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Holy Bible Critical Version on the Complete Hebrew and Greek Texts
The Bover-Cantera Bible is considered the first critical Catholic edition of the Holy Scriptures in Spanish based on the Hebrew, Greek and Latin texts and is still appreciated by many due to its excellent translation quality.In this app you will find the "Holy Bible Bover-Cantera" complete a critical version of the Hebrew and Greek texts. I hope it will be very helpful for you to study the word.
Old Full Transliterated Covenant of the Free Hebrew Bible.
The BIBLE is more than a historical treasure or a literary classic to be preserved, admired or applauded. It is more than a set of documents on which the talents of educated men can be exalted.The Bible is the greatest of all the works of the Creator. He reveals his mind, expresses his will, and manifests his power through words that, among many other purposes, have the power to bring death and bring to light the life and immortality of those who read with faith.Do not assume then that the reader has in his hands a book that man could have written if he had wanted to. Its wonderful unity and continuity, and its fulfilled predictions, show the transcendent and supernatural character of the Work.Know, on the other hand, that it is not a book that man would like to write if he could, because he constantly speaks against him and without respect for people, witnesses against him, displaying his rebellions, perversions and failures.If, on the other hand, with our adult mind we believe that we live on a planet..
Biblical Hebrew Dictionary from the Hebrew language to Spanish
The Biblical Hebrew dictionary has been designed to be a reference text in the study of Biblical Hebrew and in the exegesis of the text of the Hebrew Bible. But it is more than a text of consultation: It is a didactic text. You will find it very pleasant to examine it in a continuous way, from cover to cover, discovering hundreds of surprises of hermeneutical importance, which, in addition, is facilitated by the fact that it is a concentrated and easy to use text.A text like this would also be introductory to the text of the Gospels, which not only include some words or phrases in Aramaic, but are likely based on records originally written in Aramaic, the language in which Jesus used to address crowds.In this application we offer you the free and complete dictionary.I hope it will be very helpful.
The translation of the new world of the holy scriptures into a complete bible
For Jehovah's Witnesses, there is no book more important than the New World Bible.We use the New World Bible constantly to study and teach others the good news of the Kingdom of God (Matthew 24:14).For that reason, every effort was made to make the 2013 revision of The New World Bible lasting and at the same time in good taste.Some characteristics that the New World Bible presents are:-It was translated from Spanish from the original languages, and that English edition has been used as the basis for subsequent translations into other modern languages, including Spanish.-The language he uses is a modernized version of the one originally used in the Bible.In this App you will find The New World Bible:-The old testament-The new Testament-And some biblical themes.
The complete Reina Valera Bible in restored version.
This edition of the Holy Scriptures is mainly based on the Reina Valera 1909 version, which is why it takes the name of Reina Valera Restaurada Bible.The Restored King James Version Bible has been revised and corrected to the oldest Hebrew and Greek texts, in consultation with the Aramaic texts of the Peshita and various ancient and modern versions of the Scriptures.The main purpose of the Restored King James Version Bible is to restore the original Sacred Name of the Creator and that of his Son the Messiah.The other names have been left as is in the traditional versions.An exception to this is that in the Restored King James Version we have restored the name Yah (Psalm 68: 4) in the names of people ending with “ías”, such as Isaiah, who we have named Isaiah.That is because in the Greek Septuagint version the final h of those Hebrew names was replaced by an s; and in those cases we have restored the final h to its proper place.An outstanding feature in the Restored King James Bible is that we have..
The Complete Torah with Comments and Notes in Spanish.
The word Torah comes from the Hebrew tohráh, which can be translated "direction", "teaching" or "law" (Proverbs 1: 8; 3: 1; 28: 4)The following examples show how this Hebrew word is used in the Bible.Many times the word tohráh is used to refer to the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The set of these books is also known as the Pentateuch, which means "quintuple volume" in Greek. As it was Moses who wrote the Torah, it is also called "the book of the law of Moses" (Joshua 8:31; Nehemiah 8: 1).Apparently, it was originally a single volume, but then it was divided into five books to make it easier to consult.Tohráh can also refer to the laws that the Israelites received on specific matters, such as "the law [tohráh] of the sin offering", "the law about leprosy" and "the law about the Nazarite" (Leviticus 6: 25; 14:57; Numbers 6:13).Sometimes the word tohráh refers to the direction and teaching given by parents, wise people or God himself (Proverbs 1: 8; 3: 1; 13:14; Isaiah..
The new testament written from Greek to Spanish
The New Testament was written in Greek. This seems strange, since most infers that it should be Hebrew or Aramaic. Why Greek? Because the Greek happened something very similar to what happens today with the English language. English is so prevalent today not because it is simple or easier to master than other languages but mainly because of the British Empire.In this way, Greek was the most spoken language during the years of New Testament composition from 50 to 100 AD. The fact is that many Jews could not even read Hebrew, and this greatly upset the Jewish leaders! Thus, around 300 BC a translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew to the Greek called Septuagint was carried out, and it was completed around 200 BC. Little by little this Greek translation of the Old Testament was widely accepted and even used in many synagogues. It also became a wonderful missionary tool for early Christians, because now the Greeks could read the Word of God in their own language.So the authors of the New Testament wrote in Greek. However, they..
Messianic Kadosh Translation of the Holy Scriptures with Commentary.
The Messianic Kadosh Bible includes the restoration of the Kadosh (set apart) Names of our Creator and Yashuah (Jesus).Also in The Messianic Kadosh Bible all other names have been restored which have been changed in other translations.In addition to The Messianic Kadosh Bible, the misrepresentations found in the Bibles found specific on the market today have been corrected, restoring removed verses and arranging totally misrepresented passages.The Kadosh Messianic Bible is a reliable translation. There are many characteristics that make this translation UNIQUE:-Taken directly from the original writings in HEBREW.-Free comments inserted in the translation.-Restoration of the Kadoshim names (Sections) of the TANAJ (Scriptures).It is a clearly MESSIANIC versionIn The Kadosh Messianic Bible you will find the complete Bible in Spanish which contains:-The Old Testament-The new TestamentAnd a glossary of terms that will help you a lot.
Know the meaning of each Hebrew letter.
Hebrew letters are much more than just conventional signs created by men to communicate facts and ideas. They are true hieroglyphs, that is, sacred signs that God revealed to mankind so that it was made in his image and likeness, so the letters hide the same mysteries that the Creator and his creation possess. It was not in vain that it was through the letters that the Holy, blessed be, created the world making visible and manifest what was previously only enclosed and hidden in his mind.The men who know the deep mysteries of the sacred letters are those who possess the greatest gifts that the Creator has bestowed upon their creatures, because through them they can participate in the same power of God. These men are ultimately the great prophets of mankind, because by correctly pronouncing the words composed by the letters "say to God" and act as intermediaries to teach men the divine message of their regeneration. In the Hebrew tradition this teaching is found in the Torah.Kabbalah would be the art of reading the Torah, with the..
Restored Bible with complete true terms in Spanish.
The Complete Restored Bible contains the Restoration of the True terms has been on the lev of the Abba since the dawn of Su brit with Jacob / Yaakov.The Eternal who has control of all things knows the entire future of Yisraelincluding our exile, dispersion, and reunification through Moshiach. Moshiach has come, and we are the result of his faithful mission, the return of all exiled believers from the 12 tribes, both physically and spiritually.To meet the growing needs of the remnant community, a Complete Restored Bible was needed.After a strong, constant and frequent effort, we decided that we could no longer postpone the will of the Eternal and make known the Complete Restored Bible.He wanted a translation that would edify and confirm the renewed Yisraelite inheritance and the identity of many believers in Moshiach Yahshua, who wanted to live out their chayim style as part of the true Yisrael Family.Once we decided to obey our Abba's orders, the Complete Restored Bible, the world's first, became a wonderful and living reality.For this unique publication of the Complete Restored Bible we..
Know the Secrets that each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet hides.
Hebrew is a sacred language. Not mystical, sacred.It is the language that God chose to make known to man. There are aspects of God's personality involved in that language, as there are aspects of his personality in Jewish culture and in the history of the Jewish people, the only sacred history in the history of mankind.The Hebrew alphabet is in its pictographic or ideographic writing. The shape of each letter conveys a concept in itself and each of them reveals the Messiah, whose testimony is the spirit of prophecy (Rev. 19: 10).In this App you will know the scretos that are hidden behind each of the letters that make up the Hebrew Alphabet. Here you will find:-Introduction-Hebrew alphabet-Writing the Hebrew AlphabetIn addition you will learn to write each one of the letters. So what do you expect to begin to know this sacred language?
Messianic Israelite Restoration of the Holy Scriptures.
Restored Messianic Israelite Translation of the Holy Scriptures, includes the restoration of the Kadosh Names (sections) of our Creator YHVH and Yeshuah (Jesus).All other names that have been changed in other translations have also been restored.In addition, they have corrected the misrepresentations found in Bibles commonly found on the market today, restoring removed verses and arranging totally misrepresented passages.
The complete Nakar-Colunga Bible and in Spanish.
The Nakar-Colunga Bible is a direct version of the original languagesThe NákarColunga Holy Bible is the first Spanish Catholic version translated directly from the Hebrew and Greek originals.The edition of the biblical text of the Nakar-Colunga Bible is complemented by maps on the covers, notes at the end of the volume, illustrations taken from famous religious pictures and paintings, and a doctrinal index that closes the work.In this application you will find the complete Nacar-Colunga Bible in Spanish which contains:-The Old Testament-The new Testamentand also a brief introduction to it.
The best audio books for entrepreneurs in Spanish Free.
As an entrepreneur you have the possibility to innovate, and think about opening a business with the ability to generate goods and services in a creative, methodical, ethical, responsible and effective way, that's why we offer you these tools the Audio-Books for Entrepreneurs.But to obtain your business it is evident that you must have the knowledge, that is why the Audio-Books for Entrepreneurs will help you so that you can acquire new knowledge and thus be able to undertake in the best way.According to the Audio-Books for Entrepreneurs you can start pawning your assets such as: the pawn of your car (which you can do with pawns on wheels)You can also apply for a loan at the bank of your choice, to be able to pay for the premises, the property, among other things, in that the Audio-Books for Entrepreneurs will help you to make the best decisions.It is relevant to understand what are the competences to undertake in the business world, it is important that you prepare yourself mentally in reading a book that is business, that's why we..
The old testament written in its original Hebrew-Spanish language.
A version of the Old or New Testament that allows a person to observe the biblical text both in Spanish and in the original language. These volumes are called interlinear because they present one language below the other, line by line in the text. There are two types of interlinear. The interlinear presents the biblical text in the original language, following the order of the words in the original language, adding Spanish between the lines.If you have pastoral or teaching functions, you are a seminary student, or you just want to scrutinize the Scriptures considering the original languages.This version will be of great help to you or simply mind if you want to learn about the scriptures in the original language which is the bible.In this application you will find:-The Old Testament of Hebrew-Spanish-The New Testament of Greek- Spanish
The Complete Torah in Spanish.
The Torah comes from the Hebrew Torah, which can be translated "direction", "teaching" or "law" (Proverbs 1: 8; 3: 1; 28: 4).The above examples show how this word "Torah" is used in the Scriptures.The Torah is used to refer to the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.The set of these books is also known as the Pentateuch, which means "fivefold volume" in Greek.Since it was Moses who wrote the Torah, it is also called “the book of the law of Moses” (Joshua 8:31; Nehemiah 8: 1).For Judaism, the Torah is the Law. According to Jewish tradition, it involves the totality of divine revelation and teaching given to the people of Israel.According to the Hebrew tradition, the five books of the Pentateuch were written by Moses, who received the revelation directly from God on Mount Sinai, which is why it is defined as the "instruction given by God to his people, through Moses."The Torah may also refer to the laws the Israelites received on specific matters, such as “the law [Torah] of the sin offering,”..
The complete Hebrew-Spanish interlinear Torah in Spanish
A version of the Torah that allows a person to observe the biblical text in both Spanish and the original language.These volumes are called interlinear because they have one language below the other, line by line in the text.There are two types of interlinear. The interlinear presents the biblical text in the original language, following the order of the words in the original language, adding Spanish between the lines.This version will be of great help to you or simply mind if you want to learn about the scriptures in the original language which this is the bibleThe Torah, comprising the first five books of the Old Testament, is the oldest and most sacred text for the Jews.Traditionally it is believed that God gave it to Moses on Mount Sinai. Current studies argue that the Torah was written by different authors over several centuries, probably from the ninth century BC. of C.In this application you will find the complete and free interlinear Torah in Spanish that will help you a lot for the study.
Biblical study from the Hebrew perspective of the sacred scriptures
In Hebrew, the Five Books of Moshe are called by the name of Jumash, an expression that refers to the Jamishá Jumshei Torah, which literally means "five fifths of the Torah."In this app you will find the complete torah verse by verse for the Bible study.The purpose of this book is simply to deepen the eternal wisdom that has resisted the barrier of time and geography and that has come to us as the eternal word of God.We hope that this study will transform your life as it has done with millions of people over the centuries.
The Torah Transliterated and translated from the Orinal sources.
The word Torah, which correctly translated into Spanish means:"Teaching""Instruction""Standard of Life""Guide to hit the target""Doctrine"This word derives from the Hebrew root ירה (iará) which literally means "shoot an arrow" and therefore etymologically refers to that which "hits the target" or "gives the purpose". When someone shoots the target, he tries to direct the arrow, and so the meaning of the root of the word Torah is "the right direction" and that is why the word means "teaching", "doctrine" or "instruction". An interesting fact is that the Hebrew root for "sin" is "to miss" the target. Hence, the Torah is the divine instrument that allows sin to be overcome (1 John 3: 4).Returning to the meaning of the Hebrew root of the Torah, there arises the profound reflection that the Instruction of the Eternal One (Torah) is a help for man to succeed, from the target, so that his life is well directed, pilgriming day by day in the right direction, that is, in God's eternal purpose (Psalm 119: 1).The torah is constituted by the first 5 books of the bible..
The book of "Sidur Tefilah LeNashim" or (Prayer book for women).
The Sidur book for women has the novelty of being written in a linear way, to make it easier for the Spanish-speaking reader to translate and simultaneously understand what she is reading.It is known that women in general terms are exempt from the ordained prayer, but Jewish women throughout all generations have accepted upon themselves the responsibility of praying the morning prayer and often also the evening prayer and even that of the night and that is how they deserved to have descendants who continued on the path of Judaism and were a source of happiness for their parents.This sidur contains all the daily prayers as well as the special Shabbat prayers and festivities. It contains prayers for the lighting of Shabbat candles, blessings for food, travel prayers and special prayers of the wife for her husband, among others.In this app you will find the complete book "Sidur para la mijer".I hope it helps you a lot.
For the Comprehensive Study of the Bible
The Strong Dictionary is composed of original words is an alphabetical list of all the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek words used in the Old and New Testaments. Its compact sections present a wealth of information regarding the biblical words in their original language.The Strong dictionary comprises:-The old testament-The new TestamentThis dictionary will help you study the Bible I hope it will help you and will help you a lot.
The study of the uses and customs of those of the biblical lands
The Bible was written by Orientals. It is easy for Westerners to overlook the fact that the Scriptures originated in the East, and that each of the writers was actually an Easterner.In view of this, it can be said that the Bible is an Eastern book, in a true sense.Despite this, many read the Scriptures with the prejudice of their ownWestern uses and customs, instead of interpreting them from the Eastern point of view.It is necessary to know the uses and customs of the East to understand the Bible. Many passages of the Scriptures difficult for the Westerner to understand, will be easily explained through knowledge of the customs and manners of the biblical lands.In this app you will find the book "Uses and customs of the biblical lands" where you will learn the social classes, their clothing, their food, their work life among other interesting things.
The Torah Interlinear translate from the original Hebrew language - English
The Torah was delivered at Mount Sinai in the Jewish year 2448 (counted from creation) (21) or 1313 BC. The Torah was dictated to Moshe by God, letter by letter, word by word. Moshe wrote the Torah in the same way a scribe does today: with pen and ink, on a leather that has the form of a parchment.The word Torah comes from the Hebrew tohrah, which can be translated "direction", "teaching" or "law" (Proverbs 1: 8, 3: 1, 28: 4)The following examples show how this Hebrew word is used in the Bible.Often the word tohráh is used to refer to the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The whole of these books is also known as the Pentateuch, which means "fivefold volume" in Greek. As it was Moses who wrote the Torah, it is also called "the book of the law of Moses" (Joshua 8:31, Nehemiah 8: 1). Apparently, it was originally a single volume, but was later divided into five books to facilitate the consultation.In this application you will find the complete..
The book of Psalms with Hebrew Phonetics
We must warn the reader of the following points about the transliteration method for a thorough understanding of the transliterated Hebrew text.1. The transliteration is based on the work of the most learned Sepharadite rabbis of Mexico and the United States, therefore this pronunciation of Hebrew is the purest Sepharadite pronunciation.2. The combination "kh" has been adopted to represent the Kaf without dáguesh, as this is the most accurate form and that used in scholarly works. It has the advantage that it makes a clear difference between the Khaf and the Jet, which we always represent with the Spanish Jota.4. A single quote always represents the letter Aleph (the Ajin is represented by an umlaut above the corresponding vowel). Except this is the single quote between two eles. For example, in hal'lel we have added the comilla to indicate the separation of the two eles in pronunciation; otherwise some readers would tend to pronounce hallel as it is pronounced in Castilian halle or valle, which would be incorrect. Obviously the other reduplicated consonants are transcribed without a quote, but we..
The book of the distribution of the days of the Torah
The Book of Jubilees is one of the most important pseudoepigraphic works of the Old Testament, both for its relative extent and for its consistent content.The feature, very typical of this work, of presenting itself as a revelation made by divine commission and in the first person by an angel "of the face", or "divine presence"to Moses on Mount Sinai. That makes him a depository of the tables of the Law and, at the same time, of complete prophecies about the graces and misfortunes that would reach Israel.The Book of Jubilees has also received other denominations, easily explained by its content, such as "Little Genesis" "Revelation of Moses", "Testament of Moses", "Book of the Daughters of Adam" and "Life of Adam" , to which we must add, of course, that of the ethiopic version, Mashafa Kufale, "Book of the distribution (of the days of the law, etc.) >>, which could very well be the original.Its author is anonymous as in all this type of works.Among the Dead Sea manuscripts, fourteen Hebrew fragments of several copies of Jub have been found...
A contextual translation of the Hebrew Aramean and Greek words
This Edition of the Textual Bible constitutes the most significant contribution in the restoration of the Sacred Text, particularly with regard to the Hebrew text of the Old Covenant.The Textual Bible format is presented under the same arrangement and sequence used by the Apostles and by the Early Church in the first century of our era.Faithfully following the style of translation of previous Editions, the Textual Bible is based on the best critical text available, according to the advances of the Critical Hebrew Bible evaluated according to the four main witnesses that are:the Masoretic Text, the Samaritan Pentateuch, the Septuagint, and the Judean Desert manuscripts.And for the New Covenant the twenty-eighth edition of the Greek New Testament.The Textual Bible is faithful to its predecessors, the IV Edition, has been carried out under the insuperable discipline of Contextual Translation, which expresses, without compromises, not what the Sacred Author could have said, but what He says in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.Like its previous editions, the Textual Bible, but greatly benefited by the latest findings in archeology, by the computer technology applied to..
The scriptures separated from town kadosh of Yisrael in restoration
The Tanak (from the Hebrew acronym תַּנַךְ tanakh), also known as Mikranota 1 or Hebrew Bible is the set of twenty-four canonical sacred books in Judaism.It is divided into three main parts: the Torah (Law), the Nevi'im (Prophets) and the Ketuvim (Writings).The texts are mostly written in ancient Hebrew, although there are also passages in ancient Aramaic (Book of Daniel, Book of Ezra, and others). Traditional Hebrew text is called Masoretic text.The acronym Tanakh are the three initial Hebrew letters of each of the three parts that compose it, namely:The Torah (תּוֹרָה), ‘Instruction’ or ‘Law’The Nevi'im (נְבִיאִים), ‘Prophets’The Ketuvim (כְּתוּבִים), ‘Writings’In this app you will find the complete bible "Tanakh Sephardic". Divided into:-First Pact-Renewed PactI hope you find it helpful to study it.
Practical tips to whiten your teeth at home.
Do you have a nice smile, but hide because you are embarrassed by the color of your teeth?In the photos you never smile because of your yellow teeth?Well, do not worry, in this App we will help you with that problem, so you can always show your pretty smile.Did you know that about 18% of people say that "they usually hide their teeth in the photos", due to the embarrassment of the yellow appearance of their teeth. Having large teeth is very important in today's culture, hence the growing number of people who use white strips at home or who resort to professional whitening treatments in the office.Your teeth are one of the first things that people notice; they are a sign of health and confidence.When it comes to the first impression, most worry about having aged, crooked or discolored teeth, which can send a signal that you are a carefree person. Who does not want to have a beautiful smile with bright white teeth? But, what is the best way to whiten teeth?Unfortunately, professional teeth whitening treatments can be..
The King David's Psalms Complete and in Spanish
Los Salmos tienen cualidades extraordinarias.Además de su función de alabanza y agradecimiento al Creador por toda la bondad con que riega niestra vida cotidianapor lo que su recitado es, de hecho, un justo reconocimiento a la Fuente de toda benevolencialos judíos se han refugiado en la poesía de sus palabras para dar rienda suelta a sus congojas y vicisitudes, cobijándose bajo las alas suplicantes de su sagrado texto.Constituyen un diálogo franco entre el hombre mortal y su Padre Celestial, honesta expresión de sus sentimientos del momento, sean de júbilo alborozado, o solicitando la bondad Divina, e incluso Su magnánimo perdón en momentos de tribulación, recitándose de manera colectiva o individual.Esta edición española inspirará a más de nuestros hermanos a volverse a la lectura de los Salmos en forma cotidiana, y será una genuina fuente de bendiciones y piedad por parte del Altísimo, por vía de los cánticos del Rey David.En esta app encontraras el Tehilim en español completo
Brief dictionary from Spanish to Aramaic.
Contemporáneamente, el arameo se habla en pequeñas aldeas de Siria, Líbano, Irak e Irán, y en comunidades minoritarias dispersas en Estados Unidos, Australia, Israel y Europa. Pero, en la antigüedad, el arameo llegó a convertirse en una especie de lingua franca o idioma internacional utilizado por los imperios de Babilonia, Persia y Asiria, tanto para la comunicación en la vida cotidiana como para el gobierno, el comercio, la cultura y la guerra. Este arameo, pues, ocupó un lugar preponderante en la historia de la humanidad.En la época del Señor Jesús, era el idioma de la conversación diaria en Israel, y la mayoría de los eruditos concuerdan en que el evangelio de gloria de nuestro Señor fue predicado por Él en arameo. Los apóstoles y primeros discípulos también predicaron el evangelio en este idioma. Así que el más bello mensaje dado jamás a la humanidad fue expresado en arameo, tanto por el Señor como por los primeros discípulos.En la actualidad, ha surgido un renovado interés por el idioma de Jesús, y agradecemos al Señor por la oportunidad de presentar este Breve..
The ancient manuscripts in the original Hebrew language.
The Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament, is the oldest and most sacred text for the Jews.It is traditionally believed that God gave it to Moses on Mount Sinai. Current scholarship maintains that the Torah was written by different authors over several centuries, probably beginning in the 9th century BC. of CSince the Chumash is the basic book of Judaism, it is essential to have a general idea of its contents.In this app you will find the complete torah in the original Hebrew language which will help you to study it. I hope it will be very helpful.
Learn Biblical Hebrew for beginners in a few months.
There are several Hebrew grammar texts that could be used today. But Biblical Hebrew for Beginners is different in several aspects.This App emphasizes the reading of consecutive sections of the Old Testament instead of some isolated sentences.Students read a simplified version of Genesis 1- 24 and some additional readings of Genesis 25-50. Then read the entire book of Jonah. Finally, during lessons 84-98, one can read the book of Ruth or other selected chapters.These consecutive sections guide the student to use the context when translating, and make it easier for the instructor to discuss the content of the readings.Presents and reviews the basic principles of the language without greatly weighing the beginning text with the exceptions. The philosophy of this text is that it is better to leave unusual forms and constructions for a more advanced study. The beginning student needs to master the basic elements of the language first.In general, only one new form or one grammar element is introduced in each lesson, identified in the title of the chapter. This procedure makes it possible for the instructor to..
A translation made of Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic fountains
In this bible the translation included a process of consulting previous translations, and all other resources at our disposal, to make the Hebrew Bible a more accurate translation possible. Translated from the original Hebrew and AramaicTranslating the Word of Elohim into English, or any other language, is an awesome responsibility, and not one that the translator has taken lightly. The volume before you is the result of many years of research and study. It has been my intent to render the original Hebrew and Aramaic of the Scriptures to produce the best possible English translation.In this app you will find the complete Hebrew Bible
The Book of Adam and Eve in full Spanish.
El Libro de Adan y Eva es un registro hagádico ampliado de la caída y del arrepentimiento de Adán y EvaEs probable que el Libro de Adan y Eva original, estuviera escrito en arameo y fuera compuesto por un judío de la diáspora en el siglo I a.C. Aunque descubrieron El Libro de Adan y Eva tardíamente como en el siglo IV d.C. Se cree que fue reelaborado por manos cristianasLa versión en latín de “La vida de Adan y Eva” fue titulada como la Vita Adae et Evae, y la versión en griego se titula el “Apocalipsis de Moisés”, se cree que tienen origen en el Libro de Adan y Eva.El autor de El Libro de Adán y Eva narra el relato de Adán y Eva desde la creación hasta su expulsión del huerto del Edén, y anticipa la destrucción de la tierra, primero por agua y después por fuego.En esta App encontrarás el primer y el segundo Libro de Adán y Eva completo y en español.
The Free Complete Messianic Israelite Kadosh Bible
La Biblia Kadosh Israelita incluye la restauración de los Nombres Kadosh (apartados) de nuestro Creador y de Yashuah (Jesús).También en La Biblia Kadosh Israelita se han restaurado todos los otros nombres que han sido cambiados en otras traducciones.En adición en La Biblia Kadosh Israelita, se han corregido las tergiversaciones que se encuentran en las Biblias encontradas específicas en el mercado hoy, restaurando versos quitados y arreglando pasajes totalmente tergiversados.La Biblia Kadosh Israelita, es una traducción realizada por HaMoreh Diego Ascunce. Son muchas las características que hacen ÚNICA esta traducción:-Tomada directamente de los escritos originales en HEBREO.-Libre de comentarios insertos en la traducción.-Restauración de los nombres Kadoshim (Apartados) de la TANAJ (Escrituras).Es una versión netamente MESIÁNICAEn La Biblia Kadosh Israelita encontrarás la biblia completa en español la cual contiene:-El antiguo Testamento-El nuevo TestamentoY un glosario de términos que te servirá de mucho.
Systematic Analysis of the Holy Scriptures.
There are many concerns that arise to the student who seeks the truth, about how was the transmission of the text to this day, why some versions obviate passages and texts, if there will be any reliable version, etcAt first, my intention was to make a small exposition to clarify some points about it (something I knew I was not going to do that) in view of the wide interwoven and complex theme.In this App we will systematically address from the formation of the manuscripts, we will see first, that it is a papyrus, which is a codex, which is the TEXTUS RECEPTUS, all this to be able to better understand what for some who have been Christians for years. Believers in the Messiah Yashúa have been surprised with revised versions of the Holy Scriptures "Kadosh Scriptures" taking into account that the vast majority speak Spanish using the Reina Valera 1960 and many were and others are still alienated to believe that it is the best and only version original, creating in itself a prejudice and a conditioning to what..
Short stories to reflect on our life and our faith.
Esta es una selección de historias para reflexionar y que al mismo tiempo nos invitan a que saquemos un aprendizaje de cada uno de ellos, que podemos llevar a nuestras vidas con la ayuda de Dios. Ofreciendo así útiles recursos para meditar sobre la vida que nos gustaría vivir y transitar con nuestro creador.En esta App encontrarás historias breves que te harán recapacitar acerca de como estamos llevando nuestra vida y nuestra fe. Estas historias incluyen sus enseñanzas, además de versículos bíblicos con los que puedes beneficiarte día a día.Desde siempre el ser humano ha utilizado cuentos, parábolas y aforismos para transmitir sabiduría.Hay historias que en algunos momentos de nuestra vida pueden llegar a ser un pequeño instrumento para ayudar a abrir las puertas al conocimiento de nosotros mismos a través de la reflexión, nos "iluminan", nos ayudan a alcanzar nuestro potencial, a afrontar un problema y a favorecer un cambio positivo en nuestra vida con la ayuda de nuestro Dios todo poderoso.Espero que estos cuentos les gusten y les resulten enriquecedores.
Learn new Vocabulary in the Hebrew Language with this Wonderful Dictionary.
Si lo que necesitas es un diccionario del Español al Hebreo, acabas de encontrar la Mejor App de los diccionarios del Español al Hebreo, ¡y es gratis! Además viene con una Guía de Conversación Rápida, para que puedas entablar una conversación y frases necesarias para poder comunicarte mejor. Podrás encontrar:-Explora el Abecedario-Guía de ConversaciónEn esta App encontrarás palabras con cada letra del abecedario con sus respectivas traducciones en el idioma Hebreo, para que sigas expandiendo tu vocabulario.Lengua y literatura hebrea escrito miles hebreas de años, que tiene su origen en los antiguos documentos escritos (especialmente la Biblia hebrea). En la Edad Media tuvo un papel similar hebreo universalista como el latín (la lengua de los sabios y de culto). Historia del hebreo moderno comienza con el nacimiento del movimiento sionista en los siglos 19 y 20. Hebreo clásico en el escritor judío más antiguo establecido, entonces comenzó a ser utilizado como lengua franca. Hoy se habla la mayoría de Judios en el Estado de Israel.El hebreo es una lengua semítica. Gramática del hebreo moderno (Ivrit) se basa en hebreo clásico...
Free Hebrew Spanish Bible.
La Biblia Hebrea es más que un tesoro histórico o un clásico literario para ser preservado, admirado o aplaudido. Es algo más que un conjunto de documentos sobre cuya base puedan exaltarse talentos de hombres doctos. La Biblia Hebrea es la más grande de todas las obras del Creador. Revela su mente, expresa su voluntad y manifiesta su poder mediante palabras que, entre otros muchos propósitos, la Biblia Hebrea tiene poder para quitar la muerte y sacar a luz la vida y la inmortalidad de quien lee con fe.La Biblia Hebrea en español donde uno se ha de acercar con espíritu contrito, corazón hecho alheña y postrada actitud; con fe sencilla y pies descalzos, limpios del mundanal lodo de las filosofías humanas, pues en este caso particular, no es el lector quien juzga al Libro, sino el Libro al lector.En esta Biblia Hebrea en español podemos encontrar la verdadera luz de la palabra donde podrás explorar la biblia con mayor facilidad y poder descubrir la palabra del Creador.