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The battle between a prisoner and their warden for justice
This game is about the life of prisoners and is based on real events.The prisoner is a regular person. He has probably committed some offence, done something bad so now he is receiving his punishment. It is possible, too, that he has been incarcerated out of mere stupidity and ignoranceMost important is that he now has to survive in very difficult conditions and wait for his release.The warden is also a regular person. Every morning, he goes to work at the prison. He takes his job seriously and believes that if a man is inside, then there must be a reason. That means he must watch him and punish him.Will the prisoner be able to remain positive or will he be broken? Will he fight for his rights or submit to the warden’s will?
Read Le Monde diplomatique anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.
In our app you get the German edition of LE MONDE diplomatique as an ePaper and in audio format to listen to. Our content can be shared digitally with others and you will receive LMd the evening before the publication date. To get an impression of our ePaper including MP3, you can read and listen to some LMd editions that have already been published in the app.As an ePaper including audio, you can get Le Monde diplomatique as a single edition for EUR 5.70, as a digital annual subscription for EUR 45.60 or in combination with the print edition for EUR 66.00. A notice period of 14 days before the end of the payment period applies to the annual subscription.You can find more information in the help texts of our app or on the LMd website: you have any questions, suggestions or tips about our app? Gladly to [email protected] We look forward to your message.
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We have created an mp3 music player application for you, where you can listen to all the songs of the artist offline.
Platinum Ceramic Pvt Ltd.
This is a Catalogue and Order Management Application for Platinum Ceramic Pvt. Ltd.
Class 9 Maharashtra State Board Solutions and Notes
Hello students, we are presenting this app to help your study. we are providing in this app MSBSHSE Textbooks and all materials with the solution so that makes the perfect combo of materials.In this app, UI is very easy to use for all students and also includes all the material which is used in particular standards.Here in this, all subject textbooks chapter wise included proper also all chapter solution is there so that student can study easily and students can browse through them whenever they want.Students are also advised to read from the textbooks along with additional reference materials as this will help them to comprehend the basic and fundamental concepts of the subject really well.So Hope you like this app and hope this helps you in your study and your bright future, so Don't Forget to share it with your classmate and friend.Thank You★ Disclaimer: We are NOT a GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION and not linked with the Government of India and any of its state governments in any way. Please note that we are totally independent team. We are not..