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Best rock girl salon game is coming to take the city to storm!
Do you want to be a rock n roll icon? Take off the stereotype that girls can’t be a rocker, and rock out with Rock Girl Makeup Salon. Take your rock chick to get her makeup done and style her hair. Then, pick out some flashy clothes for your rock legend. Features 🎵 Models from many ethnicities to choose 🎵 Famous Rock and roll salon to change your style 🎵 Beautiful dressing room to fulfill all girls’ dream 🎵 Tons of makeup combinations and accessories to select 🎵 Thousands of combinations to create your own Rock’n’Roll look 🎵 Share your style secrets with your friends and family Come to rock girl salon and try new style! Make you a famous rock star in the stage!
Choose an exquisite wedding dress and makeup for your big wedding day!
The princess royal wedding still lacks a good wedding artist! Come and show your makeup stylist skills! Look! Wedding, Hair Salon, Dress Up, Makeup Games, Salon Games for Girls!The dream wedding day is coming!🎉 If you want to be the most beautiful bride or bridegroom, this perfect wedding salon is the best choice for you. We have a top stylist to do exquisite makeup💄 and hairstyles 💇♀️ for you. Mix and match fashion design until you find the perfect style. Choose your dreamy wedding dress or an elegant wedding suit. Get fully prepared for the most memorable day of your life!Features:👰 Best wedding boutique for bride and bridegroom👰 A relaxing spa before the wedding is definitely needed👰 Tons of makeup tools to give the bride best look👰 A huge selection of gorgeous bridal gowns👰 Various trendy and luxurious accessories to choose fromStyle your perfect wedding look. Immerse yourself in a romantic and sweet wedding boutique.
Play as a beautiful mermaid princess. Get a cosmetic makeover!
The little mermaid lives in the palace of the deep ocean. 🧜♀️She fell in love with a human prince when the first time she saw him. Today is the prince’s birthday. 🤴He invites the mermaid princess to attend the party. Can you help the mermaid princess to get ready for the party and dress beautifully?👗 Enjoy a relaxing spa to lightening her skin. Apply her fashionable makeup and choose perfect outfit for herFeatures:💄A mermaid princess themed makeover game💄Find proper dressing style for the mermaid princess 💄Dress her to be the most shining girl in the party 💄Choose perfect formal suit for the prince🤴💄Help the mermaid princess find her true love Style the mermaid princess. Create a fabulous look for her.🤗🤗
Come to discover the full experience of School Uniform Makeover.
Getting tired of your old school uniform? Wish you could just throw it away and design your own? Well, now is your chance to set the standards, and create the most fashionable uniform any school has ever seen. Every accessory can be designed. Take the chance, and turn your school into a trendsetter.-Features:🌺Girls of different ethnicities for you to choose🌺Tons of selected skincare and makeup 🌺Gorgeous dressing room with lots of accessories 🌺Select your favorite style of uniform and dress to be a star in school🌺Take a beautiful photo in your creation and share with your friendsCome on and join us! Together we can make our uniforms the best.
Dress up in a beautiful dress for prom party. Become the gorgeous prom queen.
High school prom night is finally coming. 🎈The boy who you have a crush on invites you to dance at the prom. You are so exciting but worry about what to wear at night. Don’t worry. We have a famous stylist to help you get well prepared for the prom night. Super luxurious dressing room will satisfy any of your requirements. 🥳We will make you to be the most beautiful girl at the prom partyFeatures:👗 Enjoy a facial mask to make your skin smooth 👗 Apply on perfect makeup to lighten up your beauty 👗 Pick out an amazing prom dress to impress your boy 👗 Choose gorgeous hairstyle, shoes, accessories to add more charm on you 👗 Dance with your handsome boy, and give your high school life a happy endingIt’s time to go to the prom party. Let’s get dressed up.We will keep working on offering high-quality games for both parents and their kids. We'll also work hard to spark kids’ imaginations and establish a good relationship between kids and parents.
Creative fairy princess makeup game! Endless fashion fun!
Have you ever dreamed to have your own fairy princess? Do you want to design style for a beautiful fairy princess? Join this salon especially for fairy princess! Give your fairy princess a royal spa and dress her with amazing clothes! Features:🧚Create the most beautiful fairy princess of your own 🧚Different types of fairies to dress up🧚Various glittering ornaments, makeup for a pretty fairy princess🧚Complete task to collect more coins 🧚Unlock more luxurious dressing palaces for your fairy princess Come to do your magic makeup! Let’s become beautiful with fairy princess!
Lovely girl, come and dress yourself!
How does a cute girl become one of the most popular celebrities? Now, let's start a gorgeous change show fromhead to toe. Hairstyle, makeup, clothing, all are well-prepared. Come on, join the big ball and become the most attractive socialite in the ball, it's all for you, so start now.Game features:🤪 Skin care, choose hairstyle.🤪 Rich in cosmetics, dress yourself.🤪 Fashion matching, achievement dazzling girl.🤪 Don't forget to make a cover for the fashion magazine. Lovely girl, come and join the party!
Find perfect style in Alice makeup salon.
Alice falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world. She meet a weird woman in the wonderland, the Queen of Hearts. 👑The queen wants to cut Alice’s head off because Alice accidentally stamps on her red rose🌹The only way to save Alice is to beat the Queen of Heart in the beauty contest. Can you help Alice create a beautiful look to win the beauty contest?👗 Let’s dress Alice in a gorgeous style.Features:💖 A wonderland themed makeup game for girls 💖 A fashion war between Alice and the Queen of Heart💖 Explore the amazing makeup salon in wonderland💖 Dress your doll with endless fantastic styles 💖 Mix and match various dresses, hair styles and accessories Explore fashion secrets in wonderland. Become a great stylist to give Alice a perfect makeover.📱📱
Release your fashion sense. Apply makeup for Sleeping Beauty.
The beautiful princess was enchanted by a malevolent fairy. Only a prince🤴 can break the charm and awaken the princess👸. A couple years later, a handsome and brave prince appeared. He killed the vicious dragon🐉 guarded in the castle and waked up the princess. The whole nation is going to hold a big party to celebrate. The princess wants to dress beautifully to meet the princess who saved her life. Can you help the princess get a perfect look?Game features:🌸A sleeping beauty themed makeover game 🌸Get the princess a comfy spa and apply makeup on her🌸Create the perfect style for the princess🌸Tons of fashionable makeup and dresses to choose from🌸Help the prince choose flowers for the princessMix and match gorgeous looks for the princess and the prince. Let’s make up.
Become a super fashion queen from here!
Show season is coming! Here you can dress up the beautiful model with fabulous makeup and beautiful clothes! Shoot the most stylish cover of the year! The latest fashion trends are just what you want. What would you think if one day you were asked to choose a variety of styles for top models? ⭐Now it's the time! You can not only choose clothes for the cover models, but also can do spas.👗 There are many options waiting for you to try different styles of exquisite makeup for models, shooting the most fashionable and trendy magazine cover for beautiful models! Now, let’s get started! 👠Features: 👑 Take a Spa for shooting and get ready for the model show. 👑 A variety of Makeup styles. 👑 Head to toe, different styles of clothes. 👑 Free combinations of various accessories. 👑 Take the most stylish cover shots for models. Come on, dress up for your own amazing cover page!
Mange your own fashion shop! Create endless fashion combinations!
New version of Dream Fashion Shop is coming! We present you a upgraded fashion shop with new scenes and fashionable clothes in all kinds of styles. More clients come to visit and share their interesting stories!Dream Fashion Shop is designed for people who are addicted to shopping and fashion. In this updated version, we start a world travel journey to seek fashion all over the world. Experience the excitement of building your own fashion empire. Each of your clients has their own story and personality. Mix and match proper clothing and style according to their needs. Learn fashion courses to enhance fashion taste.Features:🛍️Impress you with new decoration, characters and fascinating plots 🛍️Become a famous stylist for matching satisfactory dressing🛍️Endless new clothes, shoes and accessories for different occasions🛍️Release fashion inspiration and surprise your clients with chic matching 🛍️Collect fashion trend information from all over the world🛍️Boost your income and expend your fashion empire New stories and functions are coming soonPlease support us with five star review if you like this game.
Become a top model and find out fashion secret.
Do you want to be a top model and attend the biggest fashion show in the world? Welcome to Girl’s secret fashion salon! In here, we have all kinds of elaborate costumed lingerie, shoes, makeup, accessories and angel wings! 🎉🎉🎉Beautiful models in the world all gather to perform on the sparkly catwalk. Share secrets behind how to be a fashion star and how to keep fit. Dazzling stage design and varying music in the fashion show will put yourself in a girl’s wonderland. 😉😉Feature: 📷 Follow the fashion trend and join the big fashion event of this year📷 Different amazing wings make every girl become an angel📷 Beautiful models of different ethnicities 📷 Apply fashionable makeup and get your hair styled 📷 Tons of amazing clothes, shoes, jewels to choose fromJoin in girl’s secret fashion salon. Don’t miss the chance to be a super model.
A fun virtual dentist game for 'dentists'! Become a super dentist in seconds!
Dentist, special patients came to your clinic. They are two princesses, two princes, a witch and a draft. They all have problems on their teeth. Your missions are to give them right treatments and help them feel better. Time to show your expert skills and cure your patients. Features:⊙ All kinds of magical dental tools to choose from⊙ Use spray to clean their teeth first ⊙ Kill germs hided in their oral cavities⊙ Start your battle to fight against teeth decay ⊙ Whiten their teeth with special toolHelp your special patients get rid of teeth problems. Experience the thrill being a great dentist!
Dress up for Princess! Princess beauty makeup and makeover game for girls.
The beautiful princess makeup is a princess makeup game for kids! The princess is going to get married, let’s apply makeup for her! Choose beautiful dress, do spa for her. Prince and princess have a date later, let’s dress her up!Features👑 Choose the skin color for princess👑 Wash hair, do a facial spa for princess👑 Tons of makeup tools, choose different makeup tools freely👑 Lots of fashionable clothes, like shirts and high heels 👑 Take a photoafter doing the makeup!Get the beautiful princess for her prince, it’s a special makeup game for girls!
Dress up to become the cutest princess.
The youngest daughter of the king is going to have her 18th birthday.🎉 The king wants to hold a big adult ceremony for her. All distinguished guests will come to attend this big event. The little princess wants to dress up beautifully. Can you take her to princess beauty salon? Do a facial cleaning, apply on some makeup and pick out a gorgeous dress for her. Features:💃 Fascinating makeup game for girls 👧💃 Well prepare for the princess’s adult ceremony🎈💃 Plenty of fashionable lipsticks💄, eyeliners, blushes and eye shadows 💃 Get her a perfect hairstyle💇to match the dress 💃 Super dressing room to satisfy the princess’s fashion tasteMix and match different fascinating looks for the little princess. Make her the most beautiful princess at her adult ceremony.📱📱
Find your high school true love. Dress pretty to impress the charming boy.
As soon as you entered the school, you are attracted by the handsome basketball team captain. By the end of this semester, you confessed your feelings to him. The surprising thing is that he has a crush on you since the first time he met you.💋 He asks you out for a big dinner tonight. You want to dress beautifully to impress the cutest boy in the school. Features:❤️Choose your favorite skin color❤️Treat yourself a comfortable spa❤️Apply on fashionable cosmetics❤️Try on different styles and choose the perfect look❤️Start your romantic love adventure A romantic school date makeup game. Create a perfect look for your love story.
Experience the Princess fairytale tour!
Come and greet the Princess Sophia! Here you can choose makeup and different clothes for beautiful Sophia! Let her become the most beautiful princess! Have you ever wondered how happy it would be if one day you could choose all kinds of costumes for your princess? Now it's all here! You can not only pick up gorgeous clothes, but also the best makeup,💄💄 there are a variety of options waiting for you to try different styles of exquisite makeup for the princess, your goal is to create a unique princess! Let's get started!Features:👗Face spa, ready for Sophia's makeover.👗Offers a variety of style makeup attempts.👗Each unique jewelry, free DIY collocation.👗Careful selection of different styles of distinctive clothing.👗Precious memories, shooting perfect blockbuster for the princess. Now, showing your own princess fairy tale!
Top fashion hip-hop dancer, come on and dress up yourself!
Dear girls, welcome to the Hip Hop DressupFashion Girls Game. As a top dancer, you are going to attend a hip-hop competition. For your perfect performance, you not only need to pick out perfect clothes and paint the perfect make up, also stand on the top of the competition. Are you ready for this? Now, on this glamorous stage, show your own fashion style! You can enjoy the fantastic hip-hop competition and charming stage, and they will all make you be the most shining star. Everything is for you! So don't hesitate any more, come on and become the most shining star!Features:😎 Enjoy the SPA, and choose an amazing hairstyle😎 Various cosmetics to choose from😎 Fashion clothes make you be the focus😎 Don't forget to take photosOh my beauty, come on!
Embark on this wonderful journey with your unicorn!
Follow us to the adventure in dream forest! Here you can do the makeup and choose clothes for the beautiful rainbow princess! If you're lucky, you can still meet her unicorn friends! Following the fantastic unicorn shuttle over the rainbow bridge, which is everyone’s dream, and now you have the opportunity to participate in it! What a pleasure it would be if one day you can pick out all kinds of costumes for the rainbow princess! Here, you can not only choose the beautiful fairy clothing, but also to do facial maintenance, there are a variety of options waiting for you to try different styles of exquisite makeup for the princess, your goal is to make her unique! Of course, don't forget the unicorn friend is also waiting for you.Features of the game:🦄Facial beauty magic, prepare for the makeup for the rainbow princess.🦄Offers a variety of styles and makeup matching.🦄Unique jewelry, free combination.🦄Make friends with unicorns, pick hairstyles and exquisite wings for them.🦄Leave a memory for the princess, shoot the perfect blockbuster. Now, come and join this dream-fashion trip that..
Be a shining cheerleader and dance with your cheer squad!
The big basketball match is coming. As a cheerleader, I and my cheer squad girls carefully prepared an amazing performance. But first of all, we need to put on some makeup and dress in our gorgeous uniforms. The boy who I have a crush on is one of the basketball players. I want to catch his attention at the performance. Can you help me get ready for the big show?Features:🎉 Beautiful cheerleaders in different ethnicities🎉 Apply makeup to look youthful and energetic🎉Choose from tons of fabulous outfits and get your hair styled 🎉 Make yourself to be the focus of attention Cheerleader makeup salon is waiting for you to join.
Become a super doctor and do physical examination for patients.
These poor people get sick. Can you help them do a full body examination? Bring them to do a blood test, blood pressure test, vision test and hearing test. Every patient has different sickness. Some of the patients break their bones. You need to find broken bones and fix them. Have fun with helping your patients regain health. Features:💉Patients with different sickness need you to diagnose💉All kinds of professional tools to use 💉Do a blood test and kill germs in the blood💉Use x-ray to find out broken bones and cure them💉Improve your skill and become a great doctorRealistic physical examination simulation game for kids! Let’s become a little hero.
Choose the most gorgeous clothes for your pretty princess.
Do you want to know how to be the most beautiful princess in the magic kingdom?Let’s step into the castle and enjoy a romantic fashion show. Lots of pretty hairstyles💇♀️, exquisite makeups💄 and fabulous dresses 👗 are all waiting for you. Features:💜 Enjoy exquisite facial spa and select hairstyle💜 Rich cosmetics💜 Match all kinds of fashion clothes to be the most attractive princess💜 Shake your camera to take photosBeautiful princess, come and join us now.
Do a spa and makeup for jungle animals! Make animals to fashion stars!
The most popular game Jungle Animal Makeup is coming! Come here and enjoy this game!The jungle will host an animal fashion show, and everyone wants to win the first prize. Now it’s your turn! Panda🐼, lion🦁 and antelope is waiting for you to get them well dressed. You can clean, wash, and brush their fur and design unique styles with cool clothes and accessories. Come here and create your own fashion style!Features:⭐ Match fashionable clothes ⭐ Panda🐼, lion🦁 and antelope to choose from⭐ Clean and brush their fur⭐ Choose cool hair styles for animals⭐ Don’t forget polish their nails⭐ Take photos and share with your friendThey are waiting for you to dress them well! Come here and be the fashion stylist!
Best vampire girl dressup game! Date with your sweet lover!
The new guy in the school seems to like me. He has been watching me the whole night yesterday. Is he the mysterious vampire boy? What should I do if he wants to date with me? As the cosmetics and dresses are all ready, I need to dress up beautifully and then have a romantic date with him.Features:🌹 Romantic game scene🌹 Make a comfortable and exquisite facial spa before dating 🌹 Have a delicate makeup with tons of cosmetics to win the heart of your vampire boyfriend🌹 Pick gorgeous clothes to be the most shinning star in the prom🌹 Take a picture first before datingIt is hard to describe the anxious and exciting mood before dating with a vampire boyfriend. Am I beautiful enough? Everyone must have had the same mood. Come and conquer your vampire boyfriend with your beauty.
Become a super dentist. Fix teeth for your patients.
These poor people have really bad problems with their teeth. Normal dentist can’t do anything to help them. Only the super mad dentist can treat their teeth with special tools. Do you want to be a super dentist and cure those people’s teeth? It’s a pretty cool thing to be a super dentist. Let’s start the treatment now. Features:❤ A popular dentist simulation game for players ❤ Check teeth problems and cure the patients ❤ Use spray to kill gems in the mouth❤ Fill decayed teeth and replace bad teeth❤ All kinds of crazy tools to play Experience the fun of being an awesome dentist. This game will help players learn the importance to protect the teeth.
Best candy girl makeover game! Dress up to be the most gorgeous candy princess!
The Candy town dancing party is coming! 🎉This time we have to wear our candy clothes to take part in it. Can you meet your sweet lover in colorful candy clothes? The beautiful candy clothes are ready. Come to open your closet and have a look.🎉Features:🥳 Colorful candy clothe🥳 Exquisite skin care SPA🥳 Large numbers of cosmetics to help to give you pretty candy makeup🥳 Lovely game scene🥳 Put on various candy clothes to be the candy party queen🥳 Take photos to remember the sweet storySweet candy clothes have the charming power which no girl can refuse. Putting them on can better show your beauty and tenderness. Come and go to the candy party!
Let’s start on fitness journey. Be a sunny sports girl.
Hey, girls! 👋Do you want to be the one possess beauty and perfect body figure? Fitness is indispensable for girls who desire to have a good figure. Sports girl salon is special for girls who love fitness. Remove your makeup, tie up your hair, put on comfy sports shoes👟, do some Yoga🧘, or put on your favorite music 🎵and go for a run🏃♀️. After one hour’s work out, let’s take a relaxing shower and select some beautiful outfits.Features:🏃♀️Discover a way to keep beauty and fitness🏃♀️Transform you into a cardio goddess🏃♀️Dress in a cool and comfy style even in the gym 🏃♀️Do a spa and relax after exhausting workoutGirls, ready to lose some fat and get in shape?
Spa Salon, Makeover, Dressup for Girls!Come and show your makeup stylist skills!
As a popular movie star, you are nominated for the best actress. Tomorrow is the award ceremony. You need to dress up for the big event. We prepared you with a huge collection of clothes and accessories to choose fromPick out your favorite outfits, makeup and hairstyle. You will become the brightest superstar at the ceremony.Features:👗 Immerse yourself in tons of fashionable makeup 👗 Incredible dressing room with all kinds of gowns 👗 Customize your look with endless combinations👗 Pick out gorgeous accessories for this big moment👗 Dress to be the most shining star on the red carpetIf you want to experience the excitement of being a superstar, join our superstar makeup salon. 📱📱
The most romantic wedding dressup game is coming , and you can’t miss it!
The biggest wedding is coming soon, and the new couple really needs your help. In this game, you can help them be the shining star in the wedding! And you can dress up themalso from hair to toe!It's a sweet dream for everyone to attend a big wedding. How pleasure it is that one day if you can help the new couple to pick out the styles! Now, it’s your chance! In this game, there are so many facial makeup for bride to choose from, and you can also pick the perfect clothes for groom. Making the groom looks more better and takes the best wedding photos!Features:❤️ Do facial spa for wedding❤️ Paint different styles facial makeup❤️ Customize your wedding from wedding dress to accessory❤️ Pick out the perfect clothes❤️ Take fashion wedding photosDownload and play it, and take photos for good memorize.
Come to the pajama party to enjoy a wonderful girl’s night.
We are going to hold a pajama party this Saturday night. Do you want to join this funny party? Choose your favorite pajama, do a clean mask, share beauty secrets with friends, and even have a pillow fight. A wonderful PJ party is waiting for you!🎈🎈Features:🎉Different styles of pajamas for you to choose 🎉Various skincare to make your skin smooth and clean🎉 Make a unique hair style to match your pajama🎉 Fashionable lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes and more makeup 🎉 Create a new look for you and your friends 🎉 Take photos at the photos studio with your fun girlfriends!Pajama party is definite a good memory in your life. Join us now!📱📱
Popular yoga girl makeover game! Try hundreds of clothes for free!
All the girls in town admire your healthy and fabulous figure. Everyone is fascinated with your smooth line and perfect muscle. Wow! It is yoga and the exquisite skin care that make you so remarkable. Thus, a “yoga fever” is emerging in town. However, only doing yoga is not enough. The skin care, makeup, and gorgeous clothes all contribute to your beauty. We have prepared everything for you. Come and take us to become a yoga beauty now.Features:💄 Gorgeous yoga clothes💄 Experience the process ofmakeup before doing yoga💄 Rich cosmetics, keeping beauty when doing yoga💄 Choose clothes carefully to be a professional yoga girl💄 Take photos to commemorate your beautiful dressupDoing sports, keeping diet, skin care, and dressup are all indispensable. Let’s work hard to be a perfect girl!
Win the beauty contest. Dress to be the most gorgeous beauty queen.
You entered the beauty contest finals. You are only one step beyond the crown of Miss World. We prepare for you a relaxing spa and a luxurious dressing room. 👗Clean your skin, apply on fashionable makeup and select perfect dress for the contest. Bring out the best of youAre you ready to win this big pageant?Features:★ Prevailing makeup game for girls ★ A spa treatment makes you look energetic and flawless ★ Design your glamorous look for the finals★ All kinds of skincare product for girl to enjoy a spa ★ Tons of trendy eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks and mascaraWanna be charming and gorgeous? Wanna win the beauty pageant and become the Miss World? Join our Top Model Salon to create your own style.
Manage your hair salon. Become the best hair designer.
As a young fashion girl, you become a Fashion Queen in girl's eyes. Your fashion salon will open, and they all rush into your salon. 💇They hope that you can help them change their images and make them look perfect. Because of your unique fashion tastes, you can design pretty hairstyles for them.💇 As for you, a beautiful Fashion Queen, it's easy to give them a great change in hairstyle, makeup and dressing up. Come and fulfill their dreams.Features:✂️ Know which kind of hairstyle the customers want ✂️ Clean their hair.✂️ Cut hair for customers by using props in salon to realize their ideal hairstyles✂️ After cutting, compare with the customers' ideal hairstyles and get the benefits.✂️ Unlock a new makeup shop and clothes shop later, and treat new customersin your new shops.Hair salon is coming soon, and adorable girls can't wait to show their own styles. They really trust you! You can also run your own shop with your families and friends and share happiness. So, come on today!
Dress up as a snow princess and dance with charming prince!
The first snow falls to the kingdom. The princess is going to hold a dance party in the palace. She wants to dress like a snow princess and decorate the palace in snow theme. But she’s so busy with government affairs. Can you help her select some beautiful clothes👗 for the party from her luxury dressing room? Take her to do a facial clean, put on delicate makeup and dress her as a snow princess. Of course, ornaments and glass slippers are necessary. 👠Then our princess can dance with her handsome prince. Features:👑 Dance 💃🏻and party in the snow-themed palace👑 Enjoy royal relaxing massage and skincare 👑 Fashion eye makeup, blushes, lipsticks💄 and hairstyle to choose from👑 Spend an amazing dancing night with friendsHave fun in princess fashion salon! Download for free and play with your friends.
Dress pretty and attend masquerade prom. Dance with your dreamt boy.
A grand masquerade prom is going to be held in the city. Pretty girls all over the city will come here, wear mysterious masks, and dance with handsome young men. How can this kind of grand masquerade prom without beautiful you? Apparels and masks are ready! Come and join! Features 💃 Girls from different ethnicities to choose from💃 Enjoy a relaxing spa and do a skin care💃 Dozens of makeup to make you a star in the prom 💃 Choose a mask to make you more attractive 💃 Take a selfie with your dance partner;You little cutie will be the beautiful star at party even wearing a mask, so download game and join in! You could also recommend your families and friends to play together!
Get dressed to be the most beautiful princess. Start your magic adventure.
As a noble princess of the magic kingdom, you are gonna take part in a big party. With tons of gorgeous dresses and perfect makeup, are you ready now? Will you meet your prince in this grand prom? Everything is ready for you. Come and join us now.Features:👸Make a facial spa and select hairstyles👸Rich cosmetics to make yourself up👸Select your dress to be the focus of the prom👸Take pictures to keep this precious timePretty princesses, come and join us now.
This is popular makeup and dress up game for Ice Queen!
This is popular makeup and dress up game for Ice Queen! Discover the makeup secrets of Queen.The ice palace is going to hold a grand party. Let’s go to the Queen’s dressing room which is a beautiful wonderland for girls! 🎈🎈Let’s do a relaxing spa, put delicate makeup on, pick up some beautiful clothes, and select a pair of gorgeous shoes. You will become the shiny star in the party!🥳🥳Features:👑 Three beautiful girls of different skin colors to choose👑 Change a girl to an elegant queen in the party👑 All kinds of skincare product for girl to enjoy a spa 👑 Dozens of fashionable makeup, ball gowns, shoes and accessories 👑 Share your amazing party queen with your friends Never miss this queen spa. You will find a different you here!
Manage your fashion shop. Be a fashion princess.
The upgraded Dream Fashion Shop 3 is newly open. 🎉🎉What will happen after a series of wonderful adventures? What new stories will the old customers share with you? It seems that the girls in town are not just satisfied with the clothes matching 👗👗any more and there’s a mysterious person who is gonna challenge you. Come and run your fashion boutique, and meet the specified turnover. Then, you can unlock your new journeys. Plenty of new things are waiting for you to explore.😄😄You are gonna take a hot air balloon to explore the world. As a fashion beauty, your stories are widely circulated in this lively dream town. The simple cute girl, gentle young mother, and even the new superstar are all in your shop to have you design for them.🎈🎈 Besides, people all like to share their stories with you, especially the sweet secrets among girlsFeatures:🤑 Run your fashion boutique to design the newest fashion clothes🤑 Explore the world to start your new adventures.🤑 Fun and exciting fashion courses to become the best fashion stylist🤑 Experience unique makeup and..
Magic makeup salon for normal girls! Dress Cinderella to a beautiful girl.
The poor girl Cinderella is bullied by her step mother and sisters. She doesn’t have beautiful clothes and makeup for the royal ball. Can you help her dress amazing to meet her Prince 🤴Charming? Do a magic to turn the pumpkin to a carriage and turn the mice to attendants. Choose delicate makeup and gorgeous dress. 👗Of course, she needs a pair of glass slippers to draw the prince’s attention! Features:👠 Amazing visuals to take you to magic world 👠 Tons of fashionable makeup to choose from👠 Glaring glass slippers just as in the fairy tale 👠 Turn the ordinary girl into a gorgeous lady👠 Dance with Prince charming and be his forever love👠 Share your beautiful Cinderella with friends via social media Cinderella is waiting for you to do makeup for her! Come to do the best makeup for her!
Save the enchanted prince, and find your true love.
The kind and beautiful girl is trapped by a beast in a castle👸🤴 in exchange for saving her father. As time goes by, she finds that beneath the ugly exterior conceals a kind and brave heart. The beast saved her when she was in danger, and took care of her when she was homesick. Finally, she realizes that she is falling in love with the beast. When she shows her affection to the beast, he transforms into a handsome prince.Now the girl is going to meet and dance with her prince. But first, she needs a cleaning spa, put on some makeup, and wear a dazzling yellow dress. Can you help her get ready?💃To give this classic story a happy ending, you need to:❤️ Clean her hair, wash her face and do a facial spa ❤️ Apply delicate makeup for her ❤️ Dress up the girl in tons of gorgeous outfits ❤️ Select dazzling accessories to make her a shining star Ready to help the girl get dressed? Join this romantic story and meet your prince charming!
Best ballerina makeup salon for girls who want to dress up beautifully.
Do you want to visit ballet dancer’s dressing room? Do you want to wear ballet skirt and dance with music?🎵 Now you have chance to experience the ballet girls’ salon. Go for a comfortable spa, do a cleaning mask, put on ballet skirt and shoes and dance with classic music. You will be a gorgeous ballerina in perform stage. 🎉🎉You will have fun in this fantastic makeup salon! It can turn every messy girl into an elegant ballet dancer. Features:🎵A wonderful ballet dancer makeup game ever 🎵Experience the secret beauty salon of ballerina🎵Endless spa tools to choose 🎵Tons of makeup, ballet skirts, tutus and accessories 🎵More luxurious dressing rooms for you to unlock🎵Have fun to share your makeup secret with friendsThis is an amazing makeup and dress up game with ballet theme. Let’s dress up and dance ballet!📱📱
Make you be the perfect shining bride in your wedding!
Wedding day is coming! You can create your own fashion story by planning your wedding day. Paint perfect makeup, pick unique wedding dress, and take wedding photos with your handsome bridegroom. Have you ever thought about your wedding? If one day you can pick perfect wedding dress and accessories for yourself, what a big pleasure it will be! Now, your chance is coming! In this game, you can not only pick perfect outfits, also do SPA. And there are so many changeful styles to choose from! Paint different styles of exquisite makeup, and you can even pick out the fashionable suits for your true love. Don’t forget to take wedding photos! So what are you waiting for? Let’s start now!Features:💍 Do SPA for your wedding💍 Try tons of styles makeup💍 Tons of wedding dress and accessories to choose from💍 Pick out suits for bridegroom💍Take wedding photosCome on and dress up for your own wedding.
Fashionable makeup salon for lovely girls!
Are you a cartoon fan? Do you want to be a cute anime girl? If you do, you can’s miss this popular makeup game! 🎉🎉🎉 Choose your favorite anime girl, do a facial spa for her. Then apply her fashionable makeup and dress her in beautiful outfits. Make your girl become the most gorgeous one. Features:💖Cute anime girls for you to play as💖Plenty of fashionable lipsticks, eyeliners, blushes and eye shadows💖Various of dressing styles to choose from💖Luxurious decorations to satisfy a girl’s fashion sense Create different fascinating looks for your anime girl.
A wonderful anime girl makeover game! Try hundreds of fashion makeup!
Welcome to makeover salon for anime girls! Girls are going to hold a fashion show in anime theme. They prepared hundreds of fashion styles. If you want to dress as pretty as girls in cartoon, come to join this makeup salon. It will surprise you with tons of fashionable makeup and clothes. Do a relaxing spa, put on amazing clothes and decorate with accessories for girls!⭐Three sections for your anime girls: spa, makeup and dress up⭐Hundreds of fashion combinations to make the girl more beautiful ⭐Pretty outfits, hairstyles and decorations for your anime models⭐Unlock more luxurious dressing rooms Mix and match endless styles on your favorite anime girls! We can’t wait and see your design!
Best Makeup Salon for dating preparation! Dress up for your date!
Exciting news!!! Your prince charming finally asks you out for a date! I know you want to be pretty and give him the best impression. 💑 No worries! We will help you to be perfect! Do a facial spa to make your skin look bright. Choose from tons of fashionable makeup such as lipsticks💄, eyelashes, eye shadows and more. Try on different styles of outfits! Oh, don’t forget to wear sparkling accessories to make you look more beautiful! Features:🌹 Prepare for a wonderful date with prince charming🌹 Models from different ethnicities to choose🌹 Choose your favorite makeup and hair style 🌹 Wear your lucky accessories to add more charm🌹 Take a selfie and share with your friendsGet ready for your big date! Dress up and let your prince charming fall in love with you at the first sight!
Dress up the cutest princess with your fabulous idea!
Come and welcome the arrival of the little princess! Here you can mix makeup and dress for the beautiful little princess! Try to make the most personalized and trending dress! You must have thought about all kinds of dresses.👗 If you want to choose a variety of styles for thelittle princess one day, how happy it is! Now it's all here! You can not only choose clothes for the beautiful little princess, but also do facial maintenance. There are many choices for you to try different styles of exquisite makeup for the princess. Your goal is to make the princess unique!🤗 What are you waiting for, come and join us!Features:💖 Facial maintenance, ready for the little princess.💖 A variety of styles to try.💖 Each unique jewelry, free DIY match.💖 Carefully selected clothing of different styles.💖 Shoot the perfect trend for the little princess.Come and interpret the perfect fairy tale that belongs to you!