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Send a direct message to any number without saving it in contacts.
You can send a direct message, make a voice or video call, send documents and photo attachments to a phone number without having to save it in your contacts.Very easy! Just type in the number and press the chat button.
Games for 1 and 2 players. Challenge your friends or play against the AI.
🙂 If you like fun games with 2 people on the same phone or tablet, this app is for you!👉 But also if you don't have friends to play, you can play alone against the AI!🚫 Game without ads. Play Offline!🔍 CHARACTERISTICS:● Play easily with simple controls.● Up to 2 players on the same device.● Unique mini-games and also remakes of famous hits adapted to 2 players.● 6 Minigames and more to be added (many are already in full development).● Game Mode: DUEL (Single match)● Game mode: CUP (Best of 5)● No Ads.● OfflineAnd much more to come😋 Help us improve our game. We love your comments and ideas. Contact us by writing to [email protected]
Radio Antenne Céleste, the radio that connects you to the Celestial!
Radio Antenne Céleste is the first radio to connect you to a gospel that is not turned to the earthly, but to the celestial desire of the Father to make us spiritual beings, reconciled in Jesus Christ by the power of the cross acting in our hearts.Radio Antenne Céleste is the radio of the Season of Pure Faith which is a new season in which God speaks particularly to the heart of man.Deuteronomy 6:5 tells us, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. »The New Season of Pure Faith is a time opened by God himself, where he makes available to his people the correct illumination on the true faith capable of overcoming.
Creative Events organize what's going on in the world of events
Criativa eventos keeps customers informed about all the news in the world of events for debutantes and brides, bringing tips and interviews with suppliers from all over BrazilFrom our news tab you will find new, high-quality and credible stories every week, with great tips for everyone within this universe of events. With that, keeping everyone inside the sensations of the moment.If you are interested, you will still be able to make an online request through our budget tab.We have the address tab available for in-person service, where you can view the exact location of our office.
Smart baby care
1. No anxiety about not knowing when your baby diaper is soiled and suffers from diaper rash.2. Alarms you by APP when baby pees or poo poo for exchanging diaper in right time.3. Automatic recording the time and frequency of your baby excretion and times for diaper replacement for potty training. Data management for health care in cloud for tracking at anytime and anywhere.4. Baby “Sleep Posture” alarm for avoiding sleep on their stomach and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).5. Cry detection by Gateway and soothing by mother recording voice.6. Multiple connecting between smartphone and device without connection lose issue. Mother can monitor the diaper status from anywhere.7. No disconnection problem, multiple connection methods ares upported. Moms can get the baby's temperature from anywhere.8. Auto record temperature changes; daily data on the cloud and changes after take medicine can be traced at any time as future medical care records.
Event Publisher helps you to share and participate in events!
Use Event Publisher to find the most appropriate choice for any event. With a variety of options for event creation and the ability to share with multiple users, the application can be used easily and quickly.It is suitable for organizing a party with friends, outdoor activities, a meeting, a walk or anything, if you are the one who will name it.Much faster than emails or other embarrassing applications, without any conclusion. Experience the experience and power of organizing and planning an event easily. It's so simple to use in your everyday life.WHY TO USE THE EVENT PUBLISHERTIME ECONOMY: You do not have to write many messages, just create an event. Simple.EVENT NOTIFICATION: You can invite any friend you have by SMS, email or any other application on your mobile.EXCHANGE MESSAGES: Exchange messages with other participants, and discuss questions or upcoming events.
Become Champ in Dot Classic 2D Arcade By Completing All Offline Premium Levels
Welcome to Dot The Classical premium Game. Dot Classic is a single player offline arcade game.The Game has different levels, background and different challenges. As per name, It is classic game with simple graphics and UI. The Player of the game is Dot which is like small circle, which moves in only upward direction. Player (Dot) Need to be avoid obstacles which is in way of player. There are different movable and stationary obstacles in between player and finish line. There also hidden obstacles which makes game challenging and adventurous. Each level has progress bar which tells how far is finish line. There are 10 levels and one life in game. Each level has different casual obstacles.There is also one infinite level or practise level so you can for practise. For player movement user need to press left and right hand of device screen. The game is in landscape format Arcade game.As there is lots of levels and challenges, only few can complete this premium game. As this is premium game so there are no ads and no in-app purchase..
Personal portfolio of Rossella Bevacqua
Personal portfolio of Rossella Bevacqua
Come on! come to your feet in minutes.
Come on! Let it come to you day and night. "Hayde" is the biggest market place in Turkey that provides online Market, Food, Flowers, Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Children's Clothing, Rental and House for Sale, 2nd Hand Products, Hotel, Airline Tickets, Car Rental, 2 EL Vehicle Sales. application.It allows you to save time by bringing together thousands of product types and service types. You can order with Hayde at any time at an affordable price, you can track the arrival of the courier on the map after placing your order, and you can know in how many minutes your products will be with you.Come on! It's very easy to order with. Add Market, Food, Flower and more than 10 service types to the cart, choose one of the Cash on Delivery or Credit Card payment options and place your order. Moreover, place your orders at the best price without missing the unique promotion and discount opportunity.Your order will come to you within 20-45 minutes on average. Come on! Download the app now and place your order.Features:• Add your most used..
Terraform planets and settle human civilizations to create your own world.
For pioneers who have set foot in far-off places, the Wasteland is a place of mystery and unfamiliarity and fear.You control the growing social anxiety over time and decide when to start terraforming.You can start terraforming projects under different conditions by researching new technologies and ideas with the experience points gained through terraforming experience.CreditsMade by Good_NeighbourLanguagesKorean: Good_Neighbour's native languageEnglish: confirmed by Whaaa!?, Icewing, Kibler, TaigaxShiroFrench: translated and confirmed by SenshunChinese: translated by 真理奈奈子_Channel, Nobe, Gashakon / confirmed by SucandoJapanese: translated with Google translate
Survive in Neon City!
Prove your ninja skills in Neon City.Survive as long as possible.Dodge the shuriken while collecting as many points as possible. You score points when the shuriken collide.
Grab the best cards and win over your opponents
Face other players in the kings discipline: Card Contest!Create for yourself a whole world of cards!Content:- Hold and upgrade your cards - Compete with other players (and remember not to lose your cards!) - Unlock chests full of new cards and coins- Participate in exciting tournaments- Make new friendsYou will need an internet connection to play.
Help "SanGooR" to beat different enemies and reach the end and win!!
"SanGooR" is one of the best action and adventure games ever, as it simulates the old classic gameplay, but in an advanced way.Help "SanGooR" to overcome different enemies and to reach the end, you must save the rest and win.Features of the game "SanGooR" are+ 30 interesting and fun levels+ 4 characters including "NINJA SanGoor" and you have to discover the rest!!+ Amazing animations and in-game graphics+ More than 10 enemies including very smart enemies, you have to avoid them+ Classic platform game+ Continuous and periodic updates to solve any technical problems that may arise
Defeat your enemies with different spells. Feel the power of magic !
Magic Power is a game where you battle with spells. Defeat your enemies and unlock new characters and powerful spells.Complete the levels to unlock next areas.Use fireballs to push and damage your opponents.Use blink to escape in coming projectiles.Use blast for area of effect impact.Use deflector shield to deflect incoming projectiles.And beware of the lava for it may burn you!!
Have a race at wikipedia from a start to an end article. Be fast! Less clicks.
You always wanted to know who is the fastest? Now you can measure it. Fight against the computer or against one or more opponents in search of the target item.How the game works!We start with a random article and navigate through the official Wikipedia page to our destination. First one there wins. The clicks are counted. Be the fastest. Be a ninja.The winner!?Winner is who was first at the finish linemeans at the target article.You can also see which player had less clicks. Both game modes are possible.Game modes!- Singleplyer: You can have fast single player game- Multiplayer: Play against friends while shareing a game code Features!- See your games in a history tab- Compete with friends and enemies online- See the click path through wikipedia- There is a leaderboard of all games - You are able to join every single game ever playedNO REGISTRATION NEEDED!!Rules of the game!1. Do not cheat2. Only use the links in the article3. No second deviceThis is the Wiki run or Wiki race or rading or name it what ever you like!A wiki war..
Guatemala News Application
Guatemala News Application.It tracks the information of the most important media in Guatemala, very reliable information from the hand of complete teams of journalists.News reader with reliable sources like:- Free Press- The newspaper- The time- Central American Journal- Up to date- Guatevisión- United Stations- Sonora is the news- Canal AntiguaThe application is updated in real time with important news of the moment, not PDF files or screenshots, but information in text and read from the original source, true to the author's wording.Guatemala is informed, use this app as part of your life. It also alerts you with notifications when there is news published.Reporters will add news directly to the timeline.Users add event news directly to the timeline, and the community validates its accuracy.The news from Guatemala is now easier to read and find since they are all within the same App. In this way you find out everything that is happening in the Republic of Guatemala and also be able to share the information with other users. In addition, each time the news is published you will receive a new..
Wisburg, a serious and thorough treatment of macroeconomics
Zhibao is a Fintech company based on traditional financial information. We are obsessed with R&D, research and development.Through technology development, content, data and information in the financial and economic categories are aggregated into products in an efficient and savvy way for users to use.Through independent research, through the traditional research process, we reorganize and process the valuable content, data and information identified by Zhibao directly to the user.We respect the traditional old-school wisdom. At the same time, we hope to use technology to redefine each user's Work Flow in a more scientific form.Focusing on the needs of users in macro-finance learning and investment research, we track the international trends of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank in real time, deeply analyze the latest policies, and integrate classification; for macro research, we provide professional integrated data to help users in Tracking in all dimensions; real-time perspectives bring you different perspectives from a professional perspective; first-hand research and translation to help users tap market investment leads.feature of product:[Deep translation and original articles]Traversing vast literature, producing over one million words of..
Koach Hub - Plan, Manage, Analyse & Share your clubs' content in one place.
Introducing Koach, the ultimate coaching tool! Here are some of the one-of-a-kind features of Koach:Team Information and Player Profiles• Detailed player information• Be informed about players' medical conditions, updates and injuries• Track player activityIndividual Action Plans (IAP)• Uses the 4 corner model• Ability to set targets and current ratings from 1 to 10• Feedback to players for continuous improvement• Visual representation to track progress• Share reports as a PDFPlanner• Set and manage your match and training events• Send push notifications to players• Link to the map application on your device• Receive RSVP responses from playersMatch Day Hub• Replace your tactics board• Select the match day format• Select your preferred formation• Create your starting line-upScoreboard• Share live updates of the games• Update with simple action points• Rate player performance• Record match attendance• Overall match summary
Get the latest updates, festivities, practical information of your city
Applying the town of Bonny sur Loire offers news, calendar events, useful numbers of council services in real-time notifications and much more: stay connected with your city!List of application features:to report a problemstepsrepertoiremy MayorChildren / Youthsocial NetworkingNews / EventsPublications / Newslettersweather
Light weight scrabble clone
Skrabble light is a light weight Scrabble clone developed using Libgdx
Platform game where you must save your kingdom from a catastrophe
Looking for a platform game?This is yours!There is an attack in your kingdom from an enemy who is coming to destroy everything but our father will prevent it and throw us away from the kingdom.We will have an amazing adventure against many dangers like enemies of each place and boss of that territory.Save everyone before it's too late!
K.art만의 차별화된 가상공간 전시관 Unique Exhibition Hall in Virtual Space provided
[케이아트 가상 전시 플랫폼]K.Art 가상 전시 플랫폼은 앱을 기반으로 한 3차원의 가상공간 전시 플랫폼입니다. 작가들은 기존의 2차원 또는 2.5차원이 아닌 3차원의 다양한 가상공간에서의 자신의 작품을 보다 더 효과적으로 전시할 수 있습니다. 메타버스 공간 안에서 기존에 없었던 새로운 형태의 직관적이고 역동적인 가상공간 전시관을 만들어 언제 어디서든 작품을 경험할 수 있도록 하는 것을 목표로 하고 있습니다.K.Art virtual exhibition platform is an app-based Platform that enables exhibitions in a 3 D Virtual Space.Artists can exhibit their work more effectively in various 3 D Virtual Exhibition Hall rather than the existing 2-Dimensional or 2.5-Dimensional.Our goal is to create Exhibition Hall in Virtual Space in Metaverse in a new, intuitive, and dynamic virtual space that has never existed before, so that everyone can experience the work anytime and anywhere.전 세계의 예술 작가와 작품을 만나보세요! Meet the artists and works from all over the world.전문화된 메타버스 가상 전시 공간Virtual Exhibition Hall of Specialized Metaverse우리는 당신에게 3차원의 전시공간을 제공합니다.Providing you with 3D Virtual Exhibition Hall. 당신의 거대한 가치와 마음을 지원합니다!Supporting your huge values and hearts!* 케이아트국제교류협회 공식 홈페이지* 부산국제아트페어 공식 홈페이지
Puzzle&Sword is going to challenge your strategy skills to the max!
Puzzle&Sword is going to challenge your strategy skills to the max! Defeat enemies and advance through dungeons in a simple match-3 puzzle.Use one's brain and items to reach the B100F!You can play by simply connecting the same tiles.Connect the sword and the enemy together and attack!Enemies attack in real time.Defeat your enemies quickly, just like in an action RPG!This game is fun no matter how many times you play it."Puzzle&Sword" can be played 1000 times.
The official application for the monitoring and quality control system of operation
The Geostron mobile satellite monitoring application provides access to the vehicle life cycle monitoring system at any time and anywhere in the world.Use the main functions of the web version of the system in a convenient mobile interface:- track the movement of objects along the established routes and geofences;- control any changes in driving speed, temperature, fuel level, etc .;- receive notifications about the activity of the object on any device;- request and share reports in any convenient format.The introduction of a monitoring system allows to significantly reduce the cost of servicing equipment, determine the payload ratio and fully control the movement of fuels and lubricants.
Draft, Packs, Squad Builder
The new generation of MADFUT app is here, and it's the best one yet. Welcome to the new '23 season, with more amazing content and modes than ever before!Huge additions in MADFUT 23:• Player Market: earn tokens that you can use to get any card in the game!• Player Market offers: check the Market daily for an updated selection of available cards.• Online Draft Cups: compete against other players in knock-out Draft tournaments. 2 new online tournaments every week!• Free Pack Levels: open free packs, earn points, complete 5 levels to earn the best daily rewards. The better the pack, the more points you get. New rewards daily.• Surprise rewards in Free Pack, including Super Rounds!• Matchmaking in Random Trading: match more often with players of similar level as you.• Improved Draft simulation logic and new actions, including Super Sub, Super Attack, Park-the-Bus and more.Improved modes and features you already know and love:• Build Squads and Drafts, and win knock-out Draft Tournaments.• Open Packs and Player Picks.• Complete SBC Groups to earn unique cards and other mega rewards.• Play Fatal..
Angel wallpapers provides wide varieties of hd Angel wallpapers
Angel Wallpaper is a free wallpaper application for phones personalization. you can use these wallpapers application backgrounds as home screen for your phone or lock screen. You can enjoy this content for free , them just install it and enjoy themIt is easy to work on just pick your favorite and swipe left or right, you can also share your favorite images on social media or use it as lock screen and home screen, these backgrounds suite all device.Features:- Eye catching background images- Simple, easy and fast to set your wallpapers- Battery saving 99%- Compatible for all mobile phones and devices- Share wallpaper to your friend by Social Media- for more wallpapers check categories
Calisthenics training programs
Calisthenics Base 8, or CB8, is a calisthenics workout routine app. In calisthenics, body weight is mainly used to perform the exercises. CB8 is designed to get started in calisthenics and get a solid foundation in this sport, both in upper and lower body and in mobility.CB8 uses the Repetitions in Reserve (RIR) method for repetition counting. They are the repetitions that we allow ourselves to do. That is to say, if in an exercise we leave three repetitions in the chamber, we will have an RIR -3. If in an exercise we leave a repetition in the chamber, we will have a RIR -1. This guarantees that regardless of the physical level of each person, the total effort will be similar for each one.CB8 will help you get your first pull-up, your first push-up or learn the handstand. It also has basic-intermediate level routines for you to keep progressing.Available in Spanish and English with access to explanatory videos for each exercise, all within a minimalist and intuitive interface. A paid PRO version of CB8 is available, with more routine..
We created the Amlab app for those who love photography as much as we do.
We created the Amlab app for those who love photography as much as we do.With us you will be able to watch videos without being distracted by others.We follow all the latest mobile design trends to make your use of the application more convenient.Opportunities:- watch our videos- create your own playlist "Favorites" inside the application- receive notifications about new videos and events of the projectOh yes! We support dark theme;)
Welcome to ResultATP!
You will need to have a customer profile in ATP to access this application. IF YOU ARE A MEMBER, ACTIVATE IT FOR FREE IN YOUR CENTER!Start your journey to a healthier life and let ATP help you along the way!ATP offers you a whole platform to manage your classes, progression and follow-up:Check class schedules and opening hours.- Record your daily physical activities.- Easily track your weight and other body parameters.- Solve your doubts about Training in the Community.More than 2000 exercises and activities for your workouts.Exercise demonstrations in 3D animationsPreset workouts and the option to create your own exerciseMore than 150 medals to win.- Challenges and ranking of the community.For those moments where you cannot come to train, you will have your work plan prescribed by exercise professionals. From weight lifted to strength, this app acts as your own personal trainer to give you the motivation you need.
Digital Library of the Batu Bara District Library Service
Digital Library of the Batu Bara District Library Service
Handmade knives from Germany
WE ARE THE FIRST CUSTOM KNIFE MAKERS WORLDWIDEwho also work with the new 3D printing process. With us you can have your knives made with commercially available handles, sheaths and materials. In the 3D printing process, there are almost no limits to your imagination. After purchasing one of our handmade knives, you will receive several “STL 3D files” with which you can print your handles and sheaths (TPU) yourself on any commercially available 3D printer.
The bike app for Munich - where Munich cyclists really ride.
The MunichWays bike app is great if you want to find the right bike route through Munich for you.The app shows you green bike routes that are wide, safe and flat. And it shows you red and black bike routes with many crossings and missing bike paths in and around Munich.Attach your smartphone to the handlebar mount, switch on the MunichWays app and off you go! You can see exactly where comfortable bike connections can be found in Munich and which stressful bike routes you can avoid.The evaluation criteria:Green: Cozy and comfortable, bike path is wide, safe, levelYellow: Average, bike path needs improvementRed: Stressful, cycle path is very narrow, not safeBlack: gap, no bike path, gap in the network, under construction the MunichWays App you can find the bike route in Munich that suits you, depending on the time of day, the weather and your mood. Our bike app shows you the possibilities. If you don't know your way around Munich at all, we also recommend navigating while driving with professional apps such as those from Bike Citizens.Who we are:We..
Ministerial Agreement 0913 Pastors: Cesar Guerrero Bajaña, Melva Izurieta Mayorga
Dear friend, I want to share the following message: The Jesus I know, is more than a historical character, or a great teacher who once lived; It was the Son of God who came to this world, not only to share messages of hope and love to a world so burdened and hurt, a world that could not have lived another second without a plan of salvation. "For this came Jesus", to give his life on a cross, in my rescue and yours, without expecting anything from us, without having deserved it; this he did for Love. He conquered death so that we have life, peace instead of pain, we do not have to earn his love or salvation, it was his free gift, available to all who believe in Him. Jesus wants to have a relationship personal with you, why do not you dare to meet him?
Essential app for smart electric vehicle owners
Korea’s first electric car battery and electric car parts diagnosis and real-time monitoring platformIboa Care is back with more feature updates!Download EVOA CARE 2.0 now!To commemorate the launch of EVOA Scanner, a dedicated terminal, a 50% discount event is underway at Naver Store! Hurry up!- Now is the time to manage electric vehicles accurately and efficiently.Evoa EVOA develops deep learning-based EV battery remaining life diagnosis and provides real-time non-face-to-face diagnosis services for key EV parts.● Real-time battery voltage, current and cell voltage check (Min, Max)● Possible to check actual vehicle SoC and safety margin SoC deviation● Efficiency of electric vehicle motors according to driving conditions can be diagnosed in real time, and efficiency intervals can be checked by color in the driving system efficiency graph.● Monitoring of auxiliary battery voltage and real-time power consumption● Check for fault codes● Check the amount of temperature change when charging the battery, record the actual amount of charge and log● Driving score determination using brake, acceleration, and steering angle sensors instead of GPS● Supports various services through dedicated OBD terminal● Update the background data..
Training, Coaching and Nutrition Plan as an App.
Get fit with Gynfit & GymMom, We provide personalized attention to women at any stage of their lives. Exercise in person and / or online, we offer you personalized coaching, 3D personal trainer (online program), nutritional plan and much more in the same application. Gynfit & GymMom is for women who want to achieve a Fitness body, live healthy and feel good about themselves.Services offered:- Training in our Gym in person or at Home online.- Yoga, Pilates or functional training routines.- Online reminders of your exercises.- 3D animations.- Diet plan according to your caloric requirements.- Personalized coaching according to your needs.- Compatible with NEO Health Weareables- Workout Tracker- Eating plan.What is it that makes us different?We give attention to women at any stage of their life. If you want to tone, lose weight, increase muscle mass, during climacteric, menopause, after recent surgery or preparation before one, Gynfit is for you. If you are pregnant, in the postpartum or post-cesarean stage and want to recover quickly, we have nutritional advice, prior assessment and coaching, depending on your pregnancy weeks, GymMom is..
adventure, meeting and counseling for the friends of the youth service oranges
Jeugddienst Appelsien offers a safe environment to hip young people and young adults with autism, ADD or a mild intellectual disability who are up to date.Going on an adventure together, making friendships and entering into relationships safely, that is all possible at Youth Service Appelsien, both in real life during our activities, trips and adventures, but also digitally in our app.This app offers additional support with information about our guided activities, excursions, holidays and other events.Members can request registrations, transport and arrange an individual support conversation with our orthopedagogue.In the app members can introduce themselves through their own profile, get to know new people and keep in touch with each other by sharing messages, photos and videos.In addition, members can go to THE BAR, where activities and news about orange are discussed, THE BAR is moderated by the supervisors of the activities,members can also send private messages to each other and the guidance (in the lounge)In addition, members can also view photos and videos in the photo album of the past activities.
All #SoMakinEasy because your ingredients for cooking are in the Mlijoku application
Want to cook a variety of dishes for the family at home? Want to cook healthy snacks for your little one? Want to cook to try the new viral menu? Or want to prepare the best menu on a special day? All #SoMakinEasy because your ingredients for cooking are in the Mlijoku Indonesia application!With a clear menu display and an easy purchasing process, you can shop at Mlijoku Indonesia either through the website or application without the hassle. Just select the category of ingredients you want from Fruits, Vegetables, Organic, Wholesale, Basic Food, Frozen Foods, Spices, Meats, Eggs, Fish, Vitamins, to Food Supplements.Pay the way you want now #SoMakinEasy! Starting from bank transfers, virtual accounts, to payments with ShopeePay, OVO, Link Aja or Gopay, everything is guaranteed safe.Wide Range & Continuously Growing, making anyone #SoMakinEasy to shop for cooking needs anywhere. Currently, Mlijoku Indonesia is available in Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, and Bali. Mlijoku Indonesia will continue to expand its network throughout Indonesia!Why choose Mlijoku Indonesia?Free shipping anywhere, with a minimum spend that is still profitable!Guaranteed..
Task organizer - Priorities - Alarms - Program - Shopping - Graphics
Daily Organizer is a free application that allows you to organize and clearly plan the course of your days."⭐ TASK ORGANIZER:Separate your tasks into different folders according to your choice.Define the priority for each task in order to know your urgent tasks.Schedule a reminder or opt for an automatic reminder."⭐ APPOINTMENT OR MEETINGS PLANNER:Plan your appointments and meetings for the week in just a few clicksSet a notification reminder for the meeting or appointment you."⭐ SHOPPING:Easily establish your shopping list.Track your spending while shopping.Spend less and control your purchases with statistics."⭐ OPTIMIZED :The user interface is optimized for smooth use and intuitive.Thanks to the home page, easily have a general overview of all your tasks and events."⭐ CUSTOMIZATION:Customize the app to suit your tastes.Change the theme (color) of the application.Night mode allows you to schedule tasks late at nightwithout hurting your eyes."⭐ STATISTIQUES:Be informed about the evolution of yours tasks, your productivityManage your daily purchases and reduce your expenses."⭐ DISCUSSIONS:You can contact us through the app by leaving messages to us. Leave us your suggestions and advice."⭐ LANGUAGES:Daily Organizer is..
Go Live Chat & Meet New People with Pong Pong - 語音聊天交友平台 and more than friends.
Tigi Pong Pong Chat was created for those who crave meaningful conversations that are hard to find in the instant messaging era. This app connects people around the world slowly but with better speedone letter at a time.Discover people nearby, for Free!Tigi Messenger Dating App there are 100+ million people also looking to meet new people like you, and our free features make meeting new people easy and fun! Strike up a text or video chat with someone local who shares your interests. Or you can broadcast yourself out to the world.Tigi Pong Pong Live is a unique online dating app specially designed for you to meet new people, find friends, seeking long term relationships or casual dating. Chat with AnyoneBreak the ice with people nearby or around the world. Unlike some other apps, messaging is always free on Pong Pong Among Us.
10 choice acne faces, pops pimples at full speed, great fun.
An alien race has arrived on earth and has spread a virus that causes acne to the entire world. Your mission will be to pop all the pimples of all the people with acne and make their skin clear again. A game of skill and speed for all ages.-Pop the pimples at full speed and earn more points-Infinite levels, and every 5th an extra level to make points by massively popping pimples on an acne-ridden face in no time-10 very different characters affected with the acne virus-Earn a dose of complexion restorative cream by drinking a Lyda-A fun game for the whole family
Life In Mercenary is a rogue-like game that you can enjoy lightly.
●After choosing a character, enhance your weapons and collect treasures to create unique builds and adventures.●Choose one of the characters with unique characteristics and go on an adventure.● Treasures with special effects, monsters with various events and characteristics that occur during characteristic adventures, and endlessly repeated challenges await.● Life In Mercenary is a rogue-like RPG designed to be enjoyed lightly anywhere.
Feel yourself like a Hero of the Galaxy, control spacecraft, protect the world!
History:You are a soldier of a galaxy fleet who was sent🚀 to a special operation, to steal👀 a blueprint of enemy's👽 secret weapon. You did it and once you thought that everything was successful you saw that enemies are chasing you on the way to Earth. Now the fate of the galaxy💫 in your hands💪! Become a hero destroying all enemies☠️ and get this blueprint to your base!Only in this way you will be able to destroy the enemy's mothership🛸 and protect the Earth🌎!Pick up the attack aircraft to your liking and destroy your enemies using the most advanced weapons: multicannon, pulse rifle, photon gun, destructor and others!Galaxy Hero features:- Addictive arcade gameplay;- 10 spacecraft;- 8 powerful weapons;- Collect galaxy credits by killing enemies to unlock new fighters and shield upgrades;- Survive as long as possible;- Reach the end to enter the top🏆;- Compete with other players on Google Play Leaderboards;- Free casual game!Galaxy Hero: Be the Best if you can!Hope you guys will like this game. Feel free to contact me in case of any issue/query/suggestion at [email protected]!Keywords:2d, addictive,..
PT Payroll Application Global Solution Provider
This application provides information on salary receipts for all employees of PT. Global Solution Provider, besides for future updates, Hopefully this application can also display all information relating to financial and financial administration of company employees.PT. Global Solution Provider is a company with 3 different fields in its work including: Provision of outsourcing services, Development Planning and Implementation or Contractors, Volume service providers.
Pass with flying colors in the escape task by cracking puzzles and mysteries.
scape Rooms: Tales of Trap is a point and click room escape game with lots of traps and rooms to unlock. This is a typical room escape game where you need to hunt for clues and hints and face lots of puzzles and riddles. Test your patience and observation skills by finding and collecting all the missing objects required to solve puzzles. This game is full of twists and turns that will make you hooked to this game. The different levels in the game will give your different mission to accomplish and pose various challenges. You need to brace yourself and overcome all the obstacles with your sheer skills and knowledge. You may have to assume various roles during the game play depending upon the situation and you have to carry out your role as required only then you will be able to complete the tasks assigned to you. When you are confused or stuck in the game, you can turn to help for guidanceHave fun escaping from the rooms and traps!
Official App of Vem Conosco na Missão
Official application Vem Conosco na Missão has the following features:- Studies (Articles)- Devotionals (Daily)- Videos (miracles, words, praises, sermons, materials and event dissemination);- Photos;- Times of worship- Events;- News;- Highlights;- Prayer Request (Send your request through the app).- Small Groups- Contact us- Social networks.- And much moreDownload now and have Come with Us in the Mission in your hands.
Mobile Pictures of Fluid 3D Live Wallpaper Parallax
3D Parallax of Fluid Live Wallpaper. This app is collecion of Wallpaper Live Animation. It will be an awesome video wallpaper collection gif mp4 animation of Neo wallpaper. fans or lover of this 3D picture mobile will like it.Feature of this Animated Picture Mobile wallpaper :🎇 Smooth 3D Animation Effect. 🆕🎇 Fluid Live Wallpaper with 3D Zoom Effect, Parallax, Transition, Glitch, Punk, Future, Abstract, and another Art Style. 🆕🎇 Cool 3D art style from different artist with original design. 🆕🎇 Free many live wallpaper coming up next, cracked screen, lock screen, home launcher, lock app, fluid wallpaper, Colourfull, neon wallpaper, Colour, hexa wallpaper and more. 🆕Another next apps or game will release :- 3D Fluid Keyboard- Fluid Simple Wallpaper- Fluid Puzzle GameDiscover and save Wallpaper Live of Fluid 3D Parallax Pro. Collect it now
Enjoy articles, videos and audios Catholic orientation and humanistic
With the implementation Sheet Claraesperanza enjoy all the contents of our website from your mobile device. You will have access to articles, videos and audios Catholic and humanistic specially adapted for phones and tablets, so that you can access them from anywhere in a fast and convenient way.You will receive notification of the latest videos or articles as they are published, you can find and share all content in an intuitive way thanks to the streamlined interface.Also thanks to the functionality of Favorites You can save content that interests you to review it anytime.This app is part of our project of a lay apostolate of the laity, who wants nothing more to be read, internalized and encouragement of their readers do. Do not want to interfere in any project of evangelization but to bring hope to allDownload it for free on your mobile
Fastcat - the local online food ordering app!
Fastcatyour local online food ordering app that brings you the best places to eat in one place!Ordering food through Fastcat is as easy as a tail and a mustache!All you have to do is:1. Enter the address to which you want to order food (or choose it from the list of your addresses),2. Choose restaurants and add the dishes you want to the basket,3. Pay via fast and secure payments,4. Enjoy the taste of dishes from the best pubs in the area!
Collect Candies, Go For #1!
→ Hit pinata to collect candies,→ Get better tools & pinatas to collect more candies,→ Strategize which items are best to make most networth,→ Go for leaderboards!
The floor is lava, be careful and not get burnt.
A simple arcade action gameYou have to avoid lava in order not to drown in it and not get burntGet the highest score possiblebe the best at it so that you can show off to your friendsAdditionally, collect coins and exchange them for unique heroesIn the game, you will not find micro-transactions that facilitate the game or without which further game will be impossibleDownload and test, the game is at work, more updates coming soon!