Korea's No. 1 phone app regardless of carrier! Experience spam blocking, mutual search, cola, call recording, and even NUGU, which is newly combined with BARO (roaming)!
When you log in to the newly refurbished T world service, you can use it more smoothly by allowing your mobile browser to use cookies.
A life of abundant benefits unique to SKT, T membership! Receive discounts/accumulations from various benefit brands, and enjoy T membership benefits!
"Bill Letter" is a convenient and smart way to manage various fare guides and various benefits received from paper / e-mail.
After the service, please re-run the Application Install Mobile T-money to use, non-cached, including the information on the Smart Touch USIM.
Conveniently the oil of SK Telecom, the free value-added services!
Let's introduce a funny smartphone best friend ZEM. Start your smartphone life with ZEM.
With ZEM, we help our children to reduce their safety concerns and to make the right smartphone usage habits for themselves.
As you say through the NUGU app, find and enjoy what you want.
SK Telecom's benefit service for 1020 customers
Now, from the coloring you hear to the coloring you see! Find the video that's right for you.
Where you and I meet! A whole metaverse world, ifland
The NUGU Smart Home App enables convenient mobile use of IoT device control, apartment wall pad control, one-pass, visiting vehicle reservation, and complex-specific community functions.
Kids' phone'Cookies Watch Jun' management application for parents-Use convenient features such as child location inquiry, phone/text/juntalk!
Call Settings app for wearable devices of SKT
Are you using the T phone on a self-sufficient or KT/LGU+ carrier's Samsung smartphone? Now you can experience the same call recording as SKT users.
Jump is a new augmented reality app which makes you Jump into whole new world
T Youth Safety Pack is SK Telecom's child protection service for youth subscribers. It provides smartphone management, school violence prevention, location inquiry, and harmful blocking.
The Youth Relief Pack is a differentiated youth reassurance service that trusts children's autonomy and detects risks for youth subscribers and their parents.
T Youth Harm Protection is a smartphone safe service that blocks access to harmful sites, apps, and videos so that children under the age of 19 are not exposed to harmful content.
Services I can use the additional numbers in addition to numbers used
The initial service is a blockchain-based mobile electronic certificate service, and various certificates can be issued and submitted as one-stop.
High-quality video conferencing for everyone
Customized product suggestions and lowest prices for SKT customers only. Apply for 2 coupons every day, give me a coupon!
It is an app that helps customers who use SK Telecom’s ‘Spam Filtering’ supplementary service to use services such as checking, recovering, and blocking spam messages.
Easily log in to various services with one TID!(TID, T ID)
Data can now be purchased as needed to present when needed. Get smart with data life T coupon data.
An AR experience that lets you tour Changdeokgung from the comforts of your home
SK Telecom's friend finder service is a service that allows you to check the location of the registered counterparty and the location of the lost phone.
Take control over your life with life index
Fast and comfortable Wireless Internet access SK Telecom's wireless Internet service
Impedance Body Composition Analyzer (UO Healthfit)
GiveU are warm mobile donation service to share the hope the world
SK텔레콤의 사회공헌 서비스의 하나로 언제 어디서나 봉사정보를 쉽고 빠르게 찾아 참여할 수 있도록 중개해 드리는 고객참여 자원봉사 서비스입니다.
5 seconds change your life, T memo premium ring!
SK Telecom's business systems secondary authentication app for employees
Smart [Hearing Aid] is the App that helps the user fitting of the product.
You can learn multiplication tables by solving 10 missions with Albert AI!
It is a youth relief service to protect the safety of SKT customers under the age of 19.
UO Smart Remote app for laser beam NX
I'm Here Smart Tracker is a great “Phone Finder” and “Precious item finder!
This is a 5G-based AR Changdeokgung guide app provided by SK Telecom. It is active only in the grounds of Changdeokgung Palace and can be experienced only on site.