easy fun preschool education
MAKE your own way and plug up the holes Mole dug.
Cook and bake cakes like a chef
Search & Find hidden objects
Discover 4 playgrounds in the kind and colorful world of Pango
A world to build at the tip of your fingers!
Get ready for a challenge! CHOOSE logic blocks and BUILD a path for Pango.
Give free rein to your little ones’ imagination!
Build your own amusement park!
The treasure hunt begins!
Create your own marching band with PANGO MUSICAL MARCH!
Pango Sheep: an irresistible shepherding game! Baaaah!
A cube building game for small (and large) builders.
Design and build your dream car !
Discover 5 unpublished PANGO stories !
Join Pango and his friends in a funny and entertaining hide-and-seek game.
Discover 5 unpublished PANGO stories !
Discover programming with Fox and his magic truck.
SUPERHERO, PIRATE, WIZARD... Pango will once again delight your children.
Funny adventures, animated stories and sweet characters!
PANGO CHRISTMAS, a really cute, interactive game for children aged 3 and up !
A memory game set in a haunted mansion on Halloween.
Dive into the MAGIC of reading