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Flash Alerts blinks for incoming Calls, SMS, and notifications.
Flash AppFlash Alerts is a flash app that makes sure that you won't miss any calls, SMS and app notifications. ⚡Flash AppFlash Alerts main features :✔ Flash Notifications for calls, texts, and app through the LED flash alerts, including flash on SMS, and other flash alerts.✔ Enjoy personalized Ringtones with strobe lights from your mobile.✔ Adjust the speed and duration of each flash.✔ Never miss calls or messages during muted mode in quiet places like hospitals, meetings, etc.✔ Ideal for loud environments thanks to flash on call.✔ SOS mode: Use in emergencies by flashing SOS Morse CodeFlash Alert On Call:Activate the flashing of the Flash upon receiving a call, message, or notification from applications.Flash Notification App: You can easily adjust the phone flash speed, from fast to slow, depending on personal preference, You won't miss any important calls. Flash Alert message: The app blinks when you receive a messageLED Flash Alert:Blink for your default SMS app and for any incoming call. Flash app will automatically detect when you are using your phone and not blink to disturb you. Flashlight:Turn your..