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First Ukrainian meditation app
Svitlounique application to meditate and accept complex emotions in Ukraine. Taking care of you emotional wellbeing have never been simplerSvitlo proposes practice based on you mood and emotions. It takes you only 15 minutes per day to master our simple yet effective meditations.Regular meditation is an essential part of everyday routine for successful people. This is scientific proven tool that is widely used in psychotherapy.Svitlo offers you meditations in Ukrainian language, as we firmly believe that one can get into a relaxed meditative state only using guided meditations provided in native language. Everyday meditation will definitely help you to gain better focus and personal effectiveness in day-to-day activities while decreasing your stress.People report that frequent use of Svitlo helps them to reduce anxiety and maintain high level of mental wellbeing. Our evening practices help people to fall asleep quicker and generally have better sleep which restores inner resource faster.Svitlo will help you to become mindful in each and every aspect of your life: romantic relationship, financial success, emotional balance and personal growth.Join our Svitlo community, people that have already discovered..
Unleash your creativity with CNC Files. Access free premium vector
Unleash Your Creativity with CNC FilesThe Ultimate Art Design AppCNC Files is your go-to Android app for free premium vector, graphic, 2D, and 3D art designs across a vast array of categories. With this powerful tool in your hands, you can turn your creative ideas into reality. Cut with precision using CO2 lasers, CNC routers, water jets, plasma cutters, cricut machines, scroll saws, and vinyl cutting devices. Print your designs on various materials such as wood, MDF, polywood, acrylic, balsa, vinyl, and cardboard, and watch as they transform into extraordinary objects.The possibilities are endless with CNC Files. Explore numerous fields including decor, stencil designs, wall art, fabric printing, damask patterns, carving, engraving, stickers, T-shirt printing, silk screen transfers, felt cutting templates, jewelry patterns, ornaments, vinyl decals, and clipart vectors. Whatever your passion or project, CNC Files has the perfect template to bring your vision to life.Our app provides a seamless and intuitive experience, enabling you to customize and personalize each design with ease. Fine-tune details, adjust dimensions, and let your creativity flow. Preview your designs before cutting or printing, ensuring..
All content from Manchete Play live.
This app allows you to access all the content of Manchete Play live.
Drive 4x4 offroad jeep on the mountains in jeep driving simulator
Embark on an adrenaline-fueled off-road Jeep driving simulator like never before in our thrilling Mahindra thar game. Get ready to play Offroad Jeep Driving 3d Game and unleash the power of rugged jeep vehicles as you navigate through treacherous terrains, conquer challenging obstacles, and experience the jeep driving 3d sensation. Immerse yourself in a vast open world filled with breathtaking landscapes of jeep games 4x4, ranging from dense forests and rocky mountains to sandy dunes and muddy swamps in 4x4 mountain car driving games. Each environment offers unique challenges, pushing your driving skills to the limit in this Jeep driving simulator. Prepare to tackle steep inclines, uneven surfaces, deep water crossings in Offroad Jeep Driving 3d Game, and unforgiving terrain that will test your courage and precision in the Mahindra thar game.Jeep Driving 3dJeep Games 4x44x4 Mountain Car Driving GamesChoose from a wide range of authentic off road Jeep games 2018, meticulously designed to deliver an authentic and immersive driving experience of Offroad Jeep Driving 3d Game. Customize your vehicles with an array of modifications, including suspension upgrades, enhanced tires,..
Intelligent medical assistant Sclépios AI for students and caregivers.
Sclépios AI is an application specifically designed for healthcare professionals, offering rapid and efficient access to GPT artificial intelligence for reliable medical information tailored to your level of study. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, enjoy personalized support in your medical decisions and facilitate your daily professional life.An application by a doctor for caregivers, it adapts to your profession. This is a development version, subscribing to a subscription helps us develop the application.Key features:Instant access to information: Search for medical information, treatment recommendations, drug interactions, and more in seconds.Adaptability: Sclépios AI adapts to your level of study and knowledge, providing you with personalized and relevant answers.Constant updates: Our database is regularly updated to provide you with the most recent information and best medical practices.Subscribe and participate in our development!Optimize your medical practice and make informed decisions by downloading Sclépios AI today!
eZhire Driver App is for their partner's to track live location.
Want to travel hassle-free?eZhire is the fastest way to get the Rental Car delivered to you without any hassle. eZhire is an on-demand car rental company which is established in 20 September 2016 in Dubai and now its operational all over in UAE and in other gulf countries.We at eZhire, value time and like to create new ways of getting around in style. The ease of renting a car should be the same as calling for a cab and that’s exactly what we do for you.The main key factors of the company which makes us unique from others:•Our user-friendly App allows you to get the car according to your budget and choice.•No paperwork (hassle-free Within a few taps/clicks).•No security Deposit.•Affordable rental.•Promo offers on monthly car rental.•The rental cars are available on daily, weekly and monthly rental.•Fast and quick delivery at your door-step.eZhire offers an efficient, convenient and elegant way to rent a car in Dubai for everyone and at any time.eZhire has a large fleet of vehicles like small economical cars, mid-size and big SUVs, luxury and sports cars. eZhire..
Beautiful fashion illustrations - fashion drawings and fashion sketches
Fashion illustration is the transmission of fashion through a diagram; a visual aid of design explained through fashion magazines and fashion illustrators. Various illustrations that describe fashion have existed since the first time clothes existed. Illustration has played an important role for clothes or dress designing since the evolution of fashion and various institutions in charge of teaching fashion illustration have played an important role through practicing fashion design. Fashion illustration is a work of art in which fashion is explained and communicated.Fashion Illustration is the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form that originates with illustration, drawing and painting and also known as Fashion sketching. It is mainly used by fashion designers to brainstorm their ideas on paper or digitally. Fashion sketching plays a major role in designing to preview and visualize designs before sewing actual clothing.But that doesn't mean that a fashion illustrator is a fashion designer, because there are two professions. A fashion illustrator will more often work for a magazine, book, advertising, and other media that work on fashion campaigns and fashion sketching. Meanwhile,..
🛍️ Wolfoo Supermarket, Shopping is an amazing shopping mall game for girls. In this supermarket and store game, you can have a real shopping shopping experience and manage a supermarket like a manager and store cashier. The game is suitable for preschool girls and boys who are looking for fun shopping game in their free time. Baby can help Wolfoo and mom to shopping a lot of delicious foods and beautiful toys in the supermarket.Come to Wolfoo Supermarket, Shopping to enjoy shopping and participate in exciting games in the shopping mall. Children will be responsible for helping Wolfoo shop for items on the shopping list, print labels for cashiers, and fishing. The kids supermarket sells a variety of products that are familiar for kids: fruits, vegetables, fishs, drinks, etc. Baby will be happy to search for products and fill the trolley. Through this game, children will learn the knowledge of color, shape recognition and math, recognizing the food around.So parents, don't hesitate anymore, download the game now so that your baby can freely explore in Wolfoo Supermarket, Shopping!🔥The interface offered..
Your Android Pulse Mobile application makes it easy for you to top up your credit.
Your android application Pulsa Mobile is a free mobile application for your loyal Pulsa Mobile members wherever they are. This application makes it easy for you to carry out various transactions such as topping up credit, purchasing electricity tokens, paying postpaid bills, purchasing game vouchers, TV vouchers, physical vouchers, etc.With this application, you can easily check the latest pulse prices, view a recap of transaction history, change your balance history, downline activities, chat with customer service, and so on.Features available in the application:- Top-up/purchase of electricity tokens- Payment of postpaid bills (Electricity, PDAM, TELKOM, etc.)- Purchase of internet vouchers- Purchase of Physical vouchers- Purchase game vouchers- Chat messenger feature that is directly connected to our pulse server engine- Chat feature with customer service- Check balance & account information- Check realtime prices- Adding balance with ticket system- Check transaction history recap- Check the history recap of balance changes (balance transfers, add balances, transactions, etc.)- View downline agents and downline agent transaction activities- The feature of registering a downline agent- Transfer balance to downline agents- App Lock feature to secure apps from..
Connectivity services and telematics products for fleet and business customers.
With connect business we have created a vast variety of connectivity services and telematics products dedicated to the needs of our fleet and business customers.Everywhere and at any time – drivers are able to use our native Android app on their Smartphone and enjoy a digital driver’s log which protects their privacy and allows them to keep a continuous log of all their trips since the vehicle creates the log automatically.connect business app at a glanceThe connect business app is part of the connect business platform. The Dashboard of the app provides you with vehicle information which is provided by the connect business portal – e.g. license plate, vehicle type, fuel level, odometer and much more.Your vehicle creates the Driver’s Log automatically. Using the connect business app, you can edit your own digital driver's log by selecting the trip mode (private, commute or business trip) and add information, such as descriptions of individual trips, or business partners you have visited. In order to protect your privacy, there are no details transmitted to the fleet manager when you have selected private..
Gogon Sakib Lyrics- গগন সাকিব বাংলা লিরিক্স পরতে ও দেখতে পারবেন।
Gogon Sakib Lyrics- Gogon Sakib Bangla lyrics can be worn and seen.Get the lyrics update firstThis app contains lyrics of some popular songs of Gagan Shakib,So install it on your phone without delay.[ Our Lyrics ]1/ boat of intoxication2/ boat of addiction 23/ Lover will not come again4 / Baby is asleep!5/ Mayawati6/ Tobacco leaves7/ corpse smell8/ unfaithful lover9/ Unfaithful Maya10/ addiction guard.Install it on your phone without delay. Thank you.
Arabain Net UDP is Super Fast VPN.
W/C to Arabian Net. This apps no Need update so you can use this app. All device support And Super Fast Working.
Health recorder app to track heart rate and blood sugar. Blood pressure tracker
Health Diary: Bp Tracker & Log is a comprehensive and user-friendly mobile application designed to help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle by tracking their daily activities, step counter, and overall heart health. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable features, users can effortlessly monitor heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugarThe main feature of blood pressure appHeart rate monitor- Measure your heart rate and track your pulse.- Get your heart rate in less than 10 seconds- Check your heart beat levels: slow, normal, fast- Display the measured result information:Blood sugar tracker- Track blood sugar daily- Record your blood glucose readings anytime, anywhere- Filter blood sugar readings by type of event: before eating, vegetarian, sleeping, workoutBlood pressure checker- The application allows users to fill in blood pressure informationStep counter- Count walking steps- Calculate the distance traveledWeight tracker- Weight tracker- Analyze whether obese, overweight or underweightWhy should you choose the app?✔ Useful, necessary for all ages✔ Accurate and useful from the knowledge provided✔ Fast data processing speed✔ Easy to use app✔ Support many languages❗ Note:- The application can only be used in medicine as..
Amazing beautiful Photos of Cute Babies
If you are a fan of the distinctive and elegant Cute Babies, you are in the right place.- App features:- You can view and download images without the Internet- You can set images as wallpaper for your phone screen easily- Share and downloadNice and easy to use app
The Latest Complete Offline Sholawat DJ For You
DJ Sholawat Remix Mp3 Offline is an application that contains a collection of dj version of sholawat songs, the songs in this application we present offline, so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere, without being complicated and without buffering. but to add to the collection of other dj songs, we also present dj songs that are hits, but we present them online.This application was made for entertainment purposes only, the sholawat song is in the dj version so that those who like dj music can still enjoy religious nuances.hope you are entertained, thank you.
Easy to use Afaan Oromo learning application for all Ethiopians
Learn Afaan Oromo languageHave you ever wondered to learn Afaan Oromo language but not know where to start? Have you traveled to Ethiopia and find it difficult to relate to locals speaking Afaan Oromo ? Look no more! This app includes all the important words and phrases to get you started in the exciting language of Afaan Oromo. Afaan Oromo are spoken as a first language by more than 35 million Oromo and neighboring peoples in Ethiopia.
Download the bussid Thailand map mod for the 2023 Indonesian bus simulator mod
The bus simulator map mod has been released for mod bussid Thailand map games, the latest version of the bussid mod 2023. The complete Indonesian bus simulator map mod contains the latest various bussid map mods in various Indonesian bussid mod maps which can be used on Thai bussid mods. The Thai bussid truck mod variant can use the complete bussid mod on this map, including the Thai bussid drag motor mod, namely the Thai bussid drag mod and also the Thai bussid car mod.What's more is the trend of bussid ph maps which are in demand as bussid indian map mod downloads, where bussid mod ph can also be used as Indonesian bussid mod maps, which is certain for bussid mod map editors you don't need to be confused, just install them on the bussid mod map philippines, bussid mod map vietnam and also on the bussid mod map Indian games mod bussid 2023 version.In the latest bussid route mods such as the palm lane mod map which includes the track mod for the Indonesian bus simulator bus map..
Exam Preparation for the private pilot license
License exam preparation, covering the topics:1. Aerodynamics2. Flight Instruments3. Sectional Charts4. Airspace and Weather Minimums5. Communications and Radar Services6. Electronic Navigation7. Flight Operations8. Weather9. Cross-Country Planning10. Aircraft Performance11. Weight and BalanceApplication features :- Includes charts and diagrams that can be zoomed in/out to make it easier to answer related questions- Multiple-choice exercise- There are 2 hints (HINT, Add TIME for answering), that can be used- More than 60 questions in topic which in turn appear in 10 questions
Global energy news, technology, forum and energy community.
WattPress used to be a specialized source for global energy news. It contains renewable energy, solar energy, wind, and petroleum and economic news related to energy and the latest developments in energy technology. Also added a community of communication between those interested in energy has also been added, such as a social network and an energy forum.Key features:Community: Join the first Energy community and share your opinion, it's working as social network for Engineers and people who focus at Energy.Featured News : brings you the latest, breaking news.Push notifications : for the latest important news stories.- Solar Energy News and latest technology updates.- Wind Energy News and latest technology updates.- Renewable Energy News and latest technology updates.- Energy Financial and more.If you choose to receive push notifications, a unique identifier relating to your device will be stored by OS on behalf of the WattPress to provide you with the service. You can choose to unsubscribe from WattPress News push notifications in 'Settings'.If you install this app you accept WattPress Terms of Use at read WattPress Privacy Policy go to..
Shopping for Reglow products is easier and more practical through the application
Make sure your agency data has been collected by the Central team. enjoy your shopping convenience service
Get Real Money Rewards for Playing Games.
Get Rewards for playing games on your phone! Join our community of users who get paid to play games. We pay you for every minute you play the games. Get free cash today, and get paid via Paypal. Make money on your spare time, while playing games! Rewards are all real money, and you can cashout any amount at any time! Join now and earn real money in minutes!
Cartoon yourself, add artistic effects & filters to photo in pic art editor
Do you want to make your friend's or your own photo to cartoon or art? Get ready, this free cartoon photo editor app is for you!Cartoon photo editor is one of the best photo editors for art filters, cartoon effects, sketch styles, art painting, watercolor effect and a lot more. Using this to cartoon yourself and help you create amazing artwork with massive cartoon filters and photo effects. Enjoy the fun of art editing and cartoon photo maker.Cartoon photo editor is the perfect app to apply the most amazing artistic and cartoon effects on your camera in real time! Now you can take coolest selfies using your camera or turn a picture from your photo gallery into cartoon drawings and other aesthetic feelings. Cartoonize and artistic your photos, when your artwork is ready save it to your photo lab, then be an artist, painter, cartoonist, photographer. Share your artwork to the social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to present your friends. Stand out your social feeds.✨Features of Cartoon Photo Editor:✧Simple and Easy to use.✧Selfie camera for live photo editing..
India's #1 fastest growing online shopping store.
VIP MAN HOUSE is your one stop destination, where you can buy fashion clothing items and many more fashion accessories items at best prices. At our shop, you can get Free Shipping across all India.
Convert the mono audio into the virtual stereo audio by AI algorithm.
1. What is "Stereo Recorder"?"Stereo Recorder" is an audio processing app that converts mono audio recorded by mobile phone into stereo audio.2. Why do you need "Stereo Recorder"?*The phone has only one microphone for recording (the additional microphone is only used to reduce background noise), so no matter what software is used, it can only record mono audio.*The phone has only one mono microphone Line-in that can be used for recording, so no matter what software is used, it can only record mono audio.*Mono audio is clean and has no sense of space.*Using "Stereo Recorder", you can convert the mono audio of the mobile phone by the processing of AI algorithm, to generate a virtual stereo audio with a sense of space.3. How to use "Stereo Recorder"?Very simple, use the phone's built-in recorder to record a piece of audio or load an audio file, click "Convert to Stereo", and a stereo audio will be generated after a while. You can play, save and share this audio file.To experience stereo, don't forget to use stereo headphones!
You can buy bus tickets for Istanbul Kalesi Turizm without having to.
Through the application; you can see the flights, you can do your ticket purchase transactions.Your transactions are carried out online.- You can select the expedition at the desired time.- You can select the desired seat.- You can pay with your credit card and debit card.Turkey's anywhere you can reach us:Istanbul Castle Tourism Contact: (0212) 658 07 35658 35 07
For Shoppers and Owners
SHOP: The Toyota RAV4 app lets you research, price, and browse RAV4 inventory around the country. Find your RAV4 right here, right now. OWN: Vehicle maintenance and service has never been easier. Real-time app scheduling means no more calling the dealer. Simply open the app, choose your dealership, date, and time and you’re all set.CHAT: Got a question about the Toyota RAV4? Use live chat to get answers and more information.
Cooking researcher Ryuji's app is finally here! You can check over 1000 recipes in the app. You can search for recipes by ingredients, categories, tags and dish name.
Introduction of Ryuji's buzz recipe[Search by category/tag]Recipes are classified by category and tag, and you can see the recipes of the genre you care about with one tap.[Search function when you wonder if you can use the ingredients left in the refrigerator]I have leftover beef and onions, but when I wonder if I can make delicious rice easily, I search by ingredients.You can search for recipes by narrowing them down by category, tag, or dish name.Up to 20 popular keywords are displayed, so you can check popular keywords.[Save recipes in a folder and create your favorite recipes]You can save your favorite recipes in folders so that you can always check the recipes quickly.[Recipe decision roulette function]You can play roulette that randomly decides 3 recipes once a day.■Premium plan available① Recipe popularity ranking: You can see the ranking by category tag.② Calendar function: You can save recipes in the calendar, and you can also save your own cooking in the calendar.You can also use the omakase recipe that automatically determines the recipe for the week.③ Number of My Recipe Folders: You..
Lululemon Coupons codes, vouchers, deals to save Money
If you are searching for Lululemon coupon app you absolutely love sports. With this Lululemon discount promos you can find a lot of hot deals, exclusive coupons and last updated Lululemon promo codes for 55% off your free standard shipping on all your shoppes., we also provide from time to time some tricks and tips that can help you to save more money when you purchase from or online stores.When you are looking for coupons for Lululemon, our app is your stop point, other than discount codes you can find here some genius hacks and store saving guides.At our Lululemon coupons app, we always update it with the latest Lululemon promo code and hot deals offers and big discounts to some of their top products and brands and great dealsSo check it back daily.You want this discount deal, it’s very simple check out our Lululemon coupon app daily you will never miss a deal because we update constantly all hot coupons and deals of the store.Make your choice today and let us help you to save money using incredible..
Online Racing Traffic Racer
Traffic Racing Multiplayer Online Racing is an endless arcade racing game. Compete with others in Online Multiplayer mode! Drive on the highway, earn money, upgrade your car and buy new ones. The first game in this genre in Vertical view! Take a fresh look at the endless racing!KEY FEATURES- Stunning 3D graphics- Smooth realistic controls- 10+ different cars to choose from- 5 game modes: pre-crash, two-way, timed, bomb mode, and MULTIPLAYER ONLINE!- Variety of vehicles including SUVs and hypercars.- Online mode!TIPS- The faster you go, the more points- You can get extra points and cash for dangerous overtaking at speeds over 100 km/hTraffic Racer Multiplayer is constantly updated. Leave your rating and feedback for further improvement of the game.
PINs, based on EMIT-Core, is a decentralized social application
PINs is a content social network that uses multi-role-playing to create plot-driven metaverses and bring historical and cultural attributes to the community.
Wezone CrossFit facilita a nuestros atletas reservar de forma rápida y sencilla.
Wezone App es una herramienta que facilita a todos los atletas que entran en nuestros Box de Wezone que puedan reservar sus clases de forma rápida y sencilla. Otras características importantes de la app son las siguientes:- Chat con Wezone - Seguimiento y progresión de los entrenamientos- Tienda online con productos exclusivos Wezone.- Pago de tarifas a través de la app
Your guide to the International Air Show AIR SHOW Radom.
International Air Show AIR SHOW Radomone of the most important aviation events in Poland and Eastern Europe.This year, the program includes over 100 aircraft, individual and team piloting shows, an exhibition of military equipment and lots of attractions for adults and children. During this edition, for the first time in the history of the AIR SHOW, night shows await viewers.MLP AIR SHOW RADOM 2023 is held under the slogan "Unconquered in the sky", which refers to the legendary flight of captain pilot Stanisław Skarżyński across the Atlantic.Plan your time at the shows, stay up to date and don't miss the highlights.
Loyalty Apps for Customers
Mobile-based Loyalty Apps platform so customers can easily find products from Sinar Baja Electric
Sharpen your arithmetic abilities and reflexes in a fun way with NumSprint.
NumSprint: Mental Math GamifiedThis game will require you to solve mathematical expressions on-screen and manoeuvre the ball to hit the correct block in time to progress and simultaneously avoid the obstacles on the way.It will not only help you get better at mental arithmetic but also provide a challenge to your reflexes, allowing you to work on multiple cognitive aspects simultaneously!The problems start simple but gradually increase in difficulty as you progress in the game.HOW TO PLAY:The controls are fairly intuitive. Simply drag the ball left or right and choose the correct answer to the given expression while avoiding obstacles coming your way.
Manage a classic Japanese diner in a story-focused restaurant simulation game!
In Hungry Hearts Diner, be the boss of a small eatery in a quietcorner of 1970's Tokyo. This casual restaurant management simcomes jam-packed with story, and you'll have a chance to bothcatch up with old friends and meet new faces.Several years have passed since the events of the previousHungry Hearts, and Grandma has just moved back into herold diner. Life's not all butterflies and apple pies though,and she has her work cut out for her getting the place backin tip-top shape. Running a diner by yourself isn't easy,especially when you've got bills to pay!Luckily, Granny here has some help!You, for one, but also hardworking Sue, her first ever hired hand.The girl's inexperienced, and she drops more dishes than she dries,but she's a lifesaver around the shop. Better yet, she's pleasedas peaches to head out into town and run deliveries for you!But enough of that—you're not here to listen to an old womanramble. So, what'll it be? A nice, simple bowl of rice? Or how abouta pipin' hot beef croquette, fresh out of the fryer? This diner servesjust about every classic..
Set up your friends
Loop is a platform for romantic introductions. It allows you to set up your single friends with other members of your community or feature them so that others could express interest or set them up with other friends.
Integrated Digital Attendance
Integrated Digital Attendance
Calisthenics & handstand
Stepwise programs to progress your bodyweight strength, calisthenics skills and hand balancing with incremental steps to take your movement journey to the next levelWant to learn to handstand from scratch? Or perhaps you just use bodyweight strength and calisthenics to get fit, or pack on some muscle? Maybe you are more interested in learning skills such as the planche, front lever, or handstand push-up?Whether you are a beginner just getting started on your journey or an advanced practitioner in need of some inspiration for your programming, there is a program, a workout, or a module for you!This app has 40+ Programs, 120+ Workouts, and 1200+ Exercise/Progressions to support ALL LEVELS!
It's time to turn your imagination into art with Pro Imagine AI Art Generator.
Create amazing & stunning photo creations with Pro Imagine AI Art Generator powerful AI image generator, image effects and AI photo editorEnjoy classic photo effects like colorize or enhance, or take your images to the next level with photo animation, text-to image AI, 3d photo effects or AI photo editor.Simple and easy-to-use, the AI image generator is backed by artificial intelligence to transform your written prompts into art. Our Features:Create Art from TextNo matter what you’re imagining or what you have in mind, be it a song’s lyrics or just about anything else, type it in the text box on the app. Different art stylesWhether you want it to look as real as in your dreams or you want it to look like a comic cartoon- no matter what art style you want, you can on this AI art app.Generate WallpapersWith, you can create the wallpaper you've always wanted using AI-generated Art. Simply type in your idea, and let our powerful Pro Imagine AI Art work its magic.Install Pro Imagine AI Art Generator app now, so you can also..
Need to know what marijuana strain you have? Use this app to find out!
This app can detect different types of marijuana strains using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms.
Find services & hire handyman, cleaner, lawn care, local help mover, home repair
BOOK LOCAL SERVICES OR POST CUSTOM SERVICE REQUESTS WITH FIXLERSAre you looking for a local service app to hire local help for errands, moving, lawn care, odd jobs?Do you also want a booking app to post more customized and complicated service requests and get offers?Meet Fixlers, the home services app. BOOK services instantly or REQUEST A CUSTOM SERVICE and get offers. With Fixlers you are in control from the start to the finish of the project.Try it now to book any service you need with a blazing fast bookingpayment process.BOOK LOCAL SERVICES INSTANTLYBrowse the Fixlers catalog of home services and easily book services. Search for a helper with a specific keyword or browse the gig jobs offered in our catalog of services. See reviews, services included, hourlies, schedule, and plan your service booking.Find and book almost any home service you can imagine including handyman, plumber, painter, lawn mover, HVAC professionals, home design, landscaper, lawn care, home repair, housekeeping, contractors, interior designers, electricians, home restoration, and more.Fixlers also helps you find and hire odd jobs, movers, and local help for moving,..
Ag4All, cultivate and make your farms profitable.
Ag4All is a digital tool that advises all agricultural actors on good agricultural production practices and assists them throughout agricultural production. It also connects actors in the agricultural sector to improve agricultural production and facilitate market access.Indeed, Ag4All allows producers to program agricultural production activities and assists them in monitoring these activities. In addition, it allows producers to trace agricultural activities, expenses, investments and sales related to their agricultural productions. Ag4All offers these services through a mobile application capable of operating in the absence of an internet connection and accessible in local languages.It also allows agricultural technicians or agronomic experts to ensure better monitoring of the producers they are responsible for in the management of their farms.
Philippines Radio is the radio application that everyone expects.
With Philippines Radio you will have the opportunity to listen to all the Philippines radio in one click, instant playback and premium quality.Features and functions of Philippines radio online: 💪 Use the simple radio application💪 Save your favorite FM radio or internet radio💪 History radio stations💪 Sleep timer💪 Listen to radio in background💪 Find your radios with instant search💪 Receive a call while using the applicationDon’t hesitate to select this app, it will be perfect app for your choice.Note: This application requires a mobile internet connection or wifi
Learn Ethical Hacking - Ethical Hacking Tutorials-Career in Ethical Hacking
This app will help you become an ethical hacker. You will learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity, and networking. Learn Ethical Hacking is an app that will help you learn basic commands in Kali Linux, and will help you to set up your Kali Linux virtual machine.Learn Ethical Hacking will help you to learn the basics of ethical hacking, and cybersecurity. This app will teach you Ethical Hacking with step-wise Tutorials.Content in Learn Ethical Hacking App 1. Basic concepts in Hacking2. Basics of Networking3. Know how to start your career in Ethical Hacking4. Learn to create Virtual Machines5. Learn how to setup Kali Linux in a virtual environment6. Learn basic commands in windows7.Learn basic commands in Kali LinuxLearn Ethical Hacking app will help you learn Ethical Hacking for free. Ethical Hackers are in huge demand, and you can also kick start your Ethical Hacking journey by downloading Learn Ethical App for free. Learn Ethical Hacking app will help explore all the possible opportunities that you can get as an Ethical Hacker. So start training your mind now.Learn Ethical Hacking app will..
The best funny cat stickers!
Do you like cats and kittens? This app contains a wide variety of very funny cat stickers.Download and add to your conversations to have fun sending it to your friends.
This app will enable users to manage their accounts with us more efficiently.
Are you tired of having to contact the SWIFT customer care team for just about EVERYTHING? Well, we have Good news! We hereby introduce the new SWIFTApp designed with the simplest features to help you manage your SWIFT account with no human assistance. With a few clicks on any mobile device, the new SWIFTApp will enable you to do the following: • Renew subscriptions using simple and convenient payment options like Bank transfers, USSD payments, Debit card payments, etc.• Buy Extra GB: Quick Data top-up to boost your active subscription.• Top up your wallet to pay subscriptions.• View your account balance including Data balance and account expiry date.• Upgrade or Downgrade your Service Plan.• Monitor your data usage AND View your usage report.• Submit your NIN for linkage to your account.• View your payment history.• Receive latest updates about SWIFT products, services, AND promotional offers.• Contact customer care AND rate the quality of our Services. Download the SWIFTApp today and experience amazing possibilities to help you Achieve More
Quran Tafseer and Tarjuma in Pashto language by Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim Afridi
AlQuran Tafseer Pashto (تفسیرالقرآن پښتو) is a free Quran Tafseer application for Android. AlQuran Tafseer Pashto (تفسیرالقرآن پښتو) provides tarjuma and tafseer (translation and explanation) in Pashto language for only 30th Para (Juz) of Quran. The Qur'an Tafseer in Pashto has been translated and interpreted by Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim Afridi (مولٰنا محمد ابراہیم افريدي).By Opening AlQuran Tafseer Pashto (تفسیرالقرآن پښتو) application, tap on Get stated button. Then you will see all the Surahs (Verses) of Quran. Tap on any of them the player will be shown and started. AlQuran Tafseer Pashto can be played in background and can be handled from notification panel.Use AlQuran Tafseer Pashto (تفسیرالقرآن پښتو) even if the application is close.AlQuran Tafsee Pashto (تفسیرالقرآن پښتو) doesn't requires any internet connection and you can use it completely offline. Please share your feedback and new feature requests and do remember us in your prayers!We are coming with more tafseers and Usool e Fiqqah apps soon, انشاء الله.Features of AlQuran Tafsee Pashto (تفسیرالقرآن پښتو):• Detailed translation (tarjuma) and tafseer (explanation) of Quran in Pashto.• Play AlQuran Tafseer Pashto (تفسیرالقرآن پښتو)..
Join the Government of West Bengal's Cab Service and Earn with Yatri Sathi
Join Yatri Sathi Driver, the official cab booking app launched by the Government of West Bengal. Earn with a trusted platform, serving verified customers and enjoying fair earnings. Drive with ease and convenience in Kolkata.Key Features:✓ Easy Registration✓ Verified Customers✓ Transparent Earnings✓ Easy Navigation✓ 24/7 SupportWhy Choose Yatri Sathi Driver?✓ Government-Backed✓ Reliable Customer Base✓ Transparent Earnings✓ Flexible ScheduleDownload Yatri Sathi Driver now and start earning with a trusted cab service in Kolkata!
Glory clothes is a fashion retailer app
Glory clothes is a fashion retailer for women's Islamic clothing, dresses and accessories. The Application offers clothing and accessories to women of all ages and offers shipping and delivery all over the world. The App also trends latest hijab styles for women along with fashion tips for the Muslim regions.
Speedfriending is a fun and effective way to meet and friendzone new people!
Welcome to the fun and friendly little sister of speeddating, where the goal is to friendzone each other through swiping, creative conversations and by joining our social events.Swipe your way to a more social summer, take initiative and create a more friendly world together with us. This is the app to download if you want to meet new friends and acquaintances, either you are travelling, have moved to a new place or are just tired of that book you are reading in the park.After organizing well over hundred social events all around Scandinavia, we want to introduce great people also outside of our events. This app lets you do this, with its intuitive design and ease of use.In the app you will also find the Speedfriending calendar, where you'll find the next social event in your city, either its volleyball, a pub crawl or the next Speedfriending event.Let's make friendzone great again!