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Take care of your virtual pet friend and meet cute animals, like dogs and cats.
Toilet Boredom Killer for No. 2 Bathroom Times! Play funny Offline Mini Games!
Discover cow mutant species by merging animals in this idle clicker game!
Take care of Cute Animals, like Dogs, Cats & Rabbits. Pet Shop Simulator Game!
Sneak peek at teen Anna's diary and help with her choices! High School Journey!
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Cooking simulator with madness levels and restaurant recipes for adults! Offline
The 2 player wrestling games. Punch out your rivals using wrestle jump.
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Funny Game: Be a Prankster with your Neighbor, Mr Grumpy Marmot! Fun Prank Joke
Funny Game: Be a Prankster with your Neighbor, Mr Grumpy Marmot! Fun Prank Joke
Become a social media star by throwing epic house parties!
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Looking for Dinosaur Games? Tap and Dig Up Dino Fossils to Create Your Museum
It's a dog? No, it's Mr. Grumpy, the Funniest Marmot and your angry Virtual Pet!
Be a nurse on this doctor healthcare simulator game & take care of patients!
Goats Go Nuts in this Animals Merge Game! The Craziest Idle Simulator Tycoon!
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*click* Meow *click* Meow, start tapping to lead your cat army NOW!
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