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Rebuild society in the middle of a frozen town to survive in a snow apocalypse!
Explore a world where Earth is enveloped in ice and snow. You are the leader of the last town on Earth, faced with the task of protecting your people from the inevitable cold apocalypse.In Frost Land Survival, your mission is to survive in these harsh conditions, finding and gathering resources. Explore snow-covered landscapes, discover hidden reserves, and teach your citizens to use them in the best possible way. Remember: survival requires strategy. Decide which resources to gather first and how to distribute them among the survivors.With each day, survivors will face new dangers: wild nature, icy storms, and snowy creatures will challenge your survival. Your main ally is crafting. Gather resources and create tools and weapons to ensure the safety of your people. Build a sturdy base, turning your shelter into an impregnable fortress. With the right strategy, persistence, and a bit of luck, your city can thrive even in this icy world.GAME FEATURES:★ Simple but addictive gameplay★ Deep research systemdiscover new survival methods, tools, and technologies★ Gradual city development: from a small shelter to a mighty fortress★ Graphics and..
Merge, build, cut trees, and develop your train empire in idle railroad tycoon
The ultimate idle adventure awaits! Embark on a unique journey where you'll master the art of resource management, strategy, and creativity. In this captivating idle game, you're in charge of constructing a dynamic train empire. Start by chopping down trees to clear land and gather essential materials. Then, dive into the heart of engineering as you build and customize your very own train from scratch.As you progress, merge various railway carriages to enhance your train's capabilities and aesthetics. Expand your empire by laying intricate railway tracks across diverse landscapes, connecting distant lands, and unlocking new possibilities. Collect a wide range of resources along your journey, each playing a crucial role in growing and upgrading your train empire.Train Miner offers a seamless blend of simplicity and depth, perfect for casual gamers and strategy enthusiasts alike. With its intuitive gameplay, you'll find yourself effortlessly immersed in the world of trains, resources, and endless exploration.Game Features:- Dynamic Train Building: Customize and build your train from a variety of parts and designs- Resource Management: Strategically gather and utilize resources to expand your train empire-..
Logic puzzle: draw the line to save a ball. Physics games & tricky brain teasers
Passionate about brain teasers? Want to challenge your logical skills? Then take a look at Save Balls — a logic puzzle game in which you should draw a line to protect balls. Angry wasps are about to get out of the pipe and attack the cute smiley faces. Protect the balls so that the insects don't sting them. Draw lines, scribbles, figures and doodles. Let your imagination run wild and create a protective masterpiece with one finger. Be careful: the number of lines is limited and different at each level. Remember about the test of strength: the wasps will be looking for every possible way to get to our poor heroes. Can you create a safe haven and save the emoji? Save Balls is an amusing logic game that will test your IQ and raise your intellectual abilities to a new level. It will be harder and harder to protect the smiley balls. New brick fences and moving obstacles will appear, and the space below will fill with water — be careful and don't let a round character fall there...
Become an evil scientist who creates viruses and plague to destroy the world!
Tired of always saving the world? Sick of being the chosen high savior from the "prophecy"? How about playing the bad guy for once! In Idle Infection, you don't have to be the nice guy. Your job is to infect people with tons of viruses and bacteria! The more people you infect, the more disease types you unlock! Beat missions and boost your disease levels! But wait, it's not so easy! You'll have to upgrade microbes to bring death to as many people as possible and usher in a new global outbreak!Manage your resources wisely to become a bigger threat! Use science to force your viruses to evolve! Don't give humans a chance at survival!Why you'll love Idle Infection:- Realistic, fun graphic style- Simple controls- Easy interface- Cool music- Simple gameplayKeep earning in Idle Infection even when you close the game. You keep getting resources even if you aren't playing!Idle Infection is absolutely free to play! Download it now and have fun!COMPANY COMMUNITY: Facebook:
Enjoy art puzzle and coloring book game! Restore and liven up pictures
Art puzzle game that everyone will love!Art Master 2: Art Puzzle Game is a new art puzzle game where you need to restore pictures from parts and color them.Start assembling the picture in art puzzle gameinitially the picture will be black and white. Look carefully at the pieces of the picture that will be displayed at the bottom of the screen and match them with the parts of the picture. Make a picture in full color and liven it up!Why you'll love Art Master 2: Art Puzzle Game:Unique combination of two art puzzle game genres: coloring book and jigsaw puzzleBright and colorful puzzle game graphicsUnique pictures to color and collectLots of levels to play dailyart every day!If you like art puzzles, jigsaw puzzle, blick art, star art then Art Master 2: Art Game is definitely for you!So what are you waiting for? Download Art Master 2: Art Puzzle Game picture puzzle, start color and liven up pictures and create masterpieces!COMPANY COMMUNITY: Facebook:
Build your own 3D cars, upgrade them and go fast to become the ultimate racer!
Welcome to the thrilling world of Idle Racer, where you can merge your creativity and passion for driving to build your unique car and participate in intense races against formidable opponents.In Idle Racer, you start the game with a basic car that you can upgrade using the in-game currency earned simply by tapping the screen. The more you tap and click, the more in-game money you earn. You can spend this money on purchasing new parts for your car, such as engines, tires, spoilers, and much more. You can also merge two parts of the same level to create a higher-level part, which will increase the speed and power of your car.Stop by the garage and personalize your car by choosing from a wide range of parts, colors and stylesmake it truly unique!Feel the adrenaline rush as you drift around corners and speed past your opponents. Win races and earn rewards!Idle Racer offers you the thrill of racing, the joy of building your own car, and the excitement of unlocking new possibilities. This game is perfect for everyone who loves..
Color the black and white Fantasy World Island. Survival and Building Idle game
Welcome to the survival idle game! You'll start with nothing but your wits and a few basic tools. Your goal is to gather resources, build structures, upgrade camping, and survive against the elements. The island is full of surprises, so be prepared for anything! Can you survive and find your way to safety?Color Invaders Idle combines the mechanics of survival and tycoon games! Survivors must gather resources on a mysterious tiny island, build a shelter and upgrade base, create a bridge to a nearby island, conquer black and white territories, and fight dangerous monsters. You'll need to scavenge for vital items and materials to build your base and upgrade it, as well as craft weapons and items to help you in your adventures. As you progress, you'll unlock new resources, tools, and structures that will help you survive and thrive. You'll also be able to upgrade your existing structures to make them stronger and more efficient.GAME FEATURES★ Сlicker adventure game on tiny island★ Open new survivors to gather more resources together★ Upgrade your camping ★ Think through your tactics &..
Fight zombies to defend the train! Shoot em all and don't get eaten!
Ride the train over post-apocalyptic zombie world! Build fortifications and use multiple weapons to defend the train! Become stronger and shoot em all!Train Defense is a new action game where you confront hordes of zombies. Shoot zombies, collect resources, fortify the train and upgrade your weapons!Game features:- Quick & exciting battles- Funny and addictive gameplay- Super easy controls- Variety of cool weapons for your hero- Incredible post-apocalyptic trainRun, shoot & avoid being eaten! Build up your defenses and be the last to survive on the train! Handle it?
Hunt or hide? Choose your side: hunt down the fugitives or escape the back rooms
Are you a fan of horror games and backrooms that give you the chills and keep you on the edge of your seat? Then you should definitely try Hide in the Backrooms, a mobile game set in the eerie and unsettling world of the backrooms. This game is perfect for those who love the thrill of a good scare and enjoy exploring creepy environments.The backrooms are a series of interconnected back rooms that exist in a limbo between reality and another dimension. They are filled with strange and unsettling phenomena such as flickering lights, buzzing sounds, and strange entities known as nextbots. In this game, you can play as a monster who catches fugitives or a fugitive who runs away from them.One of the main features of this game is its use of noclip mechanics, which allows you to move through walls and other obstacles in the backroom. This feature makes for some truly thrilling moments, as you can use it to avoid the nextbots and other enemies that are trying to hunt you down. Additionally, there are many abilities..
Merge items to solve mysteries and help Roxanne rebuild her village!
Are you ready to follow the mystery story of Roxanne in puzzle-solving merge stories game?Boom! Welcome to Merge Toons!When turning a new page in life turn into a catastrophy! Cheated, hurt and alone with a baby on the way in the middle of the ocean, she has to rebuild her life and escape all the dark adventures that follow.Help Roxanne to make the right choice in her journey and rebuild her villages along the way.Why you’ll love Merge Toons: merge puzzle game: - Make the correct choice and help Roxanne to get out of the trouble that follows- Collect stars by completing easy or challenging tasks to earn amazing rewards in merge puzzle game and elevate to the next level!- Relax while you play a fun interactive adventurous merge magic puzzle game- Build villages by collecting the stars needed in each village to transform and upgrade each cartoony character and item.- Unlock and discover new fantastic & fun-loving villages- Merge at your pace! Are you a merge master or merge beginner? Play at your pace whether it is a merge..
Lead a survivor group, shoot alien hordes & stay alive in the survival io game!
Oh no! Aliens have invaded your city! Get your guns, team up with other survivors, and fight your way through endless waves of aliens! You have to do whatever it takes to survive!Survive Squad is a fast-paced casual roguelike survivor io game with some RPG elements. The goal is to build a team and survive in the arena as long as you can! Fight against endless waves of aliens and defeat boss battles to level up your team. You can collect new gear, unlock perks, and upgrade your heroes' abilities to deal more damage to the monsters!FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFEZombies, vampires, and other undead creatures are in the past — there's a bigger concern. In this survival io game, you must get through the endless waves of aliens that far outnumber you! The stronger enemies await you at every stage!Get ready to battle the deadly bosses with unique abilities. Be fast, smart & furious to defeat them all, and loot treasures together with new upgrades. You'll need to use all your skills and smarts to stay alive. This casual survive..
Try not to fall while rolling the ball high in the sky and on the ground!
Do you love fun ball games with realistic physics & tons of obstacles? Join Rollance, the addicting ball race where you should roll the ball through unexpected barriers to finish. Master the ball control and collect the maximum game points to complete all levels like a boss!CONTROL A BALLTap on the screen to roll the ball quickly or balance it carefully traveling through a level. Improve your attention & reaction to finish all the challenging levels on the first try.OVERCOME OBSTACLESThe more levels you complete, the harder roads you should travel. Ramps, pendulums, trampolines, hammers, and tons of other barriers you should overcome on your way to finish. Don’t let anything knock your rolling ball out of the road!DON’T WASTE YOUR LIVESRemember, the ball game doesn't save your progress on the level automatically unless you have spare lives. Play carefully, or you’ll start a level again.USE BALL BOOSTERSWant to finish the ball race faster? Collect different bonuses along the road to become bigger & stronger! Take every advantage from the boosters to finish all the ball game levels!Why you’ll love..
Join the model show and start the fashion battle! Be the famous catwalk queen!
Fashion Queen: Dress Up Game is a game for girls who truly love fashion, dolls, and design. Start dressing up for various events. Dress up your model in the best outfits and show them off on the catwalk! Use all your creative skills to win the fashion battle and become a famous model!The game starts with you selecting your model, who will be the face of your fashion empire. You will have the opportunity to dress her up in a variety of clothes and accessories, from dresses to shoes to jewelry. You can even design your own dress and see how it looks on your model.Your model will walk down the catwalk, showing off her fashion style to the judges and the audience. The better your outfit, the higher your score and you can win this fashion show!But it's not just about dressing up your model. You also need to be strategic in your choices. You'll need to consider the theme of the fashion show, the judges' preferences, and even the weather. If you choose the right outfit, you'll win..
You've become Cupid: make incredible giants fall in love with each other!
Welcome to Love Giants, an enchanting game that will ignite your heart and test your archery skills! Step into the role of Cupid, the legendary matchmaker, and embark on a whimsical adventure where you'll shoot arrows of love, bounce and guide their flight to hit the target. With your trusty bow in hand, aim carefully and release your arrows into the air. Your goal is to skillfully control their trajectory, making them bounce off trampolines strategically placed throughout the vibrant game world. Each arrow must find its way to the charming creatures, serving as your targets.Feel the warmth of love as your arrows connect hearts and create a magical bond. As you succeed, watch in awe as little unusual children emerge.Love Giants features captivating gameplay with intuitive controls that allow you to adjust the angle and power of your shots and bounce, ensuring a satisfying and immersive experience. With each level, the challenges will become more intricate, requiring precision and strategic thinking to hit elusive targets.As you progress through the game, unlock new arrows with special abilities, enhancing your archery..
Go archery as tiny Cupid, connect couples and inspire love in every heart!
Welcome to Love Archer gameone of the games about inspiring love feelings! In this interesting project, you play as a cheerful tricky Cupid, using your archer skills, bow and magic arrows of love to connect everyone and create loving couples! Play have fun, solve puzzles and throw the arrow to a creature of your choice. After your arrow hits the target, they will fall in a beautiful garden and a magic of love will take them over. Are you ready, my tiny Cupid hero? Shot your love arrows right into funny creatures' hearts to make them love each other and born a baby. Even the different types of creatures can make a solid couple and become happy parents. Combine orc and human for example and see how love conquers all! Love Archer features: - Amazing archery games mechanic - Different types of creatures from people to dogs - Colorful graphics Take up the bow, aim your arrow and shoot to become the greatest bow master. Learn the secrets of Cupid archery! Become the legendary archer master, bow master and connect..
Roll the dice to summon an army battle legion. Play red vs blue battle simulator
Welcome to the world of Stickman Epic Dice Battle marred in the live long war between blue and red kingdoms! In this fun army game, you must win stickman wars at any cost. Roll the dice to summon stickman warriors, merge and upgrade army battle legions, and fight mighty enemies. Play Stickman Epic Dice Battle and enjoy the crazy red vs. blue combats.ROLL THE DICEThrow the dice and turn them into warriors, mages, or archers! The more dice you throw, the more stickman warriors you could summon to your army. Become the real army commander and prepare for each battle!MERGE TO UPGRADECombine your mini warriors to develop the troops! Merge the different types of stickmen to create advanced soldiers with unique abilities! Find new ways to unlock soldiers with increased skills and characteristics. SUMMON EPIC HEROESGather legendary heroes in your army to fight enemies faster! Every character has their own unique skills you could use during an epic battle! Lead your battle legions to victory!BATTLE VARIOUS ENEMIESAre you ready to fight mighty bosses? Assemble the strongest stickman army and fight..
Collect layers in running game & build the biggest slinky toy to beat the giant!
Yo, check it out! Layer Man is an insanely exciting hyper-casual mobile game that guarantees players an entertaining and addictive experience. The game is all about a stickman runner who races through a crowded runway to collect as many hoops as possible without hitting any obstacles.One of the most awesome things about the game is how simple it is. All you gotta do is collect layers scattered throughout the runway to build a slinky toy. The more layers you collect, the longer the slinky toy becomes, which can give you a sweet boost on the final stage of the level. It's easy to understand, but challenging to master, which keeps things interesting.As you're running through the runway, you gotta navigate through various obstacles to avoid collisions. If you bump into an obstacle, you lose some hoops, which ain't cool for your overall score. That's why it's crucial to keep collecting hoops and dodging obstacles like a boss.And to make things even more exciting, Layer Man has multiple levels with increasing difficulty. You gotta step up your game and navigate through..
Shoot the web, jump and teleport! Be a stickman hero and destroy your enemies!
In this thrilling mobile hyper-casual game, you take on the role of a heroic stickman who has mastered the art of shooting webs and teleporting to different locations. Armed with your trusty spiderweb-shooting abilities, you must navigate through a series of challenging obstacles and destroy enemies in your path.As you progress through the game, you'll encounter increasingly difficult challenges that will test your skills as a master stickman. You'll need to be quick on your feet and strategic in your movements if you hope to make it to the end of each level.To help you along the way, you can use your web-shooting abilities to swing from platform to platform and avoid obstacles. You can also use your teleportation powers to quickly move around the map and dodge enemy attacks.But beware – your enemies are not easily defeated. They'll come at you with all sorts of weapons and traps, so you'll need to be on your guard at all times. Use your skills and quick reflexes to dodge their attacks and take them down before they can do any damage.With..
Merge, upgrade and fight! Fun and addictive zombies strategy war battling games!
Create your own monster squad and defeat the opposing team in an epic real-time strategy zombie battle game! Dead Wars combines elements of battle strategy simulator, action RPG, and merging objects mechanics. Dive into 1vs1 strategy gameplay in real time and battle with players from all over the world!Think as fast as you cancombine, merge, match, and assemble different kinds of undead troops, upgrade your monsters warriors, perform special types of attacks, use various combat tactics! Lead your zombie squad to victory in this fun and epic war strategy battle simulator!Dead Wars is an addictive real-time strategy 1v1 PVP zombies war game where your main goal is to defeat a squad of enemy monsters and prevent them from destroying your base. Improve your attack and defense tactics, upgrade your units, and unlock new powerful monsters and skills by defeating your opponent!What awaits you in the Dead Wars:- Gameplay combining different strategies and mechanics: match, merge, clash, fight, and upgrade- A wide choice of units: zombies, mummies, reapers, necromancers, and many others!- Gather a squad of monsters and fight in your..
Mine craft resources, upgrade your army and conquer the enemy’s land.
Commander, it’s time to conquer the enemy’s last fortress! Fight and defend your polytopia as the war commander. Defeat the enemy’s army by crafting and building your warriors and army base. Capture the enemy’s flag. Protect the villagers and craftsman tribes. Block the invasion of the conqueror and enemy soldiers. BUILD A BASEThis game is a blend of minecraft games, building games and army games. Create an army base camp. Mine resources and craft your armed base. Grow warriors that will become fearless army. Upgrade warriors with silver and gold. Improve units, multiply army. Build an invincible army!CRAFT WORLDDespite the fact that this is the army tycoon game, you can create your polytopia and multicraft world. There are villages of craftsman in this blocks world minecraft game, so you are not only a war commander, but also a castle crafter. Mine craft resources and improve your units in minecraft pocket edition. Upgrade your troop’s equipment in the blacksmith’s by silver and gold. Enjoy your time giving commands to craftsman building multicraft polytopia.GAME FEATURES:– Feel yourself an army commander– Minecraft style–..
Use a kunai to teleport & defeat ninja enemies! Become a true shinobi assassin!
Jump on the wall, throw your kunai, and teleport close to an enemy to defeat them with just one punch. Prove your ninja credentials by taking out bad guys before they suspect something is wrong. Go through the difficult path of a shinobi to become a true ninja assassin!Stickman Teleport Master is one of the most addictive action ninja games with stealth puzzles and teleport gameplay! USE DEADLY WEAPONSThere are hundreds of lethal equipment types to defeat your enemies. In this fun ninja game, you could choose traditional ninja weapons such as a katana, sword, superhero hammer, and futuristic lightsabers. Adapt your arsenal to each mission!COMPLETE SHINOBI MISSIONSTake contracts to defeat dangerous gangsters, bandits, samurai, and other outlaws in increasingly difficult ninja assassination missions. You have to employ skill, speed, and loads of stealth to reach and take out the boss!Why you'll love the ninja game:- Addictive action gameplay- Your favorite characters- Difficult ninja slice puzzles- Many challenging game levels- Original combat mechanicsAre you ready to execute the next assassination? Download and play Stickman Teleport Master right now, and defeat..
Catch tiny Metamon in the wild! Tap to train and heal monsters when needed!
You got to the Metamon Islandthe magic Monster World! Explore new island with your metamon pet team. Exciting catching and battle game is started! As you walk around the island, watch around carefully! You can meet one monster, or a whole squad of them! Get readycatching and collecting idle monsters in this crazy metamon quest game won't be a walk in the park! Your pocket pet must win so you could add a new member to your monster team. Now you're a monster hunter and trainer! Every level you will collect points and spend them on upgrading and evolving cute monsters. Train and tune your pets to grow them up and win battles. And don't forget to send them to base timely, to heal and recover! The stronger your monsters the easier it will be for you to go through the levels Game features: - Idle clicker games mechanics - Simple gameplay, easy to control - An endless frontier to explore - The further you go, the more rare monsters appear Believe in yourself and in your team! Begin Your..
Master crazy stunts, jump high, and race your car to victory without crashing
Ramp Racing 3D is the fast-paced racing game for adrenaline junkies and fans of high-speed action. Come to the finish line first without breaking your car in this exciting casual game that takes you on a thrilling ride down massive ramps.With its intuitive controls and challenging levels, this game will test your driving skills and reflexes, as you jump behind the wheel of your car and perform daring stunts. You play as a driver, who should race your car down dangerous slopes and reach the finish line before your opponents. Remember, it's not just about speed — you'll need to use strategy and precision to master the ramps and outrace your conteders. Become a ramp racing hero in this fun and addictive game. Put your driving skills to the test as you jump and speed down a steep track, maneuvering through tight turns and performing crazy stunts. The game offers a variety of race tracks, each with its own unique challenges. From massive jumps to tight turns, RR 3D will test your driving skills and reaction time. With its stunning..
As a police officer clean city streets of crime in this police simulator!
Hey, Sheriff! Your city is struck by crime, violence, and corruption! It's not the time to play cops and robbers! Start your police car, chase dangerous criminals, and give your citizens a chance to live a better life in this cop game. Police Rage is an action-packed adventure-filled police simulator. Take on the role of a real police officer and rid the city streets of crime. Play and prove you are worth your police badge.👮CATCH CRIMINALS 👮Patrol city streets to arrest and imprison the culprits invading your place. Don’t be afraid to give the hot police pursuit or engage in a firefight against local gangs. Become the best policeman or police woman in this cop game, and protect the city!🚨 UPGRADE THE POLICE STATION 🚨The more lawbreakers you arrest, the higer your salary that you can spend on upgrading your police station. Hire more police officers, enlarge your prison, or upgrade any department to make the police work more efficient! 🚓 UNLOCK NEW TERRITORIES 🚓As soon as you clean from crime one city district, you will be offered to travel..
Simple and meditative gameplay About designing and decorating living places
Decorate This – try yourself as an interior designer!Create your own design office, decorate custom-made rooms – living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, other living areas, or even build an entire house! Use your interior design skills!The game combines several of the best gaming genres! Be free – customers trust your taste! Try to arrange all the furniture so that it fits into the cells! And don't forget to update your aspiring designer arsenal.By completing orders, you earn coins – they'll help you to get more cool decorating elements!Game features:- Many orders – many rooms!- Freedom of action – do it to your taste!- Each design is a mini game!- Nice beautiful graphics and music!Play for free now and design your dream.COMPANY COMMUNITY: Facebook:
Become the leader of your own army! Command your legion and conquer your foes!
A whole army of brave soldiers ready for battle is at your disposal! Are you brave enough to stand up against plenty of dangerous enemies? Can you manage your army so it defeats your enemies with minimal losses? Are your strategic thinking and leadership skills enough? Can you conquer the whole world? Find it out right now in Legion Clash!
Airport airstrip simulator: control air traffic in the sky & plane flights
Take control over the air traffic of a busy airport. Land planes and helicopters safely on the airstrips in Plane Control. It's a cool simulator game where you can take control of each aircraft in the sky. Set the radar right and lets get started!Your goal is to notice every flight around the airport, draw the landing path and land a plane of helicopter. It might seem easy at the beginning, but as you progress, there'll be more and more aircrafts on the way! Be attentive, don't cross the landing paths. Otherwise the aircrafts may collide!Some Plane Control simulator features: ✈️ The mechanics is easy✈️ Simple & colorful graphics✈️ Different levels to explore✈️ Tricky airstrips We wish you safe flights! 👩✈️ 👨✈️
Train your brain and enjoy everyone's favorite classic card game!
Classic solitaire for the win!Solitaire: Relaxing Card Game is a free popular card game. It's very interesting and retains traditional gameplay and design, everyone will enjoy it!Do you love brain teasers and card games? If yes, then you'll love Solitaire: Relaxing Card Game! Traditional solitaire gameplay will attract you! Be patient and pay attention if you want to beat all levels. Improve your skills and try to beat the levels as fast as possible to get the max number of points!At the end of each round enjoy fun animations and sounds like in classic computer solitaire!Why you'll love Solitaire: Relaxing Card Game:
- Fun classic gameplay without any annoying new twists- Solitaire nostalgia. The good old days are back!- Calming visual style, pretty cards & smooth animations- Easy controls: double-tap a card or drag it – it always goes where it fits- Simple interfaceMultiplayer – one more thing about Solitaire: Relaxing Card Game:- Challenge other players & win them- Create wonderful card combinations- Show your logics & mind skills- Rack your brainThis card game can meet the needs of all kinds..
Crazy sports arcade: jump and make a perfect flip to destroy roof and floors!
Hit the Roof is a fun and crazy sports arcade: jump and make a perfect flip to destroy the roof and floors!Have you ever thought you can sky dive in the city? Well, it’s super easy for a specially trained ragdoll in Hit the Roof! Just a few tapsand your hero is flying down to destroy as many floors as possible. No need to worry, he has a sports helmet to bump into the building floors. So no ragdoll will be hurt while playing this game!The mechanics is intuitive: tap to run, then tap to jump and flip on the trampoline. These 3 steps will boost the ragdoll and send it to diving through the roof and floors. How fast can he fly? Check it out using special boosts and different helmets. Try to reach the ground floor if you can. Why do we love this crazy arcade?🔺 Accurate ragdoll physics🔺 Easy-to-learn controls🔺 Rich visual effects🔺 Addictive gameplay🔺 Helmet upgrades🔺 Variety of boostsBecome the king of city rooftops. Who's stronger, your helmet or the roof? Let’s check this out.COMPANY COMMUNITY..
Play the maze Hide io game! Make monster and turn people in hide 'n seek game!
Monster Horde is a fun hide and seek game that mixes casual action, stealth, and puzzle gameplay. Your goal is to infect and turn all the people in the maze to monsters! Be faster and smarter than your opponents to win this one of the best hide and seek games.CREATE YOUR UNIQUE MONSTERMix the different body parts of the famous antagonists like Huggy Wuggy, Siren Head, Freddy Fazbear, and others. Make the most frightening creature that any mad scientist couldn't imagine!GATHER A MONSTER HORDEBe careful! Your enemies carry lethal weapons that are extremely hard to deal with if you're alone. Hide and sneak past the enemies and bite them from behind. The more monster hunters you bite, the more allies you gain!Why you'll love the hide and seek io game:- Fun stealth gameplay- Lots of challenging levels- Exciting monster creator- Many famous creatures- Easy controls- Bright graphicsIf you like hide and seek gameplay, fun monster games, and creating new creatures, download and play Monster Horde now! Take control of a hungry monster and make people your scary allies! Win the..
Sky combat games: tanks vs fighter jet. War machines & gunship battle: tank wars
Passionate about shooting games? Want to challenge yourself? Then take note of Air Defense — an action airplane shooter game. Test yourself as a sniper tankman, pick a target in the sky, and open fire.Air Defense is a thrilling shooter with modern graphics and quality effects. You'll be fully immersed in the air combat atmosphere. If you spent hours playing soldiers, guns, shooters, tanks, and other war games as a child, you'll probably love our shooter about planes and tanks.The tank division retreated, and the area was left undefended. The enemy command took advantage of this by sending a fighter battalion into the territory. Coincidentally, there was a single tank, the only hope.Take command of the tank yourself. Bravely hold the defense. Aim and shoot without missing. Hit the targets one after another. Try to hold your position before you run out of shells. The sky is teeming with aircraft: dozens of sky warriors fly back and forth across the airspace. Fighter jets, drones, dive bombers, and helicopters are heading straight for one target: your tank. Every military aircraft has..
Help Mommy Long Legs and Huggy Wuggy through scary mazes!
Do you like mazes and puzzle games? Then join the Mommy Maze game and help Mommy and Huggy Wuggy to clean up! Solve the maze and find the treasure while completing interesting levels with labyrinth full of obstacles and scary things! Avoid the obstacles and complete the levels by stretching the character's arms and legs. Mommy and Huggy have long arms and long legs like ropes! They are suitable for any labyrinth!GAME FEATURES:- Spooky heroes: Mommy Long Legs, Huggy Wuggy and Bunzo Bunny .- Labyrinths, mazes, puzzles, quests, brain teasers for everyone’s taste.- Mommy Long Legs can crawl the walls of the maze.- Huggy inspiration: the game is based on the famous novelty about escape rooms! - One finger to stretch legs or arms.- Multiple unique levels with Bunzo Bunny and Huggy-Wuggy. - High quality graphics and sound.- Step by step increasing difficulty.- Smooth animation while you stretch guy.- Free and funny! Playtime has begun!In the Mommy Maze game there are dozens of mazes, where you need to avoid treacherous obstacles, solve challenging puzzles, stretch legs and find the treasure..
Defeat cube heroes in fighting game! Win in ragdoll combat to become a champion!
Become a hero in the Block Ragdoll Fight game! Take part in epic fights against other players in 3D block fighting games. Prepare for epic versus-fighting action with your favorite block heroes in the ultimate pixel showdown! Become the champion in ragdoll arena.GET READY FOR THE CONTESTChoose your hero and begin the ragdoll fight. Use special fighting skills to overcome your rival. Collect epic loot during the block ragdoll battles and decrease enemies' HP in one shot.CHOOSE THE FIGHTING ARENAWon the champion title in one arena? Move to another one! In Block Ragdoll Fight, there are several locations to battle. Each location is unique. Abandoned metro station or a boxing ring? It doesn't matter for the champion where to fight!UNIQUE SKINSDifferent types of heroes await you. Choose your block fighter in a superhero fighting game, upgrade their skills, and win in battle games!GAME FEATURES:Brave fightersAmazing graphics & simple interfaceEasy controlsBeautiful animationsActive block stickman battlesSeveral locations to fightDifferent weapons to hit your enemyStart your way to the champion title in Block Ragdoll Fight. Enjoy active gameplay of fighting games. Become the..
Punch & kick street fighters in fighting multiverse! Join the gang fight club!
Fight your way to the top in the Gang Beast Fight Club! Join crazy fights in the stickman ragdoll multiverse! Kick enemies & knock them out of the arena in the online fighting simulator!This gang fight game is a fun accurate fighting simulator where you should choose a city fighter, upgrade their fighting skills and enter the mad ragdoll battle. Your goal is to kick all the fighters out of the fighting zone! The last one standing wins!There are dozens of martial art punches and strikes you can choose, fighting other players. Use wrestling and boxing moves, utilize karate skills and give deadly MMA strikes! The longer you stay in the fighting arena, the more new effective moves you can learn and use in battles!🥊Why you’ll love this fighting game:🥊- Dozens of fighting styles & techniques available- Variety of exciting fight game modes with real action- Dive into the multiverse of mad stickman & ragdoll fightersReady to be the champion of this fight club? Unleash your fighting rage and beat all the street fighters! Play one of the coolest fighting..
Teleport to the assasins with a dagger! Be a stealth ninja and dodge attacks!
Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin is a game for real spies! Dodge attacks, teleport, avoid various obstacles and destroy enemies and main bosses!In each level, other ninjas will be waiting for you. Your task is to get to them and kill them like a real killer. You will control the daggerkunai. With the help of weapons, you can teleport to enemies, close the distance, and dodge attacks.You have to go through exploding barrels, different types of warriorsninjas, dangerous bosses, and much more. Learn to control your weapons, hit your opponent, teleport a distance and dodge attacks. Only by learning all the skills of a stealth assassin can you become a true kunai dagger master!Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin features:- Unique combat mechanics- Easy control- Different types of warriorsninja- Beautiful graphics- Bosses with various skillsKunai Master: Ninja Assassin is a true warrior path that honors its creed. Teleport behind the enemies and destroy the bosses. Learn how to use a weaponkunai, and become the best ninja in the world of assassins!
Reach the 2048 cube in the number merge game! Solve challenging cube puzzles!
Are you keen on 2048 games? Then Cube Arena 2048 is definitely for you! Build the longest chain to win in the game!Cube Arena 2048 it’s a great combination of worms and 2048 games. The rules of the game are quite simple! Collect as many cubes as possible to reach 2048! Choose the right path and watch out for obstacles that could break your cube! Do you think it’s hard? Relax, the game is quite simple and addicting!Let’s start the craziest number match ever! Slide on the arena, merge numbers and reach 2048 number as fast as you can! 2048 games never was so challenging. CUBE ARENA 2048 NUMBER MATCH GAME FEATURES: - Easy to learn, hard to master merge game- Match cubes to solve the 2048 puzzle- Challenging levels with different obstacles- Amazing 3D graphics- Merge cubes to reach 2048So, what are you waiting for? The awesome Cube Arena 2048 game awaits you. Test your brain skills in this challenging 2048 puzzle and have fun while matching numbers.
Zombie shooting games: shoot guns & survive the apocalypse by killing zombies
Hey! Here is a zombie shooter. Are you sure you're right for the role of a zombie killer?PsstHear that? Zombies are nearby. Stay sharp and don't freak out! Shaky hands won't do you any good. Grip your weapon like your life depends on it and aim straight to keep those walking creeps at bay.____________Are you a fan of thrilling, heart-racing, and hair-raising zombie apocalypse games? If so, then you don't want to miss out on our Dead Raid: Zombie Shooter 3D. Our first-person shooter game is perfect for those seeking atmospheric and action-packed survival shooting games.As the only survivor, you must fend off the hungry monsters that roam the corridors of the buildings and the streets of the city. These monsters were once ordinary folks, until they were turned into insatiable zombies. You can stop their brutal attacks in two ways — with your own flesh or by feeding them lead bullets (or arrows). The simple rule of the game is to kill zombies, move forward, and survive against this horde of the walking dead.Be quick in this game, or..
Erase riddle parts and enjoy puzzle games!
What you should erase to complete the level? Think and observe, use your brain and imagination to solve all the riddles!Delete the challenges in this puzzle game and be happy! Easy Eraser will definitely not leave you cold, especially if you're a fan of drawing games, brain games and color games!Game Features:- Absolutely free puzzle game- Simple mechanics game - Funny riddles & brain teasers- Addictive gameplayDownload Easy Eraser now and start your riddle-solving journey to become the erase master!
Logic game around the planet!
Go on a trip around the planet with your friends!You need to find various attractions, national cuisine, cities and much more on the world map!With each game you gain experience and your chances of winning grow ;-)Join us!
Shoot tanks in sniper games! Action gun game: tank war battle. 3D shooter games
Passionate about shooting games? Want to challenge your sniper skills? Then take a look at Tank Sniper — an action shooter game where you should test yourself as a sniper tankman. Is your tank gun ready, soldier? Then hideseek for targetsand destroy them all! It's time to show everyone who's the most skilled sniper here! Tank Sniper is an exciting 3D shooter with modern graphics and multiple levels of varying difficulty. Try yourself as a real sniper — accurately shoot from a cover to hit enemy targets. Take on the role of a brave tankman. You have only one tank — keep it safe! Aim and shoot like a true sniper to win an unequal fight. Unleash the full potential of this armored machine: sight accuracy, fire range, and power of the gun. Remember that you have a limited number of shells — use them wisely. You'll start the war battle in the ambush, where you'll be completely unnoticeable, so the first shot will be unexpected for the enemy. After that all, opponent weapons will be aimed at you: snipers..
Sort the Balls by Colors: Collect Balls of The Same Color in One Flask
Do you enjoy playing puzzle games? Then "Sort the Balls: Color Puzzle 3D" is made for you! It's interesting and challenging at the same time. It's easy to understand how to play, and to sort the balls, but it takes some time and practice to master the game and pass all the levels. How to Play: - move the balls of one color in one flask- repeat it with all balls' colorsIt sounds easy, but sometimes it's tough. If you are struggling with a level, then try to cancel the last move (it's free). If it doesn't help then we recommend restarting the level. We hope you will love the game. Download "Sort the Balls by Colors" and enjoy playing!
Train your brain, find out all differences and strange items!
Concentration differences game to give your brain a workout!What's Wrong is a new kind of seek and find games where your task is to look for strange and unusual things on the pictures and find them. Be attentivethis strange things can hide anywhere!Each level is a new locationpolice station, office, winter city and many others. Prepare your magnifying glass and be ready to study location throughly! You'll have to find 5 strange and unusual things for locationsombrero on a Christmas tree, galoshes on a tree, skateboard in winter and many others. To make What's Wrong even more interesting you'll have limited time to detect all objects and differences on the location.🔎 Why you'll love What's Wrong: 🔎Unique gameplay;Original graphics;Free hints;Abitily to play without internet;Regular updatesWhat are you waiting for? Download What's Wrong right now and start search and find stange objects!COMPANY COMMUNITY: Facebook:
Enjoy 2000+ classic hd jigsaw puzzles! Complete puzzles & train your brain!
Step into the enchanting realm of art games for free with Jigsaw Puzzle Masters HD! Dive deep into a library of over 2000 mesmerizing visuals in this top-tier art game. Let your art master side take control, crafting from the gorgeous imagery of tranquil European streets to majestic landscapes.Do the fluffy kittens captivate your spirit? Or do the depths of abstract art puzzles challenge your wit? Whether it's an easygoing daily puzzle featuring cuddly creatures or the intricacies of magic jigsaw puzzles, we've got you covered. As the premier destination for free jigsaw puzzles, we cater to every puzzle enthusiast out there.For the mosaic lovers, our game offers a vast collection resembling the complexity of a real picture puzzle. Choose your style, from the breezy 30-piece sets to the grand 400-piece masterpieces. It's all designed to stimulate your puzzle brain games skillset.Here's why every jigsaw puzzle lover will be hooked:- Over 2000 free puzzles for adults illustrating pristine quality- A kaleidoscope of categories: from pets to landscapes, cars, still lives, and more- Range of challenges: from 32-piece easybrain selections to..
Dye everything around you in the colors of your team! Join the battle of colors!
Dye Hard is a PvP game where you have to paint everything around and defeat your opponents like a paintball!Grab your spray gun, unlimited dye, and build a platoon! Capture enemy towers and bases together with your team. Paint the whole area without leaving a single blank spot in this heavy shooting game!There are three squads varying by a color of paint: red, blue, and yellow. Each team on the map has its own base, and paint-shooting towers. Your task is to capture enemy structures by drowning opponents and the battlefield in paint!You can paint over everything around without limits, the dye never ends! In places where the paint of your team's color is spilled, you can dive into it, and move much faster, restoring health!Dye Hard Features:- Breathtaking graphics thanks to patented AI-powered Paintable If™ fluid simulation technology!- Simple controls- Unique mechanics- Character customizationDye Hard is a colorful game with exciting paint fights with your squad! Paint everything you see around you, drown your rivals in paint, and capture enemy bases! Join the colorful shooter and start a fun..
Drive a heavy truck and save the cargo! Save goods in the offroad simulator!
Cargo Truck Simulator is a delivery cargo offroad simulator!Become a truck driver and deliver cargo to its destination without damaging it!Choose one of the big trucks, load the cargo into the warehouse and try to deliver it without loss before the time runs out.On the off-road, various obstacles will await you: stones, holes, steep slopes, trees, boxes, and much more. While driving, check the speed and integrity of the cargo. Be careful, there are many locations of varying difficulty waiting for you!Enjoy beautiful landscapes, travel day and night, discover new locations! Get money for cargo delivery and unlock new extreme trucks!Explore a beautiful world while driving a big truck!Cargo Truck Simulator Features: - Realistic trucks- Amazing graphics- More than 50 levels- Easy 3 types of control- Beautiful landscapes- Travel day & night- Realistic weather - Off-road cargo delivery- HQ music & sound effects- Control speed, gearbox & cargo integrity- Realistic truck driving Excellent graphics, realistic trucks, pleasant music, and incredible nature await you in the exciting Cargo Truck Simulator!Improve your heavy truck driving skills and become the best truck driver!COMPANY..
Rise your empire! A fresh look at the classic civilization strategy games!
Raise your nation! Start from the ancient era and move forward to the modern times. Produce resources, buy new territories, construct buildings, and prove that you can be a great Nation Leader! It is a casual management simulation game that requires strategy. We mixed clicker and tycoon games’ elements and the result is one of the most addicting strategy clicker games that can be played actively or passively to create a great civilization. Construct and upgrade buildings. Create iron mines and improve mining tools. Start from the ancient era and work your way forward to progress. How far can you develop your kingdom? Strategy Clicker Features: - Become the leader and manager of your own kingdom - Farm Gold even if you don't play - Active and passive playability- Increase your income steadily - Discover new resources - Work out the best strategy to move forward faster Produce resources, buy new territories, upgrade tools, and prove that you can be a great Nation Leader!
Guess the words in this brain teaser word puzzle!
Wordle: Word Puzzle is an addictive word puzzle where you need guess the words. Your task is to work out a five-letter word in up to six guesses. Train your brain while trying to guess all the words!How to play Wordle: Word Puzzle:Wordle gives you six chances to guess a randomly selected five-letter word. If the letter is guessed correctly and in the correct place, it will be highlighted in green. If the letter is in the word but in the wrong place, it will be yellow. And if the letter isn't in the word, it will remain gray. You can enter a total of six words, meaning you can enter five-burner words from which you can learn hints about the letters and their placements. Then you get one chance to put those letter hints into one wordIf you like addictive and fun word puzzles, then Wordle: Word Puzzle is definitely your choice! So what are you waiting for? Download Wordle: Word Puzzle and guess all the words!
Match same cubes, tile triple and become cubemaster in Cube Match onet game!
Cube Match 3D: Tile Matching is a challenging puzzle game about matching three tiles together for both kids and adults! Your task is to rotate the 3D cube, find & match three identical tiles and clear the field! Enjoy colorful collection of 3D objects and match triplets of animals, toys, food, school & sports items and many others!Is everything matched up? The onet puzzle is done! Train your brain with Cube Match 3D Tile Matching puzzle game!How to play Cube Match 3D: Tile Matching puzzle game:1. Rotate a beautiful 3D cube2. Find and connect three identical 3D tiles3. Repeat till you find all identical tiles and clear the field!The rules are easy, so both kids and adults can play. Relax and enjoy the onet triple matching puzzle game and become a cubemaster! Train your brain, memory and attention!Get ready for an exciting cube tile matching game! Match cubes even when you are offline!So, what are you waiting for? Download Cube Match 3D: Tile Matching puzzle game and start finding & matching cubes!COMPANY COMMUNITY: Facebook:
Gems pop and diamond blast never get boring! Match 3 in a row and crush jewels
Taste the magic of casual games and try amazing new match 3 game! 🧩Millions like simple games to have fun and kill time.Some people like sweet casual candy apps to crush cakes, cookies and jelly or bubble to shoot, others are fond of searching frozen jewels, gems or pirate treasures. Now meet casual, but juicy, cute and bright tiles to blast!Download Becharmed: a mix of jewels and magic world. Try our classic match 3 puzzle! Becharmed is an exciting magic game – be ready to try something absolutely new!BecharmedMatch 3 Games features:🥳 A lot of delicious and enjoyable levels to challenge both new match 3 games beginners and pro🧩 Awesome interesting daily and seasonal events🥳 Match and build: involving home decorating games🧩 Colorful and bright puzzles with a huge number of blast, cool effects, and magic bonuses🥳 Funny and unusual characters. How do you think who does Selena look like?Begin your magical adventure with witch Selena, collect the same color gems like in bubble shooter games, and play new bright and juicy puzzles. Match 3 puzzle is Selena’s favorite genre..
Can you spot it? Find all the differences and train your brain!
Find 5 differences between two pictures in Spot The Hidden Differencesfive differences photo hunt puzzle game!Spot The Hidden Differences is a kind of searching and finding difference photo hunt puzzle games where your task is to find out five differences between two pictures.Keep your eyes open,lookatthepicturescarefullyandtrainyourobservation– somedifferencesarenot thateasytonotice,soSpotTheHiddenDifferences puzzle gamecanchallengeyourmind!HowtoplaySpotTheHiddenDifferencesfind the differences puzzle game:Comparetwopicturesandlookforthedifferencesbetweenthem.Spotthedifferenceandtaponit.Findoutallthedifferencesinthetimeallowed in find the difference puzzle game!Explorelotsofdifferentcolorfulpicturesandhavefunwhileyou'retryingtospotthedifferencesin find the difference puzzle game within the limited time. Trainyourbrainwhileenjoyingpuzzle game!Whyyou'llloveSpotTheHiddenDifferencesfind the difference puzzle game:-Tonsofamazingcolorfulpictures: rooms,animals,food, andmanymore-Brain training gamewhichsuitsbothkidsandadults-Usefulfeatures:zoominginandoutwillhelpyoutospotthedifferences- Helpful puzzle game hints-Easy&hardpuzzles–trainyourbrainandobservation!-Intuitivefind the difference puzzle gameinterfaceIfyoulikeplayingentertainingfind the difference puzzlegames, thenSpotThe Hidden Difference is just what you need! Improve your searching and concentration skills while solving photo hunt puzzle games. Win all puzzles and become a master in searching and finding differences!So, what are you waiting for? Download Spot The Hidden Differences find the difference puzzle game for free and enjoy this photo hunt puzzle game!COMPANY COMMUNITY: Facebook: