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5Pillars brings you the latest Muslim news, opinion and analysis from the UK .
With Muslims regularly targeted by mainstream media disinformation, 5Pillars brings you accurate and balanced Muslim news that covers the community fairly and gives you a real insight into what it is thinking.5Pillars operates with the following core principles in mind:Independencewe are financially independent and that means that we are editorially independent.Quality journalismthis site is run by people with journalistic pedigree.Graoots focuswe will always prioritise the common man over the rich and powerful. So we aim to reflect what people are saying on the ground, however uncomfortable that may be, and not just in the corridors of power.Non-sectarianismwe strongly feel that the Muslim community is being divided on sectarian lines and that this is driven more by politics than theology. We believe a divided Ummah fighting each other is an Ummah destined for failure. Therefore, this site will do its best to represent all Islamic traditions fairly and without prejudice.Anti-imperialismwe believe that Western/Israeli foreign policy is the main cause of the disasters afflicting the Muslim world. Yet we also believe strongly that the Ummah should be prepared to look at itself..