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Docs Reader - All Document Viewer to read Docx and support all doc formats.
📄Docx reader – Document Viewer is a powerful office document app which provides a quick method to read and view word documents free on your mobile device. This Word DocumentDocx Reader app handle a variety of word formats, including Doc, Docx, Word, and other similar formats.✍️Docx Reader & Word Office app, you can view and read any word or document file with ease. Docs reader and Docx Viewer apps automatically scan Docx/doc files on your phone and organize them into the appropriate folders for easy searching and viewing.Using this Word Document ViewerWord Reader app, you can open a word document (Docx files) with only one tap. You must utilize our word documents free app to complete your file-related tasks.📝MS Word Document ViewerDocs Reader will help you to read, organize, and store document files and serve your work and study purposes much more effectively. Word documents appDocs Reader also provides a PDF reader, Excel file viewer, and PPTX viewer features, so no need to download multiple apps for viewing office files. Docs readeroffice app manage all your word documents including PDF,..
Trick your friends by simulating a cracked screen with Broken screen wallpaper
Are you looking for a fun app to prank your friends❓Broken Screen Wallpaper Prank app is a fun and entertaining application that lets you pull hilarious pranks on your friends and family. With this broken screen themecracked screen prank app, you can create a realistic and convincing illusion of a broken screen or cracked screen on your device. Broken Screen Prank app is one of the best fake cracked screen prank app for anyone who wants to have fun pranking your friends with a broken screen realistic effect.Whether you're looking to prank your friends at a party, add some humor to a gathering, or simply want to enjoy some light-hearted amusement, Prank broken screen or Broken Screen Wallpaper Prank app is the perfect tool. Fool your friends, family, or colleagues into believing that their precious smartphone screens have shattered into a thousand pieces. Broken screen wallpaper is the perfect cracked screen prank app to create hilarious and unforgettable moments. Fake cracked screen wallpaper guarantees laughter and surprise, creating memorable moments and allowing you to share a good laugh with your..
Create custom keyboard using neon led keyboard with lots of keyboard themes.
Neon led Keyboard and Emoji keyboard helps you to set custom keyboard with fancy theme. Type with stylish text and fancy themes with this amazing keyboard customizer app. Fancy keyboard and color keyboard is famous these days. Enjoy lots of free keyboard themes in this fast typing neon led keyboard. rainbow keyboard consists lots of free themes. If you want to change keyboard wallpaper then neo keyboard is best choice. Change keyboard with single click and set Neon Keyboard as your default keyboard. Download Design Keyboard for free, with HD keyboard skins.Custom keyboard can be created using Pink Glitter Keyboard. The magic keyboard provides best typing effect experience and also lots of emojis with emoji keyboard. Change your best keyboard with this amazing colorful keyboard. You can make your own keyboard theme with amazing and stylish text. Make a change on your mobile with Cursive Keyboard Themes. This cool neon app contains hundreds of keyboard background themes. Install Flash keyboard themes free or Neon Flash app and enjoy Neon Butterflies Keyboard. Using creative keyboard your typing app style became unique...
Camera Scanner & QR Code Scanner App, Scan Text files, Photos & Convert to PDF
Are you looking for a camera scanner or scan to pdf converter? This camera scanner could be the choice to stop you from searching it furthermore! This Smart scanner pdf converter can meet all your needs and can help you extract PDF’s of scanned copies anytime anywhere. Hurry up to get this scanner app! Camera ScannerPDF document scanner app is a tool that helps you to scan documents anytime anywhere. Also, this DocScan is a smart scanner app that turns your phone camera into a PDF scanner or PDF maker. You can scan your photos and documents including ID card, reports, invoice, legal documents and can convert the scanned documents to pdf files.Everything that you need you can scan to PDF, through this pdf scanner as this PDF camera scanner is useful for everyone around the world who has to deal with any type of physical or digital documents. Whether you are a businessman, student, employee, this all doc scanner application is must have for your phone. Moreover, this digital scanner makes your official work go smooth and clear. Now,..
Islamic teachings with Quran & Hadith. Al-Quran qibla direction & prayer time
Deen e Islam is a comprehensive Islamic app that provides easy access to Al-Quran with translation, prayer times, and Halal & Haram details. القران الكريم App is perfect for Muslims who want to deepen their faith and stay connected with their religion. Stay connected to your faith with the ultimate Muslim guide app featuring (توقيت الصلاة), Al Quran, and timing to offer Salat first.With Deen e Islam, you can easily read the Al-Quran (القرآن الكريم ) and understand its meaning through various translations. You can choose from multiple translations, including English, Urdu, French, and more. The Holy Quran (قرآن كريم) app contains an audio recitation of the Quran Majeed with various reciters to choose. Athan- توقيت الصلاة app will notify you when it's time to offer Namaz.القرآن الكريم Quran with Translation:Quran Majeed in its original Arabic text and translations in multiple languages. With features like audio recitation and search functionality, users can deepen their connection to Islam on the go. Explore the timeless wisdom and guidance of the Quran todayFind Qibla direction:Qibla Connect or Qibla Finder feature in (اتجاه القبلة)..
Caller name & SMS announcer lets you hear who's calling, with flashlight alerts
Call Name Announcer & Flash Light app speak out the prank call announceincoming caller id and also ringtone maker with flash notifications. Fake call prankCaller name talker help you to listen to the caller name id without looking at the phone. Prank dialCaller name announcer also allows you to listen to sms with SMS announcer and text reader. Fake caller can also listen to the caller name speaker with sms reader feature. Prank calls is another feature of this fake phone call app. Prank calling app can use the Fake Call Voice feature to have fun with your friends. Custom ringtone is one of the unique features of the fake call prankLED torch light app. 1: Call name announcer whatsapp with Flash Light Call dialerCall announcer is very helpful when you can any call recieve during driving. Caller identification is the best solution for you to know who is calling on your mobile. Name announcer feature will tell you the caller id. Caller identify app also reads SMS and announces who is texting you. Caller name announcer find name and..
Speak and Translate - All language translator for voice to text translations.
Speak and Translate – All Language Translator is specially designed for fast voice to voice and text to text translator purpose. This voice translator fulfills all your translation needs. Speak & translate provide both features of voice & text translator, just speak and it will translate your voice into desired language and same as for the text.Speak and translate theme is based on real conversation translator in which two persons can translate their voice and text in different languages, it works as a real conversation between two people creating more ease while translation. Voice to voice translator helps to translate the speech of both persons in desired languages and it plays the translation aloud.Also, this text to speech free translation app is a multilingual type to speak and Voice to Text translaterspeech to text traductor. Talk and translate now using this speech to text tool easily using talk and translateTTS (text reading) technology. Read out loud anything and get your Phrases translation done on the go. Phrases book and option in thisTalk & Translate translation app is truly a comfort..
Big keyboard users can use big size buttons or big keys to type smoothly.
Big keyboard with a large button is a unique keypad. Some users want a big keys keyboard because they face difficulty in typing with simple keyboard buttons. They want big font keys to type clearly, and look at large buttons for easily typing on a large keyboard.
Magnifying glass app to magnify text on page with page magnifier feature.
Magnifying glass app is a tool that we provide to zoom text quickly and more easily. All those users who want to magnify text on their smartphone they can use magnifying glass app for Android. A digital magnifier or magnifying glass android app can help you read the small printed text when out of home or anywhere else and have to read important messages or emails etc.This Magnifying glass with the light app will help you easily read the fine text in no light or dim light condition. Try this best magnifying glass which autofocus on the small font text for you quickly and magnify text for you. Magnifying lens lets can give ease to zoom in and zoom out the text to help you read any font type easily and quickly.This Magnifier app can work as one of the best magnifying lens and help you to read small menu bars, Barcode, serial number.It is specially designed for people who have a weak eyesight problem. Magnifying glass with light helps you to magnify text at the back of electronic devices,..