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Defend against all enemies!
Defend against all enemies!
Gather the guns and fire them! This is an exhilarating run action game.
This is a running game where you gather various weapons, defeat enemies, collect money, and rush for the goal!In the game, various weapons such as shotguns, revolvers, and machine guns appear. Collect money to get weapons, then shoot and defeat the enemies in your way!By doing so, you'll gain more money and an overwhelming sense of exhilaration!Yes, it's exactly like a war.※"Money" refers to the in-game currency
Numbers shooting numbers!? Innovative running game.
Never seen anything like this!?It's a shooting and running game where numbers shoot numbers and merge them.Shoot the numbers in the stage to make them bigger, then collect and merge them. The more you merge the numbers, the bigger they become!The more you destroy the number walls that stand in your way at the end of the stage, the more money you'll earn.With that money, become even stronger!Now, how many times did I say 'numbers'?※"Money" refers to the in-game currency
Cut up all your enemies! Exhilarating sword-fighting action
Unprecedented exhilaration, thrill and fun are now on your smartphone! Swing Blade" is the ultimate action game in which you fight against robots, monsters, zombies, unknown life forms, and other enemies using a variety of weapons. This adrenaline-pumping entertainment is sure to excite everyone!"Swing Blade" takes you on a unique action adventure. Battle enemies with numerous arms (swords, axes, and blades) and enjoy fast-paced combat action in a variety of environments. Troops of robots, monsters, and fearsome enemies come in wave after wave, all of which are your targets to slay. Take aim, swing your blade, and unleash exhilarating combos as you slay your enemies!With stunning graphics and immersive sound, "Swing Blade" will make you feel as if you have jumped into another world. As the action accelerates and enemies close in, you'll find yourself the hero of an action movie. An emotional experience awaits you.A variety of weapon combinations and strategic elements enrich the gameplay and make you challenge yourself again and again. Skillful timing and reflexes are the keys to victory.Swing Blade is the ultimate exciting game for..
Break the ragdoll and relieve your stress! This is the ultimate de-stress game.
Let's break the ragdoll!crush, throw, punch, and kick to break the doll!This is the ultimate stress relief game.It will relax your mind and get you hooked!
Roll the orb and grow bigger and bigger!
Get bigger by bumping into orbs that are smaller than you!Don't bump into orbs that are bigger than you!
Manipulate the iron ball with simple controls, take aim and defeat all enemies
Wrecking Smash is an action game that offers an overwhelming sense of exhilaration!Swing the wrecking ball vigorously to destroy desks and chairs in the office and wipe out wave after wave of enemies.Swing the wrecking ball with overwhelming force in accordance with the laws of physics to clear the stage.The ball moves realistically according to the laws of physics, and can be controlled by simply dragging and swiping.Control the wrecking ball, aim, and destroy.The steel ball reacts to your manipulations, crash into the surrounding environment or blowing up googly eyes monster doll!The physics engine reality reproduces reality pendulum movements, steel ball collisions, and destruction.Experience an exhilarating game experience with physics-based explosions, crushing enemies, collapsing buildings, and destroying the surrounding environment!
Pick up a weapon and survive!
3D action shooting game!The giant is coming right towards you.Destroy it, and shoot it down!Watch out behind you!The enemy is attacking from all directions.Swipe to move your perspective and look around carefully.Taking down the nearby enemies is the key to defense!
Hit, Attack, Beat Them All!
Bump, punch, and defeat all your enemies!This is an action game in which you control a character made of blocks.You can perform various movements with simple drag controls.Hit enemies in front of you, collide with enemies behind you, fly into the air, and attack up, down, left, and right.As you advance through the stages, you will encounter various enemies, including enemies larger than you and enemies with weapons.Defeat many enemies to grow and become the best fighter in the world!
Destroy enemies with swords!
This game is a 3D voxel action game in which Characters made of blocks fight 1vs1 battle.Swing your a lighting saber like kendo or fencing to destroy your enemies!Operation is very easy. Just drag the screen to move the player!
Let's imagine and cut the rope
Let's imagine and cut the rope!This application is a puzzle game in which you cut a rope to make a pose for a doll.## Game Contents ##You can make various poses by cutting ropes.Try to clear the stage by creating poses that match the theme!By cutting the rope, you can make poses for running, dancing, watering flowers, grabbing balloons, and so on.Don't worry if you fail. You can retry and try again right away.## Rules Explained ##Trace your finger as if you were cutting a rope, and the rope will cut.By cutting the rope, the limbs connected to the rope will move.When several correct ropes are cut, the correct pose is achieved and the stage is cleared.
Shot the bowling ball!
Want to shoot bowling balls? You can!Press and hold the screen to load the ball into the cannon and release to fire.It is an action game with easy controls.Aim for a perfect game by launching the cannon at the Explosion Point.In the downtown, by the lakeside, under the blue sky.Various stages await you.Obstacles, bouncing walls, explosions, and gimmicks abound.Conquer all stages and defeat all pins.Destroy obstacles, blow it up pins, and get strikes.
Town coins are a community currency for "making connections" in the region. We aim to improve the economy and environment of the region by making the best use of the connection with the region and opening the region.
With "town coins", you can't buy with money and go to a town full of happiness.Thank you for helping me.I became familiar with my neighborhood.I was able to eat a regular-only menu.I became a little more familiar with my town.I was able to feel free to do something good for the environment.Lots of experiences that make people, towns, and the earth happy.With "town coins"To a town where you can't buy with money and you're full of happiness.■ Connection is bornAn experience that creates connections with people and towns, such as becoming familiar with the shop's face, becoming a regular customer, getting to know the area, and participating in events.■ Useful for someoneFrom a little help to environmentally friendly things such as picking up trash and bringing an eco bag. A useful experience for someone.■ A little profitIt's a great experience, such as getting a little extra or asking for a back menu to make you feel like a regular.
I wanna eat!
Drag foods to feed!There are some delicious foods.## What is character like?A baby wanna drink milk.A sick man who wants medicine.A man who has a bad stomachache.Besides, there are frog, rabbit, bird, dog, lion, and so on.## Various stages!Drag food into the stomachache or through inside the body to carry out to the body.In some stage, you need to feed three foods.
Stick bubbles to make them bigger and bigger!
This game is an easy-to-use puzzle game that is perfect for killing time and refreshing!If you play during the break, you will be healed by the feeling of jiggly jelly, gummies, and chewing gum!▼How to playIf you tap two or more bubbles with the same number attached to them, the numbers will be summed up to make a larger bubble. It's clear if you can make it larger than the specified number.
Protect ruby from the robber!
Surround the thief trying to steal diamonds!The thief approach as short as possible, so keep him away.This game has various skins.mouse & cheese, bear & honey, vampire & sun, bird & insect, and so on.Enjoy changing skins and themes to customise!If it is difficult to solve the puzzle, you can take hint.Sometimes, there are 3 thieves in the stage.You will clear the stage at least 1 thief.Can you surround all of the thieves?
Large and small!
Change the size of the body in this game.Breakthrough the stage!Only handle the slider to resize the body.There are many obstracts.It may be a car, fense, tiny bridge, or stacked run through to the goal!Ready for a fun running?Features:- Easy, one-finger swipe to handle.- You can compete with enemy every five stage.- Many gimmick appears.
You are the hero! The strongest & fastest fighter!
The hero stands alone to save the world occupied by a gang of rogues.Flick the screen to move, and when you get in front of an enemy, you'll automatically perform a move.Use the experience gained from defeating enemies to level up and learn new moves.Defeat all enemies in the name of the Hero!
Manipulate the mannequin and get down the hill unharmed!
Manipulate the mannequin and make it to the finish line at the bottom of the hill unharmed!This mannequin is very fragile.If you don't operate the mannequin gently, its hands and feet will be torn off or its head will fly off.There are big holes and steep downhill slopes, so be careful of your speed.Sometimes rivals will appear.Try not to lose to your rivals and aim for first place.As you progress in the game, you will be able to transform into a ski type or one with big wheels.If you progress further, you may be able to become a flying type with wings or just a ball.Once you transform, you can also become your favorite color.Create your own mannequin with your favorite transformations and your favorite colors!
Draw lines to defeat the enemy!
You have various attack patterns how you draw the line.Get a variety of attack patterns and defeat enemies effortlessly!Also, if you fall into the water, you lose.The stage is sorrounded by the water.You can play various stages. Sometimes a car is approaches, sometimes on the airplane.The enemy make a desperate attack on you.Can you clear without receiving damage?
Use mirrors to bend light and solve puzzles !
Use mirrors to bend light and solve puzzles !A simple puzzle game with lights and mirrorMove and rotate mirrors to make a patterns.
Rubber puzzle game!
Drag the rubber from the wall to the furniture to make rubber!Smash the furniture against the enemies to kill them!Can you clear all of them?
The strongest & fastest fighter!
Blitzman, the strongest and fastest fighter in the world.He stands alone to save the world occupied by monsters.Flick the screen to move, and when you get in front of an enemy, you'll automatically perform a move.Use the experience gained from defeating enemies to level up and learn new moves.Defeat all enemies in the name of the Blitzman!
Let's write calligraphy!
Tap to draw calligraphy.Release your finger at the right moment!Can you write well?
Slash them all!
Muzzle is pointing to you!Let's pull the line on the screen and avoid bullets for a moment and defeat all the enemies!Only you can move while stopping.
Try to push them off the cliff without being noticed
Latest stress-relieving game!Try to push them off the cliff without being noticed
Serve lots of delicious popcorn to the customers!
Earn money by selling popcorn to customers.Put the corn into the popcorn making machine. Deliver the popcorn to the customers. When you get money, save it in the safe.
Programming soccer games
Put together a robot AI and play soccer against it!You can program the robot's AI by simply selecting and arranging chips.Win tournaments and play against users from around the world.Will you be able to build the best team?CreditMusic: 魔王魂
Let's make the numbers bigger!
Make big numbers to reach the goal!You can move your numbers by swiping.You can absorb numbers on the stage that are smaller than yours when you hit them.But if you bump into a number larger than you, you lose the number and have to start over.Avoid electric saws, cross bridges, and jump ditches to reach the goal.At the goal, many walls are waiting for you.Break the walls one by one with big numbers and see the world beyond the goal!
3 vs 3 Real-time battle battle
誠に残念ながら、本アプリは2019年02月06日(水)をもちましてサービスを終了いたします。※購入済のアイテムはサービス終了までご利用頂けます。※サービス終了をもって、動作保証の対象外となります。※上記各日時は予告なく変更となる場合がございます。【東京プリズンの紹介】崩壊した東京の覇権をかけて戦う、リアルタイムマルチプレイの大規模喧嘩タクティクス!東京中で繰り広げられるバトルに勝利し、勢力図を塗り替えろ!この街の頂点を掴み取るのはキミだ!!!【東京プリズンの特徴】◆完全オリジナルのバトルシステム!連携プレイの面白さを追求した、3vs3のターン制リアルタイム共闘バトル!簡単操作で仲間と協力!戦略的に立ち回れ!必殺「チェインバースト」で一気に決めろ!◆舞台は東京!全プレイヤーによる陣取りバトル!5人のカリスマが率いる勢力<ユニオン>に所属し、東京中の拠点を奪い合え!キミのバトルの結果で、東京の未来のストーリーが書き換わるぞ!◆1人でゆっくり楽しめる本格ストーリー!20XX年。崩壊した東京「廃都」では、5つの勢力<ユニオン>による激しい抗争が繰り広げられていた。そんな無法地帯へ、俺は自らの意志で足を踏み入れる・・・。◆可能性無限大!自分好みにキャラを育成!キャラクターの「ジョブ」に合わせて「スキル」と「ギア」を自由にカスタマイズ! 自分の好みを追求するか?自分たちの戦術を活かすか?キミだけのオリジナルで挑め!【東京プリズンは、こんな方におすすめ】・ロールプレイング(RPG)もカードゲームも両方楽しみたい方・ユニットを使って、ギルドの仲間たちとオンライン対戦ゲームで遊びたい方・オンラインでマルチプレイ対人戦(PVP)を楽しみたい方・ゲーム通じて仲間(フレンド)を探したい方・リアルタイムでチャットを楽しみたい方・オンラインでギルドバトル(GVG)を楽しみたい方・無料で遊べるオンラインゲームを楽しみたい方・不良/ヤンキーがはびこるギャングな世界で頂点を掴みたい方【豪華声優陣】浅野 獅堂(CV:岩中睦樹)如月 ルカ(CV:小橋里美)五十嵐 徹也(CV:三好晃祐)椎名 明日香(CV:秦佐和子)南 翔太(CV:臼木健士朗)遠山 夏海(CV:高井舞香)八坂 みちる(CV:中恵光城)和泉 朝陽(CV:広瀬淳)伊達 一真(CV:木島隆一)片倉 樹(CV:五十嵐裕美)弥勒院 千早(CV:桑原由気)相馬 清史郎(CV:井上雄貴)轟 譲司(CV:櫛田泰道)梓(CV:氷上恭子)鳴海 綾斗(CV:市来光弘)凛子・ブラッドフォード(CV:米山有佳子)天堂 環(CV:中村桜)ナナ(CV:松嵜麗)天野結(CV:大野柚布子)
Attack with drag!
Drag to move joints.Avoid enemy attacks and attack your enemies!Can you clear all the stages?
Make the enemy lose balance!
Shoot at each other on the unstable footholds and take down your opponents!Shoot down or be shot down.Be careful not to shoot too many times, or the recoil of the gun will cause you to fall!Various stages with unstable footholds appear.Attack with a gun toward the tapped location.Break the footholds, take out the enemy's balance and drop them into the sea!The footholds may be hard or easy to break.One or three enemies may appear to challenge you!Get a variety of guns and shoot down enemies effortlessly!
Have you ever done a coloring puzzle?
Have you ever tried puzzles on a T-shirt!?Combine the masks and colors correctly to complete the T-shirts!Now, create, decorate and sell your own T-shirts!Caution: Lots of people are addicted to the challenging puzzles.Open Source Components:
satisfying balloon pops!
Defeat the Balloon Man!Fire where you tap.Aim and shoot at the Balloon Man!Crush all the balloon men to reach the goal!Open Source Components:
Hyper dynamic noodle!!
The RAMEN MAKING game you've never seen!Move the noodle machine with your fingertips and try to create your unique bowl of ramen without messing it up!Earn your way through with delicious ramen and upgrade your restaurant to ideal!Can you become the NOODLE MASTER?Open Source Components:
High speed FPS
◆モバイルFPSの最高峰◆◆MODERN COMBATシリーズ最新作◆異常な中毒性に、必ずハマる!!4VS4のハイスピード・チームバトル!ープレイヤーは全員敵だ、誰も信用するな プレイヤーは全員仲間、信頼を勝ち取れー本物のバトルはここにある。新たな出会いと戦場が、キミを待っている!■特性▼敵と味方が入れ替わる、ブロールバトル エージェントとプレイヤーの特性を見極めろ▼スマホに特化したシンプルな操作、直感で戦え HUDカスタム他、オート or 手動の射撃スイッチが可能▼4つのモードとカスタムルール 4つのモードから戦うクラシックバトル、特殊ルールのアリーナ▼戦況にあったエージェント選択が明暗を分ける それぞれの武器とアビリティを駆使し、戦況を変えろ▼制限時間いっぱいのノン・ストップバトル 死してなお戦う、リベンジリスポーン制▼必ず『仲間』ができる 『モダコンVS』でしか体験できない、特殊なプレイヤー・コミュニティ ー 真の勝利を、キミと仲間で掴み取れ ー■FOLLOW ME!!開発:Gameloft運営:面白法人カヤック公式Twitterでは運営チームのピエールこと『モダピ』が最新情報をお届けしています。FOLLOW ME!!- 公式サイト 公式Twitter YouTube Lobi
Fastest & Highest Game!
Go travel the famous places of Japan by pressing on the screen!You will fall down if you don't move, so perfect your landing and go as far as you can!Use the coins you earned with the distance you went and unlock new skins!The gameplay is simple: tap the screen to dive to the ground! You can slowdown by doing a long press on the screen, so measure the timing of your landing!If you miss the landing it's game over.
Kinnikuman Official x Pull Action! Justice superhuman, devil superhuman, perfect superhuman founder, six gunfighters are also very active!
■■■ Game introduction ■■■ [Kinnikuman x exhilarating pulling action] A simple game where you just pull the character!Popular superhumans rampage in the ring endlessly!Knock out strong enemies in exhilarating battles! [That Special Move is revived! ] "Kinniku Buster" "Hell's Decapitation"A flashy special move by popular superhumans explodes!The super-powerful tag team that the famous combination unleashes is also reproduced! [Superhumans dream competition] Gather superhumans to form a team!You can also enjoy the organization that was not seen in the original!A big brawl with your strongest team! [Relive the story of the original] Story mode that reproduces the original!The nostalgic scene is revived vividly!Don't miss the interaction scene of popular superhumans! [The live performance during the match is also hot] Two familiar people explain the battle live!The second meet is also enthusiastic!Popular superhumans liven up the incandescent exhilarating pulling battle! [Simultaneous battle of up to 4 people] Enjoy multiplayer with real-time communication!Formed the No. 1 team with friendsLet's share the excitement of victory!(C) Boiled egg(C) COPRO .co., Ltd(C) KAYAC[Service provider]Kayac Inc.【Recommended environment】Android 6.0 or later, devices with 2GB or more of RAM*..
You too are high school baseball players from today! The latest series of high school baseball game "Bokura no Koshien" has exceeded 6 million downloads! A sports RPG in which users form a team and aim for victory
◆◆ Beginners are welcome! During a super support campaign! ◆◆Supporting beginners' start dash!Now you can get 5 stars and baseball tools!◆◆ You are also a high school baseball player from today! ◆◆Becoming a high school baseball playerAim to win the Koshien championship in cooperation with your friends!No.1 high school baseball app! Youth sports RPG!◆◆ Select a position and start the game! ◆◆First, choose a position. Aim for ace?pitcher? A regular catcher? Infielders and outfielders are also interesting!Train your favorite player with simple operations!◆◆ Choose from 4000 schools nationwide! ◆◆Choose a high school that tends to be regularWhether it's a strong school that can win, or a high school that's so cuteOr do you want to form a nine at a local high school?Choosing the school you belong to is also important!◆◆ Face the game with your unique characters and equipment! ◆◆From hot-blooded boys to refreshing boys and women's baseball team membersChoose your favorite member from the unique characters!Not to mention gloves, bats and spikesA variety of baseball equipment such as hats and uniformsLet's customize it to your liking!◆◆ Easy baseball..
physics game where you spin alphabets to reach the goal
Spin the alphabet!The shape of the rotating object changes according to the characters you enter.Aim for the goal by making good use of the action of physics and the shape of letters!Open Source Components:
Swap the paint colors
This is the best puzzle game you will ever play!This painting puzzle game is so fun. At the same time, you can relax and feel comfortable while playing this.All the arts are always wrong, so please tap and pick colors up to make a correct art.We encourage you, and will be happy if you listen and enjoy our sound effects through your headsets or earphones. You'd be able to listen to several sound effects, they are all comfortable sounds.Features:Intuitive controlsColorful 3D graphicsBrainly addictive mechanicsVibrates during action (depending on the device and/or settings)Multiple beautiful sound effectsRelax and feel comfortableKids, moms, dads, men and women of all ages, please enjoy this entertainment!Let's get to reach a 999 level!
Park all cars!
This is the best puzzle game you will ever play!This car-parking puzzle game is so fun. At the same time, you can relax and feel comfortable while playing this.All the parks are always crowd, so please tap and draw lines to control cars and lead to the parking.Don't forget! You should be careful to crashing. If cars hit against each other, you have to restart.This is not a racing game, this is a puzzle game and parking simulator to make you feel fun and happy. It depends on your action whether you can park all the cars.Go ahead! Be careful! Draw your lines!Finally, we encourage you, and will be happy if you listen and enjoy our sound effects through your headsets or earphones. You'd be able to listen to several sound effects, they are all comfortable sounds.Features:Intuitive controlsColorful 3D graphicsBrainly addictive mechanicsVibrates during action (depending on the device and/or settings)Multiple beautiful sound effectsEpic car parking puzzle sensationKids, moms, dads, men and women of all ages, please enjoy this entertainment!Let's get to reach a 999 level!
shooting run game!
Flip the gun and move forward to reach the goal!When you tap the screen, the gun will shoot and flip forward or backward!Focus on the tap timing, shoot the enemies, and get high score!If the gun fly high, it will be hard to control.If the gun fly low, it will be hard to aim.You need perfect timing to get high score!If the gun fall from the stage, you will fail!Feel free to control the gun however you want!
Merge numbers on the balls and run to aim for 2048!
This is a ball game where you have to make the numbers on the balls bigger.Control the balls with your finger to make them merge with other balls of the same number!Each time the balls are combined, they get bigger and change color.The number on the ball starts from 2, when it merges with a ball of the same number, the numbers are added and grows up to a maximum of 2048.Even children can complete the game, but it is very difficult to reach the goal at 2048.Control the balls so it does not fall off the course or hit obstacles and try to reach 2048!Can you make a rainbow-colored 2048 ball?Rules Description:Swipe to move the ball.When you hit a ball with the same number on it as the ball you are controlling, the number will increase.The numbers on the balls increase from 2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512-1024-2048.If the ball fall off the rail, you will restart from the beginning.If you get stuck on a thorn, your number will decrease.The higher the number of balls, the greater the reward at the goal.
Draw the trajectory of the sword! Slash! Survive!
Draw your sword's trajectory, cut your enemy!Watch out for your opponent's attack.The main features of the game include:● Enemies appear in various places, in the wilderness, in space, and on spaceships.● Various weapons can be acquired and changed, such as swords, axes, spears, and great swords.