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#1 Load, shoot and hasta la vista baby !
#1 Realistic shot soundEngaging graphicsIntuitive interfaceWith Shotgun Free you'll turn your Android smartphone into a pump action shotgun. To work it, simply "pump" your phone back and forth to load the virtual gun, and then simply swing your phone upward to fire.
#2 Prank your friends with this cool razor / clipper / hair trimmer joke app!
#2 Use this funny app to mimic a hair trimmer / clipper / razor with your smartphone now and have fun with your family and friends!This is a very realistic prank app, perfect for jokes and entertaining children simulating a real hair trimmer, clipper or shaver.Features:- High quality sounds that change when moving the device near someone's head.(Recorded from a real razor)- Vibration to imitate a real clipper / razor .- Proximity sensor for a more realistic experience .How to use it:1) Turn on the razor / clipper by tapping on it , it will start to vibrate and make noise (if it doesn't sound , try turning up the volume of the device) .2)Get the device screen close to the head of the victim and the sound will change , creating the illusion that you are actually cutting hair .3) When you want to stop the razor , just touch the screen again and the haircut will be over (The image of the clipper will change to show you that now it's off).Whether you want to play a prank on..
#3 Choose your strategy & mafia heroes, join epic clash and win pvp online clan war
#3 Mafia mobster gangs have taken the control of all the cities in the world. It's time for you to make your own Mafia clan. Hire the best mobsters and show who is the godfather!Mafioso is a multiplayer turn-based online pvp game, narrating a course of events when Mafia clans seized control of different city districts.Mafioso online game features:- Compete in 1-on-1 turn-based battles- More than 30 amazing heroes- Spectacular graphics and unique art style- Build up clans and discover new strategies- Take part in a global epic clash- Watch player's battles in mafia tv- Upgrade your heroes- Chat in your clan and rent heroes to your friends- Supports 12 languages- Online local and global leaderboardIn the Mafioso strategy game, you can select three characters from a pool of heroes to start online pvp wars against other opponents.You can build up your team from classified different groups of heroes, such as tank, supporter, and attacker. Each hero has unique characteristics based on the abilities that are exclusively designed for them. The key to your victory is choosing the proper strategy with..
#4 Happiness app
#4 Used for: · Join in the competitions· Share with your frinds· Earn our gifts
#5 Shine with professional consultants and free video tutorials on social media
#5 HelloYou can become a professional blogger or a big seller in social networks in the shortest possible time by using the tutorials of follokade application. In this program, we will teach you how to become one of the most popular channels or pages in various social networks in the shortest possible time by using various methods.General free video tutorials and articles for you Possibilities:1. Daily step-by-step tutorial and video 2. Free educational articles 3. Professional consulting team 4. 24-hour support
#6 I'm going to help you lose weight. Count on me. I love my patients. Dr Salomon
#6 This app mimics a medical appointment with me. Open this app and you will be my patient forever.How to use this app to lose weight1- receive my diagnosis2- follow the TREATMENT that you recommend3- let me know if you have any questions. Count on me.I am Doctor Solomon and I love my patients.This application is free because you helped me through my difficult times.My book NOT ONE MORE DIET is available at no cost in this app.
#7 Save Battery, Save Memory!
#7 KeepClean Lite is a light and data-efficient cleaner and booster. With little consumption, it promises you a lighting fast speed experience!✨Highlights:★Small APK: Load fast and doesn’t take up much space on your phone.★Low Battery Usage: Perform well on a 1GB RAM mobile.★Data Saver: Run efficiently and uses less mobile data.★Available for All Networks: Work well in an area with 2G or unstable internet connection.✨Key Functions:✔Junk Cleaner: Automatelly clean mobile phone cache, residual and advertising files.✔Battery Saver: Save your battery power and optimize battery usage with just single Tap. ✔Phone Booster: Optimize memory and speed up phone.✔Prolong Battery Life: Longer battery life up to 50% with Advanced saving mode.KeepClean Lite is your most reliable device cleaning tool!
#8 More than 4,000 cartoons and serials for children free of charge.
#8 The updated ivi application for children is the most convenient, safe and bright way to acquaint your beloved child with the magic world of animation and cinema!Here you and your children are waiting for the most popular cartoons, children's films and TV series, as well as collections of videos prepared by editors especially for our young viewers."Masha and the Bear", "Malyshariki", "Smeshariki", "Luntik", "Three cats", "Fixiki", "Well, wait a minute!" for children a little older, classic Soyuzmultifilma and much, much morewhat we just do not have! Your child will have time to grow up until he looks at our entire catalog, which is updated almost daily.By subscribing an ivi subscription, which is now united with the main application, you will get access to the advanced features of the application:- A complete catalog of the best cartoons from Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, MGM, ABC and other top foreign and Russian studios;- the ability to download to devices for viewing without the Internet;- viewing without advertising;- high quality video and sound4K, HDR, Full HD, 5.1;- discounts and gifts for your favorite..
#9 The Grüner Pass securely stores and presents your SARS-CoV-2 certificates.
#9 The Austrian Grüner Pass app enables the secure storage of EU-compliant SARS-CoV-2 certificates from Austria on your mobile phone and facilitates their presentation during a check of 3-G proof and in international travel. The Austrian Federal Computing Center (BRZ from German Bundesrechenzentrum) operates the app on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection (BMSGPK from German Bundesministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit, Pflege und Konsumentenschutz).The Covid-19 certificate in Austria:SARS-CoV-2 certificates are issued in Austria in paper or electronic form (PDF) and serve as 3-G proof (vaccinated, recovered, tested). To learn how to obtain your SARS-CoV-2 certificate, visit To add a SARS-CoV-2 certificate to the Grüner Pass App, you will need the original paper certificate or PDF document issued to you.Just a few steps to the Grünen Pass on your smartphone:- Scan the QR code on your SARS-CoV-2 certificate or- add the SARS-CoV-2 certificate as a PDF directly in the app.- Keep your certificates for 3-G verification digital and secure like this.- Use the app to show the certificate (QR code) during an inspection.- Multiple certificates..
#10 Super video downloader, download all videos and music
#10 App Descriptionsimple video downloader.Includes mp3 download feature. You can download only mp3 file by checking the mp3 download checkbox in settings.Download and watch in advance from the plane or the internet.The video downloader is to provide good Media player.You can download videos from many sites. but we are not support youtube site.It's a very simple configuration. If you download and preview is broken, you can download multiple videos at the same time.It also provides powerful file management and player functions.Files can be accessed both externally and internally, and the player provides a convenient seek function with a double tap.Note This application is not a youtube downloader, so youtube download is not supported
#11 Get Best Collection Of 4K Wallpapers Here!
#11 4k WallpapersHD & QHD Backgrounds is a free app that has a large varities of 4k (UHD | Ultra HD) as well as Full HD (High Definition) wallpapers | backgrounds.We add new Unique as well as Top Quality 4k Wallpapers | Full HD Wallpapers everyday! This app is a great tool for 4k Backgrounds | Full HD Backgrounds and it is a Wallpaper Store for user where they can experience best handpicked backgrounds and creative wallpapers.Features of 4k and ultra HD wallpapers & Live Wallpapers Changer app:👉 Live Wallpapers | Auto Wallpaper Changer:- This features changes Mobile Desktop Background Automatically. User can choose time frequency to change Wallpapers Automatically.👉 Simple, Fast and light:- We focuses on simplicity of the app, which gives great performance. It is battery efficient.👉 Setting background as Wallpaper:- You can set wallpaper in just one click. No need to hesitate to open gallery and find images.👉 Favorites:- All Favorited backgrounds are placed under one roof which make it easy to view.👉 Share & Set As:- You can easily share ultra HD backgrounds or everyday wallpapers with..
#12 iToken is a multi-coin(bitcoin,eth&other tokens)DeFi friendly crypto wallet
#12 Professional, safe and compatible with many tokens, iToken relies on the technological expertise of Huobi Tech to provide you with convenient and reliable digital assets management services. With iToken, you can store and transfer more than a dozen tokens, including BTC, ETH, EOS, IOST, ONT, and TRX. **Acess to a wide variety of tokens**- Transact tokens faster and safer - Mainchain currencies: BTC, TRX, IOST, XRP, EOS, USDT, ETH, LTC, BCH, BSV, ETC- Stablecoins: USDT, TUSD, USDC, GUSD, PAX, EURT, DAI, EURS- Tokens: Ethereum ERC20, EOS, TRON TRC10&20- DApps: EOS, TRX**Professional, Convenient and Safe**- Huobi's security team is dedicated to protecting your assets- Users store the private keys and have full control of their assets- Many patented technologies in data isolation and encryption - Our staff will be ready to provide 24/7 customer service to you **Simple, Easy and Refined**- Smooth, simple and excellent user experience - Add and manage digital assets in just a click - Manage multiple addresses easily with one set of recovery phrases **Contact Us**Website:
#13 Recover your cache, thumbnail and deleted pictures
#13 Powerful Recovery tool to dig deep your phone's internal storage and SD card for deleted/lost photos to recover them back. Sometimes you accidentally delete or lost your pictures and then after some time you want to recover them back but unfortunately, the Android operating system is not giving you a facility to UN-DELETE your lost pictures or to recover them back.We are providing an android free data recovery app which will scan and show all the photos currently present on your phone. You need to find and select the pictures you want to recover back. This app is not a recycle bin so some time it can get back old deleted photos as well.How to use:Photo recovery-Restore deleted pictures is super easy to use just install the app starting scanning of your phone it may take little long but once if it has done just select deleted photos you want to restore back and hit restore. You can found your restore photos within the app and in the gallery also.Powerful scanning:Scanning may take a little longer depending on the storage..
#14 Choose an MCPE map and try to escape. Prison in Minecraft is full of dangers!
#14 Prison Escape Craft Maps is a collection of the best Minecraft prison maps. A player is tasked to escape from Minecraft prison or survive as a prisonerthe ultimate goal depends on the type of map that you choose. MCPE maps are ideal to enjoy in a single-player mode because their storylines are stuffed with challenging tasks, so you will never get bored playing on them alone. This application is not a product of our collaboration with Mojang ABthe owner of the official Minecraft game and all Minecraft-related assets. The use of this application is unofficial. All right reserved as spesified in, PvP is also included in this package of Minecraft prison maps. Players need to split into two teams. The first will be policemen, the second will be prisoners. Policemen should never let prisoners break free from the prison, while prisoners should invent a way to get out of a well-guarded prison and make it to the villageIf you have a pre-installed weapon mod, then you can also arrange an epic gun-fight on these maps. Minecraft prison is full..
#15 This APP is a client program for STB which can support G-MScreen.
#15 This APP is a client program for STB(Set Top Box) which can support G-MScreen,it works with STB through internal WiFi.Main Function: 1.Search/Switch channels from STB 2.Edit Channels from STB, including move,rename,delete,lock,set favorite,sort.3.Watching Channles from STB by mobile device with this APP installed.4.Checking channles EPG(Electronic Program Guide).5.Virtual Remote Control interface,including buttons,gyro and touch board.6.Adding/Editing/Deleting STB timer 7.Change the setting of STB,inculding sleep timer,parental control,password,screen lock/unlock,power on/off,factory default.8.STB intelligently prompts the user, the mobile phone has a call coming9.Surppot Sat to IP, need router surpport 150M WiFi.10.Support SatFinder, APP shows the signal signal and beep while installing the dish. 11.Support DLNA, to show your phone's pictures, videos and audio to big TV Screen.
#16 Ludo Game is king of board game. Ludo games free Ludo 3d star Ludo game
#16 Ludo plus is a standard board game played between friends, family and also kids. Play the royal game with real emojis and chat. undo your childhood.Online Ludo Game With Facebook Friends.Ludo is a strategy board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die.Ludo plus is a king of board game. Ludo plus game is played all ages people like kids , young and old man game. And its also known as Pachisi, and is very similar to a Spanish board game.TheGame of Diceis a dramatic point of the Indian epicMahabharatawhereDuryodhanaandShakunitrickYudhisthiraand thePandavasinto losing all their wealth and possessions, including themselves and their wifeDraupadi.Ludo plus is a perfect time pass game of Ludo board game. You played Ludo in your childhood, now play on your phone and tablet. Ludo plus is played online with friends around word.Ludo game app play for free.Install ludo plus now and enjoy full on time.Ludo Game Download for Free!Ludo is The Dice Game is depend on your luckLudo is..
#17 Remove water and fix bad sound caused by water stuck inside in just one click!
#17 Your phone survived contact with water, but the speaker sound bad and muffled after water got stuck inside them?You've tried many ways to remove water and fix sound but nothing works out? Don't worry, Speaker Cleaner is here to rescue!Speaker Cleaner is an app has few built-in cleaning modes to help you remove trapped water inside the speaker with great success.With Speaker Cleaner app you can clean and expel water from the speaker in terms of seconds. This simple process of removing water from the speaker is very easy to do and has a beautiful success rate.How to use Speaker Cleaner● Position phone in such a way that the speaker is facing DOWN.● Turn volume to the maximum.● Disconnect headphones if connected.● Click the button to start the cleaning process.How does Speaker Cleaner work?Speaker Cleaner app uses sine wave sounds of predefined frequencies to remove water from the speaker. Sound waves cause the speaker to vibrate and shake off water stuck inside.Fully Automated Cleaning ProcessSpeaker Cleaner has few built-in cleaning modes to help you remove trapped water inside the speaker..
#18 This caller name announcer announces call name, SMS sender name with speaker
#18 The feature was not available for Android users in the meantime.When you receive a call, new text message, the speaker will speak the caller name or sms sender name.For Marshmallow and Nougat users : Remember to give the application privilege to access your phone. Also double check your phone text-to-speech feature.If still speaking issue, go to Settings -> Apps -> Caller Name Speaker -> Permissions and check if all required permissions are granted properly.Want to find out who is calling you or texting you without looking at your phone? Caller name Speaker speaks caller name each time you get a call and speaks SMS text message, contents when someone sends you a SMSIt just announce the caller name clearly in between ringtone reducing its volume!With Caller Name announcer it is really easy to find out the incoming caller name and SMS sender name in different situations like when you are driving and the phone is in your pocket or phone is not in hands reach. This caller name speaker will announce it for you without phone to look. Caller Name..
#19 A marketplace to sell, buy and share items with a fun online shopping experience
#19 Electronic Bazaar, various gadgets are here!Join the Carnival and get millions of rupiah and Mi Band 6! ☛☛☛ Download KAYA Now!!! Come join KAYA and get RICH together! Kaya is a marketplace that you can use to quickly & easily sell and buy your new or pre-loved item for more than a million users and grow your connections straight from your phone! You only can find it on KayaApp 💕 Become the BOSS? 10 sec! -Post your item in just a click, as simple as posting your selfie on Instagram-Use the Free BOOSTING feature or apply to become a KAYA STAR, you'll get MILLIONS views-Resell your listings from Shopee & Tokopedia with ease for free-Costomize link for you to promote your items outside KAYA-Connect your Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp account. Build your own network, find people who share a common interest with you-Shipping Service Calculation will help users who become bosses for the first time-Plus, NO FEE or balance withdraw limit. All selling revenue goes to you! We have EVERYTHING you want! - From women's fashion, secondhand phones &..
#20 Improve you aim by adding custom crosshair over your favorite FPS or TPS games.
#20 This app is designed to improve your aiming accuracy while playing any FPS game in your phone. It also helps people with low eye sight to play FPS games by adding custom crosshair of bigger size.Features:* This custom scope generator supports all the popular shooting games to change the default crosshair design of the game. Use this free crosshair changer app to enhance your shooting & aiming skills.*Generate crosshair on weapons or guns even if they don't have it by default.*Choose from a wide collection of crosshair designs to add as an overlay to your shooting FPS games, that make your shooting aim much more precise & accurate.* Fully customizable size, color and transparency.* Adjustable crosshair anytime anywhere on the screen.* Along with our Classic collection, we have Pro crosshairs for free.Advantages:* Become a professional sniper shooter with this best free aim helper.* Improve overall accuracy.* Use OP weapons without scope.* Dominate on the battleground.
#21 Experience Malaysian cuisine through this addictive time-management game!
#21 From the developers that brought you Ejen Ali Emergency! Mak Cun’s Adventure is a free and addictive cooking & fashion game that carries strong elements of entrepreneurship and an introduction to local items such as nasi lemak, char koay teow, kopi-o and ‘bedak sejuk’ (cold talcum). Mak Cun's Adventure allows you to enjoy the beauty of paddy fields and the beauty of a local Malaysian village and serve customers with traditional wear in the Boutique levels or cook up a digital storm with local recipes such as the infamous Nasi Lemak & Char Koay Teow in the Restaurant levels. Immerse yourself in this restaurant & fashion simulator as you manage the business and put smiles on customers’ faces. Help Mak Cun become a global phenomenon in her entrepreneurship pursuit to build a brand that grows from a rural village in Malaysia to a global name.You’ll be serving delicious dishes to hungry customers in these mouth-watering stalls! Dash from level to level as you embark on this exciting adventure! You will discover and unlock new recipes as you progress on your..
#22 Images float across your screen from Picasa, Flickr, Facebook and your phone.
#22 Animated 3D OpenGL image gallery, Live Wallpaper and Photo Frame. Supports Flickr, Phone, Picasa, 500px, Photobucket, rss and Facebook. Also, multitouch.Images are flowing by on your screen in a steady stream.Some people are really happy with it. Give it a shot!Try pressing "Menu". Lots of exciting stuff behind that button!Live wallpaper uses battery. If you want it to use less battery, there are a couple of things you can do:* Disable shadows.* Use the framerate limiter (it's in the menu somewhere)* Use local images only.* Decrease the floating speed.* Beg me to optimize. It probably won't help, but you will feel like you have contributed!This application cannot read your sms/mms's! This also means that this application cannot show images from your texts. This is by design, and will not be changed, as it makes your fellow users sad.This is the website, for some reason Google has now stopped allowing it: there if you want to donate, know more, or if you need to be bored for a bit. This can also be reached from within Floating Image.Please contact me by..
#23 Become part of the action in Ben 10 Challenge, with unique camera-based gameplay
#23 Become part of the action yourself in the unique new camera-based game Ben 10 Challenge.UNIQUE NEW GAMEPLAYUse the camera on your device to become part of the omniverse yourself. You will appear on the screen and movements will control gameplay.FIGHT OFF YOUR ENEMIESFace wave after wave of enemies from the show across five different universes, with bosses to defeat including Zombozo, Hydromander and Iron Kyle.UNLOCK NEW ALIENSAfter completing each universe, you will unlock a new alien to help your cause, including Four Arms, Heatblast and Diamondhead.This game is available in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Arabic, Turkish, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, HindiIf you're having any problems, contact us Tell us about the issues you're running into as well as what device and OS version you're using. This app may contain ads for Cartoon Network & our partners’ products & services.Before you download this game, please consider that this app contains: - "Analytics" for measuring the performance of the..
#24 Get fresh rain drops on your screen!
#24 Rain Live Wallpaper simulates raindrops falling on your screen.To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live WallpapersTo develop more free great live wallpapers, we have implemented some ads in settings.Advertisement can support our develop more free great live wallpapers.Note: If your wallpaper resets to default after reboot, you will need put the app on phone instead of SD card.Follow us on Twitter: us on Facebook:
#25 Save all status story for Whatsapp. status video editor & video status maker
#25 Status saver for WhatsApp lets you save your video statuses & images with a feature of image & video status maker. It’s mazain functionality is to download your friend’s status either video or image for WhatsApp. Status Saver App for WhatsApp is a video & image status downloader app. Video Status saver lets you save your friend’s funny, loving, motivational statusesStatus downloader for Whatsapp 2021 with Image & video status maker! Download the free status story saver to save beloved or friend’s statuses. Just install this Whats’App status saver app and you will find it very easy & fast to use. We aspire to provide a convenient status saver with its unique feature of video & image status maker.How “Video & image status downloader 2021” works-View your friend’s complete status-Then open the Status saver app-Go to your Whats status to download Whats status-Go to business status to download Whats Business statuses-After that go to saved images to see saved Image statuses-After that go to saved videos to see saved video statusesHow “Video status maker 2021 feature” works-Go to status video..
#26 Story Maker with 500+ layouts & templates, Unfold Story art with #1 Story editor
#26 InStoryStory maker for Instagram with 500+ templates & Layouts, Unfold new Story art, along with story editor. Instory lets you create the best Instagram Story maker with the newest designs and templates. Now create memories by selecting photos, putting them into stylish templates, backgrounds with story editor. Share the story on Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp. ❤ Among its main features we can highlight • Choose from dozens of beautiful templates • Quickly share Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Whatsapp status stories • Dozens of background images and colors • Easy and intuitive layout • Multiple fonts to make your texts more beautiful • Export in high quality and with speedA free and easy-to-use app choose from one of our many templates customize the background of the story and choose images from your gallery or camera and ready and only share● Template & Story Collage100+ Stylized templates including Film, Magazine, Ripped Paper… make your story looks like crafted for hours. New collections added weekly to perfectly fit any occasion. Unfold New Layouts With nearly 100 different layout designs, you can easily create..
#27 Smart typing, beautiful colors, easy to use!
#27 Good Keyboard For Android is our new keyboard for Android, created just for you! Our awesome keypad will completely change the way you type your text messages!What you get with our new emoji keyboard:★ a keyboard for whatsapp and SMS that features amazing keyboard themes;★ customization of your keyboard with amazing fonts and fun sounds;★ to create the best keyboard with emojis by using your favorite photo as a theme;★ tons of emojis and stickers to express yourself with!Download Good Keyboard For Android now and start enjoying its amazing features and unique designs! Its emojis and stickers can be used in any messenger app and on most Android versions. Don't forget to share this awesome keyboard with your friends, so they can have more fun with emojis too.This simple keyboard with emojis has all the latest emojis! Enjoy a fun way to write your text messages and chat with your friends with this new keyboard theme app.How to install this Good Keyboard For Android:★ Download the app;★ Set Good Keyboard For Android as the active and default keyboard;★ Choose from..
#28 with Volume Booster Get the best music equalizer and Sound booster new
#28 super loud volume booster high sound booster its higher than the system defaults, making the quality sound booster of your phone louder and max super loud booster subwooferDo you always listen to your favorite music tracks on your Android smartphone or tablet? Do you need a powerful music sound booster, speaker booster and super high volume music app that can give you a very super loud high quality and super loud sound? Are you looking for a powerful sound booster and 5 band equalizer to enhance music quality? Do you want to booster the high volume of music using a powerful loud volume booster? If your answer is yes, then you will have to download and install loud Volume Booster on your smartphone or tablet because it is just the best bass sound booster and speaker booster app for you right now.super loud volume booster high sound booster is a new app that will give you a very unique experience while listening to your favorite music booster with its very wide selection of powerful tools to enhance music booster quality,..
#29 A bulletin board for strikers with all the necessary tools for multiplayer! Gacha forecast, gacha simulator, easy recruitment without LINE, resident function, luck bulletin board, etc. All support on this bulletin board!
#29 ストライカー向けの攻略&マルチ掲示板アプリの決定版!熟練ユーザー達が集まる掲示板なので、キャラ貸しやクエスト周回なども楽チン!★ガチャ予報★現在のガチャ確率予報で、ガチャタイミングもばっちり!★ガチャシミュレーター★無料でガチャが引き放題!ガチャの運試しに最適!★マルチフレンド★気の合う仲間や凄腕ストライカーとフレンドになって一緒にマルチ可能!★キャラが借りられる★「キャラ貸し」で募集すれば必要なキャラが借りられる事が出来ます!覇者の塔や禁忌の獄などで適正キャラがいない方に最適!★超絶運極/運極掲示板★運極保持ユーザーのみが入室出来る運極掲示板!運極キャラのみ集められます!★ゲストブロック希望のキャラ以外で入ってるくるゲストや、嫌がらせで入ってくるゲストをブロック!★雑談、待ち合わせ掲示板熟練ストライカー達と雑談したり、一緒にクエストを回ったりすることができます!※注意事項当アプリは、モンストの非公式サービスでモンスターストライクの運営会社や公式モンスト攻略アプリとは関係ありません。当掲示板は無料で利用出来ます。
#30 Download now so you can Ride fast and perform stunts on extreme motorbikes!
#30 Extreme City Moto Bike 3D is the latest, fun and entertaining open massive city motorbike simulator where you can ride super fast motorbikes. Be an expert motorbike rider, ride the best and latest collection of motorbikes and go fast with the nitro boost, speed up and jump off big stunt ramps to get insane air time and pull off incredible stunts, all the while you're having an amazing time!FEATURES:- Ride a whole load of bike, unlocked and ready to use!- Super detailed graphic bike and car models- Massive open city environment,filled with stunts- Realistic biker physics, rider has rag-doll physics when crashing- Intelligent Traffic A.I. - Easy to use driving controls, both touch and tiltWith a new open world city environment sim like Extreme City Moto Bike 3D, you'll drive motorbikes super fast on stunt ramps to perform crazy, incredible stunt jumps and get to supersonic speeds on your bike with the help from supercharged nitro boost. Make sure you're careful of the traffic on the city streets as they might get in the way and knock you off your..
#31 Bluetooth Sender sends apps, audio, video, photo & all files. Extract APK too.
#31 The Bluetooth Sender is one of the most important tool and is like a Swiss Knife which you can easily share your Applications, Audio Files, Video Files, Pictures and all sort of files via Bluetooth. It also enables you to share System Applications.It has also a Sending Bucket™ which keep a list of all the items selected. Through Sending Bucket™, you can easily manage the items to share or transfer. The Sending Bucket™ can be easily accessed through the selected items button.Another convenient and flexible feature of the Bluetooth Sender is that you can select Applications, Audios, Videos, Pictures and all sort of files, all together and share or transfer it. There is absolutely no restriction on what to share or transfer.It has also application extractor (apk extractor), which can easily and efficiently extract multiple applications. This feature is very helpful to back up your apps. The extracted apk file can be easily transfer or shared through email etc.The apk extractor feature can extract more than one apk and shows progress of the overall process very elegantly.With apk extract feature,..
#32 Launcher 2022 with icons and wallpapers!
#32 If you are bored of your actual home screen and you need something cool and special try the Launcher 2022 Theme! It will transform your smartphone with one of a kind icons, wallpapers and other features!✱What do you get when you download Launcher 2022 Theme!✱If you want to download this Launcher for Android, you can:• Change the phone theme this this amazing design and fantastic colors as you can see in the HD screenshots; • Customize app icons and change them all on your phone to match you preferred style;• Have great visual effects that you can choose from and apply to this HD Launcher;• Change the font and color to match the look of this free theme launcher.★How to install this amazing Launcher theme free★• Download Launcher 2022 Theme;• Open the Launcher theme app and swipe to begin the activation;• You will get a notification if you do not have a compatible Launcher app.• After you install the compatible app, you can set up the amazing Launcher theme!◆ Notice ◆Since Launcher 2022 Theme is an amazing Launcher for Android,..
#33 It's the most famous cards game app in Japan!! Completely free, no charge item!
#33 Made in Japan, so Quality is safe Absolutely!It is a game similar to the President, The Great Dalmuti, Tichu, Tiến lên, Arschloch, 争上游(Winner), 闘地主(Dou Dizhu), 鋤大D(Big Two).You win if you fastest put all cards out. A characteristic of this game is that winner can do next game advantageously. Enjoy it!This app is completely free advertising display only!We have introduced only advertising of good quality.Take your time, please enjoy the millionaire just for you.
#34 Speedy Fish is a simple but very addictive game.
#34 Speedy Fish is a simple but very addictive game. Help Speedy and Windy protect their oceanic environment from polluting blobs by circling around various sponges. Sponges are at the center of this fragile ecosystem which needs to be protected.As the level progresses, you will be in charge of more and more sponges and will be attack by an increasing number of blobs. You will have to strategically swim to move through the various levels makng sure that the marine life is well protectedAs you accumulate more points, you will have the opportunity to start your own aquarium in which fish will grow and coexist peacefullyThe game can be played by adults and children alike who enjoy playing with beautiful fish
#35 Love generation uses Love Keyboard!
#35 ♕ When we think of love, little hearts are usually the first thing that comes into our mind and this is the main reason why we created this amazing Love Keyboard! We felt extremely inspired by love when we created this amazing love keyboard theme! ♕ Those cute little hearts will make you fall for our romantic love keyboard! Download now Love Keyboard! Trust us, once you try this sensational lovely keyboard, you won’t go back to your standard keyboard! ❤ Love Keyboard is the pink love keyboard theme if you want for a fully transformed keyboard for your Android device! Personalize every aspect of your keyboard with our amazing customization options:✼ Change your keyboard themeWe've designed Love Keyboard to give you a keyboard that will look amazing on any smartphone!✼ Customize the shape of the buttonsChoose which button shape looks better on the keyboard;★ Pick your favorite font for your keyboard✼ Get a completely new lookchange the way your keyboard looks, from emoji screen, to the number keypad! Start using this amazing Love Keyboard. See the HD screenshots to..
#36 Control your electronic project with your Android device using Bluetooth.
#36 Control your electronic project with an Android deviceThis app communicates using Bluetooth to an HC-06 or HC-05 Bluetooth module in your projectThis app comes with a library containing 11 Bluetooth examples for ArduinoIt can also be used with Raspberry Pi or any other rapid prototyping system in which you have included a suitable Bluetooth module to your project.Ideal for learning electronics in a fun way. Ideal for rapid prototyping a new idea.Ideal for exhibiting your project.Some electronics skills requiredRequires an Android device with Bluetooth capability enabledVersion 1.1 only works with Bluetooth ClassicVersion 1.2 supports Bluetooth Low Energy and USB connectivity in addition to Bluetooth Classic. Large selection of controls available including buttons, switches, sliders, pads, lights, gauges, terminals, accelerometers and graphsDrag and drop them onto the panel gridThen edit their properties.20 customisable panels available. Import/Export panels.Discover, Pair and connect to Bluetooth devicesThen click Run to use the panel.Library of 10 Arduino Examples to get you started:LED BrightnessPWM with a Slider controlRC Car demo – Basic Button controlsPersistence of Vision – Text controlRepeater Demo – Send and Receive TerminalsUltrasonic Distance SensorLight..
#37 Enjoy Live Animated Waterfall Photo frames with your Photos.
#37 Waterfall Photo FramesHere, we are introducing some more animated waterfall photo frames to decorate your photos with real animating backgrounds. Add real animated waterfalls to your photos by erasing unwanted area of your pictures and images like background changer. You can crop your photo by selecting outline of the selected image and add animated waterfalls as a backside of your photo. This app has more than 10 live waterfall backgrounds and stickers to decorate the wallpaper. You can set it as live wallpaper and send to others thorough online platform.How to do:★ Take photo from gallery or camera★ Select the outline of the photo★ Adjust the visibility area by changing the "Crop area visibility" option★ Place the cropped image on the background waterfalls★ Merge with background by adjusting the feather value★ select the waterfalls which you want★ Add Stones,trees and some animals to the waterfalls★ Create photo collages also by getting old cropped images★ Set it as live wallpaper★ Or save and share through online.App Features:★ Real Animated waterfalls★ Background Eraser option to remove unwated are of photos★ Creating of..
#38 Minimal service for turning off the screen using the proximity sensor
#38 Proximity Service uses your device's proximity sensor to control the screen on/off state. Simply covering the sensor will turn the screen off whilst keeping the device awakeperfect for games that need to be running in the foreground but don't need your continuous attention. Flip your phone on a table, place it in your pocket, or use any other means to cover the proximity sensor. As soon as the sensor is uncovered, the screen will come back on.This app is open sourcefollow the website link at the bottom of this Play Store listing for the GitHub repo.
#39 This app is to display the calendar on your home screen.
#39 This app is to display the calendar on your home screen. Note: After you update the app, please re-add the added widgets.This app uses a permissions of INTERNET for Ad.
#40 🐱💕Cute pink pet kitty, free Cup Cat theme wallpaper & Kawaii pink kitten icon!
#40 100% Free!! Super cute launcher theme for all kitty lovers!! If you love: Cute kitty, Sweet cat, Pink bowknot, This theme is the best choice for you! Cute Kitty Cat Launcher Theme Live HD Wallpapers contains lovely cup cat wallpapers and cute kitten icons wearing princess pink bowknot. When you are tired, just pick up the phone and swipe a lock screen, cute kitty is always awaiting you. Every icon transforms into lovely cup cat in sweet pink bow. You can chill out any time with this Cute Kitty Cat Launcher Theme Live HD Wallpapers.Smooth, Efficient and LightweightTry this Launcher Theme Live HD Wallpapers now! Install the most personalized launcher themes in 2018. Enjoy personalizing your home screen and icons with sweet cup cat, cute kitty cat icons wearing pink lovely bow.🎀Main Feature🎀★100+ original live HD themes & icon packs★500+ HD Wallpapers & backgrounds you can switch★3D animation(transition) effects for your home screen★Weekly Update Top Hot themes and New themes★Quick search “app search bar” help you more efficient★Automatically categorize “smart folders” tidy & organize your apps★Easy access “widget icons” gives..
#41 Decorate or Blend your photos with Waterfall Photo Frames.
#41 Would you like your pictures to be appearing in the beautiful waterfalls? Or want to make your memories last forever with waterfall photo frames.This is the right moment to make your pictures look selfie with Waterfall. Start your journey through the wonderful world of waterfall photo editor. It offers you a collection of amazing waterfall backgrounds and waterfall frames, inspired with all waterfall photo editor. Waterfall Photo frames comes with Cut Paste Photo Editor to Paste your photos on Waterfall Photo Backgrounds.1. Cut your Photos that you want to Appear on Waterfall Backgrounds.2. Trim the Edges to make sure your photos appear natural on Waterfall Photo Backgrounds.3. Paste your cut photos against Waterfall Backgrounds.Write your own text on Frames with different fonts and colors make it more attractive Waterfall photo frame.Waterfall photo editor has waterfall stickers etc. pictures and stickers. Stickers can be resized, flipped, attached anywhere on your selfies and they will look like original photo taken with waterfall.Waterfall Photo Frames Features:☼ You have a vast collection of frames to adorn your waterfall photos with Waterfall Photo Frame app.☼..
#42 A part of my design and a new simple style for you ;)
#42 Just enjoy my free widgets pack but you need to install KWGT need pro key to use it! KWGT pro you like :)
#43 Stickman Flip Diving in an amazing stunt and flip game.
#43 Stickman Flip Diving in an amazing stunt and flip game.In this game there are so many amazing levels. in this levels you have to flip in many step.Your main goal is make more flip in each step.So enjoy best flip effects now.Get your kicks and jump down the highest and most dangerous cliffs all over the planet! Perform different jump styles.Featuring a custom physics engine with animated ragdoll physics, Stickman Flip Diving is the most dynamic and entertaining cliff diving experience ever created!FEATURES:- Different jump types- maps diving diverse- character Simple, Santa, Zombie, Mummy- Each trick dynamically animated with ragdoll physics!- Uses permission "Camera" and "Record Audio" to use video recording mode when playing- More coming soon!The following game features diving stunts modelled carefully based on professional stunt and cliff drivers.Accordingly. no one should attempt to recreate or re-enact any drive or activity preformed on this game.
#44 Punjabi status app provides a variety of punjabi videos, songs, punjabi photos.
#44 punjabi video status app provides a variety of short clips of video songs and makes easy for anyone to directly share punjabi status on social media. you can download and share the video on social apps with one click. one of the most loved app for Punjabi Lyrical Videos, punjabi Status Videos and punjabi photos.A large collection of best punjabi video status to share on your social media apps. Here you get access to the punjabi song clips which are being loved by everyone. clips are available in short size with the best quality.Major features:1. A beautiful and solid player for punjabi video status with enhanced features such as autoplay, maintain cache with best utilisation of phone's hardware.2. Save punjabi new songs videos and photos to your gallery or Share them with Friends through social apps.3. Get notified with push notifications when anything new in the world and usesr will get punjabi videos within 10-15 minutes whenever any punjabi status or mp3 music is out.4. top 20 punjabi video status of the week are updated daily.5. Browse or filter the..
#45 Odd Jobs simulator! Help simple people in this fun and addictive 3D game!
#45 It's time to get your hands dirty! Welcome to Friendly Mastera unique handyman simulator. Not all heroes wear capes, and not everyone needs to be saving the world from evil. Saying that, someone should be around to help solve simple everyday problems that ordinary people struggle with – someone’s got to be that friendly neighbour. It is not the most exciting, but honest and gratifying work. So, what can you look forward to facing? You’ll need to fix leaks, clean out blocked pipes, restore broken furniture, wash mirrors and even repair broken stairs! Find the right tools for the job and improve the world! Think you’ll be able to cope with saving the world for the 100th time? Go on! What are you waiting for? Become a household chores superhero! Game Features: Relaxing and meditative gameplay. Nice 3D graphics. A huge number of levels from the easiest to the hard as nails. Cool rewards. Intuitive controls. Simple UI. Download Friendly Master right now – completely free! Install the game and start sorting the place out!COMPANY COMMUNITY: Facebook:
#46 It is very simple puzzle game :)shooting color and make correct answer.simple but addictiveAND HARDER than you think!Once you play this game,You will be GENIUS !!!feel the fantastic in this game· · · · · · Game Feature · · · · · · ·» Simply touch to play game» Hundreds of funny stage» Just play this game on your 10 min free time :)DeveloperBest Hyper Casual Game Developer South Korea
#47 100% Bharat se. Made in India.
#47 Vee is an amazing App where you can find tons of high-quality short videos that are under 30 seconds. It is for young people who prefer informative, well-made and diverse content. You can find over 50 categories of short high quality content, including movies, TV clips, cricket, celebrities, funny jokes, news, recipe, game, and much more.-Enjoy short videos personalized for youYour feed would be personalized, based on what you watch, like and share. Vee offers you a great video selection just for you-Express yourself in a young communityIt is a global young community. You can express yourself in an easy way. You will find many like minded people around while enjoying the content.-Discover more video Find more videos that are selected by our editors. Enjoy high-quality short videos in a completely new way.-Short video platform 100% made in India. People from Tik Tok, Chingari, Viva Video, Vigo Video, New Video Status, Vmate, U Video, SelfieCity, Beauty Plus, YouCam makeup, Wonder Camera, Photo Wonder, Sweet selfie, Tik Kik, Hago are welcome to Vee App100% Made in India Short Video App
#48 3 high detailed vehicles with interactive functions to play puzzle coloring book
#48 Interactive construction rigs for kids! Play with them like with die-cast model toys! What's the difference between bulldozer and motor grader? You can learn it, and many other things from our expert Jeff.This app contains 3 high detailed vehicles with interactive functions to play with: - Wheel loader with working bucket- Road roller with emergency lighting - Articulated hauler (dump truck) with working open-box+ opening doors, working wipers and front lights! + Talking characterJeff the excavator operatorHighly detailed graphics and realistic sounds of engines, brakes, hydraulics etc.+ Puzzle+ Colouring book
#49 Experience an epic RPG adventure in the palm of your hand!
#49 Enter the demon-infested realm of Mourngard. Explore the ruins of a deserted world. Venture into the darkest dungeons and vanquish an unrelenting demon horde in this grand fantasy adventure.A forsaken land. A banished hero. Two brothers in strife. As you blaze towards the world of Mourngard, your angelic wings burn to ash. You and your brother are oblivious to the cataclysmic events you are about to spark, but your arrival could also be the key to salvation. Can Mourngard be saved? Uncover the truth behind the corruption destroying the once peaceful land. Challenge your reckless brother, and purge Mourngard of its demon occupation. The fate of the world is in your hands!Game features: ★ Discover an immersive open-world fantasy adventure!★ Experience thrilling hack’n’slash swipe combat!★ Dive into an engrossing RPG campaign that will take hours to unravel! ★ Craft and enchant powerful gear to aid you on your quest!★ Grow in strength as you forge the fate of Mourngard!Presented by Kiloo and Copenhagen Creators.
#50 Displays the date, time, battery and signal level. Different themes available.
#50 A slick Car dashboard wallpaper that displays the date, time, battery and signal level. Select from seven different incar designs and themes. A great speedometer background theme for your smartphone.An elegant leather or wood surface, a classic display or neon lookmake your choice between a variety of animated background wallpapers and you can assign a day and night mode for each.This free app includes all functions: You have to activate the display only once a day. Easily remove the activation and ads immediately with an easy, one-time, in-app purchase!Please note that not all Android devices support Live Wallpapers and Dashboard Themes. Please check compatibility before download!
#51 Vocalize notifications from mail, whatsapp, any app and reply by voice
#51 NOTICEthis app is a "top-level app", TOTALLY FREE, specifically designed for persons with a good android experience, willing to possess the most complete app of this kind and to sacrifice part of his time to learn how to use it, consultino a rich and exhaustive set of documentation, including 10.000 text help lines, translated in 7 languages, and 40 help youtube videos in english and italian. If you are not this kind of person, I suggest you to avoid this app, for your and my mental sanity! I create app for passions in my free time, they are well-done, useful (particularly appreciated by visual impaired people), has many useful options and, what is important for all, are free and no-advertising. We all benefit from the existence of well-made free apps, so if you have problems, be useful to the free community, write me describing your problems: mariuspelix@gmail.comPRESENTATION OF THE APPFREE NOTIFICATION READER (FNR) is an app that reads out by voice notifications from various apps (such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Handcent SMS, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Calendar, etc.), and, possibly, caller's name...
#52 Follow RJ Naved as he pulls off his pranks on unsuspecting callers
#52 Prank calls by RJ Naved are legendary, and now you can get full access to them through this App. You can even send Prank call requests directly to RJ Naved. Enjoy these crazy pranks by Rj Naved and share it with your friends. If you enjoyed the app, do leave your feedback on the app store.
#53 Woof 🐶 from Gabe
#53 Click on colored tiles to play WOOF sound from GabeR.I.P. Gabe
#54 Edit Call History, Call Log Manager (Add,Edit,Backup,Restore),
#54 Call log manager (Edit, Add, Backup, Restore).Edit recent calls and log history easily.Generate fake call and store it in your phone log history.You can edit the time, date, duration, call type, and phone number for any call in the log.Also, you can add any call to the log with a specific time, date, during and type.In other words, you can customize you log as you like.There's another feature; that you Can backup your call history (log) and restore it.Note:0. This application will appear as "Phone" on your smartphone to guarantee your privacy.1. This application doesn't store any user data.2. This application works offline and doesn't require an internet connection.3. It's not Ads-free app.4. No registration is needed.5. Simple, reliable and easy to useThis application may request an access to read and write the call log, and this is normal for this functionality.FR : Éditeur de journal d'appels
#55 Ujian Teori KPP Malaysia. Pass your Malaysia driving license theory test easily!
#55 Up to date 2022 questions!Included tests:Car license testEnglishCar license testBahasa MelayuMotorcycle license testBahasa MelayuCar and Motorcycle license combined testBahasa MelayuKPP Test Malaysia is designed to help you pass the Malaysia's KPP Traffic Rules Test with flying colors. Passing KPP Test is one of the requirements for obtaining a Malaysian driving license for car or motorcycle (lesen memandu Malaysia kereta atau motosikal).•RevisionYou can choose to display or hide the correct answer according to your learning style, revising the beautifully laid out questions at your own pace.•TestThe test module simulates the actual test. By taking the simulated test, you will be ready for the actual test.•Test HistoryYou can see all the previous mock tests you have taken and retake them if you want to.
#56 Are you afraid of spy camera ? start detecting hidden camera using mobile phone.
#56 Hidden camera detector app protect you from spy camera. If you are out of city you stay at hotel with family so for privacy you need such hidden camera detection and hidden microphone detector app through which you can discover Use your smart phone and hidden camera finder and spy hidden camera locator application and bring it close to any device that you have a doubt on it.Spy camera detector 2020 is anti spy cam Simulator App is very helpful for privacy. This hidden cam detector app will detect spy cams and provide you a protection and privacy. This hidden camera detector x and focal point camera and transparent spy camera and bug detector and spy hidden camera locator provide you some unique functionality that will let you find and easily catch the Different devices being used for spy purposes like spy microphone, spy camera, hidden video camera & transparent spy camera and investigation hidden secret spy camera & hi spy field camera around you.Hidden camera finder app is for instance bedroom shower window box, focal point camp locator looking..
#57 Get deleted Messages and photos Back- Recover whats Deleted Messages
#57 Get Deleted Messages app allows you to read messages which were deleted by your Friends/Family.When ever a message or Image/picture will get deleted you will receive a notification and by clicking that notification you will be able to see chats/group chats and there deleted messages.On opening this app first time it will ask you permission to read notification and access internal storage.Please grant those permissions to function this app correctly.You can check deleted pictures in Pictures tab while chats in chat tab.It also comes with others tools which are very useful like : 👉 Send message to unsaved numberGet Deleted Messages helps to send messages direct to the person without saving it. For sometime it is very useful if you don't want to save number Just open the app and go to this page and type number and message you will be able to send message to that number. 👉 Text repeaterGet Deleted Messages app allows user to write something multiple times and send that to anyone.👉 Send Blank MessageGet Deleted Messages app allows you to send empty messages.👉 Check..
#58 "Simply Elegant"
#58 This ADW theme aims to give your device class and elegance. It includes an Icon Pack, Wallpapers and Docks to choose from.**Compatibility List***ADW.Launcherwallpapers, icon pack & theme*ADW.Launcher EXwallpapers, icon pack, theme and docks*Apex Launcher Prowallpapers, icon pack & theme**Please Note***You MUST have at least one version of ADW installed on your device and have it set as the default home launcher. You apply the theme through ADW's Theme Preferences under ADW Settings.*This theme does not open on its own so please don't rate 1 star if you do not know how to use this theme.*To replace the middle action button please use the provided Icon Pack which work on both ADW versions.*In some cases you may need to re-start ADW under ADW's Settings, to see the recent changes.**Credits**This ADWTheme is based off of the concept by Jedipottsy on XDA It includes icons from the Token set by Evan Brooksbrsev.comand additional icons from the AwOken Awesome Token icon set by alecive The main wallpaper, Blue energy, comes from pr09studio**Icon Requests***Want more icons? Request them here:
#59 Battle Cards - Savage Heroes TCG / CCG Decks. Compete & Upgrade Packs & Traits!
#59 A card battle game that is all about collecting awesome cards from various card packs, building competitive decks and fighting your opponents in a compelling campaign set in a real world wildlife setting. Unique in the way it has replaced the typical turn based card game mechanism with an interesting real time system. Keeping you on your toes it is certain to deliver interesting gameplay, for both newcomers to the genre as well as the veteran CCG / TCG player. Unleash your powerful packs of creatures on your sorry foes and train your creatures in order to unlock magical traits and abilities, delivering an intense experience you never thought a collectible card game (CCG) could. Trade cards with friends to further improve your card deck (TCG).The game will take you on a journey over the fantastic virtual world map where you will encounter new enemies and win them over and have them fight for you. Compete in different game modes and prove your skills against card decks from other players from all over the world. Raise your fame on the..
#60 Play your favorite Bongo Cat musical instruments - Cat music game!
#60 Bongo Cat Musical Instruments is a fun and addictive music game that lets you play bongo, marimba, piano, ukulele, trumpet, electric guitar, violin, harp, accordion, harmonica, otamatone & rubber chicken :)The game features a cute cat that wants to play the music instruments with you. It's easy to pick up and play.Make your own songs & beats. Experience the world of music with a cute cat. Bongo Cat Musical Instruments is a free music game & beat maker that provides hours of fun!You can also learn to play cool songs & beats with number piano notes.Get it now. Enjoy!
#61 Surah Yasin with Tahlil, Duas, Asma Al-Husna, Tasbih, Benefits & Blessings
#61 Surah Yasin is equipped with Surah Al Faatiha, Surah Al Ikhlaas, Surah Al Falaq, Surat An Naas, Ayat Al-Kursi,Duas, Asma Al-Husna, Tasbih, Shahadah, Benefits & Blessings.Surah Yasin with Indonesian & English translations as well as audio verse by verse & full audio.Surah Yasin also features Tahlil & Duas such as Salvation Dua, tahajud Dua, dhuha dua, and others.Keywords: surah yaseen, surahyaseen, surahyasin, yaseen, alquran surat yasin, surat yasin lengkap
#62 All Network Packages 2022 Includes all network prepaid and postpaid sim packages
#62 All Network Packages 2022 app helps you to get updated information about all network packages, SIM codes, and free offers. It also helps you to activate and deactivate your favorite network packages and offers without remembering network codes. It's a user-friendly and easy-to-use app. It includes all sim codes, zong free internet packages, Telenor free internet app code, Ufone free internet app code, Warid packages, jazz world offers, zong free MB check and all sim packages Pakistan new offers and other all network package, call, SMS, Internet 3G, 4G, 5G packages, Data SIM packages, international call packages information, and all networks new updated offers information.You can find the following network information, Zong, Telenor, Jazz, Warid, Ufone, and PTCLWhy should you use this app? 🤔All Network Packages 2022 is the best app for getting the updated information of Call, SMS, Internet, Data SIM, International call, and Location Packages, all mobile packages in Pakistan.It includes regular updates of:All jazz packages 2022All Zong packages 2022All Telenor packages 2022All Ufone packages 2022All Warid packages 2022All PTCL packages 2022You will get regular auto-updates when you..
#63 See link in description for newer version!
#63 Important: get the latest version of Bubble Ball with Community Levels and other enhancements at Ball Free has 48 sweet levels for you to play! Want more after those? Get Bubble Ball Pro with lots more levels, and get all future levels for free!
#64 Pet Rescue - rescue pets from cages, virtual pet, toy blast.
#64 Rule is very simple. Match two or more boxes of the same color to clear the level and rescue the pets.Rescue Pet is completely free to play, play with friends to see who can get the highest score !
#65 50 Fonts for the FlipFont program on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6 Android
#65 This Font Pack contains 50 free brush fonts for Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense 6.0 devices designed to be compatible with Monotype Imaging Inc.'s FlipFont® program and will install new free fonts on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC that are compatible with the FlipFont® program on your phoneNOTE: This App is NOT sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with Monotype Imaging, Inc, the owner of the FlipFont trademark and technology.Please enjoy this pack of Fonts for Android flip fonts to provide you with the ability to change your device’s typeface for freeUsing the FlipFont font changer program installed on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6.0 phone, you can use this application to customize your device to one of the many beautiful fonts for Samsung Galaxy that we have collectedThis font pack is a random selection of 50 typefaces that have been optimized for use on Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense 6.0 Android devicesPlease browse through our FlipFont packs to find the perfect font styles that fits your taste.To change fonts on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6.0 device, navigate to..
#66 Share your Mobile connection over WiFi directly from your home screen
#66 This widget allows you to activate and desactivate the WiFi Tethering from your homescreen.Your phone acts as a WiFi access point, and you can then share easily your 3G/4G internet access to any other WiFi device.THIS IS NOT AN APPLICATION, YOU MUST MANUALLY ADD THE WIDGET TO THE HOME SCREEN.Options : The widget is able to restore the previous WiFi state when you stop sharing your 3G/4G connection.The widget can be configured to stop automatically the connection sharing.
#67 A new Uphill truck driver game collect all cargo on the road!
#67 Hello truck drivers welcome to Uphill Truck Driver a new uphill racing game from VascoGames. I this game you can show you have a huge amount of driving skills! Climbing the difficult roads with your truck ant an easy task! You need to collect all the goods that lay on the long roads with sudden drops and steep hill climbs. In this new uphill racing game you need to get across the levels as fast as possibleBut be careful driving around in the levels because hill roads can be very dangerous! So find out if you can put yourself at the test and see if you can perform at such high pressure driving environment! Uphill driving takes a lot of skills, show everyone you are a real uphill driver in this free driving game! Driving a truck has never been so much fun, we hope you enjoy the fun and challenging truck driver levels in this new racing game. Objective of the game is to load the goods en deliver the goods to your destination as quickly as possible.Game controlsLeft..
#68 Download now! Cast the real fishing hook, fishing tackles, and fishing diary!
#68 Let’s fish in the real fishing world and explore the real fishing mania to be virtual fishing king. Cast the fishing hook and catch the fish live in our virtual fishing game. Play our amazing sport fishing game in beautiful paradise blue seas. This best fishing pro game comes with 6 vivid environments, tons of collectibles, different kind of reels, hooks and over dozens of unique species of fishes to hunt for makes it the best (free) hunting game in the Play Store. Cast the line to hook and tire out the fish in epic struggle. This amazing virtual fishing 3D game includes:1. 15+ most realistic Environments from around the world.2. 70+ exotic fishes to catch.3 100+ missions to complete and to test your fishing skills.4. 90+ combinations of fishing tackles for you to choose**This app is integrated with Alphonso softwareSubject to your permission, the Alphonso software receives short duration audio samples from the microphone on your deviceThe audio samples never leave your device, but are irreversibly encoded (hashed) into digital "fingerprints." The fingerprints are compared off-device to commercial content..
#69 Ready to get Oof ?
#69 Press the button and oof !Fast and 3 MB requiredGet your score on the leaderboard
#70 Christmas match 3 jewel game with many power-ups and online score tables!
#70 Jewellust Xmas is a magnificent and magical Christmas version of our popular game Jewellust. This is a free version of it.The game will help you to feel the Christmas spirit even in Summer! And you can play handbell melodies with it!Swap and burst colorful jewels to gather mosaic tiles. Help Santa to deliver gifts, pass 7 villages and solve jigsaw puzzles. Enjoy rich graphics, charming sounds and get into the Christmas spirit!The Full Version is available on Google Play and it has:- 2 game modes- 35 levels- various bonuses power-ups- simple jigsaw puzzles- online scoresGame rulesExchange signs with each other to destroy a combination of 3 or more signs of one kind. If you’ve burst four or more signs at once, a bonus sign will appear. In campaign mode new bonuses become available as your journey goes.You must collect all mosaic tiles before time runs out.Campaign modeYou will visit 7 villages. To get into the next village you must solve the jigsaw puzzle. Note, that you can swap only adjacent tiles. Each village conststs of 3-7 cottages.Survival modeRules are the..
#71 The official and exclusive companion app for the Ravensburger Werwölfe games
#71 The official companion app for the Ravensburger card games "Werwolfe Vollmondnacht", "MorgenGrauen" and "VampirDämmerung". Exclusively in this app with the languages German, French and Dutch.Caution! Can only be used in conjunction with the card games from Ravensburger!"Werwolfe Vollmondnacht", MorgenGrauen and VampirDämmerung are fast-paced card games for 3-10 players. And if you combine several games, over 40 different roles with different abilities ensure always new and exciting situations. Are you the helpful seer, the devious troublemaker or even one of the bloodthirsty werewolves? Because when the night is over and day breaks, it is up to you to decide which of you is a werewolf.No two laps are the same. And because "Werwolfe Vollmondnacht", MorgenGrauen and VampirDämmerung are played so quickly, another round follows. And another one. And another one. Until it gets dark.The app takes on the role of the game master, so that every player can slip into a role and play along. With his distinctive voice, the speaker creates an atmospheric and exciting atmosphere.
#72 Fonts for FlipFont for Samsung Galaxy
#72 This Font Pack contains 50 free fonts for Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense 6.0 devices designed to be compatible with Monotype Imaging Inc.'s FlipFont® program and will install new free fonts on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC that are compatible with the FlipFont® program on your phoneNOTE: This App is NOT sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with Monotype Imaging, Inc, the owner of the FlipFont trademark and technology.Please enjoy this pack of Fonts for Android flip fonts to provide you with the ability to change your device’s typeface for freeUsing the FlipFont font changer program installed on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6.0 phone, you can use this application to customize your device to one of the many beautiful fonts for Samsung Galaxy that we have collectedThis font pack is a random selection of 50 typefaces that have been optimized for use on Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense 6.0 Android devicesPlease browse through our FlipFont packs to find the perfect font styles that fits your taste.To change fonts on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6.0 device, navigate to the..
#73 Sign digital signatures easily with digital signature app
#73 Digital signature app can be use for many purposes such as signing a digital document and document signer. This digital signature app is the requirement of this this digital globe for digital sign and sign signature requirements. This esignature works like signeasy for document sign and as a creator esignature .This digital signature software can also be called as digital Signature solution and e-signature software and electronic signature software for many reasons. This digital signature electronic uses in online email signature purposes. This digital esignature or digital e-signature serves a very important role in it esignature and electronic signature for filling the digital documents. So sign digital with signature esignature for docusign and sign easy. So signnow and sign documents without wasting any papers and ink. This is the best signature maker and signature creator app for you.If you are like everything digital and do all your work digitally then this digital signature app is for you to digital sign signature also called e sign for you. This document signer and esignature saves you a lot of time. Very simple..
#74 cook serve supreme pizza, add cheese veggie meat toppings & oven bake in kitchen
#74 Hello Happy kids! Everyone loves Pizza right? Junior games studio presents all new kids cooking game Supreme Pizza Maker for young chefs out there! if there no pizza place near you no problem satisfy fast food craving by making your own delicious pizza in kitchen.Top it up with various mouth watering topping meat & veggies options. Practice your cooking skills & learn new cooking techniques to rise as the best junior chef in this fun kitchen cooking game. Unleash your creativity Garnish your pizza with mozzarella cheese, spicy sauces & other yummy ingredients.How To Play Select favorite fast food snack to cook first from super pizza menu.Supreme Pizza makermake dough, roll to get a perfect round pizza shapechoose from a huge selection of pizza toppings (meat, salami, chicken, fish, onions, tomatoes, basils, olives, cheese, sauces, pepperonis)Bake pizza in oven & serve oven fresh.Pour soft drink from real cold drink maker machine in customizable cups.Decorate & customize food table with multiple food addons alongside pizza.Learn to cook & make cheesy mouthwatering pizza in no time.share your recipes with your hungry friends..
#75 Hijab Wedding Photo Maker is a hijab app with a beautiful wedding theme editor
#75 Hijab Wedding Photo Frames is a photo editor application with a bride theme. This app is a photo booth app where you can choose a photo frame to use as a good costume. You do not need to be confused if you want to try different types of hijab styles, because with this application you can find a veil that is combined with the latest fashion style.Marriage is a moment of happiness that everyone is looking forward to starting a new life in the bond of love. At this moment, the bride must look the most beautiful among all the guests who attended the wedding ceremony.If you want to look stunning in front of the guests, but you are confused to choose a good wedding dress for you, you can try various models of wedding dresses with a beautiful combination of hijab. Many new colors that can make you look beautiful, in this application, there are many combinations of color hijab bride with modern fashion style, princess, and also simple. Some wearing the crown of flowers and also some who..
#76 Car speedometer and tracking your route, saving your route, playback your route.
#76 Speed View GPS can track your speed,distance,time,location and also can get start time,time elapsed,avg speed,max speed,altitudeFeatures included- Save your track info.- Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer.- mph,knot and km/h mode.- Map integration,get your location.- 16 color styles.……Facebook: you have a translation suggestions, please contact me!
#77 Background wallpaper with HD graphics and effects!
#77 Futuristic design and vibrant colors make our new Live Wallpaper the perfect choice. Download the Blue Clock Live Wallpaper 2021 now and make your device look awesome. This amazing Live Wallpaper can completely change the way you use and interact with your phone! Our latest Live Wallpaper, Blue Clock Live Wallpaper 2021, lets you customize your background with awesome personalization features!★ With our new Live Wallpaper, you get:• A library of free Live Wallpapers! You can download free Live Wallpapers from the app's menu! Once you download a design, you can reapply it at any time!• Customize your background with different fun elements and colors!• Choose the interactive effects! Pick the way in which your colour changing Live Wallpaper reacts when you touch the screen!• HD graphics and a fantastic design!★ We've created one of the best free Live Wallpapers just for you! Try Blue Clock Live Wallpaper 2021 today! !★ How to install this super Live Wallpaper ★• Download Blue Clock Live Wallpaper 2021 and wait for the app to install;• Open the app and begin personalizing your awesome..
#78 The Best App for Viral Videos, Funny GIFs, TV Shows in trending!
#78 BuzzHunt Video offers you lots of short videos & gifs, which are of great fun, super trending and hilarious! You’ll be able to watch all kinds of viral trending videos & funny gifs from all over the world! Features of BuzzHunt Hilarious Videos 🌟Most funny, popular and hilarious videos are ready to make you laugh out aloud. LOL🌟Fluent & considerable play will give you the perfect watching experience.🌟Humor, Tasty, Make-up, TV shows, Pets, Comics, Sports, etc.Many video’s categories are set to match your personal choice! Viral Gifs 🌟Variety of gifs have the magic to help you kill time. Feeling bored? Then come and play some gifs. 🌟Watch gifs from a variety of categories and stay up to date on live events!🌟Scroll through thousands of gifs you can send to your friends or on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, etc! Rapid and reliable sources🌟BuzzHunt can load the videos and news in seconds, helping you to get them without waiting.🌟The contents presented to you are always reliable since they’re from trusted mainstream publishers around U.S. and the world.Characteristic functions🌟We devote ourselves to improving..
#79 Drive now and get your train driving license!
#79 Train Driving School is one of the new and innovative driving games in which everyone can learn how to drive a train and become a expert train driver through simulating train driving in a fun and exciting way. Discover your hidden talents and learn to operate and drive these huge locomotives. A train driver is responsible for carrying out high capacity public transport and hence it is very important that whoever is at the wheel is a trained professional and is ready to perform under pressure. Go through some of the trickiest and toughest driving tests and rigorous training examinations to become an expert driver and excel at driving games.
#80 Let's play the classic board game with the best graphics!
#80 Reversi REAL is classic board game.* FEATURES- Beautiful 3D graphics.- Single player with AI.- Multiplayer with family and friends.
#81 Booklet and training for Coleiros Fiber
#81 Nosso app tem os principais cantos desse pássaros de grande valor comercial pela beleza do seu canto.- Treino ;- Encarte;- Ouça os Belos Cantos;- Cantos com intervalo de tempo para exercitar o canto seu coleirinho!!Preserve a natureza !
#82 Save the dinosaurs from genetic engineering, fighting evil!
#82 Set 500 years in the future, deep in the City of the Sea and surrounding jungles a secretive group called the Black Marketeers have started hunting dinosaurs, which has in turn made them violent and they've started to hunt down the villagers and eating them. You must help a trio of powerful misfits to embark on an epic journey to find out what the Black Marketeers are up to and foil their nasty plans! Battle through the scenes defeating the attacking dinosaurs and gang members until you've uncovered the truths behind their motives.
#83 Minigames two people can play 13Game
#83 Mini-games that two people can play1.Tanks2.PingPong3.Alkkagi (pushing piece out)4.janggi (Oriental Chess)5.Omok (Matching Five Piece)6.Chess7.FootBall8.BlockPingpong9.Shooters10.Golf11.Jewel12.Sachunsung13.Tank2Anytime, anywhere you can easily enjoy the game in one mobile phonewith friends.
#84 This is washing machine repair shop & wash mania salon spa game.
#84 This is a washing machine repair shop & washing salon spa game for those who love repairing and washing games. In the sequel of our repairing series, this is another amazing and crazy game of washing machine repair and wash salon.Washing machine is that electronic device that is a part of almost every household and is very commonly used by the ladies and girls in the house for the purpose of washing clothes. We discovered a town where there was no electronics repair shop. Therefore, we opened up an electronics repair shop in that town and within one week of opening we have been bombarded with a lot of work. Majority of the electronic machines received are washing machines. Therefore, we need some more technical staff who can assist us with repairing the washing machines and other electronic devices like AC, Fridge and Oven etc.Hence, we need your immediate help to get assistance in repairing the washing machines and other machines with this crazy washing machine repair and wash salon game.
#85 Let's ride bike on crazy impossible stunts & become a crazy bike master
#85 Let's ride bike on crazy impossible stunts & become a crazy bike master
#86 Drive Luxury Supper Car Audi RS7 with Real High Way Traffic
#86 Drive RS7 Super Car: Speed Drifter with Real Car Drifting Physics. In all over the world most car lovers wants the best models of luxury sports cars with realistic car physics. The wait is over Porsche Audi RS7 Super Car: Speed Drifter is the best car driving game with high quality super cars models including Volkswagen Golf, Honda NSX, Aston Martin Vanquish S, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Berlinetta F12 TRS, MercedesBenz C63 which can be purchased by in game coins. Enjoy Day & Night cycle with huge open world environment and perform speed drift in city.Enjoy the city drifting simulator with Porsche Audi RS7 super car to improve your racing and drifting skills, earn virtual money for tuning and customizing your ultimate super car with bursting tires and flaming engines.Porsche RS7 Super Car: Speed Drifter Features:- Impossible Tracks with Storm Drifting Traffic- Offroad Curvy Tracks for high powered Cars i.e Land Cruiser- Crazy High Speed Super Cars with Realistic Physics - Real Model Of Porsche Audi RS7 with Golf, Honda NSX, Aston S, Veyron, Berlinetta F12.- All tuning options can be..
#87 Let's trike all the quille in the interesting rope bowling game
#87 🎳You are always looking for a rope bowling combined by bowling game, you are interested in cutting, rope games, slash, drop bowlingthen our best bowling challenge is the best choice for you. 🎳The best bowling game with a new style, rope slash game will be addictive and fun. Tricky Bowling is a rope slash game Let’s play the latest cut rope puzzle gamethe best bowling challenge 2022 trending right now! In rope bowling, you must cut the string to beat the cut rope puzzle game and complete levels. The combination of rope and bowling creates a new and exciting rope bowling game in 2022.🤹♀️🤹♀️ Not only are the hit rope games, also Tricky Bowling is the best rope slash game of the cut the rope around the world game by solving rope puzzles to help knock all the bowling. You will discover hundreds of challenging puzzles. Slash the ropes in different ways to knock over bowling balls in the fastest way. ⛹️♂️Rope slash game has maps played with increasing difficulty, be careful with our traps. 🎯Top most bowling puzzle game🎯🥇The..
#88 Welcome to the scary, deserted dark forest jungle
#88 Ancient Castle Hero RunNew Running Game 2019Welcome to Jungle Have you ever felt fascinated by the idea of living in a jungle? Welcome to Jungle can make this dream of your come true in a virtual manner. This is an endless run game based in a dark forest environment that guarantees unlimited fun and adventure.Lost in ancient castle you have to run for the survival in ancient jungle!Rock the Ancient Jungle 2019 Have a look at some of the exceptional features of this game:Intriguing GameplayThis game features an intriguing gameplay that is surely going to keep gamers hooked to it. The environment of the jungle is surely going to prove extremely fascinating for you. Easy to Play Yet ChallengingThe game is easy to play as the main character won’t have to do much other than running through the jungle and escaping from the dragon. However, the challenging part is that there will be hurdles and obstacles in his way. He will have to jump, duck, and change directions suddenly in order to protect himself from the deadly dragon who is..
#89 Enjoy various weapon sounds and set as ringtones like Pistols and others.
#89 Select load and fire! Enjoy the burst of the latest gunshot sounds. Just tap the trigger and listen to the mind-relaxing sound. Gun shooting simulator is a free app with realistic guns and their sound—prank with your friend using Gun Simulator: Real Gun Master.Features weapons sounds:-A huge number of Gun sounds are used.-User-friendly and easy to use.-Favorite Button for making the list.-Defense Weapons sounds-Mind Relaxing Sound-On/Off Camera Flash When Shooting-On/Off Vibrate When Shooting-Select Gun Simulator Single Mode -Shotgun ringtones, Burst Mode.-Adjustable Screen sizeSet the Aim in Gun Simulator! Using your professional skills you listen to the voices of real gun sounds like Pistols, Snipers, Assault Rifles, Daggers, Swords, and Bow. Real gun sounds provide very useful experience in Grenades, Artilleries, Air force, Navy Missiles, Bombs, Rockets, and Battlefield.Favorites the Guns and use these sounds when you want to play. Learn the names of guns and its type. The sound of a gun prank is typically described as a loud, sharp, metallic bang or boom. Multiple collections are available in one only one app you cannot install multiple apps after installing..
#90 Now thank you card in your phone!
#90 Leave the plastic at home!Now thank you card in your phone! Download the KLO app and get all the benefitsloyalty programs.• Instant registration• Barcode instead of plastic card• Discounts, bonuses and coupons• Purchase history• Map of the nearest filling stations and the required services• News & Promotions!Have application tips? Email us at!
#91 ≪ついに大型アップデート版リリース≫ アニメ「おそ松さん」に登場する6つ子たちと日本を旅するゲーム 「おそ松さんとニートスゴロクぶらり旅」略して≪たび松≫が登場
#91 大人気アニメ「おそ松さん」に登場する6つ子たちと日本を旅するゲームが登場!6人のニートたちと日本を旅して、目指せ億万長者!?◆物語の始まり◆今日も6つ子たちは、やることもなく家でダラダラと過ごしていました。すると、なんとなくつけていたテレビから驚きのニュースが流れてきたのです。『東京都に1年間で届けられた現金の落し物は33億円』…道端に33億円もの大金が落ちている!?しかも東京都だけで!!これは、全国に落ちているお金を拾い集めたら億万長者も夢じゃない!?そう思い立った6つ子たちは、それぞれの野望のもと日本全国、金集めの旅にでるのでした。◆遊び方◆1、ルーレットで目的地を決定!サイコロを振ってゴールを目指そう!2、スゴロク内で「お金」や「松チケット」を集めよう!3、集めたお金やチケットを使って、自分だけの「ドールハウス」を作ろう!「おそ松さん」に登場するキャラクターたちが遊びに来てくれるかも…!?◆「おそ松さんのニートスゴロクぶらり旅」に関するお問い合わせはこちらにお寄せください。※不具合のお問い合わせの場合はご利用端末名、端末バージョンを明記の上ご連絡ください。
#92 An RPG where you can experience the original episode of this work based on the story of Alicization! Let's confront the enemy with a powerful mental skill drawn by powerful animation production!
#92 アニメーションRPG『ソードアート・オンライン アンリーシュ・ブレイディング』(アリブレ)が登場!奥深いオリジナルシナリオと、ハイクオリティなアニメで描かれるSAOの世界を楽しもう!■アリブレだけのオリジナルシナリオ原作・TVシリーズでは描かれなかった物語が多数展開!原作シナリオとオリジナルシナリオが繋がり、新たなSAOの物語が紡がれていく!■アニメのように描かれる大迫力のバトルアニメのようにキャラクターたちがアクションをして、様々なソードスキルや派手な演出の心意技が繰り出される大迫力のバトル!様々な属性・効果をもつスキルを駆使しておなじみのキャラクターたちと強大な敵に立ちむかおう!■SAO全シリーズのキャラクターたちが多数登場!《ソードアート・オンライン》《アルヴヘイム・オンライン》《ガンゲイル・オンライン》《アリシゼーション》に登場したおなじみのキャラクターたちも登場!様々なキャラクターたちを組み合わせて自分だけのパーティをつくろう!■ハイクオリティなオリジナルアニメSAOのTVシリーズ・劇場版を手掛けるA-1 Picturesが、本作に実装されるアニメを制作!ゲームでしか見られないSAOの世界がここにある!■アリブレ公式サイト■アリブレ公式Twitter≪ザ・シード・ライセンス≫は、さまざまな特典を受けられる自動更新の月額有料サービスです。初回1ヶ月間は無料でお試しいただけます。◆注意事項・本サービスは自動更新の月額有料サービスとなります。購入してから1ヶ月間有効となります・加入から初回1ヶ月間は無料のお試し期間ですが、以降は自動更新の解除を行うまで1ヶ月ごとにご利用のStoreで決済が行われ、有効期限が自動更新されます・アプリを削除しても、自動更新解除のお手続きが行われない場合、自動更新は継続いたしますのでご注意ください・異なるGoogle Playアカウントで本サービスを複数加入された場合、特典を重複して受け取ることはできません。また複数/重複加入に関する決済取り消しには応じられません■お支払い・期間・更新について・≪ザ・シード・ライセンス≫の有効期間はご購入後1ヶ月間で、自動更新されます。・有効期間終了時の24時間前までに本サービスを解約しない限り、有効期間は自動的に更新されます。・アプリを削除しても本商品は解約されませんので、ご注意ください。■解約について・解約は以下手順にて行う事が可能です。1.Google Play ストアを起動2.左上のメニューアイコン⇒ 「定期購入」をタップ3.一覧から解約したい定期購入をタップします4.「定期購入を解約」 をタップし、画面の指示に従って操作・アプリを削除しても本サービスは解約されませんので、ご注意ください。・解約後も有効期間中は本サービスをお楽しみいただけます。■その他注意事項・本サービスを利用頂くための処理に問題が発生する可能性がございますので、本サービスの購入処理(通信)を行っている際はアプリを中断しないでください。■利用規約■プライバシーポリシー©2020 川原 礫/KADOKAWA/SAO-P Project©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.【動作環境、その他お問い合わせ】※このアプリは、必ず上記リンク先に記載の動作環境でご利用ください。なお、動作環境でご利用の場合でも、お客様のご利用状況や機種特有の要因により、アプリが正常に動作しないことがあります。本アプリケーションは、権利者の正式な許諾を得て配信しています。
#93 Create the perfect sanctuary, meet classic heroes from the Fallout series, fight dangerous enemies together, and start a new adventure outside the sanctuary!
#93 《異塵餘生:庇護所Online》以屢獲殊榮的《異塵餘生》系列世界觀為背景,是原作策略RPG的演進,擁有全新的英雄團隊,遊戲玩法和PvP系統。在《異塵餘生:庇護所Online》中,您接手了庇護所科技最先進的地下庇護所,該庇護所用於保護群眾免遭毀滅。您將擔當起建設一個繁榮庇護所的重任,招募傳奇《異塵餘生》英雄,探索廢土,揭露前任監督者失踪的秘密。立即下載遊戲,作為新一代監督者,領導您的庇護所攀上《異塵餘生》世界的巔峰!主要特色:定制你的庇護所為您的庇護所設計出“庇護所生活”的真實寫照。管理居民、幫他們找到理想的工作並收集資源。在地下建立一個繁榮而高效的社區!招募傳奇英雄招募《異塵餘生》世界的傳奇英雄!邂逅稀有而强大的英雄,例如著名的合成人私家偵探尼克·瓦倫坦和聯邦英勇軍普雷斯顿·加維。組建完美隊伍在隊伍中組合英雄,達成“團隊”效果並獲得强大的戰鬥加成。明智地調整居民們的能力和裝備,以應對您在廢土上將面臨的挑戰。PvE與PvP戰鬥帶領您的小隊進入各種關卡,擊敗危險的敵人或進入戰區挑戰其他玩家。培養您的英雄,為他們製作裝備並派他們去戰鬥。【聯繫我們】如果您在探索廢土的旅途中遇到问题,歡迎通过以下方式联系我们:官方網站:http://fosol.burninggame.netFacebook:電子郵箱※本遊戲內容涉及攻擊等血腥畫面,但未令人產生殘虐印象,部份角色涉及穿著凸顯性特徵(胸部、臀部)之服飾。依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔15級。※本遊戲為免費遊戲,但遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務,請依個人興趣及能力進行適度消費。※請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷,長時間進行遊戲,容易影響作息,宜適度休息及運動。
#94 Be the air traffic controller in this insanely addictive drawing game!
#94 In this simple yet surprisingly addictive drawing game you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.FEATURES★ 4 different maps★ Special aircraft like super sonic jet and zeppelin★ Classic game mode as well as the unique puzzle game mode★ Online highscores★ Beautiful curves★ Countless hours of addictive gameplay★ #1 Android air traffic controller game
#95 The award winning game where everything burns.
#95 * OVER 1 MILLION COPIES SOLD!Congratulations on your new Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace! Throw your toys into your fire, and play with them as they burn. Stay warm in there. It's getting cold outside!AWARDS- IGF Grand Price Finalist- IGF Nuovo Award Finalist- IGF Tech Excellence Finalist and Winner- IGF Design Honorable Mention- IGF Audio Honorable MentionREVIEWS"A beautiful masterpiece that everyone should tryit might be the most compelling and beautiful indie game I’ve played all year." (Gamezone)"A deft statement on games and how we play them." (Engadget)"The test I want a good game to pass is simple: I want it to stick with me. I want it to seep into my thoughts days after I played it. Little Inferno is simple. It's somehow both quaint and bold. It lingers. It burns brightly. It burns well." (Kotaku)"Entrancing, beautiful, and surprisingone of the most emotionally affecting gaming experiences I’ve had in a while." (Forbes)DESCRIPTIONBurn flaming logs, screaming robots, credit cards, batteries, exploding fish, unstable nuclear devices, and tiny galaxies. An adventure that takes place almost entirely in front of a fireplaceabout looking up..
#96 [Gotopazu] A romantic comedy puzzle game with 500% cuteness
#96 ■ Welcome campaign held! Now if you want to start "Gotopazu"!When you break through the tutorial, you will receive a quintuplet of ★ 5 "Wedding" and ★ 5 "Asahi High School Uniform"!In addition, the new event "Gotsuko-chan's VR game is for Miku only now-I want you to date me", which was planned and devised by Miku Ito, who plays the role of Miku Nakano. Appears in ""![Holding period]May 17, 2022 (Tuesday) 11: 00-May 31, 2022 (Tuesday) 23:59The first game app for the anime "The Quintessential Quintessential" is here!That strongest romantic comedy is finally made into a game on your smartphone!■ Completely supervised by the editorial department of Weekly Shonen Magazine! A new story of you and the quintuplets drawn in full voice!Not to mention the re-experience of the original story, the new story of the game originalSupervised by the editor in charge of the original "The Quintessential Quintessential" and produced in full voice!■ Popular characters from anime are here!Who do you choose?The story of a part-time tutor with favorable conditions who came to you who lived in poverty.However, the student..
#97 A lost adventurer’s only hope is his last line of communication – to YOU!
#97 Alone in a frozen wasteland with no memory of how he got there, a lost adventurer’s only hope is his last line of communication – to YOU! Guide him to safety and help him find his identity in this gripping story of survival. Your choices shape the story as you play! Decisions can have a profound effect. Finish the game and then play again to discover a whole new story when you make different choices.3 Minute Games has partnered with Eipix Entertainment for the next installment of the critically-acclaimed Lifeline series. Lifeline: Whiteout introduces a brand new character, V. Adams! Play on the go with real-time notifications sent to your device or check in with V. Adams throughout your day – waiting for the bus, eating lunch, before bed!WATCH US: for Lifeline:“I’ve played many games that I find engrossing, but Lifeline may be one of the first that changed the way I thought about my daily routine, which leapt off the screen and became a part of my lived experience.”Eli Cymet, Gamezebo“For a few brief hours I cared –..
#98 Write a text conversation in TextingStory - Fake chat story maker
#98 Create Story chatTexting story maker easy on chat story.TextingStory support you write conversations just like any messaging app.You can rename user chat, change chat you want, change phone numberCreator something chat for your friends. Chat faker maker conversation on your app maker easy.You can call maker and capture screenshot and share.change name easy.change conversation easy.change avatar easy.All in one for chat story maker.
#99 welcome
#99 test version
#100 Mag tanong at maglaro kasama si Cong! Paawer!
#100 Ano ba ang bago??- Aba pwede ka ng maglaro ng mini-games!- Pwede mo narin palitan ang mga damit ni Cong!Wazzup mga paa! Nagdududa ka ba sa iyong desisyon sa buhay? May agam agam ka ba? Oh sadyang wala ka lang talagang sariling paninindigan? Walang problema mga paa! Itanong mo kay Cong at sya ang mag dedesisyon para sa inyo! PAAWER!Ang iTanong Mo Kay Cong ay ang official game ni CongTV.PAANO MAGLARO?1. Magtanong ng mga katanungang kayang sagutin ng OO at HINDI2. i-SHAKE/KALUGIN ang inyong PHONE para magpatalbog talbog si Cong3. Itigil ang pag shake at pakinggan ang kasagutan ni Cong sa iyong tanong!HALIMBAWA NG MGA TANONG NA KAYANG SAGUTIN NG OO at HINDI:Pogi ba ako?Kuripot ba ang ka date ko?Kakaliwa ba ako?SALAMAT! PAAWER!!Like and follow our FB to CongTV's YouTube Channel :