Help princess have a nice makeover, dress up her beautifully for her wedding.
Design one beautiful braided hairstyles for the girl in the salon.
Participate in the model contests with your agent, and became a superstar.
DIY one type of fashion hair style for the girl in the salon.
Cook most satisfactory pasta & make delicious ice creams or drinks.
Help the superstar make up and take some pictures of her and her boyfriend.
Help princess to decorate new room beautifully.
Make up beautifully for ice and fire princess and let them compete.
Give a nice spa for long hair princess and make up her beautifully to show us.
Help the witch or elf win the beauty contest and then date the most handsome boy
Heal them and be a doctor by playing injection.
The star singer from her birth to her grown up, dress her up for her concert.
Help Mary prepare everything well for her birthday party and celebrate for it.
Play the role of supermarket small headed finish every job.
Make up beautifully for the girl to play together with her mermaid boy friend.
Create a new incarnation for you, and help you have a better yourself .
Make up beautifully for the girl for candy make up art salon and show us.
Help princess make up and spa beautifully with prince on the prom.
Use clay to design hamburger, house etc. that you like and show us your works.
Follow our instructions to cook one delicious birthday and show us.
Cooking nice pizza, hamburger, lasagna and ice cream and enjoy a happy make time
Run a sewing shop and work with your staff to design several popular clothes.
Have you seen a car damaged so badly?Join the task of this car repair with me.
Design one piece of wedding dress, make up beautifully for her wedding.
Help every customer in the fitness center to lose weight.
Help the princess find her love, let her go to the dream wedding.
Help princess to take crash course and make a diary for her.
Help the girl to clean every room of the house.
Help the girl grow flowers, make flower accessories and decorate her flower shop
Join the rescue team to help those injured after the hurricane
Make up beautifully for the girl and boy to attend the party salon.
Help ice queen to make up beautifully for her date with prince.
Help the princess to design nice wedding nails.
Make delicious ice cream cones under guidance.
Make ice cream for the ice cream enthusiasts from different countries and ages.
Help the princess do facial and hair spa, dress up beautifully for her wedding.
Tailor gymnastics clothes, make up her and dress up her fashion dresses.
Learn from little tailor to make up and design beautiful dresses to show us.
Help princess have a nice salon and dress up her with frozen style dresses.
Help the mermaid princess recover her power, beat the witch and regain the crown
Give the girl a nice manicure in the pink nail salon.
Come to help the sky girl dress up and prepare for the flight task.
Design different kinds of Lolita clothing to meet different customers' needs.
Makeup beautifully and design guitar and microphone for her rock concert.
Have a nice and beautiful nail make up design with sister in the nails salon.
Attend a nice wedding and help ice queen sisters make up.
Make one nice pottery with the girl and make up her beautifully to show us.
Help my friends do make-up and design dress ,then let’s go to the big party
Make up beautifully for the girl with pink Gothic style.
Make up for the dolphin trainer and let the dolphin nice training show.