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Be gunfighter in western wild west game. Hunt on frontier of old west RPG
Survive the challenges of the Wild West adventure world and become a hero! Stay on the right side of the frontier of justicefrontier of lawand be the living legend. Or are you a rogue with passion for robbery and crime? Assassin is your second name? Choose to be lawmen or outlaw. Kill-or-be-killed! There is no other optionbecome the last survival in westland. Discover the mystery of old westshoot waves of enemies and level up thanks to unlimited upgrades which helps you survive! Watch your backenemies are living dead! Search for more powerfull guns, pistols, revolvers and riflesthis is the way how to survive in this shooting game. Accept challenges and get rewards for killing enemies as roguelike shooter. This is hunt for gold, more enemies you kill, more money you get. Duel the big boss, duel old school outlaws. Can you hear it? It is call for justice! The West is getting wilder. Grab all guns and fight legendary monsters. Bring the justice back to town where cowboys, cowgirls and settlers live in peace on a trail to Oregon in..
Merge army of skibidi toilet tanks. Become master of battle in skibidi war game
Skibidi Toilet: Merge Warzone is an exhilarating hypercasual mobile game that immerses players in an epic battle where an army of skibidi toilet tanks clash for supremacy. As a skilled commander, your objective is to become the ultimate master of the battlefield by strategically merging and evolving your tank units.Prepare yourself for a thrilling war game experience as you navigate through intense tank battles in the skibidi warzone. Merge Master offers an innovative merging mechanic, allowing you to combine identical skibidi toilet tanks and create powerful monster tanks that dominate the battlefield.With each successful merge, your army grows stronger and more formidable. As the master of battle, you must make tactical decisions on when and where to deploy your tanks, considering the ever-changing dynamics of the warzone. Will you focus on creating a massive army of smaller tanks, or merge your way to colossal monster tanks that crush everything in their path?▶ Toilet army on the battlefield ▶ Skibidi war tanks, toilets, and cameramans▶ Boss fights▶ Different locations▶ Popular skibidi trend characters▶ Merge Master mechanicsSkibidi Toilet: Merge Warzone presents a..
Scary Toilet monster vs cameraman in toilet merge game. Merge toilets, yes!
Toilet Monster Defense is a funny idle game. Guide your hero in the battle arena and save his toilet throne! His scary eyes destroy cameramanThis game takes the best from many genres: RPG, merge and funny games. Dive deep into amazing merge gameplay and the funniest animations you have ever seen. This toilet game requires good upgrading management to save the toilet master.Toilet Monster Defense features▶ Scary Toilet monster vs cameraman▶ Upgrading game mechanics▶ Combination idle tower defense and rpg▶ Camera boss fight▶ Popular storyline in idle RPG▶ Scary toilet gameplayPlay this toilet game with a funny cartoon style and even funnier story behind it. Survive the crazy attacks survive the fun! Toilet game, yes! Created by NOXGAMES 2023
Turn based strategy. Become great army commander of army men in tactical war.
War Hex is a unique army game and turn based strategy. Lead your army men into WW2 tactical war. Manage your army base, command your infantry and artillery, explore new hexes on the map and master new technologies to control the world and destroy rival armies in tactical war. Which war strategy will you choose to expand your hex empire as the greatest army commander ever?Become the general of your civilization and wage war on hexes! First of all, you must build your military base, with structures such as barracks, recruitment camp, medical center, steel factory and other buildings.Then train your soldiers, your men of war, and lead them on the battlefield. You should choose your tactics carefullythe armies of your enemies are strong and they don’t give you any time for mistakes. Every map is a new challengemaster innovative war strategy, train powerfull troops and expand your empire across all hexes. Military base of oppononets must be conquered and the best army commander takes it all in this world war!Features:▶ Turn based strategy ▶ Many game modes: Conquere and..
Build and fight your tank in tank wars arena. Become epic 1v1 battle tank hero!
Get ready for intense PvP tank battles and tank wars in Tanks Craft & Combat. In this action-packed multiplayer shooter game, you'll customize your very own tank star and fight against players from around the world in fast-paced, build and fight 1v1 battle combat in crash arena. With our advanced customization system, you'll have complete control over every aspect of your tank's design. Choose from a variety of chassis, turrets, armor plating, weapons, and more to create a tank that's tailored to your playstyle, even to your favourite tank like T-34, KV-44, Panzer, Gerand or LeviathanOnce you've finished building your tank, it's time to put it to the test in the arena. But it's not just about wreaking havoc on your opponentsyou'll need to use strategy to emerge victorious. Build a tank and clash in battle arena with your battle stars, every arena is time limited and you have to defeat your enemy within a certain period of time or the super arena starts to limit the playing area.Are you fan of tank T-34, KV-44, Panzer, Gerand or Leviathan?..
Zombie apocalypse is here! City defense from zombie attack and plague begins!
Zombie City Defense is an action mobile game set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of zombies. You take the role of a skilled survivor and defender of the last remaining human city, tasked with defending it against waves of relentless zombie attacks. It is all about zombie crowd control in mad apocalypse. Save your city in mad max word!In the game, you must strategically place defenders around the city to stop the zombies from entering and reaching the human population. The game features various types of zombies, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as boss battles. You can choose one of three upgrades to improve your city defense. Zombies spread like a plague, be careful and shoot acurately!Zombie City Defense:▶ Crowd control▶ Z Defense▶ Become zombie tycoon!▶ Feel like mad max▶ Control mad crowd▶ Unlimited fun and number of levels▶ Choose from 3 upgrades▶ Hyper-casual gameOverall, Zombie City Defender is a thrilling and addictive game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you fight for the survival of humanity against zombie..
Stick hero tower defense - fight enemies, solve number puzzle to kill giant boss
Play as Superhero Stickman and fight against dark monsters in towers. Will you be able to defeat all enemies and giant bosses in a stickman fight to become skibidi? Play this stickman tower defense game!Superhero Stickman gives you all your favorite things in one gamestick war, number puzzles in battle towers, and boss fights. Just have fun and win stick man fight.Defeat enemies with lower numbers than you have. Calculate and win! Be focused, you can find many new weapons in the towers. Just pick them up and become more powerful. There are many boss levels for more fun. Smash the boss and enjoy amazing funny animations of the fights.Superhero Stickman Key Features:▶ Stickman tower defense wars▶ Number puzzle ▶ Stick hero fight in towers▶ Superhero wars▶ Boss levelskill the boss and enjoy amazing funny animations of your stick man▶ Become a legend and build your own creepy castle▶ Attractive and classic stickman theme▶ Endless number of levels and stick heroes▶ One of the latest combined gamesAre you a fan of stickman wars games including stickman fights and stickman heroes?..
Enter a world of tanks and create your own army. Merge kv-44, Gerand and more!
Meet the most addictive game Merge Tanks 2! Explore the world of cartoons about tanks! Can you get to the most epic tank Gerand and kv-44? Discover all battle vehicles and become the best General in war zone. All army lovers are welcomeCreate and play now!Build better war machines by merging and earning more money. Become the world's best Tanker! Take on the challenge and create the most powerful army of war machines. Everyone will be jealous about your great collection of funny cartoon machinery.You're unlikely to get bored. No battle vehicle is the same. Enter a world of tanks and learn the rules of battle in this tank transformer game. The best thing about this game is creating new extraordinary models by merging the same old tanks. Who wouldn't love surprise like that? Every player can't wait what model will be the next one. Scary Leviathan or cute Spider model? Unlock unforgetable world of tanks and many worlds of fun.Merge Tanks 2 features:▶ Intuitive gameplay, easy for anyone!▶ Many different types of awesome battle vehicles like Gerand, kv-44 or..
Magic archero monsters slayer - Roguelike super wizard RPG & Survival wand fight
Roguelike super wizard RPGBecome magical archero and slay monsters in multiple dungeon battles. Can you survive with your magical wand and staff?Are you ready to enter a world where tons of evil enemies and fantasy monsters want to eliminate you? You're the only mage hero with powerful spells who is able to resist and defeat the oncoming evil. Rise up from the ashes and become a legend in the age of magic. Enjoy this rpg adventure game and fight all fantasy monsters right now!More enemies you kill the more stronger you'll get. Fight for epic loot, treasures, items and valuable equipment to make you stronger and more powerful! You will have to deal with countless monsters and monster legends. Be a hero in the neverending age of magic!Dive into an roguelike, Archero-style game full of challenging quests, epic dungeons, and crazy waves of enemies. Collect rare equipment, weapons and skills. Kill monsters. Improve your legends. Enjoy the magic adventure!Mage Legends features▶ Addictive, action-packed gameplay.▶ Many skills to help you crawl these dungeons.▶ Enjoy different locations.▶ Easy control with just one..
Merge sharks, fish and explore shark idle game
Welcome to the shark games where you can merge and build your marine world.Explore sharks in the idle merger and enjoy the magic of the sea.Where can your adventure begin? At first, you will gain from us a special package with money. Use it to purchase your first sharks and start the journey. Play in a hungry shark world, merge the same species and gain cooler features. For example, you can collect different costumes for your sharks like clownfish, starfish, pirates, unicorns, dragons, or even dogs or cats, and many others.Game features: - Play and merge sharks- Collect outfits as starfish, pets, animals, and others- Discover the magic of shark language- Make new sea friends- Hint: Find valuable profits in mystery boxes and happy wheel- Catch the rewards and enjoy the surprise from the reef- Download the amazing shark evolution idle gameBuy a shark, merge and collect tiburones, clownfish, starfish, or others in the pet idle merger and build your fish kingdom.This is a very funny and easy casual game with stylized graphics, where your character looks like a funny..
Join wizard strategy game and enjoy clash of monster clans in PvP arena battles
Enjoy one of the funniest and craziest td game. Summoner Storm is an unique strategy game. Fight in epic battle, 1on1 duels. The only target is to crash enemies and their barbaric bosses! Choose the best mad hero and discover the world filled with magic. Clash, crush and smash! Let´s start the crazy and funny adventure. Download and play now, for free!Love adventure games, battle games? Love tower defense strategy games? Summoner storm is funny combination of them and perfect choice for you. The only target is to crash enemies and their barbaric bosses! Welcome in the craziest cartoon wars. Download and play, the age of war begins now!Strategy td game Features:● Collect brave heroes, powerful monsters and warriors● Build your ultimate battle deck and destroy your enemies● Battle the craziest duels● Upgrade your army for rarity abilities● War, win and enjoy victory and rewards, unlock legendary chests● Build and upgrade your card collection● Real time strategy duels with fast battle evolution● Battle in PvP arena, join a clash of royale heroes with other summoners● Improve your td strategy knowledge..
Creed rebellion - True assassin hunter who slay templars as stealth master ninja
Join the assassin broterhood as hunter ninja and fight against evil. Follow familiar locations like Origin of acient Egypt, Middle age Cities, Hills of Valhalla or Feudal Orient. Meet traditional enemies such as templars, pirates, murderers and mythical monsters. Prepare for epic and deadly bosses in your dungeon hunt. Assassin Hero is a archero roguelike action game that will test your hit and run assassin skills. Survive waves of enemies, join the brotherhood of assassins in valhalla and became the legend!Carefully choose the weapons from your armouryDo you prefare Bows with arrows like Longbow or Crossbow? Or are you fan of throwing Boomerang, Daggers or Shurikens? For hardcore players there is the option of Javelin, Spear and Axes. Put on your armor set, each resistant to a different elementFire, Frost, Poison and Lightning. A set of all items gives you better protection and more epic stats. In each location you decide your strategy using special skills that will help you to survive longerDodge, Piercing attack, Doubble projectile and many others. Now you are prepare for battle!Be the stealth master, train..
Civilization wars with outlanders & civilization building in turn based strategy
Do you like civ turn-based strategy? Hexapolis is unique 4x game. Build civilization, win civilization wars against outlanders and grow your HEX empire. Expand from small village to powerful cities.This civ game is about controlling the hex map, exploring unknown lands, fighting outlanders and discovering technologies. Are you ready to test your tactical skills and rise humankind ?Each turn is full of adventure. You move on hex map and explore new hexes with your warriors. Every hero has special abilites which help you to conquer rival stronghold. There are stylized heroes: archers, sailors, dragons, crusaders and many more! Technology progress is the important part of your strategy. You can choose your focusare you better farmer or warrior? Farms, mines and markets bring more coins to your production. More coins you have, more actions you can do in each turn.Hexapolis features: ▶Turn-based strategy game and kingdom maker▶Humankind and dorfromatik like▶4xexplore, expand, exploit and exterminate▶Master technologies, explore hex map, wage war and build civilization of humankind▶Train your warriors and win battles against outlanders▶Two game modesnormal and hard▶Stylized in amazing low poly graphic▶Civilization..
Discover merge plane world and relax in the idle tycoon merger jet game.
Continuation of Addictive relaxing Idle Merge Airplanes is here. What do you expect? Cute Plane Merger? No, this time you find out on parking apron: advanced, space, cartoon and awesome planes. Become captain and enjoy marge all. Use earnings to upgrade aircrafts and your empire.Features of Merge plane:- Play addictive idle tycoon game- Relaxing game is free and you can earn money offline- Easy and funny gameplay- Collect cartoon planes, jets and aircraft- Enjoy many events: battle cars, tanks, trucks, dragon, cute animals and othersDownload merging game and your fly adventure around airport and around world can begin. Gameplay is easy and still the same: buy, merge jet together and manage tycoon factory. Earn money even when you are passive, offlineLet´s play merge air plane and develope your Airline jet empire.Created by Noxgames 2021
Be endless runner, pull the trigger & kill the boss. Play run game as agent 007
Agent Hero is an endless runner game which is fun to play! You control action agent in rush and navigate him through the obctacles. Your as a hitmaster pull the trigger, kill all enemies and kill the boss on the way. Rush, run and fight! Do you feel like john wick? Are you ready to defeat giant boss at the end of every level?Secret Agent Hero is a hyper-casual mobile game where you control a character who is running downhill while avoiding obstacles, collecting guns and kill enemies. The gameplay mechanics involve tapping the screen to change the character's direction and timing the taps. As the character progresses through the levels, the difficulty increases, and the obstacles become more challenging to overcome. Overall, Agent Hero is a simple and entertaining game that provides an enjoyable gaming experience for casual gamers.Do you have what it takes to pick up the guns and shoot your way through? The action never ends. Become the best secret agent 007 in the world!Game features: ▶ Funny cartoon agent runner▶ Amazing agent action▶ Easy and fast..
Run from the oven to battle as clumsy gingerbread man to save the candy kingdom
Fresh out of the oven into the magic adventure as a gingerbread cookie hero you will have to run for your life while killing enemies and bosses to save the candy kingdom before it crumbles. Grab your candy cane and battle in a sweet fantasy adventure RPG to defeat all the monsters, thieves and candy eaters.Fight in an epic roguelike RPG. Unlock new fighting worlds and discover secrets of the Cookie universe. Don't be clumsy! Crush your enemies and defeat dangerous bosses with your smart movements and skills.This candy run is much more fun with proper equipment. As you progress you will gather many skills and upgrades that will help you from being turned into a pile of cookie crumbles by the enemies.Cookie Hero Features🍪 Fast-paced action adventure RPG game🍪 Easy to play but hard to master gameplay🍪 Epic boss battles🍪 Countless skills and upgrades🍪 Hard mode🍪 You play as a cute but deadly gingerbread man🍪 Sweet and addictive adventureExplore the tasty cookie world. Get better and stronger after every level and once you're strong enough, you can try the..
Air Hockey for two players. Addicting, smooth gameplay and great visuals
Sharpen your skates, put on your jersey and grab your hockey stick. NOX Air Hockey presents new era of air ice hockey fun. Game features lots of fun on the rink:- Polished art and great visual effects- Ballenced difficulty- Silky smooth gameplay - Two player multiplayer on a single deviceThis is not some pond hockey this is world class tournamet. Prepare to train overtime, practice slapshots, nofeet body checks, cross checks, aim to top shelf and keep scoring!Faceoff, crossed sticks, body check, cross check it is all there in simplified form. Watch out for holding and roughing in the corner.Can you shoot hattrick in top shelf like Jagr, Chelios, Iginla, Sakic or Forsberg?If you are defensive goalie guy watching your top shelf, you will find your place on the rink. Keep forechecking and roughing and save like Hasek.Ballanced difficulty suits to all players, but this tournament is the best for casual puppeteers.Created by NOXGAMES 2014/2015
Welcome to Hex World. Discover and expand your Valley in addictive flood game.
Discover amazing Hex World. Enjoy our Flood atmospheric game with animated 3D graphics and great sounds. Which Hero do you want to be: Druid, Pirate, Shaman or somebody different? It is up to you. Solve puzzle levels and collect as much hex terrain as possible. Expand your monument territory, each hex land has own ability like Volcano or Stonehenge. Complete world with the lowest number of turns to get best score and rewards.Download and build Valley between Hex terrains. Created by Noxgames
Tap to merge plane, build team and enjoy idle clicker game.
Merge Airplanes is simple and addictive merger game. Build your Airline empire. At the beginning you are captain of one small cute plane. You need to buy new one and merge the same airplanes to get better and upgraded ones. Manage each parking apron and aircrafts. The purpose of the game is to have fun. Choose your strategy and relax. Take control of plane flies around the airport and around the world. Each airline earns you money, even when you are offline. Gameplay is very simple: buy, marge and manage planes and earn money. Download and start your Click Idle Tycoon gameCreated by Noxgames 2020
Shoot crazy goals in football striker - easy kick control, relaxing soccer game!
Crazy goals awaits for you! Enjoy and improve your shooting skillskick precise shoots on the soccer goal. It is easy to play with perfect control and smooth movementsgameplay is only you and ball. Your mind should be clear and focused. Race against other rivals and be on the top of leaderboard!Prepare yourself on penalty point and kick perfect goals. It gets more challenging to overtake goalkeepers and various barriers to score. City, ocean, islands and many others locations will test your accuracy. Change your character to foodball player, builder or even policeman. You can change your soccer ball to bottle, dinamite or mushroom. Puppet Striker:▶ Addictive, smooth and easy gameplay▶ Enjoy different locations▶ Casual graphic design▶ Easy control with just one finger▶ More than 30 different characters and balls▶ Challenging levels and enemiesHow many goals can you score before you lose? It up to you and your football skillsso, prepare for crazy kicks! Created by Noxgames
Choose hero card and defeat opponent in online PvP multiplayer games!
Your chance to become Football Manager is here! This game connects the best from football and strategy game. Choose your card players, train them and score hero goals in the most addicting card games! Build strategy: defense or offense tactics with no offside here. Change tactics and win. Pick your best footballers and beat your opponents. Coach players card improving their abilities and evolving their tiers.Football Card Manager Features:- 100+ cartoon hero cards with special abilities- Card types: attacker, midfielder, defender, goalie- Online matches with real opponents in multiplayer arena- Campaign with many levels and rewards- Train your players power, speed and abilitiesGain rewards for each victory as package with new cards, tokens or diamonds. Train your card heroes using tokens. Assemble the best puppet team, win each level in campaign and PvP Arena and be the best manager. Win football matches, unlock new arenas and get better and better players.Join Puppet Football Card Manager and become manager of your own team for. For more information visit our website or Facebook.Created by NOXGAMES 2014-2018
Tap tap idle gemstone game. Merge gems and collect jewels from a magic dungeon!
Hi adventurer,Welcome to the merge magic gemstone game. Are you seeking fantasy and fun adventures? This game is obviously for you. There you can get treasure from the wonder merge meadow, help dwarfs in their dungeon and merge dragons gems.This is a very simple merge gems idle game. Your task is to collect treasure from the dungeon by combining magic jewels and stones. Each jewel earns money automatically, even when you are offline. Valuable gems earn more money and unlock more new slots. Press Speed up or catch the bat to gain special rewards.Merge game features:fast free jewel gamesdaily quests and limited offersearnings even offlineplenty of different gems for your collectionspecial rewards from the lucky wheel and secret boxesMerge jewels and start the jewel match blast in a merge land. Became a jewel legend of jewel matching apps and bejeweled blitz. Try a jewel quest.Do you like this clicker merger game? Try others in our events: merge cars, burgers, animals, puppet soccer, and others.Enjoy merging easy-to-play idle games anywhere. You can call it as you wantjewel shooter, jewel quest or..
Discover galaxy, merge space planes, enjoy fun game. Marge & develop your fleet.
Merge Space Ships is merger click and idle tycoon game. Enjoy sci-fi future game and exciting mysterious world of Space aircraft simulator. Fly far and far. Galaxy waits for discovery.What can we expect from future? Flying cars? Flying ships? Is it possible? Maybe! Now, you can enjoy galaxy world in merger game. Explore Galaxy and don´t forgot to create your spaceship battle army. Why? You have to be protected before enemiesBecome the tycoon of click & idle.Merge Space Ships features:- Play new plane adventure and become Space Tycoon. - Build Space Planes empire and fly far and far.- Explore Galaxy, buy new spaceships, merge and enjoy fun.- Manage your own fleet of aircraft!- Upgraded ship earns you more coins - Download and play great futuristic space game.Merge Ships is addictive game. Become owner of a nautical company. Combine two identical ships in your dock into new advanced one. Collect battle spaceships and expand your spaceship army. Earn coins by flying spaceship in space and spend money to merge and upgrade your spaceships to better and speed up.Are you bored from:..
Discover futuristic sci-fi punk idle merge cute games full of amazing hover cars
Merge Cybercar is sci-fi game but maybe future. In this simulation futuristic game you can own flying cars and build giant business. Buy hover car, merge the same transporter, manage parking and become rich. Where is your money? Every flying car earns money for each ended polygon. Download and start your empire.Enjoy adventurous click tycoon marger games.Created by Noxgames 2020
Create your zoo planet by collecting every animal in this idle tycoon merge game
Merge Zoo is next merge cute animal game. You can enjoy wild animals. Do you think that dog, cats and dragon are boring? Here are zebra, hippo, elephant, panda and many others exotic animals. Wild safari world is waiting for you.Let´s play and new animal adventure can begin. At the beginning buy pet then other and other. What will you do with pets? Create your own lovely Zoo and earn money! Earn money even when you are offline. Buy new and new adorable animals. Collect all unique pets: tiger, birds, wolve, giraffe.Merge Zoo features:- The clicker merge zoo game is very addictive- Fun and simple gameplay: buy, care of animals and earn money- Collect all rare animals and discover wild world- Enjoy simulation game anytime and anywhere and earn money even offline- Hint: Use mystery box and lucky wheelCreate your merge zoo tycoon. Explore fantasy world full of exotic animals. Catch them and give them to your safari park. Animal evolution, collection of animals and money help you create your merge idle tycoon. Grow your zoo online and offline.Download and..
Cute animal games. Merge fluffy friends from eggs end explore the world of pets.
Love fluffy animals? Merge Cute Animals are cute animal games for all animal lovers. The game is simple and relaxingbuy eggs, merge animals, and win! You can make your own collection of cute fluffy animals. Don´t forget to take care of your small animals with big eyes and cute faces.Every pet is uniquediscover cats, dogs, bunnies, hamsters, and other pet friends. Which animal is the cutest? Marge them and discover new puppies and kittens. You can buy new animals for the coins you earn. You can earn even offline. You can create your own animal kingdom even Zoo and become the best keeper in Mergerland! Are you ready to make the best animal collection in the pet world?Download the best merge game and see the surprise in the eggs. Be patient and wait for the magic animals in the eggs. Watch how your cute animal collection grows! Each fluffy animal is unique and every boy and girl can find their favorite animal! Can your pet become sweet as candy sweets?Enjoy this simple idle tycoon simulator anytime and anywhere! Merge dogs,..
Merge neon cars and open magic race arena in car empire. Enjoy idle car merger.
Have you ever dreamed about becoming a cool neon car driver? Do you love watching shows about futuristic and custom cars? Then it's time for you to collect neon cars in your very own professional garage! This game with race cars is great choice for you! Merge 2 cars to get new cool modelLet neon cars race in magic arena to earn money. Activate super speed to earn money faster. Which of the small cars become your favourite ? Collect them all and be the new car hero in neon car empire.There is one good tip for youif you want to be race master you have to upgrade your fury cars very quickly. Start this adventure as racer king and get the fastest toy car. Which small car is the fastest? Probably the number 95. Hurry to get it into your car garage. Don´t forget to open mystery boxesyou can find many car heroes in them. The most favourite one is the police car.Do you love watching shows about futuristic and custom cars? You can have many toy cars in..
Cute animal games. Take care of a pet, fluff cats and dogs in the world of pets.
Do you love mushy animals? Merge Cute Animals is a merging game for all animal lovers. This cute merger game is for you. Download and start your virtual pet adventure now. Buy, care and collect all adorable mini pets, cats and dogs. Every pet is unique and has its own bed. Don´t forget to take care of your small animals with big eyes and cute faces. Be patient and wait for the magic animals in the eggs.The game is simple and relaxingmerge animals and win! You can make your own collection of virtual pets and cute animals. Which animal is the cutest? Marge them and discover new mini pets, puppies and kittens. Are you ready to make the best animal collection in the pet world? Watch how your cute animal collection grows! Each small animal is unique and every boy and girl can find their favorite animal! Can your pet become the winner of the cute games?Merge Cute Animals features▶ Easy gameplay for everyone.▶ Many different types of cute animals for your collection.▶ Cat games and puppy games, where you..
Create unique burgers in merging game. Discover world of tasty burger simulator.
Play next amazing funny merger game from our developers. We have battle cars, trucks, spaceships, cute animals, sharks… And what can you expect now? Something different. Do you like food? Especially burgers? This best food evolution cooking game is for you. Create your special delicious burger: cheese, chicken, pork. Choose your secret sauce, vegetable and bacon. Become master chef and cook unique tasty food. Every meal will be masterpiece. You can be successful and unlock 50 various hamburgers in this simulator. Merge Burger features:- Play funny amazing idle clicker game- Buy burgers, marge them, serve them and earn money- Evolve food and unlock other 50 various tasty delicious hamburgers- Discover magic world of delicious burgers fast food- Hint: Daily rewards in happy wheel. Catch the owl and enjoy surprise- Caution! Play this food marge game with full tummy.You will become manager of burger restaurant. Hire cat master chef and crazy adventure can begin. Merge burger and marge ingredients. Customers love your tasty meal and pay by gold. Be the best bistro and build amazing tycoon world of burgers. Do you..
Online fantasy PvP Arena game with real-time battles 1v1!
Pupppet Finger Battle is online football turn-based game with real-time 1v1 multiplayer. Score hero like soccer stars and destroy all enemies. Forget about worries and enjoy this card-collectible game.Build your ultimate team and fight in PvP arena and campaign to unlock new heroes. Upgrade your cards and exchange them in your team. Smash enemies in one-on-one battles and lead them to victory.Puppet Soccer game features: ⚽ Fantasy finger creatures with unique skills⚽ 6 special PvP arena⚽ Real-time online multiplayer one-on-one⚽ Perfect physics simulation⚽ Enjoy daily rewards ⚽ Hint: Orb crush deals extra damage to opponent´s heroes⚽ Clans, Campaigns, LeaguesEnjoy free to play game and start smashing challenge.Created by NOXGAMES 20142019
Enjoy online multiplayer heroes RPG matches in our battle game TCG
Shadow Deck is multiplayer turn-based card game. Battle in epic arena with real opponents. Collect unique cards and prepare the best Shadow deck for dueling. Win buddyfight in online battlegrounds. Enjoy magic heroes RPG free-to-play card games and award-winning game.In this best action strategic ccg card game you fight online duels against real opponent from around the world. How can you start? At the beginning prepare your deck for battle. How? Choose the best heroes cards. Cards are in character classes and each has unique abilities. Your choice is your strategy, be careful. But never mind if you change your choice. Shadow Deck FEATURES- Tactical turn-based strategy- Breathtaking cards with special abilities and visual effects- Magic epic battle in online PvP multiplayer arena or in Campaign missions- Play battle games against friends or enemies online- Become unbeatable with powerful rare cards- Come daily and gain extra bonus and rewards for complete daily quests- Hint: Play events and gain valuable rewardsPlay Shadow Deck, build your own strategy plan and win this free fun collectible award-winning card game. Turn based strategy and..
Semi trucks, monster trucks and american trucks - merge to be truck driver!
Drive across America, Grand Canyon and all over the world! Merge cars in the best monster truck games. What is the main goal of the game? Merge cars to lvl 50 and become a cool idle trucker! Monster trucks and other cars waiting for best truck driver. Relax and have a lot of fun. Let your lorry race!Features: ▶ Monster trucks in car game▶ Driving games accros the canyon▶ Merge games and Idle clicker simulator▶ Easy and intuitive gameplay for everyone▶ New types of american trucks, monster trucks and lorries▶ Get idle money: Stay in business when you're offline!▶ Enjoy events and minigames in this lorry game▶ Collecting your american cars in the garage▶ Trucking on your mobile phoneWhat is your favourite type of truck? Monster truck or semi truck? Find the best camion in off road games, which can help you to make more money! Become rich and buy new big trucks, turbo speed and many upgrades to build your successful business. Unlike other tap simulator games, you have the chance to be a billionaire by automating the race..
Enjoy the world of pets and fun animal games. Merge dogs and fluffy pet buddies.
Welcome to the world of pets 2. Merge Cute Animal 2 is a game full of small ""Fluff"" animals. First, you have to hatch the eggs and wait for a ""fluffy"" surprise.Then you care about pets and merge the same to get new cute animals. Your pets earn money and after a while, you can buy new ones from the pet shop. Which collectible pet friend is the most adorable? Talking cat, cute rabbit, or the smallest puppy?Create your own animal planet and make the cutest collection of your small pet friends. Enjoy one of the cutest pet games. Can your pet become the cutest one?Match kitten and wait for the magic. Can’t wait which cat will be the next one? When you care about your pets properly you get many eggs to hatch. Do not forget to open mystery boxes! You can find cute animals in them.If you prefer puppy games more than kitten games, do not worry. This game is full of ""fluffy"" puppies too! You can make your puppy town.If you like the game you can upgrade..
Merge Classic American dream cars and enjoy tap idle tycoon simulator game.
Merge Muscle Cars is one of the most addictive tycoon game. No plane, dog, birds, dragon or even merge all world. This is classic American car merging game. Start engine and enjoy your adventure.Create Muscle Cars that fit your style. Buy new cars, merge the same together and gain better upgraded one. Build the best team of hot wheels. Race and earn money. Become car emperor. Your garage can be full of excellent luxury cars. Which one can you take to Grand Canyon or Arizona? Or do you prefer Route 66? It is up to you. Take keys, start engine and go! Realize your dreams.Muscle cars merger:- Easy and intuitive gameplay - Buy american cars and have fun playing click & idle tycoon games- Marge the same classic cars together into better advanced one- Build muscle team and earn money for each finished racing circuit- Become super player, expand and gain new parking slot- Fixing cars to get more money in idle car merger- Hint: Push turbo and spin lucky hot wheel.Very Addictive game! All my Friends play it! Merge..
Collect cards, defeat your opponent in Deck Building Game and be Hero Legend!
Easy to play and deep in strategy. Simple multiplayer games with PvP dragon arena.Build your deck, collect cards, loot treasures and begin your rpg epic game journey. Defeat deathbringer boss and gain victory chests in campaign and wild Arena. Forge better cards and improve them with tokens. Evolved higher tier units have special abilities that can help you – heal, increase damage or armor. Complete special daily quests to get extra rewards.Dark Deck FEATURES★ 100 unique hand-painted cards with special abilities and visual effects★ Adventurous epic raids campaign with awesome rewards ★ Battle and rank in PvP multiplayer arena★ Forge and evolve cards and become unbeatable★ Daily login bonus, daily quests and luck machineWin in PvP Arena and unlock new part of journey together with better heroes. Evolve your basic cards into rare, epic and legendary and be on the top of charts. Enjoy our cool card multiplayer online strategy games.Install Dark Deck Dragon for free. For more information or feedback visit our facebook or websites by NOXGAMES and Running Pillow 2017/2018
Become merge master! Win battle on game arena with your superhero car robot team
Play the best merger robot games: Robot Merge Master: Car Games. This is a thrilling hypercasual merge game that lets you merge cars and robots to create powerful machines and battle against enemy teams in a futuristic arena. With stunning 3D graphics and addictive gameplay, you'll have to use your combat skills to defeat real steel robots and become the ultimate superhero of the battleground. Become a merge master of car games.In this game, you'll have the ability to merge and transform cars into powerful robots, combining hero powers to create epic fusion. You can collect cute superheroes and summon robots to fight alongside you in battle. As you progress, you'll unlock new heroes and improve your robot's skills to become a stronger and more powerful merge master in our merge games.How can you enjoy playing Robot Merge Master: Car Games? For a start, you have to buy a car or a robot and other and other. Give the same type together and gain a new one. Then you can start a battle. Every leveled-up battle unit is better, speeder,..
Manage your Puppet Football team and lead legendary players to victory.
⚽ #1 Soccer Manager GAME 2019 ⚽New Boss buy football team and you should be new manager. The strategy plan is clear: victory star team in Champions league. Is it challenge for you? No? Become manager of soccer team and lead everything: recruit new players or change them for better one, train their skills (experiences gain in matches), respect budget. It is up to you which tactic do you select: defensive and offensive, or who will be your best player: goalkeeper, midfielder, striker, center, winger. Gain league points for each successful match and go up, get new players in higher levels and boss will give you more money into budget. Football Features:⚽ Funny cartoon puppet⚽ Recruit new star players⚽ Matches due 20 sec: 3-on-3, 4-on-4, 5-on-5⚽ Daily rewards and quests rewards⚽ Improve your players power, speed ⚽ Gain higher level in league to get more money for victoryThe owner of the team give you budget and you have to hire players but be careful the budget is limited and the best players expensive. Plan your strategy. Train player´s skills in..
Post-apocalyptic steampunk racing in future desert wasteland. Drive to survive.
Most addictive racing game with best physics model, easy to control – hard to master. Pick your favorite driver, choose your steampunk vehicle, upgrade it and reach the stars in future desert wasteland!Welcome to post-apocalyptic nuclear land where your only chance to survive is to get enough gas and get to the safe shelter in max distance. You will need to upgrade your vehicle or buy better one. Every character in this racing game has different mix of special abilities and he is getting stronger with every level up.Game features- Lots of unique marionette drivers, every with special abilities and bonuses- Many vehicles with real physics properties, 2WD or 4WD or even tanker truck with flaming engines of avt- Car upgrades improving performance: Tires, Engine, Turbo, Nitro, Nox, Fuel Tank- Highly optimized graphics for best performace with amazing next gen particle effects- Leaderboards to climb and Achievements are in progress, share your max distance, drivers or cars- Amazing steampunk graphics from NOXGAMES puppeteer worldChoose from special nofoot marionette characters to drive your avt car: Work in progress features:- Nitro, Turbo..
Civilization wars & civilization building. Use hex tactics 4x and rise humankind
Hex Polis is stylizated turn-based strategy game. Start civilization wars and build powerful medieval kingdom! Defeat foe with crusaders, knights and other unique warriors. This civ game is about controlling the hex map, exploring unknown lands, fighting other tribes and discovering technologies. Are you ready to test your tactical skills and rise humankind ?Each turn is full of adventure. You move on hex map and explore new hexes with warriors. Every warrior has special abilites which help you to conquer rival stronghold. There are stylized heroes: archers, sailors, dragons, crusaders and many more! Technology progress is the important part of your tactics. You can choose your focusare you better farmer or warrior? Farms, mines and markets bring more coins to your production. More coins you have more actions you can do in each turn.Hex Polis features: ▶Turn-based strategy game and kingdom maker▶Humankind and dorfromatik like▶4xexplore, expand, exploit and exterminate▶Master technologies, explore hex map, wage war and build civilization of humankind▶Train your warriors and win battles against other tribes▶Possible to play offline but for better gaming experience is required to play..
Funniest Puppet Hockey 2019 is finally here. Faceoff, body check, GOAL!
Sharpen your skates, put on your jersey and grab your hockey stick. Puppet Ice big head Hockey games present new era of hockey fun. Who will be in your star team? This is not some pond hockey this is world class tournamet. Prepare to train overtime, practice slapshots, nofeet body check, cross checks, aim to top shelf and keep scoring!Puppet big head hockey focus on the fun on the rink:🏒 Funny cartoon caricatures🏒 All the famous ice hockey sock puppets and teams from 2014/2015/2016🏒 Silky smooth gameplay available for every device🏒 Head hockey 2-player mode in splitscreen multiplayer🏒 Bonuses – chewing gum, ice, slime, gypsum, mega spring or speed🏒 Attack with slapshots, body check, cross check and defeat enemyChoose your puppet big head hockey team and play for your favourite or play with your friend on one device. Train players and improve their speed, goal experiences and heal injured. Do everything to destroy all enemies. Use body check or cross checks. At the end you will be on the top of chart.Be careful, the game is full of twists. Be..
Strike with big head puppet in mini soccer arena - Head football team champions!
Football with big head puppets in mini soccer arena full of special twists. Put on your football boots and your team jersey and defeat oponent like Lionel, Cristiano, Kylian and others. Do you have skill and speed? This game was made for you!Pick your team, play as your favorite soccer puppet and score as many goals as you can! Pass, shoot, dribble, foulit’s all here. Play single player campaignwin league matches, champions matches and build largest stadion in the middle of your city! Open other areas in cities like Manchester, Barcelona, Milan and many others. Increase stats of your players to build stronger league team. Run through league chart and became champion.Game is completely customizable to make sure the user experience is the best. Destroy your opponent with precise kicks. Change your team tactics from defense style to winger or offensive strategy. The goals will increase their size to speed up the match progress in the overtime. Rise the leagues and open other cards and players. Practice kicks, score and defeat your enemy.Each player is equipped with special skill which..
Mad Marioneta football game. Play as your favorite footballer and win World Cup
Smash the football and score goals in this addicting pocket puppet soccer 2019 game! Pick your favorite worldcup big head team and play as a famous footballer. Tactically play offense and defense as you ascend the World Cup 2019 ladder! With over 32 countries and 90+ individual players, this world cup football game will challenge the ultimate big head manager! Do you have what it takes?Pocket Puppet Soccer features:⚽ 32 countries ⚽ 90+ cartoon marionette star players⚽ 10 special bonus gamechewing gum, ice, sock slime, gypsum, super/mini power and jump spring⚽ Upgrades: kick, jump, speed⚽ Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on single mobile device⚽ Achievements, highscore, big head manager⚽ 2014 Marionette world cup from noxgames in Brazil⚽ Best physics for ball and mad goalsChoose your big head team and score many goals. You can destroy your enemies with kicks in single player mode or in 2-player mode – play with friend funny gameplay. Practice kicks in perfect physics simulation and goal. You can jump, pass or foul. Begin Mexican waves and see your player on the top of the charts.Game..
Merge Master - tank games. Win tank wars and collect tanks in star tanks battle!
Megre Tanks! Explore the tank game, collect real cartoon 2D tank models! Merge Master Tanks game is idle clicker tank simulation game with cartoon art style about tanks. Collect all awesome battle tank vehicles: kv 44, Leviathan, Gerand, Panzer, t-34 and more! There are even modern age war machines and artillery like himars, nlaw, atgm, javelin or stugna and drones. Can you get Panzer tank in? Get all into your battlefield and become tank hero general. Make the most powerful army in star tank games. Which steel monster is the most advanced and will you win on the hills of battle steel?Build better pocket tanks by merging and become the world's high rank general, idle tanker! No battle tank is the same. Combine the same to get better, bigger and more ultimate combat tanks. Enter a world of tanks and learn the rules of ank battle in this awesome tank transformer game. Tanks from different eras of ww1, ww2, cold war and even modern era. U, NATO and Russian tanks. Everyone has different weapons like cannons, granades, machine guns to..