Fresh Supermarket, Ernakulam
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Cycling is the first mobile application designed for cyclists in Belgrade.